Sia Carpool Karaoke

  • Published on Feb 17, 2016
  • James spots Sia in Los Angeles and asks her to carpool to work as they sing some of the biggest songs she's performed and written, including "Chandelier" and "Diamonds."
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Comments • 98 952

  • Chimmi
    Chimmi 17 hours ago +1

    Her voice cracks are the best thing in her voice

  • Jordan Wolfe
    Jordan Wolfe 19 hours ago

    The chills are real when she sings.

  • ZombieMiezz
    ZombieMiezz 20 hours ago

    I didn't know much about SIA besides her music. This was actually interesting to get to know her a bit better.

  • dsevwrh
    dsevwrh 20 hours ago

    Sia has a so powerful voice just stuning

  • Laxulie
    Laxulie 21 hour ago +1


  • huckfin 1
    huckfin 1 21 hour ago

    That woman has one he'll of a voice, in my opinion of course !

  • Smartybichhh
    Smartybichhh 21 hour ago

    lol she reminds me of my sister

  • Preston Eagle
    Preston Eagle 22 hours ago

    Sia makes me moist.

  • Kaneki_v7
    Kaneki_v7 23 hours ago

    Sia she's so cute

  • Emma Neret
    Emma Neret Day ago

    We want a James' Album

  • Kamila Abade
    Kamila Abade Day ago +1

    Queen 🥰

  • xiaozhong Liu
    xiaozhong Liu Day ago +2

    Sia singing naturally, not so much skill, love it

  • One Plus Two
    One Plus Two Day ago

    Sia can carry dozen eggs at a time...
    James looks like he can eat a dozen eggs at a time...

  • One Plus Two
    One Plus Two Day ago

    Am I the only one who don't know the meaning of karaoke?

  • 김명연
    김명연 Day ago

    손님불러다놓고 지가 더 돼지멱따고부르는거보소

  • DJ Haulix
    DJ Haulix Day ago

    In your entire carpool videos this is the one i found most energized, vibes is lit. Incredible collab with sia.

  • joana
    joana Day ago

    she's actually a beautil beautiful person, under that wig, but actually that's just an extra, she's a pure human and amazing artist, i love her

  • Jose Padilla
    Jose Padilla Day ago

    James was struggling to keep up there

  • Abigael Hernandez

    Cant see her face but she looks beautiful.

  • ToNy ChAcOn
    ToNy ChAcOn Day ago

    Escalofrios en el cuerpo awwwww

  • sacroan
    sacroan 2 days ago +1

    Sia, perfect voice!

  • Glenn Steer
    Glenn Steer 2 days ago

    Why does she say "hey girl" in greeting when she first gets into the car?

  • mi suzu
    mi suzu 2 days ago


  • Schmalama
    Schmalama 2 days ago +1

    I Love it

  • Andrew Jr Limpiada
    Andrew Jr Limpiada 2 days ago +2

    She is so unique

  • Peppa pig
    Peppa pig 2 days ago +1

    She is amazing

  • Maria Nunez
    Maria Nunez 2 days ago

    Had the pleasure of seeing her live before she hit mainstream. Breathe Me was just starting to get AirPlay. Small venue, no wig, absolutely magical. My husband was the one who introduced me to her music.

  • Carlo Teran
    Carlo Teran 2 days ago


  • elassawipo
    elassawipo 2 days ago

    I love her song Diamonds i don't even have idea who sing this song until i star watching this awesome channel James Corden you have a great personality, you have one new fan you make me laugh a lot !!!!!!!!!!

  • Wendy B.
    Wendy B. 2 days ago

    When you just realized Sia is Australian

  • Jade B
    Jade B 2 days ago

    Anyone else feel sometimes you just wanna scream at James shut the fuck up!!!!! I wanna hear sia sing 🙄

  • Doc Holiday
    Doc Holiday 2 days ago


  • Vladimír Zeman
    Vladimír Zeman 2 days ago

    Nnnn nnnn.... Sia. Its sia. 💖💖😘😘😘😘

  • 杜甫
    杜甫 3 days ago


  • Anthony
    Anthony 3 days ago

    Titanium is the only reason I still love sia

  • Plog
    Plog 3 days ago

    Sia is incredibly funny! Haha

  • mery Edith
    mery Edith 3 days ago


  • Douglas Maldonato
    Douglas Maldonato 3 days ago

    Não adianta Sia melhor voz da atualidade

  • Dwight Howard
    Dwight Howard 3 days ago +5

    The editor for James: we need autotune
    Sia: for who me? James
    Editor: Uhhhh..... yes

  • James Sumner
    James Sumner 3 days ago

    Why is that her hair

  • Jasmin Buchan
    Jasmin Buchan 3 days ago

    4:05 to 4:47 damn girl your amazing!!

  • InquisitorMaster Fan
    InquisitorMaster Fan 3 days ago +1

    I love u SIA. YOUR THE BEST!!!!!

  • Cheese Puffs
    Cheese Puffs 3 days ago +10

    Is SIA called SIA because you can’t SIA

  • Adil Rahman
    Adil Rahman 3 days ago +5

    Sia’s intentional breaks sound amazing

  • april Ga.
    april Ga. 3 days ago

    “ do you feel like a pop star?” So nice 😂

  • casper
    casper 4 days ago +2

    Her voice cracks make me so happy it makes me upset no one else does it.

    • Manal Id.
      Manal Id. 3 days ago

      her cracks are just so 👼🏻👼🏻👼🏻

  • S.V.G
    S.V.G 4 days ago

    james shhh

    i cant hear sia.

  • Baron Day
    Baron Day 4 days ago

    He needs to just let her sing cuz .... no

  • 이기리ㅇㅇ
    이기리ㅇㅇ 4 days ago +2

    Crazy voice love you sia

  • Didaya BongAlong
    Didaya BongAlong 4 days ago +1

    I've been in a coma...WHOA....what a voice. All day listen mode...

  • Libra 1988
    Libra 1988 4 days ago +1

    Ilove SIA and Lady Gaga

  • Maria Fernandez
    Maria Fernandez 4 days ago

    😍😍Que voz por dios!!

  • Sammy s
    Sammy s 4 days ago +16

    Her voice hits a certain spot that makes you feel emotion that youve never felt 😐

  • Mel Zaldívar
    Mel Zaldívar 4 days ago

    Where is maddie?
    Maddie ziegler should be there 😁

  • Ari Aro
    Ari Aro 4 days ago

    he looks happy i dunno why lol

  • MeeOneEye
    MeeOneEye 4 days ago

    يا عظامت هل صوت💛

  • Valeria Maldonado Jaramillo

    Hannah Montana??

  • juan esteban sotelo martinez

    Sia es la mejor cantante del mundo! 😍😍😍

  • Rashy 123
    Rashy 123 5 days ago

    Actually what happened with her face?

    • Nurul Loves Sia
      Nurul Loves Sia 2 days ago

      She is beautiful.... Its her signature Mashmellow and alan walker have 😊

  • AxL Jhoni
    AxL Jhoni 5 days ago +4

    I Really like to hear SIA singing alone in this video