Liverpool 2018/19 • New System - Goals & Counter Attacks


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  • Bassam Echelon
    Bassam Echelon  2 months ago +6

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    • Javier Cervantes Hernandez
      Javier Cervantes Hernandez Month ago

      It's a great visual compilation, about the Music, you should use another kind of music, for example, no copyright epic Music. Please don't feel angry or sad, it's only a constructive opinion. Best regards

  • иво bg
    иво bg 4 days ago

    Ко става маняци

  • New justin Y. step brother

    Jurgen improving liverpool's tactics and jurgen also improving his celebrations

  • zilo glum
    zilo glum 16 days ago

    this system is not working anymore! now every team is just playing defense against liverpool. so the offense hasn t the idea how to score winning goal! klopp needs some player like iniesta, david silva or de bruyne who has the creativity...

  • 승민정
    승민정 18 days ago

    Last song?

  • Ali Rizwan
    Ali Rizwan 23 days ago

    song names please

  • Teguh Setyasa
    Teguh Setyasa 24 days ago

    Actually firmino at the same level of neymar, but less know that

  • Alex Pandian J
    Alex Pandian J 24 days ago

    Milner underrated midfielder

  • Duc Hoang
    Duc Hoang 24 days ago

    i love liverpool

  • Aidan Mair
    Aidan Mair 26 days ago

    Love the nutmegs

  • vE•Sai Official
    vE•Sai Official 27 days ago

    liverpool dnt have passing only long pass and counter attack with good finishing.

  • dinosaur gamer
    dinosaur gamer 27 days ago

    All music plz. 🎧🎵

  • cocobana29
    cocobana29 28 days ago

    Amesime editing skill as usual I'm addicted.

  • DrKillPatient
    DrKillPatient 28 days ago

    not a liverpool fan at all but i really hope they win the league this year

  • Xacap Batbold Enkhtuvshin

    We are going to win everything this year

  • Luis Fld
    Luis Fld Month ago

    Klopp ist der Beste

  • Dina M
    Dina M Month ago +1

    my fav players in the team go like this

    • Victory 33
      Victory 33 Month ago +1

      Salah mane firmino vvd shaqiri

  • 전산일각
    전산일각 Month ago

    Why am i think he seems similar with sir Ferguson when i see him? He wii make liverpool great again, sincerely.

  • Soheb khan
    Soheb khan Month ago

    The dawn of a new Era ! Ynwa !!

  • C REN
    C REN Month ago

    please name the first song

  • Miftah Arif
    Miftah Arif Month ago

    Don't party too soon

  • Rashaine Fraer
    Rashaine Fraer Month ago +2

    Mo salah

  • Pino Woo
    Pino Woo Month ago +1

    I’m mu fans but I love Liverpool this both team against

  • Tam Minh
    Tam Minh Month ago

    What is this song 0:02?

  • Augusto Marques
    Augusto Marques Month ago

    what a name the music?

  • Buu Matlee
    Buu Matlee Month ago

    Music 04.25 ???????

  • Urias Wesclei
    Urias Wesclei Month ago

    Они стали настоящей машиной играть футбол. Изумительно!

  • patrick germany
    patrick germany Month ago

    hope Liverpool win the EPL&UCL you deserve it,many wishes from Germany /klopp genius

  • Lee Claxton
    Lee Claxton Month ago

    I want Klopp sacked for another season of failure

  • Food Beggars
    Food Beggars Month ago

    Energy from the coach and team is astonishing

  • Garrett O ' Rourke
    Garrett O ' Rourke Month ago +1

    Salah is turning into a right bloody cheat diving at every chance he can get to get a penalty .

  • Vogol112
    Vogol112 Month ago


  • David Ionashku
    David Ionashku Month ago

    Come on Liverpool!!! I have been a fan for 10 years since 08 09 season.. there is something very special about this club.. always gives me goosebumps.. Liverpool will win the league and hopefully the Champions league

  • Terry Cunningham
    Terry Cunningham Month ago

    A lot of clinical finishers on that squad

  • One Lepang
    One Lepang Month ago

    I love the vid Firmino is one sick player! the sliding nutmeg,come on!!! whats the name of 1st song?

  • Arik Maulia
    Arik Maulia Month ago

    Fantastik season liverpol salah mane firmino klop

  • Irfan Bin Abdullah
    Irfan Bin Abdullah Month ago


  • isthisarice
    isthisarice Month ago

    Took him 3 years to win Bundesliga with Dortmund. How will his 3rd Premier League season end?

  • Renato braho
    Renato braho Month ago

    Shaqiri der beste

  • Top Class
    Top Class Month ago

    The Everton goal had nothing to do with counter attacking LOL

  • Abdallah Lozzy
    Abdallah Lozzy Month ago

    Lets just enjoy the games as they come 😍🙌

  • Marko Nastov
    Marko Nastov Month ago +4

    Arguably one of the best football in the world right now displayed by Liverpool

  • pvno
    pvno Month ago +1

    i pray that someone somewhere will make football video without retarded techno music

  • Huz Ibr
    Huz Ibr Month ago

    What system is that. Should be skills and counter attack only

  • KinthilMinyit!
    KinthilMinyit! Month ago +2

    Bayern will stop this

    • Mani Maran
      Mani Maran Month ago

      KinthilMinyit! last time they meet ahead to ahead Liverpool destroy your bayern munich. 😎

    • Ashes Ash
      Ashes Ash Month ago +2

      Hahaha Liverpool will destroy Bayern mark my words

  • Mialy Holisoa
    Mialy Holisoa Month ago

    At this rate, the only thing missing is the quality of decisions making in the final third. So many chances wasted because of poor controls and rushing too much in the final third. Must be clinical. I believe we are in for a massive and glorious second half of the season. Up the reds. Whatever happens, we are proud.

  • HHyakuza
    HHyakuza Month ago +1

    Klopp is a blessing for liverpool and for the whole football. he has his heart in the right place, a strong personality. No matter which club your heart beats , you can only love him . Thanks for being there

  • keith lambe
    keith lambe Month ago

    Still some hesitancy in front of goal from our front boys but that is fading away.
    The quality of goals has been incredible especially the Messi style unshakeability from MO!

  • Colin Bell
    Colin Bell Month ago

    Now that's Heavy Metal Football ..and it's not speeded up guys I've seen all these games live lol!

  • Franny YNWA
    Franny YNWA Month ago +2

    Sometimes it looks like there's more than 11 Liverpool players on the pitch.Lols

  • A T
    A T Month ago

    Wtf is going with Mane ? Miss easy goals 🙈🙈🙈

    • Derek
      Derek Month ago

      +A T refering to that video........

    • A T
      A T Month ago

      +Derek look the match with Napoli

    • Derek
      Derek Month ago

      like which goal? I didnt see any easy situation he missed in that video.

  • Padel no91
    Padel no91 Month ago

    that everton goal lul

  • P K
    P K 2 months ago +2

    Just wanna say as the video plays with the sick music as it showcases us... I'll roll it back later and watch it all, but Klopp, WOW, talk about what money can NEVER buy... I honestly hope he someday reads this when he's bored, because I just wanted to say... WHO'D OF THOUGHT A GERMAN IN ENGLAND WOULD COMMAND SO MUCH RESPECT, AND SO MUCH LOVE FROM A SMALL CITY ON THE GLOBAL PLATFORM THAT IS "L I V E R P O O L" BUT A SUCCESSFUL CLUB NONETHELESS.
    Klopp has transformed everything, and I mean everything... as Liverpool fans for life we honestly owe everything to him. He has been such a breath of fresh air to us, to the club... It's amazing. Just like Rafa before him but in a very different way, Like Shankly and Paisley he will go down in history for what he has done, and is yet to do.
    I predicted his coming to our club when everyone was still doubters, I honestly can say I love the man and I am glad AND PROUD to say he is scouse like us, and he can have the key to the city any day he wants.

  • Dan Cooper
    Dan Cooper 2 months ago

    And here's me thinking they weren't playing good stuff this season lol . Brilliant

  • bleh bleh bleh
    bleh bleh bleh 2 months ago

    except for UK and Mufc fan. The rest of the world want to see liverpool win epl trophy.

  • Sopak Sangsorn
    Sopak Sangsorn 2 months ago +2

    Live klopp💟💟💟👏👏👏👏

  • Michael Yap
    Michael Yap 2 months ago

    If gerald was here with this talented group .. they will be king of europe

  • Sachin San
    Sachin San 2 months ago

    Bro make new video with inspiration songs it will be great and humble request mate🙏🙏🙏❤️

  • Pyndap Paswet
    Pyndap Paswet 2 months ago

    Love him

  • skuzapo skuzapo
    skuzapo skuzapo 2 months ago +1

    nice vid. The points dropped at arsenal not so nice but I guess we also got out of jail against Chelsea away and City and at home. Van Dyke's been the quality player for me and now that the strikers are beginning to fire again after struggling to adapt to the new system, I think some teams are now going to feel the force! YNWA

  • emirza mareno
    emirza mareno 2 months ago

    my god, do they ever walk??

    • Daryl Deanna
      Daryl Deanna 2 months ago

      Of course they walk, but they never did it alone

  • Suleman Awan
    Suleman Awan 2 months ago +4

    Mane. Firmino. Big Shaq
    Fabhino. Henderson
    Robertson. Van Dijk. Lovren. Arnold
    Milner for Arnold
    Wijndalum for Henderson
    Clyne for Big Shaq or Mane.

  • shsh8879 h
    shsh8879 h 2 months ago +3

    What a formidable team Liverpool has become. Looks almost invincible. What Barcelona? Messi? Do your very best or you're gonna have hard time ;-)

    • Randall Lewis
      Randall Lewis Month ago +1

      I am a huge pool fan, don't ever disrespect Barca and for the love of God don't disrespect Messi... He has beaten great teams on his own...lets enjoy the space we in and keep it respectful.

  • Langgeng inst
    Langgeng inst 2 months ago

    amazing editor

    J.C. ANYIAM 2 months ago +15

    NO Liverpool TEAM in the HISTORY of This Superlative Club is MORE EXCITING to WATCH than Mr KLOPP'S Liverpool! This Is WHY They have the BEST RECORD in the Club's HISTORY after 18 Games!!!
    That's why I have NO DOUBT WE WILL WIN The PL for the Very 1st Time THIS SEASON and COULD EVEN WIN THE CL for good measure!!! (I LOVE IT- It FIRES ME UP!)

  • Ana Shosho
    Ana Shosho 2 months ago

    Best mixture ever 😍

  • Petar Susulic
    Petar Susulic 2 months ago

    Liverpool yes real madrid no!

  • Backspace
    Backspace 2 months ago

    I pray and hope that we will win the league this season.
    And not just the league but also the UCL

  • Aldair Silva
    Aldair Silva 2 months ago

    algum brasileiro que torce pro liverpoll

  • Mohamed Abdelkader
    Mohamed Abdelkader 2 months ago

    We need to apply the high pressure Game as we used to be last seasons with the fastest counter attacking trio Firmino .Mane.Salah to win something this season

  • Hydra Sudeep
    Hydra Sudeep 2 months ago +3

    Now we are going to rule the next level era😁😁👌👌

  • Hafizi Manap
    Hafizi Manap 2 months ago +1

    the league !!! now or never !!!!!

  • Breh Breh
    Breh Breh 2 months ago +16

    Man i think salah already outclassed suarez and torres ! 🔥

    • XstaticXX123
      XstaticXX123 24 days ago

      Personally I don't think he will be able to reach the level Torres was. He may have flopped at Chelsea and brought by a foreign club but at Liverpool he was one of the best strikers in the worlds.

    • naim lex
      naim lex Month ago

      not there yet mate

  • Kin Piseth
    Kin Piseth 2 months ago +2

    We now have a great performance, it is changed by Jurgen, and it also becomes amazing and stable system in World football.

  • Alex H
    Alex H 2 months ago +13

    I didnt think the second song could be worse than the first one but you surprised me

  • Juan Pablo
    Juan Pablo 2 months ago

    The especial club

  • Hendrik Pardede
    Hendrik Pardede 2 months ago

    Wonderful style 👍👍👍Like..

  • Sibhat Hansom
    Sibhat Hansom 2 months ago

    Good video with disturbing music !

  • Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar 2 months ago +3

    Is Liverpool back in 2019

  • Tenzing Losel
    Tenzing Losel 2 months ago +21

    Best club at England right now💪

  • Amine Fadel
    Amine Fadel 2 months ago


  • Christoffski
    Christoffski 2 months ago

    This music is dogshite.

  • مصري ***
    مصري *** 2 months ago

    2:10فان دايك شاط الكورة ويحسبها طلعت برة الملعب لكن محمد صلاح عمل متابعه للكورة وجابها هدف.. تسلم يا صلاح

  • DarkPhoenix69
    DarkPhoenix69 2 months ago

    We're been magnificent so far this season. This brand of football is something to admire. Watch out City, you're not the only one going for the title this season. YNWA!

  • Baby Gervel
    Baby Gervel 2 months ago +4

    Run Run Salah, mané ⚡🔥🚀

  • MuhammadSyahiran Ramli
    MuhammadSyahiran Ramli 2 months ago

    Background sound?

  • satyam sharma
    satyam sharma 2 months ago +11

    You can mock him for not winning trophies but it's better to reach Champions league Final than winning Europa league ....n beating Manchester City than winning FA cup 😉

  • Rahoul Ved
    Rahoul Ved 2 months ago +45

    When Firmino plays well, Liverpool play well

    TAHSEEN FATIMA 2 months ago +1

    Second song plz

  • The_ 68
    The_ 68 2 months ago

    FC BAYERN is coming

  • Francesco Rodolphe TINE

    naby keita abilities are outstanding. what a talent!

  • umair ali
    umair ali 2 months ago

    Best attacking team .a treat to watch.the team i play with on fifa 19. from a man utd fan

  • Mashar Har
    Mashar Har 2 months ago

    Must be champion Premier league to the year.

  • 000 Kahlout
    000 Kahlout 2 months ago +1

    Liverbool= salah

    • Franny YNWA
      Franny YNWA Month ago

      Liverpool not liverbool get it right brag ffs. XD

  • THỊNH Monster TV
    THỊNH Monster TV 2 months ago

    Tôi yêu Việt Nam

  • Cj C
    Cj C 2 months ago +41

    Winning the league will be massive I know. But just watching and supporting this wonderful club is a joy in itself at the moment.

    MIKEDR2 2 months ago

    This is are year I can feel it like no other ! Every game I watch I know some how we going pull it out of the bag and win YNWA !!!!!!!!🙌

  • Jamie Simmo
    Jamie Simmo 2 months ago

    like for Title
    Comment EPL and UCL👋❤️