First Image of a Black Hole!

  • Published on Apr 10, 2019
  • The Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration observed the supermassive black hole at the center of M87, finding the dark central shadow in accordance with General Relativity, further demonstrating the power of this 100 year-old theory.
    To understand more about why the shadows look the way they do, check out:
    I will continue updating this description with more links.
    Event Horizon Telescope collaboration:
    Animations and simulations with English text:
    L. R. Weih & L. Rezzolla (Goethe University Frankfurt)
    Video of observation of M87 courtesy of:
    C. M. Fromm, Y. Mizuno & L. Rezzolla (Goethe University Frankfurt)
    Video of observation of SgrA* courtesy of
    C. M. Fromm, Y. Mizuno & L. Rezzolla (Goethe University Frankfurt)
    Z. Younsi (University College London)
    Video of telescopes in the array 2017:
    C. M. Fromm & L. Rezzolla (Goethe University Frankfurt)
    Animations and simulations (no text):
    L. R. Weih & L. Rezzolla (Goethe University Frankfurt)
    Special thanks to Patreon supporters:
    Donal Botkin, Michael Krugman, Ron Neal, Stan Presolski, Terrance Shepherd, Penward Rhyme
    Scale animation by Maria Raykova

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  • Definitely not the Question

    The first Afro-American hole ever observed.

  • GhostXHunter04 Gaming

    The picture at he intro is a freaking meme. LoL

  • ajith a n
    ajith a n Day ago

    The image was 54 million light years ago. To get the current image we have to wait for another 54 million years.

  • vDarkness Falls
    vDarkness Falls Day ago

    Gravity is BS. It's all magnetism. Watch this video. It shows the EXACT same thing.

  • Apaula Tauiliili

    I was told but ill be dead before it eats up everything this whole galaxy thing. .
    It will be literally nothing left

  • Qualikk
    Qualikk Day ago

    There releasing a Jame's Webb telescope soon which will see through Nebulas and see the blackhole clearly

  • FranktheDachshund
    FranktheDachshund 2 days ago

    Hey, what an excellent place to dump our nuclear waste,...

  • Abbas Ab
    Abbas Ab 2 days ago

    The black Hole
    The door of people

  • Rian
    Rian 2 days ago


  • Dee Dees Laboratory
    Dee Dees Laboratory 3 days ago +1

    Thanks & Congratulations to each & every one who are related to this discover 😊. Well done!!! Lots of love from Bangladesh.

  • Gacha Crystal
    Gacha Crystal 3 days ago

    I’m scared 😱

  • Ligma Balls
    Ligma Balls 4 days ago


  • Deewas Tamang
    Deewas Tamang 4 days ago

    if that thing enters our solar system then we are fucked up bro

  • Blk p
    Blk p 4 days ago

    *Scientists are crazy* . *They don't even capture clear picture of black hole* .

    Fool people like me definitely will say this. Lol

  • Ijeoma angela
    Ijeoma angela 6 days ago +6

    God is SO GREAT ......what a CREATION..

  • hari krishnan
    hari krishnan 7 days ago

    Even light cant pass through event horizon in black hole, light travels faster than anything in the universe without a medium then how gravity absorbs light,is gravity more faster than light to absorb it,or light is really absorbed there or passing

    • number before this was taken2
      number before this was taken2 5 days ago

      we dont know everything about universe and there could be something faster than light that we dont know

  • Roberto Jr Rio
    Roberto Jr Rio 7 days ago +1

    Is that blackhole or butt hole

  • djjradio
    djjradio 7 days ago

    Birth canal, holographic universe, cover of that book The Secret, the pupil of an eye and, and, and...maybe a garbage disposal? All cool no matter what you see here.

  • i tawt a taw a putty tat

    Checkout this cool Blackhole simulation app on your phone:

  • Harshit Sharma
    Harshit Sharma 7 days ago

    Like there were not enough things to capture nearby ...

  • Norhabibah Che Harun

    This is has been mention in Quran

  • Orvin Tube
    Orvin Tube 7 days ago

    It is accretion disk

  • saya setujuu
    saya setujuu 8 days ago +1

    Cincin besi dibakar, difoto blur
    Kasih judul "lobang item"
    Pemuja GE bersorak sorak kegirangan

    • Ahmed Kareem
      Ahmed Kareem 15 hours ago

      Lu tau kan seberapa jauh tuh lubang hitam

  • R D
    R D 8 days ago

    The black hole doesn't know it's name is M87

  • Tory Jefferson
    Tory Jefferson 9 days ago

    That’s not a black hole that’s a lifesaver

  • Dabshaleem
    Dabshaleem 9 days ago +4

    A Funeral of a Star : The Evolution of Black Holes - 3D Animation

  • amor vincit omnia
    amor vincit omnia 9 days ago

    looks like two people having sex

    • Thomas J
      Thomas J 8 days ago

      Lay off the porn for a bit

  • Ezekiel the gamer 7
    Ezekiel the gamer 7 10 days ago

    My question: how far is it????

  • Adam Baulch
    Adam Baulch 10 days ago +1

    dont black holes look like ass holes

  • Geoff Chipman
    Geoff Chipman 10 days ago

    Still don’t see a singularity, looks like empty space

  • Lakshay bhatt
    Lakshay bhatt 10 days ago

    this image shows what the black hole looked like 53 million years ago....

  • Joseph Kane
    Joseph Kane 10 days ago

    This is computer generated graphics. It is not a photographic image!!!!! What a swindle!! Today I read that they have been given a $ 3,000,000.00 $ prize by some " 2020 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics"!!!!!! "A fool and his money are soon parted"!

  • Classified Project
    Classified Project 10 days ago

    Looks like a sun with a planet in front of it... i dont know if I belive in black holes lol

  • Typical Morning
    Typical Morning 11 days ago

    Too much math

  • Synapse Trustee
    Synapse Trustee 11 days ago +1

    It's a lie
    It's edited

    Read more
    America was behind 9/11

  • Share Spongebob Bahasa Indonesia

    Punten Slur!!!!

  • Mike Turban is dirty
    Mike Turban is dirty 11 days ago

    While the smartest people are doing this, flat earthers' are asking there mum what is for dinner.

  • kazeta jaya sentosa
    kazeta jaya sentosa 12 days ago

    million lights away...taken by nasa yup i believe in you

  • Prince David
    Prince David 12 days ago

    Dr. Stange?

  • Jesus Eternal Son
    Jesus Eternal Son 12 days ago

    Black hole can not be bigger than 300,000 kilometers a second in size inside horizon and everything a-rounded becomes liquid. And as neutrinos escape give explosions of jets of gamma rays on each sides north and south Magnetic 🧲 of the poles.

    Deuteronomy 4:19 New International Version (NIV)
    19 And when you look up to the sky and see the sun, the moon and the stars-all the heavenly array-do not be enticed into bowing down to them and worshiping things the Lord your God has apportioned to all the nations under heaven.

    Psalm 87
    Of the Sons of Korah. A psalm. A song.
    1He has founded his city on the holy mountain.
    2The Lord loves the gates of Zion
    more than all the other dwellings of Jacob.
    3Glorious things are said of you,
    city of God: a
    4“I will record Rahab b and Babylon
    among those who acknowledge me-
    Philistia too, and Tyre, along with Cush c -
    and will say, ‘This one was born in Zion.’ ” d
    5Indeed, of Zion it will be said,
    “This one and that one were born in her,
    and the Most High himself will establish her.”
    6The Lord will write in the register of the peoples:
    “This one was born in Zion.”
    7As they make music they will sing,
    “All my fountains are in you.”

  • VRRP
    VRRP 12 days ago

    Is it strange if i would say that darkmatter is not dark but the light omitted from high gravety object like stars? Light is everywhere and we know it pushes away from gravity. Is light the noturious dark matter?!?

    • VRRP
      VRRP 10 days ago

      @AmericanNohbuddy ™ saying its a fact doesnt make it a fact but hey ty for responding very kind

    • AmericanNohbuddy ™
      AmericanNohbuddy ™ 10 days ago

      @VRRP Gravity isn't an "energy source", it's the result of warped space time. These are facts dude

    • VRRP
      VRRP 10 days ago

      @AmericanNohbuddy ™ check solar sails light particles hit the sails and accelerate it. I think that gravity isnt time diluted its like any energy source having a posetive and negative poles. As much energy that is drawn in is also pushed out.

    • AmericanNohbuddy ™
      AmericanNohbuddy ™ 10 days ago

      @VRRP There is no argument. You're simply wrong. Light is not dark matter. Light doesn't push away from gravity, whatever that means.

  • Jasper Lufkin
    Jasper Lufkin 13 days ago

    Fake.....and also, GAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY

  • clash with dk
    clash with dk 13 days ago

    If black hole absorb even light.then how they capture the picture?

    • Eoin Donnan
      Eoin Donnan 13 days ago

      It was captured from earth with a telescope u tit.

    BIKRAM KASHYAP 14 days ago +1

    2019-Scientists We Found a Black Hole.

    2531- Scientist Good To See You Sir Hawkings.
    Hawking's- Welcome To heaven.

  • Monz 5287
    Monz 5287 14 days ago

    When black holes flutter

    VICKY VENGURLEKAR 14 days ago

    But the fact is that black hole swallow the light so how did they take this picture even light can't pass from this huh??????????

    VICKY VENGURLEKAR 14 days ago

    Really exist in space???

  • Joseph Nile
    Joseph Nile 15 days ago

    This is a wonders of God. God is great!

    • JH
      JH 15 days ago

      Wth woman. No such thing as God. We puny humans made up God cus we don't understand the universe. We evolved from a fish

  • Landon Sea
    Landon Sea 15 days ago

    I kinda wanna strap on a go pro and some telescopes and just dive into a black hole, lol. I know it would kill me, and no I'm not suicidal, but everybody is standing around wondering what exactly black holes are and I just kinda wanna see for myself. Yeah, 99% chance it would kill me (very brutally) but what about that one percent chance that I'd find alternate universes or different realities or maybe its a wormhole as some have speculated. I just wanna know!

    • Landon Sea
      Landon Sea 13 days ago

      Eoin Donnan I’m down man let’s do this lol

    • Eoin Donnan
      Eoin Donnan 13 days ago

      We could request spacesuits of NASA and be ginny pig? 🤣🤣 they could launch us in like the movie interstellar 🤣🤣

  • Gaming with Aman
    Gaming with Aman 16 days ago

    If NASA has contacted Xaomi they can see inside black hole

  • Sachintha Bandaranayake

    This reminds me about the gargantua in interstellar........

  • HYP3RNØV4 [HŇ]
    HYP3RNØV4 [HŇ] 16 days ago

    *When most people don't realize that there is no actual way to actually photograph or visually sense a Blackhole*

  • Darrell
    Darrell 16 days ago

    Name of the background music?

  • MIX Entertainment
    MIX Entertainment 16 days ago

    This is not possible to take image of black whole this is an imaginary image

    • Joseph Kane
      Joseph Kane 10 days ago

      I agree that this is an imaginary image. It is clearly computer generated graphics, and the so called scientists actually stated that it was in the original press release. Now, supposedly very learned people believe it is a real photo image! The scientists involved have received a three million dollar "2020 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics" for this!!!!

  • ice wall
    ice wall 18 days ago


  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 19 days ago

    Its blurry same reason its blurry to take a picture with a camera of the moon.

  • Pukii
    Pukii 19 days ago

    All the money that they spent in taking picture of a black hole.
    Could have been used to help medicine or to just give it to poor!
    *America = Land of degenerates*

  • I eat ass
    I eat ass 19 days ago

    lmao looks like a burnt donut

  • john wick
    john wick 19 days ago

    This black hole aged 55 million years ago. 2019 we can see.. so very far away from us. Wondering what black hole doing right now.

  • MrBanjobryanl
    MrBanjobryanl 20 days ago

    omg omg time travil or another universe😱😱😱😱😱