WATCH: Jennifer Hudson performs 'Amazing Grace' at Aretha Franklin's funeral

  • Published on Aug 31, 2018
  • Grammy Award-winning singer Jennifer Hudson took the stage at Greater Grace Temple on Friday evening, hours after the start of the homegoing celebration for Aretha Franklin, to perform "Amazing Grace."

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  • Lídia Marina
    Lídia Marina 4 hours ago

    Nossa me arrepiei, quanta graças meu Deus!

  • Valentina Richard
    Valentina Richard 4 days ago

    Aretha Franklin's natural successor.

  • milo kotak
    milo kotak 4 days ago

    My reaction exactly like Jennifer Lewis at @7.20

  • ayinke chanou
    ayinke chanou 6 days ago

    Can I have lyrics of this version ?

  • Kim Murphy
    Kim Murphy 10 days ago

    Jennifer Hudson, you are truly a Beautiful Woman of God. I can't but see the God in you. I pray God's Blessing and His Love all over you. I speak Life and Life more ABUNDANTLY over you. Much Love for you

  • Kim Murphy
    Kim Murphy 10 days ago

    To the family of Aretha Franklin my heart goes out to you and I still pray strength and comfort to you all.

  • Kim Murphy
    Kim Murphy 10 days ago

    If this don't make you think. AMAZING GOD, you are so AMAZING. That YOU saved me and I got to say LORD I THANK YOU

  • Shara Alexzandria Christina Zante

    How did I not know that she passed? 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • mustang61
    mustang61 12 days ago

    A lot of hollering 😂

  • Joana Alves
    Joana Alves 13 days ago

    Gospel music rdc

  • Rosie W
    Rosie W 14 days ago

    Obama should of been there. 🙁

  • Jacques Minor
    Jacques Minor 15 days ago +2

    Bitter and Sweet water don't come out the same fountain, NOT FOR REAL!

    • Natalie Berrisford
      Natalie Berrisford 13 days ago

      So true. They only do it for a funeral. They only sing to God during the holidays and during a funeral.

  • Beauty In Simplicity
    Beauty In Simplicity 16 days ago

    The audio is terrible

  • Rob G
    Rob G 17 days ago +1

    This is a catastrophe LOL I hate when Jennifer Hudson sings gospel it has nothing to do about black people getting tuned up she just can't sing church music cuz she saw in the world duh

  • Rob G
    Rob G 17 days ago +1

    My God she is so desperate she had the holler and whoever saying Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson insane Fantasia sings better than her

  • Rob G
    Rob G 17 days ago +1

    I hate when she sings Amazing Grace she can't sing that song to save her life

    • Holistic Hippie Housewife
      Holistic Hippie Housewife 2 days ago

      @Rob G she went secular but was raised in church just like whitney and aretha. she is belting and leading the choir in call and response. u dont kno whow to sing like that unless u been in church

    • Seyi Daniels
      Seyi Daniels 17 days ago

      @Rob G hmmm I agree

    • Rob G
      Rob G 17 days ago +1

      @Seyi Daniels these people are in the world the secular singers that are singing gospel music so they have no anointing if you know what that is that means you don't feel it and anybody that says that she can sing a gospel song is lying They Don't Know music she can sing but when it comes to gospel music it's not their Forte they rather sing worldly music not judging I've been in the church all my life I can just tell when somebody is not really feeling it I don't know why they place that song on her but everywhere she goes she sings it from time to time often

    • Seyi Daniels
      Seyi Daniels 17 days ago

      What did mean by dat

  • Andrew Richard Asazobor
    Andrew Richard Asazobor 18 days ago +4

    Too many phones and well fed men on suit. I respect you Jennifer Hudson

  • Audrey Mae De Castro
    Audrey Mae De Castro 20 days ago +1

    That's not singing! That's YELLING!

  • Shell0517nj
    Shell0517nj 22 days ago

    Beautifully done Jennifer!

  • Val N.
    Val N. 22 days ago +1

    When the good Lord takes me home to heaven I want an angel singing this version of Amazing Grace... Then I will no my bootie made it up there!! Amen!! Jennifer your voice is That of a glorious Angel!!! Love you girl!!💝👍

  • Wilford Remy
    Wilford Remy 23 days ago

    Perfect 💪🌹🤩😘😘

  • Joey Dogenio
    Joey Dogenio 24 days ago

    She sounds like a cat!

    • Valentina Richard
      Valentina Richard 23 days ago +2

      I wish my cat could sing , let alone sing like that, please.

  • wyld stylz
    wyld stylz 24 days ago

    I was born and raised on black Baptist gospel and although she is a fantastic vocalist, she did not do justice to the song in soul Gospel kind of way. Just my opinion.

  • kike 0512
    kike 0512 24 days ago

    Me encanta como canta, pero en esta canción es puro grito y adornos, me gustaría que respetara la melodía original

  • Bettie Mccall
    Bettie Mccall 28 days ago +13

    And this is exactly why I love going to a black church!!! Btw I am Caucasian. Jennifer sang from her heart! Amazing!❤️

  • Edith Geldres Riquelme

    Maravillosa adoración a nuestro SALVADOR.

  • Jennifer Quentin
    Jennifer Quentin Month ago

    Wow she is testifying and there is alot of old rude horney old men standing behind her . It is so apparent how they are dying her up and down. Cell phones in church,books to hide the cell phones and ties to hide the hard ons . Jennifer was singing her heart out and nothing but a pack of dirty dogs behind her.

  • Nancy Calderin
    Nancy Calderin Month ago

    So powerful this song from this woman!!! Just perfect!!!

  • Brice Wanda
    Brice Wanda Month ago


  • Hasta el último Round!

    Alguien que abla español y me diga que onda con esto, ya se quien, es pero lo que quiero saber es si es pa y en alguna Iglecia? ?

  • Kadane Mangaroo
    Kadane Mangaroo Month ago

    I love u with my soul down to my bone

  • joseph robinson
    joseph robinson Month ago

    Dude behind Jennifer on his phone disrespectful to the queen smh RIP Aretha you're deeply missed...Jhud you was amazing a God given gift and talent

  • thiago martins
    thiago martins Month ago

    5:22 quando alguém entra no meu quarto

  • Josiane Damascena
    Josiane Damascena Month ago


  • Sean Caraccioli
    Sean Caraccioli Month ago


  • Ands
    Ands Month ago

    Sing or scream ??? Very annoying scream like someone suffocated

  • Mbabazi Isabella
    Mbabazi Isabella Month ago

    Oh lord

  • Michele Lanham
    Michele Lanham Month ago

    Aretha was smiling from heaven with this performance...

  • stella benjamin
    stella benjamin Month ago

    Glory to God

  • TheWayOf Cailinn
    TheWayOf Cailinn Month ago

    But why was ariana grande there with that old skimpy dress

    • Samanthaflower
      Samanthaflower Month ago

      TheWayOf Cailinn And flat ass!🙄🙄🙄 And no talent!

  • horselover
    horselover Month ago

    She's good and usually does a good job, but..... However, Aretha.probably loved it.

  • Wayne Smallwood
    Wayne Smallwood Month ago

    This is a.class A awesome pforminnce keep all pity comments to yourself she got it right one of God's black mighty angles he can do this so the entire world can identify❤❤❤❤

  • Dumisani THEO
    Dumisani THEO Month ago

    Amazing worship, she is a true worshiper

  • prince zoukohh
    prince zoukohh Month ago

    I cant understand. She yell alot.
    But i love her

    • Ricardo Dansby
      Ricardo Dansby Month ago

      @prince zoukohh I know but love yourself when you find someone that gives it back unconditional it is amazing.

    • prince zoukohh
      prince zoukohh Month ago

      @Ricardo Dansby i said i love her

    • Ricardo Dansby
      Ricardo Dansby Month ago

      Lol..go vist a black church its called spiritual singing aka she sang that song

  • Dontae Causey
    Dontae Causey Month ago +2

    this woman has been thought some pain she did this song sing sis

  • Tina Williams
    Tina Williams Month ago

    I can watch this over and over again

  • Thessa Samosir
    Thessa Samosir Month ago

    Oh my God 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Martin LaSerre
    Martin LaSerre Month ago

    such and amazing voice! He voice is magical! But that guy in the background sitting in the chair on the phone should be ashamed of himself

  • Jeanette Dawson
    Jeanette Dawson Month ago

    That was such a heartfelt and comely rendition of that song for the occassion. It was like God showed up and showed out. So well done...i got goose bumps.

    LASHON SPEARS Month ago

    Praiseeeee GOD!!!!!! Praiseeeee GOD!!!!!!

  • Over50andFantabulous

    This is how it is done . . . .

  • guillermo Delgado
    guillermo Delgado Month ago +3

    it was amazing my Queen Rip Aretha Franklin. you truly is missed. it's been months since my father called my queens home. rip mama Emma Rollins& Aretha Franklin. queens of all queens. this one still hurts my heart. rest in peace my everything.

  • Ms Stover
    Ms Stover Month ago

    Go GIRL!!!

  • Raymond Escobar
    Raymond Escobar Month ago

    I think that farrakan was the best representation of all the other preacher's. He was there too mourn and respect Aretha and be by herside. I was very disappointed in the other preacher's,, preaching about nothing.

  • Cida Andrade
    Cida Andrade Month ago

    Quem não conhece a música cantada por outro cantor (a) penso que não iria gostar vendo ou ouvindo essa cantora cantá la .

    • Doug Silva
      Doug Silva Month ago +2

      Jennifer Hudson umas das vozes mais potentes e bonitas que tem....
      Sendo no caso ,ela estava emocionada com a morte da Aretha que era uma das suas inspirações....

  • musicmusic lovemusic
    musicmusic lovemusic Month ago +1

    whitney sing it 👑❤
    jenn scream it

  • Nick Ryan
    Nick Ryan Month ago

    Why the fuck is Judge Mathis sitting behind her?

  • Silver Angeal
    Silver Angeal Month ago

    Is she moeslem?

  • vander martins gomes martins

    Muito gritooo, ezageradamente...

  • Okebaram E
    Okebaram E Month ago

    At 5:59, are those Aretha's grandchildren?

  • Adam Atturab
    Adam Atturab Month ago +1

    Just screaming loudly but people happy 😆

  • steven kelly Music
    steven kelly Music 2 months ago +1

    Omg Jennifer Hudson is just phenomenal

  • Kudzai Marvellous Chirimuuta

    Take me to church

  • Kudzai Marvellous Chirimuuta

    This woman is phenomenal

  • Victoria Riley
    Victoria Riley 2 months ago +1

    Ariana Grande take notes look at how she's dressed look at how she's moving in front of all those prestigious people in the Pulpit before God learn while you have time

  • Pizza Omega
    Pizza Omega 2 months ago

    Hermoso, maravilloso, sublime, digno del Rey.

  • Henrique Oliveira
    Henrique Oliveira 2 months ago +3

    Meu sonho, um dia ir nessas igrejas americanas, acho muito lindo 💕😭🙏

  • Dontae Causey
    Dontae Causey 2 months ago +1

    She did a. Good job

  • l lb
    l lb 2 months ago

    Tacky... She tried to steel the show at Aretha's funeral. I'm a fan of both. Love Jennifer, she is amazing! Just wasn't feeling it.

  • Cynthia Ochieng
    Cynthia Ochieng 2 months ago

    I just love this beautiful soul...I love listening to you singing this lovely really usually reminds me blessed

  • Be You
    Be You 2 months ago +1

    Minister Farrakhan face was priceless .ASE ✊🏿❤️ This was heartfelt and a wonderful tribute to Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin RIP 🍷

  • Little Lamb
    Little Lamb 2 months ago

    Lol 0:45 that guy who was playing on his phone at the back got owned

  • M Palmer
    M Palmer 2 months ago

    If u r spiritually dead. Fantastic Fantasia n Jhud wake you spirit up

  • simon holmes
    simon holmes 2 months ago +1

    Best US female singer currently alive and we love her here in the UK.

  • Marcelo Gaido
    Marcelo Gaido 2 months ago

    Una gran voz para otra gran voz. Muy emotivo

  • gmawneydawgness
    gmawneydawgness 2 months ago

    She’s good but honestly less is more

  • BlessydGazaDiva
    BlessydGazaDiva 2 months ago

    Watching Delayed! Didn't get to see the Live!

  • Christopher Freeman
    Christopher Freeman 2 months ago

    Love it

  • Ola joy
    Ola joy 2 months ago


  • Jana Keßler
    Jana Keßler 2 months ago

    ich denke, dass war genau das, was sie sich gewünscht hätte.

  • Ms G North Carolina
    Ms G North Carolina 2 months ago

    Jennifer....gurrrl u did thatttt!!! Aretha is up there waving her hands!!! I believe Jennifer felt her mother's presence that day.....she sang her butt off!!

  • Khummit Keshinro
    Khummit Keshinro 2 months ago

    Sorry I preferred Fantasia's singing, although she did justice to the song. Felt more soul from Fantasia

  • Mary Frances
    Mary Frances 2 months ago


  • Alice Nalulwe
    Alice Nalulwe 2 months ago

    jenifer went thr alot she sang all of her out.good girl

  • laura mackenzie
    laura mackenzie 3 months ago +2

    Jennifer Hudson is a class act! Speechless!! Dignity, respect, passion and what a voice!

  • lilacs and tulips
    lilacs and tulips 3 months ago

    I think I passed out

  • Darryl
    Darryl 3 months ago +5

    Beautiful Easter morning 2019
    Jennifer Hudson a national treasure

  • Marina Müller
    Marina Müller 3 months ago

    mir ist es zu viel geschrei.

  • Christopher Spivey Jr.
    Christopher Spivey Jr. 3 months ago

    I hope she plays Aretha Franklin in the biopic!

  • HOODERLA.M Vaughn
    HOODERLA.M Vaughn 3 months ago

    Blessed voices Jennifer in fantasia y'all did that Franklin would be so proud i would love to get my music off the ground cause I'm talented but my famliy want help me but i tired. Off being broke in i have a child her name is ava in she is 2 in i want to give her the world but can't with were I'm at i just wanna wake up in get that phone from so one say i can help u or from some one saying would u like to do a song with me or i have some one that can help u in change your life #justwanted #to #tell my story

  • Patience Aaron
    Patience Aaron 3 months ago

    You nailed it J

  • TheOutsidersPost
    TheOutsidersPost 3 months ago

    Why Ariana was allowed on the same stage as these other talented real musicians is beyond me. Jen killed it.

  • La Douceur
    La Douceur 3 months ago

    so good yes

  • La Douceur
    La Douceur 3 months ago

    OMG ! I am beyond how words how I love Jennifer when I saw this with all my horn friends ... so truly cool ....

  • Ruben Brown
    Ruben Brown 3 months ago

    Now that was amazing!!! The band was totally confuse.

  • Mitt Mitt
    Mitt Mitt 3 months ago

    Screaming is not singing but I guess 🍷

  • Oliver Leo
    Oliver Leo 3 months ago +2

    Just screaming for the whole time...I expected more emotions

  • Akua Coleman
    Akua Coleman 3 months ago

    I want to say thank you Jennifer Hudson singing at my cousin's funeral you did a great terrific job God bless you

  • Marilyn Jane
    Marilyn Jane 3 months ago +1

    *i love her voice!!*