Make your own very crude Walkie-talkie with an Arduino

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
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    Here is how to fix my Walkie-talkie:
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    HACKED!: TV Remote becomes an RF Remote:
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    You can find the schematic & PCB design on EasyEDA:
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    In this project I will be showing you how I tried to create a Walkie-talkie with the Arduino development board and the nRF24. Along the way I will present you the functional principle of a Walkie-talkie and at the end create a kind of working prototype.
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  • GreatScott!
    GreatScott!  21 day ago +91

    Here is how to fix my Walkie-talkie: Thanks to Andreas Spiess for helping me :-)

    • eic world
      eic world 15 days ago

      thanks to you and Andreas Spiess for helping me to find errors in my project

    • Anton Pana
      Anton Pana 17 days ago

      Make a video about Microbit

    • Maciej Brzeski
      Maciej Brzeski 17 days ago

      @jilto mathew I am 100% sure that the capacitor he used was precharged. As far as I can tell rest of the circuitry is not necessary. On diode there is a voltage drop (== more power loss) and inductor just smoothes-out the current spikes from motor-brushes. Fake video.

    • WinTech Blog
      WinTech Blog 18 days ago

      @jilto mathew wrong channel, *cough* *cough* ElectroBoom *cough* *cough*

    • Landon Galbraith
      Landon Galbraith 18 days ago

      GreatScott! I love your videos and have a mission for you. Please please please make a video about the low power library. You will be able to simplify it so well! Thanks!

  • mohamed dz
    mohamed dz Day ago

    i think pic 18f with 48MHZ speed bettre than arduino

  • Rodrigo Cárdenas

    Why you dont try to do it entirely analogic? You can do it again without μC and just using Radio circuits with radio dedicated IC's

  • gabriel farenheit

    The end was hilarious

  • Fazle Elahi Tonmoy

    hey! did you fix that error in your schematics?

  • David Evens
    David Evens 2 days ago

    There's lots of inexpensive audio CODEC chips out there. All you need is a suitable wireless module to transfer the data. You might want to use a microcontroller to drive an interface to control who you're device is talking with. Make sure you're using a wireless module using allowed spectrum in your jurisdiction. Regulators tend to frown on using restricted spectrum without their prior approval.

  • Alan Simons
    Alan Simons 3 days ago +1

    Like others have said, your problem is probably the PWM "DAC". To verify, you could save some ADC data to flash and replay it on your computer, to verify it sounds good. You could make a better DAC with several data out bits from the Arduino plus a resistor network.

  • Florian
    Florian 4 days ago

    Ich liebe deine Videos

  • Ajinkya Mahajan
    Ajinkya Mahajan 6 days ago +1

    Attach a 2nd Order RC LPF (as a reconstructional filter for smoothing the audio) preceding to the speaker. It will improve the quality to a greater extend

  • Phinx Nattash
    Phinx Nattash 6 days ago

    the op amp cant reach 3.3 slewing while Vcc to ground is 3.3 too it consume the operation voltage is 0.7 or more

  • John Lee
    John Lee 7 days ago +1

    Welcome to the world of RF

  • Julius Pichert
    Julius Pichert 8 days ago

    hi great scott can you build and test this in a video thank you

  • Earth, A Natural History Museum

    thank you for sharing knowledge!!!!!

  • riyadhzulkifli49
    riyadhzulkifli49 10 days ago

    Probe the output signal's frequency spectrum, determine the noise frequency and filter it using digital FIR filter

  • ToniDoesGames
    ToniDoesGames 10 days ago

    @GreatScott! are you growing a beard?

  • The spy
    The spy 10 days ago

    How to make a smart tv

  • Leeroy
    Leeroy 11 days ago

    please do the CS852x/CS853x video. That is so much more elegant solution and would be really educational because datasheet is not clear at all.
    I was banging my head against the wall with a similar problem (wireless audio streaming) for quite some time and this IC sounds exactly like the thing to meet all requirements, which now makes me wondering how come that you found it and I did not even come close.

  • Shubham Chauhan
    Shubham Chauhan 11 days ago

    Nice video keep it up.👍👍👍

  • Engineering & DIY
    Engineering & DIY 15 days ago

    Hey Great Scott,
    Hast du nicht Lust Mal eine Simson als E-Moped aufzubauen. Wäre ein super cooles Projekt. Ich weiß, da fehlt der originale Sound und der Geruch, aber so ein Moped vlt mit Schnellwechsel-Akku, das wäre super 😍😍😍

  • Mickey Kincaid
    Mickey Kincaid 15 days ago

    I would love to see you reverse engineer the Wacom Intuos wireless kit. It uses an nrf24le1e but I am betting NRF2401+ would work absolutely fine. You could also install a teeny battery pack (or use 2 18650 cells, to make a wireless mech keyboard/trackpad combo lap-desk)

    I may break out my oscilloscope and see if I can get some kind of github going

  • Kabom TV
    Kabom TV 15 days ago

    I got for you a challenge triy build magntic Circle in dar is something floating

  • Electro View
    Electro View 16 days ago

    Bro,Make a own electronic celling fan

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam 16 days ago

    Hallo Scott
    Da mein Englisch nicht das beste ist, stelle ich die Frage auf Deutsch.
    Ich besitze einen 2in1 Computer von HP, leider ist mein Akku tot. Das Problem ist das dieses Gerät EOL ist ( End of Life) und ich einen Original Akku praktisch nirgends bekomme.
    Es handelt sich um einen flachen LiPo Akku.
    Die Specs sind 7.6 Volt 33Wh 4380mah.
    Jetzt zu meiner Frage. Wäre es möglich so einen Akku nachzubauen indem ich zwei neue LiPo Flach Akkus kaufe und die Elektronik des alten Akkus benutze? Oder ist das alles so präzise aufeinander abgestimmt das mir das Teil gleich in die Luft geht sobald ich versuche es zu laden?
    Auch wenn du nicht dazu kommst mir zu Antworten, kein Ding schaue deine Videos trotzdem gerne. 👍Mach weiter so.

  • Icm Sprinter
    Icm Sprinter 16 days ago

    Hey Greatscott can you build a traffic light

  • Erik Laken
    Erik Laken 16 days ago

    Why is plasma-shield tech stealt technology top secret? Everybody Knows ,...

  • Threesix36mafia
    Threesix36mafia 16 days ago

    Hey Great Scott, super Videos wie wäre es mit nem Tutorial zu einem diy Durchlaufkühler mit Zapfhahn ?😁 Gespannt auf das nächste Video!

  • STEM Ben
    STEM Ben 17 days ago

    The end part was hilarious XD

  • Lukáš Kolomý
    Lukáš Kolomý 17 days ago

    Hello Scott. I have plans to have own branded power banks, but I need little help with schematics. Now I have a few sizes of my powerbanks, but per USB port I have one board and this is very bad. I need to make one big board with 4 USB ports (2x 2.1A and 2x QC3.0). Please can I get help? I wasn’t found any guy who making this in Czech Republic 😞

  • Rafiul haider
    Rafiul haider 17 days ago

    Could you make a video on diy mobile signal booster?

  • Ponnambalam Chakkaravarthi

    Hi Scott,
    I brought 60W gluegun, but heat not sufficient to melt gulestick.suggest me to increase the heat.

  • Nate Lore
    Nate Lore 18 days ago

    Can you please make a diy arduino cat/dog flap/door.

  • Gourango Pradhan
    Gourango Pradhan 18 days ago

    You should buy P. C. B from pcb way for the first time you order it is free of cost you should order it bro.

  • 竣程我是
    竣程我是 18 days ago

    Can you build a smps with an arduino?

  • Pateh Khan
    Pateh Khan 18 days ago

    Can you light up your house with wind generators?
    Make video on it Greatest Scott

  • Harish Singh
    Harish Singh 18 days ago

    Anyone reading this i need some help. I am new in pcb designing and i am having trouble in finding a software where i can simulate my schematic in real time to check whether its working or not before proceeding for pcb. I used proteus but for some reasons it is crashing everytime i simulate a mcu, i tried everything to fix it but nothing worked. So i tried multisim but it doesnt have any avr mcu in its database and neither any of the pic mcu except 2 of them. Then i tried LTSpice but even this doesnt have any mcu in its library and it also doesnt have many components. Finally i tried Eagle but this also is not good for simulation as only ngspice simulation is present and it also doesnt hant mcu simulation support.
    I think i am not understanding the softwares correctly, so please help me.

  • Robotics Realm
    Robotics Realm 18 days ago

    make a self balancing robot using mpu6050

  • Rain Roseville
    Rain Roseville 19 days ago

    Hi! not sure if you already have one but can you make videos about how to design and make our own geared torqued dc motors? I have been wanting to make my own mini motorized screwdriver for cellphone and laptop screws but there is no information on how to design the gears to convert speed to torque. Looking forward to a reply.

  • Graf_Tec
    Graf_Tec 19 days ago +1

    Hallo GreatScott!,
    Kannst du mal bitte ein Video dazu machen wie man mit einem Arduino, einem Poti und einem NRF24L01 modul einen Servo fernsteuern kann.

  • Frédérick Germain
    Frédérick Germain 19 days ago

    I remember seeing a board on a SparkFun that had DAC outputs, that might be helpful

  • Pintea Mihaita
    Pintea Mihaita 19 days ago

    Hello GreatScott. Thank you for the awesome video. Would it be possible to build this project on a STM32F103C8T6 microcontroller with the same code and library?

  • Self Aware Devices / Bilinçli Cihazlar

    why are you trying to talk like "cool" at the end of your videos? you are not!

  • bhavin jain
    bhavin jain 19 days ago

    Can you make Audio interface?

  • Saur
    Saur 19 days ago

    Sound on breadboard was better

  • Twotone
    Twotone 19 days ago

    The Commercial Speech Band is 300 - 3400 Hz and as a result the sampling on telecommunications systems needs only to be 8kHz. Frequency filtering on the input would almost certainly reduce some of your problems.

  • TheProSlasher
    TheProSlasher 20 days ago

    You also should use a 100 uF capacitor, not a 47.

  • Jonathan Kayne
    Jonathan Kayne 20 days ago

    Hey just wondering what the name of the background soundtrack is. I don't mean the intro listed in the video description.

  • Hussein Reda
    Hussein Reda 20 days ago

    Hello Dear Scott, please can you make a video on how to upload a code on an Atmega328 SMD. PLEASE!!

  • Gary Carone
    Gary Carone 20 days ago +1

    The audio could be clipping. Maybe instead of leaving the volume at full blast in the program, lower it. Either that or your op amp is the problem.

    • Gary Carone
      Gary Carone 17 days ago

      @Andreas Spiess yup saw it. Made the comment before I saw it, was just giving my best guess. I've heard audio like that before, many times it a rouge BDA causing the issue, but that couldn't be the problem here based on how the system is setup. I work on public safety radio systems for Motorola Solutions so I do quite a bit of trouble shooting for a living. Too bad these days individual electronic components are not replaced, but whole boards get swapped instead.

    • Andreas Spiess
      Andreas Spiess 17 days ago

      Gary Carone Maybe you watch the pined video?

  • Skander Belhaj
    Skander Belhaj 20 days ago

    Do you make all your circuits from scratch or you take of them from the internet ??

  • Ville Pulkka
    Ville Pulkka 21 day ago

    Hi Scott! What do you think about the cheap smart LED bulbs you can find on Aliexpress? The ones that cost around 4-8€. There is a big cap in price compared to branded products like Philips. Would be interesting to see the hardware differences and so on.

  • RBLXgamerTV
    RBLXgamerTV 21 day ago

    Make something with one of every single component you have

  • Marklanchvar32
    Marklanchvar32 21 day ago

    what is grounding? More electronic basic. Please

  • Blastar Seymour
    Blastar Seymour 21 day ago

    Came here from Andreas Spiess
    ! :)

  • Andy Peaps
    Andy Peaps 21 day ago

    I ditched 741s and 358s years ago.

  • Rafał Magda
    Rafał Magda 21 day ago

    Andreas Spiess
    did a follow up video and found a root cause of losing audio quality, check his video YJ25eQRbhaQ. TL;DR - Do not throw away the PCBs, just use different resistors :)

  • DiY bro!
    DiY bro! 22 days ago

    Can u try making a camera time lapse module with screen and a variety of settings??

  • IAmAmperes
    IAmAmperes 22 days ago

    Hi! Can you make a DIY or BUY for Tube Amplifiers? I'd much appreciate it

  • gabriel - making things

    Lol you turned yourself into a robot. Great video anyway.

  • Totally Tilted
    Totally Tilted 22 days ago

    I just did some tests and it's definitely possible to process audio signals with an arduino. Both the ADC and the PWM module are fast enough (if you set the registers right), attaching the speaker direktly to the PWM output isn't a problem, either, as long as the frequency is high enough. I suppose in your case, either the microphone is used incorrectly or the software has issues (because in my test it was impossible to transfer signals via NRF24 with the given libraries - i'd have to create a library myself!). I think if I'm bored, I'm gonna make a video about that, or even test the library you used.

  • Ed19601
    Ed19601 22 days ago +2

    If not anybody else commented it, Andreas spiess found the solution. Need to alter 1 resistor

  • Santo Pino
    Santo Pino 22 days ago +2

    Problem risolved by Andreas Spiess

  • janette crossan
    janette crossan 22 days ago

    hi there sir did u end up makein 240v ? easy to start ? easy get up to speed ? a.c. / or d.c ? brushless ? hagd1 sir/al

  • nòi bành thị
    nòi bành thị 22 days ago

    Can you tell me how does the ic ss3002 a2qnm work please

  • Homebrew Engineering
    Homebrew Engineering 22 days ago

    Hmm the speaker signal output should be filtered...

  • Đăng Khoa Đào Ngọc

    make an DIY vs Buy: solar inverter

  • Theodor Mikkelsen
    Theodor Mikkelsen 22 days ago +1

    Hello Scott. It would be a great idea if you could try to make a diy Camera Gimball👍🏻👍🏻 pls reply.

  • Robin Lovell
    Robin Lovell 22 days ago +2

    I bought a rider intercom Bluetooth with a connection for passenger £29 in Lidl.

  • Frank Mst
    Frank Mst 23 days ago +1

    Hey friend you professional is electronic or.......

  • Techs Science
    Techs Science 23 days ago

    Try using capacitor around speaker to filter the noise

  • Bp1033
    Bp1033 23 days ago

    sounds like it has a sample rate of about 500hz

  • Ssh Ardu328 Sampath
    Ssh Ardu328 Sampath 23 days ago

    Sir Make a smd power amplifier

  • Anas Al-Rifai
    Anas Al-Rifai 23 days ago

    I think you shouldn't use 2.4GHz frequency because of jamming from another devices like wifi signal
    Maybe I'm wrong, but that's my opinion

  • genial mais reel
    genial mais reel 23 days ago +1

    greatscottPlease save me in one of your videos who is talking about sound recording I decided to do like you and ate this event'class TMRpcm' has no member named 'startRecording'

  • tekkoooo
    tekkoooo 23 days ago

    Hi, if you're reading this, maybe you should look at this device: it's an VHF (or UHF - depends on the version) voice transciever that can be controlled by an Arduino. I would love to see video where you make a walkie talkie with DRA818. Thanks for great videos, we were watching together with my son!

  • Евгений Благодир

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