I Let My Kids Meal Plan Our Week

  • Published on Jun 28, 2019
  • Hannah lets Jackson and Wyatt plan the family’s every meal for a week. What weird combos will they come up with?

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Comments • 12 269

  • Anupriya
    Anupriya Year ago +5940

    She's like the only BuzzFeed employee who knows the meaning of 1 week.

    Edit- thank you for the likes ☺️

    • Shoe Nan
      Shoe Nan 23 days ago

      Technically yes the week starts on Sunday but the business week starts Monday

    • Lisa Daly
      Lisa Daly 27 days ago

      @The Red Cupcake it started on Sunday!( Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

    • L
      L Month ago

      Week starts on monday and ends on Sunday for me in the uk

    • Mackia Freeborn
      Mackia Freeborn Month ago

      They went crazy with that food I love Susi 🍣

    • vrida bunga
      vrida bunga Month ago

      @Eusebio Martinez there is a reason why sunday called weekend dude

  • blue jeans
    blue jeans Year ago +2175

    These guyz are smart enough to combine mac'n cheese with doritos

  • Anna Rippy
    Anna Rippy Year ago +2304

    Am I the only one who watches this like 5 times a year for no reason ?

  • Soled Controlled
    Soled Controlled Year ago +3063

    Arent we all going to ignore the fact that the “cold pizza” looks like cheesy garlic bread

  • sophia
    sophia Year ago +882

    There's a difference between root beer float and flot. A root beer float is vanilla. A root beer flot is sour path kids ice cream.

  • gana 🌹
    gana 🌹 2 years ago +11333

    “It’s spicy :(“
    - “You wanted this!!!”

    Sums up motherhood pretty well 😂

  • Pink Unicorn Shat
    Pink Unicorn Shat 7 months ago +285

    “It’s spicyyy”
    *”you wanted this”*
    Lmfao that had me choking 😭

    • :D
      :D 2 months ago

      @Pink Unicorn Shat TYSM

    • Pink Unicorn Shat
      Pink Unicorn Shat 2 months ago +2

      @:D 13:44

    • :D
      :D 2 months ago


    • luvxlita
      luvxlita 3 months ago +1

      I was waiting for this comment lol

    • arianamashups
      arianamashups 4 months ago +2


  • shaymations
    shaymations Year ago +812

    Hannah: I like my men how I like my sandwiches.

    Hannah: *dry*

  • Da_rebel12
    Da_rebel12 Year ago +1421

    The kids at school: 👁👄👁 uR mOM Is soOo CooL

  • ayesha malim
    ayesha malim Year ago +205

    Their cheat week was healthier than my normal diet lmao😂

    • Sofia Marie
      Sofia Marie 7 months ago +2

      I'm with you on that, 🤣😭🧃

  • J
    J 2 years ago +3754

    your kids are legit healthy eaters. if my kids picked it would've been literally everything from willy wonka factory

  • A Jet Pack Penguin
    A Jet Pack Penguin 8 months ago +202

    0:48 Hannah predicting her May 2021 episode where Wyatt requests grass pizza 😆

    • Hannah Mattz
      Hannah Mattz 3 months ago

      And she said that when she was pregnant with both Wyatt and Jackson all she craved was refried beans and jalapeños and when she did the made my family eat my pregnancy craving she made them eat that because she craved it again with Henry. I thought that was pretty cool. 😂

    • Razor Leafy
      Razor Leafy 4 months ago

      Like I said 5 months ago…
      ‘Imagine if they couldn’t pronounce g or r’

    • Lisa Setiawan
      Lisa Setiawan 7 months ago +3

      yea! but she tried to make it, im suprised when i watched it lol

  • Rosie Harry and Daisy fan❤️🌼

    I love how Jackson puts the food in his mouth, hasn’t even took a bite yet, and says its good. It cracks me up! 🤣

  • Kelly T.
    Kelly T. 7 months ago +46

    There should be a part 2 to this experiment now that the boys are older.

  • Sunshine Sunoo ✨☀️
    Sunshine Sunoo ✨☀️ 6 months ago +47

    Hannah: "you found your glasses?"
    Wyatt: "Yes, right here"
    Me: *dies of cuteness*

  • Doc Hudson
    Doc Hudson Year ago +3588

    Hey at least she raised her kids right into LITTLE KIDS choosing fruits and vegetables.

    • Flowr Dawg
      Flowr Dawg 3 months ago +1

      Yeh my cousin was forced into eating all the vegetables when she was little, I wasn't and eat the amount i like but I had to finish the rice. now growing up She doesn't eat vegetables even the tiniest bit and I dont like eating rice.. you really need to have a good amount of parenting and health ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • moneyhalt
      moneyhalt Year ago

      If I had kids they would choose pure junk food and trash for this

    • simplyhuman . . .
      simplyhuman . . . Year ago

      Mhm, my mom raises me like that, I get sooo much positive energy from picking fruits and vegetables, it's super good.

    • Ape
      Ape Year ago

      Wdym at least?

    • Brandy Brown
      Brandy Brown Year ago

      “Spaghetti is the only pasta that matters”

      Disliked 4.3K and growing

  • Emma Stevens
    Emma Stevens 10 months ago +45

    I like how she actually dose a week ( 7 days ) for a challenge

  • Gigi Norcross
    Gigi Norcross 7 months ago +18

    I love how Matt loves everything he's given

  • Noorie Husain-y
    Noorie Husain-y Year ago +26

    Hannah: Call me and old lady but a root beer float should be vanilla
    Yeah, I’m pretty sure any sane person would agree with Hannah🤣

  • Leena Warnecke
    Leena Warnecke 4 months ago +5

    I've watched this like seven times in the last week or so and I just caught Wyatt saying "we're gonna go potty" and I laughed so much

  • Evelyn Leong
    Evelyn Leong Year ago +1241

    Wyatt: and a juice bottle that says naked and I don’t know what that means

    Hannah: *nervous laughing*

  • Its_ Camxryn
    Its_ Camxryn Year ago +483

    Did anyone else notice she said:
    Bone apple teeth instead of bon appetite

    • Its_ Camxryn
      Its_ Camxryn 4 months ago

      @Kaitlyn Harrigan oh ok i didnt know that 😃

    • Kaitlyn Harrigan
      Kaitlyn Harrigan 4 months ago

      She always says that it’s on purpose

    • Brandon Davis
      Brandon Davis 8 months ago

      @Tilt Monger I know what it means I just wish people would say Bon Appetit traditionally and correctly every once in a while Like an educated person

    • Tilt Monger
      Tilt Monger 8 months ago +2

      @Brandon Davis the irony is,bon-apple-teeth is the joking way of saying it and you thought they were just being ignorant and/or uninformed when you were the one that lacked information.

    • Brandon Davis
      Brandon Davis 8 months ago

      @Fatima Asif Dude I am way beyond this this was A long time ago, i’m not like that anymore on one side, it shows me they don’t care about the language or trying to get educated about their actions so really doesn’t matter what I say they’re not going to correct there in proper French/English, and on another side they’re probably not going to care about my comment in general and I really don’t care any more what people say mainly because I can’t control it

  • Simon Santos
    Simon Santos 10 months ago +151

    "i love Starbucks more than anything in the world"
    Matt has left the chat
    Wyatt has left the chat
    Jackson left the chat
    Stella left the chat
    Hannah's parents left the chat
    Rosie has left the chat
    Hannah's friends has left the chat
    Hannah's fans has left the chat

  • OnceInATwice
    OnceInATwice Year ago +659

    Wyatt: **Jumping on the table**

    Hannah: "Get off the table dude"

    Wyatt **Jumping intensifies**

  • Komodo Does Stuff
    Komodo Does Stuff 7 months ago +14

    These kids are really creative.

  • Daber TV
    Daber TV 11 months ago +162

    Her: “the boys picked root beer floats for dessert tonight”
    Me: “noooo, they picked root beer *flots”*

    • lily
      lily 10 months ago +4

      Yes root beer flots are my f a v o r I t e

    • Wet dog channel
      Wet dog channel 11 months ago +1


  • 2A6_04_Chen Kai Xuan
    2A6_04_Chen Kai Xuan 11 months ago +55

    Surprise how the kids did not say something like “burgers and chocolate for every meal!”

    • Razor Leafy
      Razor Leafy 4 months ago

      Big Mac

  • Nadia Rahman
    Nadia Rahman Year ago +2

    This is the cutest thing ever! 😍 I love children and I want to have or adopt some someday but this mom has a lot of patience. I’d admire that. Normally coming from my family, parenting is hard work but she was able to get her children to listen and behave themselves without yelling or anything. Kudos to you! If it was me, I’d probably spoil mine to death. 😂 Although, I would have recommended to do this challenge during the summer because of fresh lunches but I liked how she gave her kids a voice opinion on what they want to eat and how to eat them. It’s good that she taught them that fruits and vegetables has to be in their meals. 😉 👍

  • Brook Reed
    Brook Reed 11 months ago +12

    Wyatt being able to write is incredibly impressive

  • Amar Burrows
    Amar Burrows 2 years ago +1343

    Your kids actually have variety and pick interesting foods!

    • Alyssa Duong
      Alyssa Duong 2 years ago +1

      Freakypenguin lol I would too! Ice cream, chips, chocolate, anything involving carbs, and really anything else junk food wise. Also zucchini lasagna, eggplant rolatini, and other things I crave often

    • Dante Perez
      Dante Perez 2 years ago +36

      Amar Burrows for real, my niece and nephew would just pick candy and junk for breakfast, lunch, and dinner haha

  • Aya Quilliam
    Aya Quilliam Year ago +2

    I loved this!! So healthy :)
    The funny thing is...I would have picked the exact same... :)

  • Kali Mae
    Kali Mae 8 months ago +3

    Lmao, Wyatt was so excited that he danced on the table 😂😂 I love it, so cute!!

  • Saya Chan
    Saya Chan 3 months ago +1

    Can you guys make an updated version of this? 🥺 Now that the boys understand more food choices and stuff I think it's time for an update ❤️

  • Mxrizza
    Mxrizza Year ago +7

    If I meal planned my week it would mainly be Chinese food, sushi, pasta salad, chocolate milk, salt and vinegar chips, ice cream, and salad

  • Blue Moon
    Blue Moon Year ago +6653

    Is it just me who thinks a spaghetti taco will actually be good.

    • Peggy schuyler
      Peggy schuyler 16 days ago

      It is actually good

    • Almas
      Almas 17 days ago

      Nope it’s me too

    • Jack Cozad
      Jack Cozad 19 days ago

      I do too

    • Kamran Boots
      Kamran Boots 22 days ago

      I totally agree, they’d be bussin

    • Nooshie
      Nooshie 2 months ago

      They are really good and so is spaghetti toasties

  • Friends Don’t lie
    Friends Don’t lie Year ago +9

    Honestly, i think they did pretty good for being kids. Yeah, some things weren’t so great for them but my kids would literally pick a happy meal and candy for every meal if I let them.

  • Kate
    Kate 7 months ago +1

    I can imagine their neighbours on Tuesday waking up and smelling the grilled corn through their window... hilarious

  • Kelli C
    Kelli C 5 months ago +1

    Would like to see this again now that the boys are older, I’m curious what their pallet is like now. 😂

  • Chloe Parker
    Chloe Parker 10 months ago +6

    Rewatching these as having a crappy time I just love your family and love your videos

  • seylur
    seylur Year ago +6917

    *”Spaghetti is the only pasta that matters”*

    *Lasagne has left the chat*
    *Macaroni has left the chat*
    *Ravioli has left the chat*
    *Fettucine has left the chat*
    *Rigatoni has left the chat*
    *Penne has left the chat*
    *Tortellini has left the chat*
    *Linguine has left the chat*
    *Vermicelli has left the chat*

    _why would you say something so controversial yet so brave?_

  • N Money
    N Money Year ago +1

    I love the way she chose to discipline those kids my parents would do the same thing

  • mochi
    mochi Year ago +2

    i love this video i come back every week to watch it !!

  • Lydia Horn
    Lydia Horn 7 months ago +30

    I don’t see an issue with pizza for breakfast pizza can be healthy grain, veggie, dairy, protein. I see no issue lol.

  • Haya Alhammadi
    Haya Alhammadi Year ago +32

    Y’all eat your breakfast like it’s DINNER.

  • Laura S
    Laura S 2 years ago +7209

    I'm very impressed they even choose lettuce and some fruits at all.

  • Karen Gerber
    Karen Gerber 4 months ago +2

    I did something similar, for a 10-day span of time, with a teen for whom I was caring. Only, I held on to some veto power.
    His first request was "beef steak every meal".
    Which brought up budget for both time & finances, the nutrition, and scheduling.
    We ended up making a multi column list.
    Young teen was required to list vegetables & list fruits that they were willing & able to eat, before the shopping happened.
    Teen had the option of helping to prepare each meal or to take on extra chores of my choosing.
    Since teen chose "chores", I required them to be present for all of the work involved: creating the shopping list, shopping, loading purchases to the vehicle & bring items inside, putting away into temporary storage areas, preparation, presentation, clean up, putting stuff away.
    They HATED much of this, during the first application.
    Years later, they had discovered that this works, and had applied it to their adult life.
    I am very proud of them.
    I am grateful to my grandmother, who taught "home economics " at the college level, and taught me.

  • TomGaming
    TomGaming Year ago +5

    Wyatt's laugh at the start was so cute

  • Faith Shapiro
    Faith Shapiro 10 months ago

    Hannah you are the most amazing Mom ever. Matt is the most amazing Dad ever. The most amazing parents 💜

  • Delfina Bocevska
    Delfina Bocevska 11 months ago

    I love how Wyatt always copy Jackson. Its soooooo cute.

  • The Fink Sisters
    The Fink Sisters 2 years ago +1475

    Hannah: “ this is college food”

    Matt: “gourmet”

    IM DYING 😂

    • AIX Esports
      AIX Esports 2 years ago

      1k likes. Gg

    • krllstlna
      krllstlna 2 years ago

      Then go to a hospital...

    • Yaya Martinez
      Yaya Martinez 2 years ago +1

      Yup cereal and hot pockets

    • Janairi Calderon
      Janairi Calderon 2 years ago +7

      im in highschool...this is my types of food...breaskfeast snack 1 snack 2 snack 3 lunch snack 4567 dinner..and then some cereal..and maybe some ramen noodles

    • ej sims
      ej sims 2 years ago +9

      The Fink Sisters as a college student I can say that that is def what I eat😂

  • Ren Winchester
    Ren Winchester Year ago

    I'm very surprised they chose fruit and sushi! If and when I have kids, I am totally doing this.

  • Faith Shapiro
    Faith Shapiro 11 months ago

    You are the best Mom ever Hannah! Matt is the best Dad we love you 💜

  • Lotus Ganesha
    Lotus Ganesha 10 months ago

    This is sooo good wish my mom did such a thing😭😂 younre wonderful mamaaaaaa loved the video i ll try it with my todler (boyfriend) haha 💖💖💖 love it love it love it

  • Fatima Shahzadi
    Fatima Shahzadi Year ago +8

    Who else can relate ”im Subway’s worst nightmare” i definetly relate🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Mekaa Christopher
    Mekaa Christopher 2 years ago +794

    Your husband is so freaking easy he will eat anything and he's just as happy. 😂 I loved this

  • Razor Leafy
    Razor Leafy 4 months ago +9

    ‘I’m gonna get hot tea and a breakfast sandwich.’
    ‘What voice is that?’
    ‘I don’t know.’
    Under appreciated and cute line

  • Gavin The Crafter
    Gavin The Crafter Year ago +3

    I like how most days it's pretty normal (albeit unhealthy) food, but then some days it's just like
    _sushi and cheese_

  • dalila montoya
    dalila montoya 10 months ago +3

    your videos get the most views on this channel, i wish they’d pay for the food/trips yall take!!

    • Ultimate
      Ultimate 9 months ago +1

      no it doesn't, just check BuzzFeedVideo's old videos.

  • Kylah Chamberlin
    Kylah Chamberlin 7 months ago +2

    Brooo I wish my mum done this for us it would be so easy for her!

  • Black_Blink
    Black_Blink 8 months ago +18

    " my kids are very weird for one meal there gonna be like wErE GoNnA EaT GrAsS" I LAUGHED TO MUCH ON THAT ONE xD

  • Aadvika
    Aadvika Year ago

    Jackson, you make me wish I had an older brother. Ur _that_ awesome, buddy. Continue being awesome

  • Patrick's Planet
    Patrick's Planet Year ago +1

    Did anybody else remember if you watched Hannah do I say yes to my kids for a whole day, she said at the end she said that she will never make spaghetti tacos ever again but she made it in this video? lol

  • Simply_me
    Simply_me 11 months ago

    These are the least picky kids I ever seen in my life LOVEEEE ITTTT❤️❤️‼️

  • Jisuu
    Jisuu Year ago +5364

    Arent we all going to ignore the fact that the “cold pizza” looks like cheesy garlic bread

    • TheCodingGod
      TheCodingGod Year ago

      yup pretty much

    • HaZe
      HaZe Year ago

      Yeah its *S U P E R T H I C C C R U S T*

    • Bobby thelion
      Bobby thelion Year ago

      @Oddity where do you like it?

    • It’s Nahdea
      It’s Nahdea Year ago

      That pizza look weird asf like chicken

    • Dio
      Dio Year ago

      Fun fact pizza originated as chessy garlic bread

  • Nitin Korupolu
    Nitin Korupolu Year ago +1

    I love how she finds the loopholes 😂

  • Boredom’s Incorporation

    This mom:SPAGHETTI TACOS it’s iconic

    Icarly:She Stole Our Recipe but missed out the meatballs like us

  • jaskiran kaur
    jaskiran kaur 11 months ago +1

    i love how she got veggies when it was specifically a cheese burger

  • Fusion Gamer
    Fusion Gamer Year ago

    10:47 wow the menu looks gr8! I wish I could have that everyday

  • ً
    ً 2 years ago +3080

    “It’s spicy!”
    “You wanted this!”

    And that’s what it’s like parenting a toddler!

    • JasonStarRising
      JasonStarRising 2 years ago

      Enrique Lecuona
      It was a edit, they spelt it wrong at first

    • Tate T
      Tate T 2 years ago +1


    • Gogyscheeks
      Gogyscheeks 2 years ago +4

      cherryxo I see K-POP Stan everywhere and I am proud of that

    • pogfish
      pogfish 2 years ago


    • Enrique Lecuona
      Enrique Lecuona 2 years ago +1

      Alpha Dash oh ok still

  • It me
    It me 8 months ago

    Your kids are really good if my mom offered me this I would eat ice cream Chipotle and juice allll week 🤣🤣😂

  • Amber Matthews
    Amber Matthews 11 months ago

    I love Hannah, she is awesome

  • Cheryl Lim
    Cheryl Lim 6 months ago

    You’re an awesome mum

  • Yo. Girl
    Yo. Girl 8 months ago

    I can't wait for her kids' to grow up and react to these all

  • Abhishek Kumar
    Abhishek Kumar 2 years ago +1948

    Hannah: Look at this huge watermelon!

    Jackfruit at a dark corner: *cries in sorrow*

    • ً
      ً 2 years ago

      @Abhishek Kumar lol

      GABBIE’S GOO! 2 years ago

      That was definitely a jackfruit

    • Mock Turtle
      Mock Turtle 2 years ago +3

      "*wild jackfruit appears* Get OUTTA here with that thing! Eughhhh!" lol

    • NinjaBoy109
      NinjaBoy109 2 years ago +4

      Caroline Nguyen I had it yesterday and it’s definitely jackfruit

    • Far
      Far 2 years ago +8

      nope that's a jackfruit. durian has much larger thorns and they usually yellow colored

  • Lucia Pace
    Lucia Pace 11 months ago +6

    this is making me think about me and my sister as little kids fighting over the last artichoke and broccoli..american food culture is absurd to me

  • Omareptile
    Omareptile 10 months ago +126

    Hannah: Bon appetit
    Captions: *PhOnE aPp ThE cHeEsE kIdS*

  • Timothy Cantu
    Timothy Cantu Year ago

    i wish could be my mom, this is the best mom in the entire world!!

  • Julie Darling
    Julie Darling Year ago

    I’ve never seen a mom more cautious about veggies

  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi 2 years ago +5008

    “and a juice that says naked.. and I don’t know what that means”
    *he is so pure and precious please protect him at all costs*

    • simmi
      simmi 2 years ago

      Icy-hot- Snacc Is ThAt ToDoRoKi I sEe

    • Aniya Johnson
      Aniya Johnson 2 years ago

      @I M B A B Y true

    • Aniya Johnson
      Aniya Johnson 2 years ago +2

      @Macaroni ARMMYYY

    • Yourlocal Lesbian
      Yourlocal Lesbian 2 years ago

      kyathISgay then why’d you reply to my comment when I wasn’t even typing to you

    • lolipomfp
      lolipomfp 2 years ago

      @Yourlocal Lesbian I don't care about u cos sorry, your opinion means very little to me biatch

  • Aisl L
    Aisl L Year ago

    I love it when she says "I just want a piece of Broccolli".

  • Amanda Watt
    Amanda Watt 10 months ago

    I love cold tacos from Taco Bell, so they’re not alone on that! 😂

  • KyleFatPug
    KyleFatPug Year ago

    she totally made them eat salads for the next week😂

  • oona murphy
    oona murphy 9 months ago

    I'm watching these out of order, but Hannah saying, "for competition you want the ribs to stay on the bone, but this is just for family." is on par with Jackson's, "I wanted these waffles to be a bit frozen in the middle."

  • Shay
    Shay 2 years ago +1350

    Honestly, corn and pasta for breakfast is probably a better option than cereal 😂

    • TeenDream888
      TeenDream888 2 years ago +1

      corn isn't really meant for us to eat, but we eat it anyway. most times it doesn't break down in our guts, we just poop it out pretty much undigested. it's animal feed in Europe. where I grew up in Germany, I actually never recall a time where we ate corn, it was pig and chicken food.

    • Shay
      Shay 2 years ago +2

      Mea Heard pasta is dinner cereal

    • Shay
      Shay 2 years ago

      EssieD corn is considered a complex carb. But yeah pasta is basically the same nutritional value as most cereal 😂

    • mejasmine playz
      mejasmine playz 2 years ago +1

      Right most ceral is bad for u

    • EssieD
      EssieD 2 years ago +3

      Pasta and corn break down into simple carbs so not really.

  • Noor nadeem
    Noor nadeem 11 months ago

    is it just me but i love watching these type of vids

  • yurei____
    yurei____ 6 months ago

    The dad had sarcasm on his veins and I love it

  • Abhivarya Kumar
    Abhivarya Kumar 6 months ago

    Can we just like how good of a mom she is.......

  • FoxAlice 780
    FoxAlice 780 10 months ago +1

    Kids: *getting their fruit for breakfast*
    Matt: *walking happily with a durian in his hands*

  • Nisa Hasani
    Nisa Hasani 2 years ago +5273

    I think that buzzfeed finally understood that a week consists of 7 days not 5. Yayy🎉🎉😂

    • çevirtheK
      çevirtheK 2 years ago

      @かのかり YASSS Ketchup Ruffles

    • Jimmy Neutron
      Jimmy Neutron 2 years ago

      Please enter name Lays are trash

    • Kim Ji-Hanna
      Kim Ji-Hanna 2 years ago


    • Kim Ji-Hanna
      Kim Ji-Hanna 2 years ago


    • かのかり
      かのかり 2 years ago

      sebastian banguis i dont like pringles lmao i like ruffles

  • Jace Lawson
    Jace Lawson 3 months ago

    These kids did a better job planning there meals than I can tbh. 😂😂

  • Jace’s Wacky World
    Jace’s Wacky World 11 months ago

    That smoothie with all the fruit looks so good

    Edit: if my my made that for me she would be better than Santa i mean she already is best but

  • Jaelynn T.
    Jaelynn T. Year ago

    For me to try this with my kids, I should really be sure that the world will end within a week 😂

  • Elizabeth Hager
    Elizabeth Hager 3 months ago

    At my house when meal plans happen, my family picks spaghetti or some other carb and meat dish, but never any kind of sides or anything. When I plan I have a protein, a carb, and always veggies or fruits because I like to have the healthy things to go along with the meat and bread. And I'm the youngest person in the house!

  • JDWings05
    JDWings05 Year ago +1

    My ultimate meal plan:

    Breakfast: Pastrami and Egg Breakfast Sammich
    Lunch: Quesadilla cooked in a Panini Press
    Dinner: Steak and Potatoes

    Breakfast: Peanut Butter Toast
    Lunch: PB&J with Milk
    Dinner: Chili

    Breakfast: Oatmeal
    Lunch: Leftover Chili
    Dinner: Steak Tacos (duh)

    Breakfast: Honey-Nut Cheerios (idk)
    Lunch: Ham and Cheese Sammich
    Dinner: Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

    Breakfast: Power Smoothie
    Lunch: Apples & Peanut Butter
    Dinner: Chicken and Rice with Broccoli

    Breakfast: Off-Brand Lucky Charms (trust me, they’re better)
    Lunch: Ramen
    Dinner: Salmon with Quinoa and Asparagus

    Breakfast: Pancakes with PB & Maple Syrup
    Lunch: Grilled Cheese
    Dinner: Burgers and Fries

  • Nguyenquangtrung Trung
    Nguyenquangtrung Trung 8 months ago +1

    Maybe I will try 🥰 One of them really care about health and the other don’t 🙃

  • Desiree Layne
    Desiree Layne 9 months ago +1

    I love it when she said her old butt was getting sick of the junk food she is one of my favorite TheXvid's

  • Shyanna Rampath
    Shyanna Rampath Year ago +1

    I watched this video like 5 times
    Cus wyatt is just the cutest😍😍

  • madeline lowrie
    madeline lowrie 2 years ago +3224

    Mom(a chef): what do you want to eat for the week?
    Kids: lettuce sandwiches

    • Thursday Plurbonym-Boyporridge
      Thursday Plurbonym-Boyporridge 2 years ago


    • Lenka Bozovic
      Lenka Bozovic 2 years ago

      They're little kids of course they're gonna choose something like that

    • Denise Farr
      Denise Farr 2 years ago

      Hmmmm great choice kids probably the healthiest meal in the week

    • sapphire tames
      sapphire tames 2 years ago

      Ya that ate some of helthy food

    • Brianna Edwards
      Brianna Edwards 2 years ago +4

      I really thought they meant they wanted a lettuce wrap lmao

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    kurihai 8 months ago

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  • Adonis -
    Adonis - Year ago

    I have been doing this to Matt for years...
    Lady, you are a goal!