AJ Update + Switch Hands-On! [PAX South 17]

  • Published on Feb 1, 2017
  • AngryJoe Updates on the latest reviews & gives his impressions with Purrluna on the Nintendo Switch after going hands on!
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  • X9 Purpose
    X9 Purpose 2 years ago

    Angry Joe! Angry Joe shooooowwww Angry Joe !!!!!

    RANDOM STRANGER 2 years ago

    you got a but nose

  • Cillian Smith
    Cillian Smith 2 years ago

    I saw on my reminders that it said angry joe plays 1-2 switch. when I tapped on it, it said that th video is unavailable. I looked it up and the video was nowhere. was it taken down?

  • Fry
    Fry 2 years ago

    Is Joe Canadian? I feel dumb...

  • David Podvin
    David Podvin 2 years ago

    horizon zero dawn

  • BrunovskyB
    BrunovskyB 2 years ago

    nintendo should have done 2 version of the console... 1 hand held with joycon the other non handhelf with pro controler. the handheld part of the console doesn't interest me at all. and i'm not ready to pay 500$(CAN) for the console and a pro controler, knowing that all nintendo game i already own won't be compatible. and worst, i will have to pay more for a game that would rise the price at near 600$ including taxes and will also have to probably pay for an memory expansion...

  • H G
    H G 2 years ago

    Joe straight ATTACKING Nintendo hahahaha. Good!

  • H G
    H G 2 years ago

    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH JOE!!!! All there is, is fuckin Zelda. Fuck Nintendo

  • j m
    j m 2 years ago

    Shocked Nintendo didn't flag for copyright. Like they do every youtuber who doesn't pay them.

  • King Bradberry
    King Bradberry 2 years ago

    Joe is one of those guys who says "If it can't fit in your pocket it's not portable" I honestly thought the screen was too small

  • Alok Awasthi
    Alok Awasthi 2 years ago

    would love to see you play breath of the wild

  • jeremy boone
    jeremy boone 2 years ago

    Review wild lands I await your review before I will consider purchasing. Your reviews definitely saved me money last year! Keep up the awesome work Joe!

  • AcBrandonT
    AcBrandonT 2 years ago

    I'm going to wait tell more games come out

  • Kalmon salmon
    Kalmon salmon 2 years ago

    People are mad about the prices of this console, yet it's cheaper than other consoles on launch day. Even buying a Switch plus a controller and a game is cheaper than buying a PS4 with an extra controller (which you don't need to do on switch) and game and people weren't upset about that.

  • Crescendyr
    Crescendyr 2 years ago

    Is that his neighbor's kid?

  • Martin Rosendahl
    Martin Rosendahl 2 years ago

    Nintendo need to move on from Mario, Zelda & Bomberman... how many times are they gonna redo those games? Also that motion control... technology don't work properly yet + most games wanna sit down and relax when they play their games.

  • Phillip Stafford
    Phillip Stafford 2 years ago

    man this chick is a ugly duckling but good preview of the switch

  • Lawson Whitford
    Lawson Whitford 2 years ago

    U don't have to pay for online the first couple months joe

  • Just A Taco
    Just A Taco 2 years ago

    I personally feel like the Nintendo Switch would be the perfect console for parties in certain scenarios. Blackouts ain't got shit on this baby

  • Parmpreet Gill
    Parmpreet Gill 2 years ago

    Your Girlfriend is cute

  • Kristopher Vyvjala
    Kristopher Vyvjala 2 years ago

    For honor

  • Matt S
    Matt S 2 years ago

    Switch will fail...

  • OGAnarchy
    OGAnarchy 2 years ago

    sniper elite 4

  • Josh Leitzel
    Josh Leitzel 2 years ago

    Why does it need to fit in your pocket to be considered a portable? The iPad doesn't fit in your pocket, neither do even the smallest of laptops, yet no one would ever deny their status as portable tech, so what makes this any different? I will never understand the "can't fit in your pocket argument." Hell, other gaming portable like the Gameboy and PS Vita couldn't either, unless you have really large pockets. Even then, I don't know why you'd put a nice piece of kit like the Vita in your pocket, where it'd be likely to be fucked up from everyday movements and positioning. I feel like if you're going anywhere that allows for you to be playing video games in the first place, you're probably going to have a backpack or other carrying bag on you anyway. But hey, maybe that's just me.

  • pcuimac
    pcuimac 2 years ago

    They should make a new Advanced War and Castlevania!

  • pcuimac
    pcuimac 2 years ago +1

    Please let Luna speak until she is finished. I share your problem of interrupting other people. Work on it!

  • Reckless Abandon Gaming

    lol i cant wait until round 2 of Joe vs Nintendo once they remove his Switch videos ;P

  • Anton Sundin
    Anton Sundin 2 years ago

    Yeah... this might be the first nintendo tv console i wont buy on launch and maybe never, im gonna buy Zelda on my wii u... and then what? Gonna take atleast 2-3 years before Nintendo has released enough first party content for me to reconsider. Still waiting for that F-zero game with online racing, make it happen.
    Basically im not at all interested in the switch in itself, the hardware is really unappealing to me.
    F-zero, a new proper console monster hunter + 1 more title would bring me back though. ^^

  • Julius Moore
    Julius Moore 2 years ago

    thanks for keeping it real and thinking about people that low wage jobs or saving for weddings, or have kids or just. omg. Those who just can't can't splurge on switch.
    What's funny is I've never been a Nintendo fan. never owned a TV console of they made but have owned every handheld one from original tanky gb (drop down more stairs then children probably walk and still works) up to the 3ds. I tend to play on my laptop nowadays because I'm always on the go but this is the first TV console Nintendo has created that has captured me and maybe it's the feature that I can just play on the go that buys me.
    Still. just like Sega Saturn. are a handful of titles worth it? I wanted the Saturn over the 64 and PS1. but luckily choose ps1. getting to experience Xenogears, Dragon Ball gt Final B, and so much more.
    Looks like the wait is on. hopefully they beat PS4 limited edition ff7 console because I'll put my money to that in a heart beat even though it'll be launched on PC as well.

  • john morgan
    john morgan 2 years ago


  • Antrix
    Antrix 2 years ago

    Regardless, the Switch will be replacing the 3DS over time. When you have franchises like Fire Emblem being announced as switch exclusives, there is no way that is not the eventual goal.
    You dont have to play Arms with motion controls btw

  • Ragerodracir
    Ragerodracir 2 years ago

    I have faith in the Switch because Nintendo is re shuffeling a lot and it looks like they listen to fans and improve as a company. BUT you can't just fix one problem a year. This year we need the games/game announcements the people want, removing their strict YT policy (even though it has been a lot better recently) and of course stop being so reclusive and TALK to their customers! Everyone wants to know about Virtual Console on launch/GC support and Nintendo probably won't have it ready then. So what to do? Just say nothing. Don't build up their hopes too high and don't disappoint them early. Just say nothing and everything is fine. They need to let go of that mindset. And strangely, I'm fine with them going out of the Hardware business. Sure there won't be any innovation in consoles anymore but Nintendo has been best at making games anyway. We'll see...

  • The D-Pad Specialist
    The D-Pad Specialist 2 years ago +1

    I don't get it? why would u ask her questions yet cut her off most of the time? she's literally rushing to get her words out so you can chime in. man get a grip! oh and the switch isn't bad.

  • That one Guy
    That one Guy 2 years ago

    BOI👏👋 "it doesn't fit in my pocket so I'll never use it in handheld mode" what kind of argument is that? The gameboy advance sp can barely fit in my pocket and it's very uncomfortable anyways. There's no way people are gonna be fitting no 3ds xl in their pocket but they still manage to lug it around and use it. Same with 2ds. And how the heck did people in the 80s EVER bring their game boys outside? It ain't ever gonna fit in no ones pocket. That's the worst argument I've heard in my life

    • That one Guy
      That one Guy 2 years ago

      Also there's no point in putting big games out at launch when zelda is also coming out at launch cuz Zelda would swallow those games up whole without a second thought. No game would sell more than zelda at launch

  • DFcables Defecables
    DFcables Defecables 2 years ago

    jesus man let the girl speak joe...

  • DFcables Defecables
    DFcables Defecables 2 years ago

    meh, dat gurlz hot tho

  • GelsonBlaze
    GelsonBlaze 2 years ago

    Please for the love of God do Horizon: Zero Dawn

  • William King
    William King 2 years ago

    who is she?

  • sonic sega
    sonic sega 2 years ago

    i'm getting the switch but not zelda. i want it for mario and smash when smash comes out cus you know it will. otherwise i have a life to live where video games take no part

  • freegibran
    freegibran 2 years ago

    I don't know how nintendo has the audacity to charge more for the switch as opposed to the ps4 slim, and I'm strictly talking hardware capabilities in that regard. Therefore they better show me some new friggin games, not just third party exclusives either. Nintendo needs to tell some new stories other then mario and zelda.BTW, I see idiots down below calling this a deal, but they're clearly gearing this towards the 12 and under crowd. Who else would spend $300.00 on old technology? Kids, because it's not they're money and they don't know better.

  • Homestyle Productions
    Homestyle Productions 2 years ago

    Joe that is the worst argument for not playing it as a handheld... You can't fit a PSP in your pocket either, yet people love the PSP, and you can barely fit the 3DS in your pocket, I have one..

  • Malachy Madrigal
    Malachy Madrigal 2 years ago


  • Classic Jesse
    Classic Jesse 2 years ago

    the Wii notes were 40 dollars each and it's two joy cons for 80 not one. just helping clarify.

  • icy1007
    icy1007 2 years ago

    Why do you keep saying you only get 1 month free to play online with the Switch? The online service is free until Fall 2017.

  • sinkiy
    sinkiy 2 years ago

    Hot chick, blonde, with accent that's into games ? Wtf more can you ask for.

  • matt white
    matt white 2 years ago +4

    So many of your comments are horrifying trash. Please don't listen to them

  • Music official
    Music official 2 years ago

    when wedding you wife?

  • Buzz Lee
    Buzz Lee 2 years ago

    I'm disappointed I wanted him to review sipper ghost warrior,for honor and horizon zero dawn

  • Nolan Leahy
    Nolan Leahy 2 years ago

    I feel like I'm going to be the judge of how comfortable the Joy Con are. I've been hearing tons of different opinions on the comfort level of how they're held sideways. I've heard some love for them, but I've also heard of many disliking the controllers due to the positioning of the joystick and buttons. For me, I feel like if you are used to playing old school controllers like the NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, then I would imagine that they wouldn't be too bad.

  • ronnano
    ronnano 2 years ago

    Never watched this guys videos before. He lost me on "Not into Nintendo", then you know he not at all a real gamer and his opinions on the topic are meaningless.

  • Oroku Saki
    Oroku Saki 2 years ago

    What portable gaming device fits comfortably in your pocket? Cell phones don't count.

  • Perfection Critic
    Perfection Critic 2 years ago

    If you want it to sell, buy it asap.

  • Akahdrin Fireal
    Akahdrin Fireal 2 years ago

    The argument that it doesn't fit in your jeans is pretty dumb. I've never seen anyone put a DS/3DS in their jeans let alone a 3DS XL and didn't stop those from selling 100 million units. The original Game Boy didn't fit in your pocket either and that didn't stop it from being a handheld and selling over 100 million units. Every person I know, including myself, who owns a portable console (PSP, VITA, 3DS, whatever) has a case for it and they just toss it in their backpack which they bring everywhere. I personally use a messenger bag on a daily basis as a everyday use. People don't complain that you can't put an IPAD mini in your pocket, and that is considered handheld and portable. A completely stupid complaint.

  • Ais Stein-San
    Ais Stein-San 2 years ago

    No thanks I'll stick with my Nintendo ds

  • Alan koyuk
    Alan koyuk 2 years ago

    is that angry Joe girl friend? somebody plz tell me

  • Regretful Productions
    Regretful Productions 2 years ago

    Who the hell is Luna??? XD XD, I haven't got a problem with her, I just don't know who she is haha lol

  • Alevtina Mikhailov
    Alevtina Mikhailov 2 years ago

    Luna kinda resembles Zelda in some way.

  • Karloss01
    Karloss01 2 years ago

    Arms could do a One Piece DLC - Monkey D Luffy :D

  • Eduardo Vieira
    Eduardo Vieira 2 years ago

    here in Brazil it will cost R$4,000 more or less. I won't get one for the next 15 years

  • Carlos Valenzuela
    Carlos Valenzuela 2 years ago

    Do For Honor and Horizon Zero Dawn!!!

  • Millz Ubettaz
    Millz Ubettaz 2 years ago


  • XPopCornX
    XPopCornX 2 years ago

    Gold digger.

  • Noah Grubb
    Noah Grubb 2 years ago

    Review Horizon Zero Dawn!!!

  • Ashaira
    Ashaira 2 years ago

    Wth is Luna Lovegood doing at Joe's house?

  • godofwarfan1234
    godofwarfan1234 2 years ago +1

    Please Joe do the Horizon Zero Dawn review!!!! Like if anyone else agrees so Joe can see this!

  • DreadGodsHand
    DreadGodsHand 2 years ago

    it's already selling like hot cakes though. it's a pain the behind just to get a pre-order because of how much people want this system day 1.

  • Albastine S.
    Albastine S. 2 years ago

    I seriously hope they don't pull that amiibo/NES classic short supply trick. that bull shit that needs to stop.

  • Albastine S.
    Albastine S. 2 years ago

    with tax, you're looking at $431 with pro controller and game. when compared to ps4 xbox one, that's a lot for a system that doesn't even play blu rays. For $250, you can have a game, a console, and something that plays blu rays.
    I'm more interested how many will actually use it for portable.

  • Lukas Strouhal
    Lukas Strouhal 2 years ago

    Do Nioh Joe. Neyyyy

  • Nicholas Blake
    Nicholas Blake 2 years ago

    Sniper elite 4 please

  • Aliquid Gaming
    Aliquid Gaming 2 years ago

    could you review Horizon Zero Dawn? Nioh is generally received as good and For Honor has had many betas and an open beta. HZD however seems like a game that a lot of people are on the fense about after seeing early gameplay. youre one of the most honest, brutal and in depth reviewers around so i think your take on it would help many of us decide if we want one of the most anticipated games of 2017

  • MRxAmazing
    MRxAmazing 2 years ago

    Horizon zero dawn would be a good march review

  • AmericanJohny
    AmericanJohny 2 years ago

    Joe or anyone who tried the switch....
    ..could you tell me how was the right stick ? It looks super uncomfortable and ergonomically bad designed, so i wonder how does it feel while playing.
    Even, in the video it seems like Joe is bending his thumb quiet a lot to reach.
    Thx :)

  • Duke Favre
    Duke Favre 2 years ago

    I guest is perfect to gift the console to your girlfriend and kids.

  • Michael Xuereb
    Michael Xuereb 2 years ago


  • AllDayGamer _
    AllDayGamer _ 2 years ago

    do for honor

  • Oliver Crespo
    Oliver Crespo 2 years ago

    Joe gives average dudes hope for picking up hot chicks.

  • ChungLing Su
    ChungLing Su 2 years ago

    Yo Joe, you can download play bomberman with up to 8 people on one cart.

  • Maggie Lopez
    Maggie Lopez 2 years ago

    Joe, pls stop talking over people and let them finish talking, you always interupt people mid sentence, I can tell Luna was annoyed when you kept talking over her.

  • Aerialslayer
    Aerialslayer 2 years ago

    Review For Honor!

  • RockYeahh
    RockYeahh 2 years ago

    A little while ago Konami announced that you can play local multiplayer off the same game cart with super bomberman R. So if other people have a switches they can download it and play multiplayer cause you have the game.

  • Manko Slayer
    Manko Slayer 2 years ago

    Luna is my cat's name. meow.

  • Danny Kriegbaum Laursen

    Horizon Zero Dawn you need to review

  • Ismael Isemann
    Ismael Isemann 2 years ago

    yea for honor would be nice

  • Master X!
    Master X! 2 years ago

    I heard that the Wii U version of Zelda breath of the wild would run barebones barely keeping up with a stable frame rate and joddy textures. clearly the better revamped version is on the switch, even then it's a more efficient and effective console as a whole. but still the prices will become a problem over time, Nintendo is betting high stakes on this when at launch will be pretty dry in terms of games but who knows maybe they've got something under the rug planned out for us. let's just wait and see.

  • TheIVAce
    TheIVAce 2 years ago

    Poor Luna. 1:44

  • Northernmight
    Northernmight 2 years ago

    "Luna, come here! and in walks some babe in what looks like a schoolgirl outfit.
    Are you hiding a harem back there, Joe?

  • Andries Evertse
    Andries Evertse 2 years ago

    The screen looks bigger than wii U.

  • HaloZach 117
    HaloZach 117 2 years ago

    JOE I SAW YOU BUT COULDNT GET TO YOU man I wish I got to meet with you but hopefully next time

  • Skyshadow1
    Skyshadow1 2 years ago

    Wii U has double good exclusive games than both its competitors combined. For the rest i have my pc.

  • Destro WOD
    Destro WOD 2 years ago

    Joe, your friend(girlfriend?) is adorable. You should include her in more stuff, movie reviews or whatever :)

    • Destro WOD
      Destro WOD 2 years ago

      i follow the guy's channel, so think with your brain 2 secs, obviously i am interest to watch his stuff with HIM in it ... duh

    • Destro WOD
      Destro WOD 2 years ago

      She has a good presence and seem fun. So yes?

  • robthedrummer
    robthedrummer 2 years ago

    do nioh

  • Clayton Howard
    Clayton Howard 2 years ago

    review horizon or nioh or for honor. hopefully horizon.

  • Chill Blinton
    Chill Blinton 2 years ago

    Do a Nioh review! I'd say Horizon but you won't have that done before March

  • Ahmed Younis
    Ahmed Younis 2 years ago

    For honor pls

    GC-NOVA 2 years ago

    Angryjoe do For Honor trailer and gameplay reaction.

  • Erik the Great
    Erik the Great 2 years ago

    DUDE! Do Halo Wars 2. They changed alot of the voice acting, and I wonder if they improved on the controls

  • Yama
    Yama 2 years ago

    I'll admit, I'm still excited for the Switch.

  • BladeKnight_
    BladeKnight_ 2 years ago

    I'll. Fuk. Luna. So. Hard

  • ben s.
    ben s. 2 years ago

    I just realized TheXvid unsubscribed me from your channel! What the heck?