Impossible Acrobatic & Trick Goals In Football

  • Published on Oct 12, 2019
  • Impossible acrobatic & trick goals in football featuring Neymar, Ibrahimovic, Ronaldinho, etc
    Special thanks Ibra10i, Santiago Tobon, yondaime741
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  • Mthokozisi Peabo
    Mthokozisi Peabo 14 hours ago


  • Janki Jan
    Janki Jan Day ago

    *"goal gol gol gol gol gol gol gol"*

  • pint and
    pint and 2 days ago +1

    the title should have been: ibrahimovic & guests

  • Harikrishnan V S
    Harikrishnan V S 6 days ago +6

    This video can be titled ibrahimovich and other players doing acrovatics and tricks

  • Kempish
    Kempish 10 days ago

    Impossible acrobatic tricks in football
    J. Martinez pk is in here for what?

  • 1ball_1wall
    1ball_1wall 13 days ago +2

    0:31 That awkward moment when the heel of a standing guy rises up to the height your head is....

    • 1ball_1wall
      1ball_1wall 10 days ago

      @Jack Haywood ooopsie!!! thanks Jack!! Although, well, not a hill, he's rather a mountain of a standing guy hehehehe

    • Jack Haywood
      Jack Haywood 10 days ago +1

      *heel :)

  • Veloxelele
    Veloxelele 16 days ago +3

    Zlatan vs England?

  • Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers


  • Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers

    Why does it say impossible if Zlatan is in the video?

  • King Balla TV
    King Balla TV 16 days ago +1

    Ibrahimovic 👍

  • Hassan O
    Hassan O 16 days ago

    Where is Zico's goal in the japanish leaug?

  • Ricky Mason
    Ricky Mason 17 days ago +1

    If each goal wasn't played 5/6 times the video would be around 3:00 minutes long instead of 14:00 🙄

  • luis cernuda
    luis cernuda 18 days ago

    Curioso que nunca pongan goles de HUGO Sánchez, muchos de ellos, muy encima en su calidad con algunos que aquí ponen de muestra. Les dejo un video para que corrijan su error.

    JIREN 18 days ago

    Messi vs Sevilla?

  • edward lewandowski
    edward lewandowski 18 days ago

    Fantastyczne bramki🙂✋⚠️📯

    T3SKATLIPOC4 19 days ago ok that chicharito does not make your list pero a HUGO SANCHEZ se la pelan todos

  • Захар Абрамов

    это можно пересматривать постоянно. САМАЯ лучшая подборка что я видел. Мгновения Удовольствий

  • ranknonsense
    ranknonsense 21 day ago

    sehr geehrtes alles hiermit verbiet ich in vertretung von mugba alles und jedem kreisliga tore machen zu dürfen oder geschweige denn überhaupt , ...

  • ranknonsense
    ranknonsense 21 day ago

    das war das tor aller zeiten und die beiden haben nicht mal alles gesehen

  • Roland Mihaly
    Roland Mihaly 21 day ago +1

    Cr7-vs- ungarn

  • ranknonsense
    ranknonsense 21 day ago

    meinse nicht du hast nen bisschen große fresse qing schmitz!?

  • Javier Valdez
    Javier Valdez 21 day ago

    Cada cuatro goles salía uno de ibracadabra

  • vurno
    vurno 21 day ago +1

    these compilations with no music are so much better please keep them coming

  • Chuck
    Chuck 21 day ago

    I’m really not into soccer. Watch 90(??) minutes of running up and down a field with a score of zilch/zilch and it comes down to free kicks? BUT these guys deserve credit for being in incredible shape and having some seemingly impossible ball handling skills. Thing is, sitting through a game in any seat would be a waste of time for me. I would get bored, my attention would wane and anything incredible that DID happen I would almost certainly miss.
    I was never the type to watch sports. I DID stuff.

  • Jacek S.
    Jacek S. 22 days ago

    Lewandowski's 5th goal against Wolfsburg...

  • Khaled Alsubaie
    Khaled Alsubaie 22 days ago

    Where is Zizo’s RM impossible goal?

  • BadDayLp
    BadDayLp 22 days ago

    What an fecking awesome kick from both Neymar and Kurzawa (I think)

  • BadDayLp
    BadDayLp 22 days ago +23

    It always impresses me how hard Ibrahimovic can kick a ball with his heel

  • ernesto gonzalez
    ernesto gonzalez 23 days ago

    la tijera de zidane?, la chilena de bale en champion?, la chilena de cristiano frente a la juve en champion? , la chilena de ibra desde casi la mitad del campo?.... quien hizo este video???

  • Raptor 171
    Raptor 171 23 days ago +10

    Actually This video can be made only on Zlatan 😂😂😂😂

  • Anderson1909 Gemeos
    Anderson1909 Gemeos 23 days ago

    Até perdi as Conta de quantas vezes o Ibra apareceu no Video 😱👏

  • Hans Wurst
    Hans Wurst 24 days ago +2

    Thx Man for this Video . No gay music , just pure football 👋 👍

  • Den riddlerliga riddlaren
    Den riddlerliga riddlaren 24 days ago +12

    Where is Zlatans goal against Italy???!?!?!

  • irving torrez
    irving torrez 25 days ago +77

    Its always a pleasure to see this kind of videos without stupid annoying music.

    • Roman Tkachev
      Roman Tkachev 10 days ago

      my first thought was just the same!!

    • Otte
      Otte 20 days ago +4

      Yeah, and all goals with replays. Thumbs up!

  • SportsHD
    SportsHD 26 days ago

  • Ronaldo CR7
    Ronaldo CR7 26 days ago

    C.ronaldo is best
    But. Roonys akrobat is better😎

  • VD 9
    VD 9 27 days ago +1

    Most Of These acrobatic goals should be of CR7 & Z.Ibrahimovic!
    Part 2 needed!

  • 10footballvideos
    10footballvideos 28 days ago

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  • loly channel
    loly channel 29 days ago

  • profi 33
    profi 33 29 days ago


  • Илька
    Илька 29 days ago

    great biography of football players to the music

  • Rodolfo Jimenez
    Rodolfo Jimenez 29 days ago +3

    Still not enough Zlatan

  • Aki Armin
    Aki Armin 29 days ago

    To many replay

    PLAY GAMES Month ago

    Все переходим в группу с прогнозы 100% Проходимостью создал группу все вступайте

  • Antonin Lecomte
    Antonin Lecomte Month ago +1

    7 goals come from Ligue 1 underrated league 👀

    • Csokops10
      Csokops10 28 days ago +1

      yet people still call it a farmers league. Truly disgusting smh.

  • Crnogorac Crnogorac


  • Марк Данилов

    Where is Ibrahimovic’s super goal against England?

  • Enès Hamdi
    Enès Hamdi Month ago

    Allez voire ma. Chaîne de foot svp

  • Footbools Fans
    Footbools Fans Month ago +1

  • FOOTBALL highlight
    FOOTBALL highlight Month ago

    no inbsibel in football

  • Nouri Nouri
    Nouri Nouri Month ago

    Please Make a Video About Ronaldinho Legendrey Dribbling And Tricks Skils

  • AK
    AK Month ago

    What about CR7 v Juve and Bale v Liverpool

  • Giàng A Thùy
    Giàng A Thùy Month ago

    cú vô-lê đầu tiên bắt chước Quang Hải (Việt Nam) rồi😀

  • Diego Pastego
    Diego Pastego Month ago

    Hugo Sanchez ! The master...

  • Maxi Aramburo
    Maxi Aramburo Month ago +2

    They forgor about ibras bicycle with sweden and cr7s as well

  • Mr. Soni
    Mr. Soni Month ago +1

    good skill football

  • Guadalupe Garcia
    Guadalupe Garcia Month ago

    De todas ninguna como las de HUGOL

  • AJ Football
    AJ Football Month ago +1

    Amazing man

  • Jonathan Giron
    Jonathan Giron Month ago +1

    Gran Y Exelente Video Brother.
    Golazos Espectaculares, Fantásticos Y De Gran Nivel.
    Ronaldinho Gaucho El Mejor De Todos.. Pura Magia.
    Bendiciones Y Como Siempre Gran Canal.