Golden State Warriors vs LA Clippers - Game 4 - Full Game Highlights | 2019 NBA Playoffs

  • Published on Apr 21, 2019
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    Los Angeles LA Clippers vs Golden State Warriors - Game 4 - Full Game Highlights | April 21, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season
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Comments • 2 597

  • Ximo Pierto
    Ximo Pierto  Month ago +139

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    • ranche pacubas
      ranche pacubas 29 days ago


    • Pranay Fartyal
      Pranay Fartyal Month ago

      12:17 😨😨

    • Leif Robinson
      Leif Robinson Month ago

      Clippers played very well against a OP GSW team, they should be proud...

    • Isso Paul
      Isso Paul Month ago +1

      Thanks so much for all the work!!
      If it’s okay, do you think you can not use the winning teams photo as the thumbnail, sometimes it can be a bit of a spoiler

  • Shawn Pereto
    Shawn Pereto 22 days ago

    watching dis and listen to tracks I like. needs to pump for me like some slipknot or delta parole. good vid b

  • j.a vee
    j.a vee 24 days ago

    Alexander nd Beverly on BEAST MODE.. str8 gangsta shit.. clippers got mismatches dats why they losing, Durant's defender str8 boo boo

  • Anh Đức
    Anh Đức 24 days ago +14

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  • marvin tretow
    marvin tretow 25 days ago

    Haha and cruy trolls the guys on the court so hard hahaha
    They are so scared of the three-point dagger ... The one who can fool as he wants hahha

  • marvin tretow
    marvin tretow 25 days ago

    Hahahaha Thompson is so is cold hahahaha
    The ball almost jumps out of my hands ... And you're standing next to me ... Fuck no matter ... in your face

  • Ben Battista
    Ben Battista 26 days ago

    Only difference between game five and six, golden state in beast mode

  • John Fritz Herald Yuag

    Is there an all star player in clippers?

  • jesson cadayona
    jesson cadayona 27 days ago

    i cannot wait the GSW will trip to 2nd round of play-off but after watching this highlights i miss to drink one of the best cofffe ever.

  • Roy Gravelili.
    Roy Gravelili. 28 days ago


  • Salvador Escarraman
    Salvador Escarraman 28 days ago

    Curry is not longer what he really are...too many "superstars" out of focus

  • superman1234670
    superman1234670 28 days ago +14

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  • Igor Carlo
    Igor Carlo 28 days ago +2

    It's alright boys, we all know that were going to get the W

  • Jesse Cab
    Jesse Cab 28 days ago

    These fucking playoffs are horrible!

  • jelbert osayan
    jelbert osayan 28 days ago

    idol KD

  • Simon T.
    Simon T. 28 days ago +2

    Draymond to himself: "AND 1!"

  • Simon T.
    Simon T. 28 days ago +1

    As a celebration and symbol of hope check out Lou Williams' mixtape:

  • A Rios
    A Rios 28 days ago

    I have never seen such a double standard in the way steph is officiated on offense and defense. Officials were letting him be fouled and held all game but he was getting whistled for minimal contact on the other end. It was just so suspect. Game 5 was the same. I don’t understand the point of this but these officials ruined most all the games for the warriors this season. I’ve been watching a long time and I’m officially done with this crap. Its that bad and it doesn’t even matter that the team I root for was in first place all season. The games are not fun to watch because of the bad refs. Definitely won’t be taking my young kids to anymore games. Only KD out of all the warriors was getting some respect. Literally all the other warriors were getting screwed. And the local announcers need to be fired for tonight. The whole thing is a shit show and I blame them too for not holding refs accountable tonight and all season long.

  • 5150 OUA12
    5150 OUA12 29 days ago

    How shameful can't even close out a series. Durant scores over 40, he could've scored three wouldn't of made a difference.

  • Wazzi TV
    Wazzi TV 29 days ago

    curry is the best. hit like fuckers

  • Roberto Vargas
    Roberto Vargas 29 days ago

    Rookies vs Super team.

  • Roberto Vargas
    Roberto Vargas 29 days ago

    Warriors don't want it with Houston!

  • watchlive-sports
    watchlive-sports 29 days ago

  • jpin0002 jpin0002
    jpin0002 jpin0002 29 days ago

    Damn currys looking extra tranny in the thumbnail lol. Yikes...

  • damo the legend
    damo the legend 29 days ago

    Warriors play with brains and they are smart well as clippers play with heart.

  • Young C Baby
    Young C Baby 29 days ago +1

    Warriors are looking UNTOUCHABLE and STRONG n NUMBERS and LEGENDARY

  • Adam, Badaoui
    Adam, Badaoui 29 days ago +1

    The fact that Cousins is out may well be a blessing in disguise for the GSW. They look a lot smoother on offense with Andrew Bogut. The ball is now moving.

  • Brandon Okkers
    Brandon Okkers 29 days ago +1

    Next year we will have Lou and KD/The Claw

  • Raymont 123
    Raymont 123 29 days ago

    I sugest, every player should have men to men thight defends and have to have good physic for defendsive men to men.

  • Newtron The Great xxxSwamGangxxx

    Thanks for this man! 🙏🏾

  • Joana Jandira
    Joana Jandira 29 days ago

    Go warriors !

  • Aila Joyce Lim
    Aila Joyce Lim 29 days ago


  • Nardo GAMING
    Nardo GAMING 29 days ago

    Woow buzzer beater

  • Jono Edwards
    Jono Edwards Month ago

    OoohH YeaahhHH!

  • AH BunnyZ
    AH BunnyZ Month ago

    12:18 Curry 😂😂😂😂

  • Jboy5700
    Jboy5700 Month ago


    Absolutely Nobody:

    Draymond Green: Annnnnnnnnndddddd Onnnnneeeee!!!!

  • Devontray Lawler
    Devontray Lawler Month ago

    Anyone else annoyed with the squeaking of there shoes??🤔🤔

  • ramir maglangit
    ramir maglangit Month ago

    congrats warior for game 4 winner vs la clipper...

  • john doe
    john doe Month ago


  • Nero Bruno
    Nero Bruno Month ago

    Durant's a problem.

  • Luke Walls
    Luke Walls Month ago +3

    Golden State fans are cheering louder the Clippers at home 😂😂

  • ultravioletgaia
    ultravioletgaia Month ago

    Fuck the nba for doing nothing and letting steph curry get abused every fuking tym

  • Elson Dan
    Elson Dan Month ago

    The Warriors Better Not Blow another 3-1 lead today.

  • GtaMadness100
    GtaMadness100 Month ago

    Patrick beverly is nothing more than a glorified asshole

  • GayuK
    GayuK Month ago

    Wtfs wrong with draymond always screaming AND 1!!!!!! shouldve tech'd him out of d game. Annoying af

  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee Month ago

    11:09 such w cool play coming out of horns halfcourt set.

  • Khali Ustin
    Khali Ustin Month ago

    Go Warriors!!!!!!

  • Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones Month ago


  • kerby soledad
    kerby soledad Month ago

    I’ll just wait for durant to leave GSW. And laugh

  • Nathan Peralta
    Nathan Peralta Month ago

    I was in that stadium,it was loud

  • lucas souza
    lucas souza Month ago

    slk duran e um monstro man

  • Laura White
    Laura White Month ago

    clip show!

  • Reneboy Cabahug
    Reneboy Cabahug Month ago

    Wow nice game gsw

  • Not yours
    Not yours Month ago

    0:59 they synchronize running backwards goddamn

  • Bách Vũ
    Bách Vũ Month ago


  • Francis Montes
    Francis Montes Month ago

    Stephen Curry has been the biggest loser since Kevin Durant joined the Warriors. He's no longer the toast of the NBA, always sharing the spotlight with KD.

  • Ca- Blaze
    Ca- Blaze Month ago

    the shoe sounds tho

  • Jose Dipen
    Jose Dipen Month ago


  • BaLiW ilax
    BaLiW ilax Month ago

    GSW have Best player
    Also have
    Best Dirty Player....

  • KenDiriwan
    KenDiriwan Month ago

    Dubs getting sloppy

  • My Heart is R. E. D

    OMG! # 17 trending here in the Philippines

  • Cover songs
    Cover songs Month ago

    GG clippers..!!

  • 的Kazus Sama
    的Kazus Sama Month ago

    The NBA needs to NERF the GSW They are always dominating all teams the NBA is boring GSW always wins theres no thrill anymore theres no rivalry anymore i want GSW and CAVS those two teams are rivals but stupid LBJ decided to rage quit what a loser now LA LAKERS they are eliminated....



  • P0PPA. SM00V3
    P0PPA. SM00V3 Month ago

    Maan yall be letting gsw get by stop letting dem win

  • Waka Chavez
    Waka Chavez Month ago

    Beverly is angry, a very angry man I tell you! Can he catch up to the ball tho?

  • Damien Keith
    Damien Keith Month ago

    If KD is the best player on the team why does curry have 2 players on him the entire game?

    • Damien Keith
      Damien Keith Month ago

      +Anthony Reyes True but i would not trust KD to be the lead on any day cause the out come is always a loss

    • Anthony Reyes
      Anthony Reyes Month ago

      well kd is a better defender, and curry poses a more deep range threat

  • Rickeria
    Rickeria Month ago

    I like bogut with the warriors over cousins

  • daisy calvo
    daisy calvo Month ago

    Awesome play...

  • Roberta Rodriguez
    Roberta Rodriguez Month ago

    Clippers starts packing up for fishing :)

  • IssarA Socool
    IssarA Socool Month ago

    Curry or Klay 👀

  • Lynn TM
    Lynn TM Month ago

    Hi 2019

  • BeMzKiee Gaming
    BeMzKiee Gaming Month ago

    Bogut is way better than Boggey..

  • epis joeson
    epis joeson Month ago

    Kmusta mga heaters? Isusunod na ang rockets nyan

  • Wowie Olinio
    Wowie Olinio Month ago

    Dub nation. from 🇵🇭

  • WC Flores
    WC Flores Month ago

    KD's 3 was ultimate

  • Appraisal
    Appraisal Month ago +3

    Honestly the crowd/fans of La Clippers kept them in the game. The Warriors are just too good collectively and we’re pressured high from the jump. The Warriors chemistry is way too in synced. 👏🏽

  • Aaron l
    Aaron l Month ago

    The real MVP since 2016 maybe 2015! @ximopierto!!!!

  • Sayaan Thayaparan
    Sayaan Thayaparan Month ago

    Kevin Durant clapped the Clipps with his mid range game

  • eddy fernandez
    eddy fernandez Month ago

    Like if clippers would've won any series against any team except warriors and houston in the west.

  • LalaVan El Tigre
    LalaVan El Tigre Month ago

    tang ina talo nanaman

  • Donna Garcia
    Donna Garcia Month ago

    That was a travel 😅

  • instantsurgery
    instantsurgery Month ago

    KD is the ultimate player. He has everything.

  • Farakaan Thompson
    Farakaan Thompson Month ago

    AS A WARRIOR FAN it Hurts Everytime i hear the words 3-1

  • B U
    B U Month ago

    Smh and they are coasting through an "ok" night. Only 2-3 shots in the circle by KD and Klay. Wth this ain't fair lmao

  • Preston Brooks
    Preston Brooks Month ago

    Gotta hand it to the clips man, they are giving it their all

  • Kuma Joth
    Kuma Joth Month ago

    Game 1: SC
    Game 3: KD
    Game 4: KT

  • yeah ight
    yeah ight Month ago +1

    12:44 heard that one before

  • Funkytown7777777
    Funkytown7777777 Month ago

    im from the bay and im a big warriors fan
    but i gotta admit, Beverley is annoyingly good

  • S-Trooper
    S-Trooper Month ago

    respect to the clippers. they play hard and may the best team win

  • kevin cosgrove
    kevin cosgrove Month ago

    I hope as Curry is shooting a 3, he just burst into flames

  • Claudia De Mora
    Claudia De Mora Month ago

  • Cedric Urselita
    Cedric Urselita Month ago

    Why GSW is unstoppable...when curry is having an off day, Thompson steps Up..when Thompson is having an off day, KD steps up.
    And GSW has good bench players to score points and get the win.

  • chknman
    chknman Month ago

    I live in Australia and I can hear Drayond Green yelling "AND ONE" from here.

  • kornwhiskey95
    kornwhiskey95 Month ago

    As expected

  • Thales Christian
    Thales Christian Month ago

    Nobody :
    Green : AnD oNeEeE

  • Andy W
    Andy W Month ago

    Even when clippers lose they still get more respect than the warriors! Because they have 0 stars on thier team lmao.

  • Karthikeyan Murugesan

    Print is not Good.. Need HD quality atleast

  • Hank Chinaski
    Hank Chinaski Month ago +1

    Impossible to quantify just how important Andre is come playoff time.

  • Republika Dugave
    Republika Dugave Month ago

    Doc Rivers is a different kind of bald..