Make your own very crude Walkie-talkie with an Arduino

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
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    Here is how to fix my Walkie-talkie:
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    In this project I will be showing you how I tried to create a Walkie-talkie with the Arduino development board and the nRF24. Along the way I will present you the functional principle of a Walkie-talkie and at the end create a kind of working prototype.
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  • GreatScott!
    GreatScott!  4 months ago +108

    Here is how to fix my Walkie-talkie: Thanks to Andreas Spiess for helping me :-)

    • eic world
      eic world 4 months ago

      thanks to you and Andreas Spiess for helping me to find errors in my project

    • Anton Pana
      Anton Pana 4 months ago

      Make a video about Microbit

    • Maciej Brzeski
      Maciej Brzeski 4 months ago

      @jilto mathew I am 100% sure that the capacitor he used was precharged. As far as I can tell rest of the circuitry is not necessary. On diode there is a voltage drop (== more power loss) and inductor just smoothes-out the current spikes from motor-brushes. Fake video.

    • WinTech Blog
      WinTech Blog 4 months ago +1

      @jilto mathew wrong channel, *cough* *cough* ElectroBoom *cough* *cough*

    • Landon Galbraith
      Landon Galbraith 4 months ago

      GreatScott! I love your videos and have a mission for you. Please please please make a video about the low power library. You will be able to simplify it so well! Thanks!

  • Dominic
    Dominic 4 days ago

    Of course you ride a motorcycle, as if you weren't hot enough already.

  • John Cramer
    John Cramer 5 days ago

    Every time I hear the intro music I cant help but think of mr wizards world.

  • pius hartanto
    pius hartanto 8 days ago

    Hi @GreatScott!
    Hope you can help me out for my little problem of Diy PTT for Android apps Zello.

    Actually i've already made my Extramic with ptt button for my Android device with Zello walkie talkie apps, but I'm not satisfied because of its Toggle mode.
    What i want is real Push To Talk, and release the PTT button when i've finished talking.

    The problem lies on android device ( and Zello as well ) that recognize external function for Push To Talk by shorting the mic input from android device (4 poles jack, CTIA) with ground (zero ohm) with immediate release. And the Zello now transmit (but in Toggle mode).
    by the time I finished talking, i must short the mic input again with ground to end this transmission. I really don't like this Toggle mode. I want a real push and hold to talk which is impossible for me to solve it out
    because by the time i'm pressing the PTT button, the microphone in zero ohm with ground.

    Please help me out from this bothering trouble.
    A simple logic yet but i can't apply it :(

    1. When PTT button is pressed , then the logic ic (perhaps arduino system) will do a quick short the mic input to ground then immediately release it.(So that i can talk. Now the Zello recognize it as Toggle mode and start the transmission, but in FACT I'm still pressing the PTT button).

    2. When PTT button is released, then the logic ic (perhaps arduino system) will do again a quick short the mic input to ground then immediately release it. (By now the Zello will recognize this command to end the transmission).

    Appreciate for your kind help and reply.

    Thanks and best regards,
    Pius NL.Tan

  • Aditya dhiman
    Aditya dhiman 11 days ago

    Bro i m recommended you this video if you complete this project

  • Simon Gjebxd
    Simon Gjebxd 18 days ago

    Hi, awsome Video and nice Project. I´m trying to do something very simmilar myself, but can´t the Arduino Software to work properly. Is there a possibillity for you to share your code? It would really help me a lot since I´m new to programming.

  • NEW OctanGaming234
    NEW OctanGaming234 24 days ago

    You really deserve 10m subs

    TECNO ANIMESH GAMER 25 days ago

    But if you attend the phone while ridding bike then it will cause accidents

  • Simon Gjebxd
    Simon Gjebxd Month ago

    Can u share the Arduino code you wrote? I want to try this project for myself but can´t manage to make the software work properly :/

  • autistic puggerino
    autistic puggerino Month ago

    At my level of tinkering I'd shit my pants with these results 😂 I cant even make a radio yet 😭

  • matt winward
    matt winward Month ago +1

    Suggestion: Use 2 ESP32 and pair them over wifi in an adhoc network, and use voip protocols.

  • Willy Kling
    Willy Kling 2 months ago

    Could you make a Arduino based motion activated trail camera that can transmit a live feed via a 5,8 GHz video transmitter? It would be great if you could remotely control it with LoRa too.

  • BlahMadal
    BlahMadal 2 months ago

    ESP32 with DAC would fit this project better than an 8-bit AVR

  • K175
    K175 2 months ago

    Andreas Spiess Reacts To GreatScott...

    DAVID GREGORY KERR 2 months ago

    You will need a combined Quadrature Sampling Detector/Quadrature Sampling Emitter Transceiver module which requires you to program your board to sample the I/Q inputs and demodulate it and send it to a speaker or generate the I/Q signals that will drive the transceiver module.

  • Ouafae ZAARI
    Ouafae ZAARI 2 months ago

  • WizardNumberNext
    WizardNumberNext 2 months ago

    Did you try lowering sample rate?
    You may be dropping samples in flight.

  • Leon Böheim
    Leon Böheim 2 months ago

    Hey, I have a great idea for a video. You can make video about TV antennas. For example how to built yourself a long range TV antenna. Because I'm getting confused about all the fake or not detailed videos on TheXvid. You can look after them and try it out. You could make a DIY video about it.

  • R Michael Boyer
    R Michael Boyer 3 months ago +1

    I wrote the following before I saw that it had been fixed.
    There must be an error, your basic concept should have worked perfectly. I recently got better audio off of a 555 timer chip set to oscillate on 670 Khz with modulation by audio transformer. I play with mostly analog transmitters but It almost sounds like the carrier is not being modulated properly.

  • Rkbt tech
    Rkbt tech 3 months ago

    Make nrf 24 Arduino controller and receiver for drone or rc plane

    SERDAR DURAN 3 months ago

    Did you use baseband filters?

  • Stephen Muskett
    Stephen Muskett 3 months ago

    How much does this cost total?

  • mohamed dz
    mohamed dz 3 months ago

    i think pic 18f with 48MHZ speed bettre than arduino

  • Rodrigo Cárdenas
    Rodrigo Cárdenas 3 months ago

    Why you dont try to do it entirely analogic? You can do it again without μC and just using Radio circuits with radio dedicated IC's

  • gabriel farenheit
    gabriel farenheit 3 months ago

    The end was hilarious

  • Fazle Elahi Tonmoy
    Fazle Elahi Tonmoy 3 months ago

    hey! did you fix that error in your schematics?

  • David Evens
    David Evens 3 months ago

    There's lots of inexpensive audio CODEC chips out there. All you need is a suitable wireless module to transfer the data. You might want to use a microcontroller to drive an interface to control who you're device is talking with. Make sure you're using a wireless module using allowed spectrum in your jurisdiction. Regulators tend to frown on using restricted spectrum without their prior approval.

  • Alan Simons
    Alan Simons 3 months ago +1

    Like others have said, your problem is probably the PWM "DAC". To verify, you could save some ADC data to flash and replay it on your computer, to verify it sounds good. You could make a better DAC with several data out bits from the Arduino plus a resistor network.

  • Florian
    Florian 4 months ago

    Ich liebe deine Videos

  • Ajinkya Mahajan
    Ajinkya Mahajan 4 months ago +1

    Attach a 2nd Order RC LPF (as a reconstructional filter for smoothing the audio) preceding to the speaker. It will improve the quality to a greater extend

  • Phinx Nattash
    Phinx Nattash 4 months ago

    the op amp cant reach 3.3 slewing while Vcc to ground is 3.3 too it consume the operation voltage is 0.7 or more

  • John Lee
    John Lee 4 months ago +1

    Welcome to the world of RF

  • Earth, A Natural History Museum

    thank you for sharing knowledge!!!!!

  • riyadhzulkifli49
    riyadhzulkifli49 4 months ago

    Probe the output signal's frequency spectrum, determine the noise frequency and filter it using digital FIR filter

  • TDG
    TDG 4 months ago

    @GreatScott! are you growing a beard?

  • CreepBruh
    CreepBruh 4 months ago

    How to make a smart tv

  • Leeroy
    Leeroy 4 months ago

    please do the CS852x/CS853x video. That is so much more elegant solution and would be really educational because datasheet is not clear at all.
    I was banging my head against the wall with a similar problem (wireless audio streaming) for quite some time and this IC sounds exactly like the thing to meet all requirements, which now makes me wondering how come that you found it and I did not even come close.

  • Shubham Chauhan
    Shubham Chauhan 4 months ago

    Nice video keep it up.👍👍👍

  • Engineering & DIY
    Engineering & DIY 4 months ago

    Hey Great Scott,
    Hast du nicht Lust Mal eine Simson als E-Moped aufzubauen. Wäre ein super cooles Projekt. Ich weiß, da fehlt der originale Sound und der Geruch, aber so ein Moped vlt mit Schnellwechsel-Akku, das wäre super 😍😍😍

  • Mickey Kincaid
    Mickey Kincaid 4 months ago

    I would love to see you reverse engineer the Wacom Intuos wireless kit. It uses an nrf24le1e but I am betting NRF2401+ would work absolutely fine. You could also install a teeny battery pack (or use 2 18650 cells, to make a wireless mech keyboard/trackpad combo lap-desk)

    I may break out my oscilloscope and see if I can get some kind of github going

  • Kabom TV
    Kabom TV 4 months ago

    I got for you a challenge triy build magntic Circle in dar is something floating

  • Electro View
    Electro View 4 months ago

    Bro,Make a own electronic celling fan

  • Icm Sprinter
    Icm Sprinter 4 months ago

    Hey Greatscott can you build a traffic light

  • Erik Laken
    Erik Laken 4 months ago

    Why is plasma-shield tech stealt technology top secret? Everybody Knows ,...

  • Threesix36mafia
    Threesix36mafia 4 months ago

    Hey Great Scott, super Videos wie wäre es mit nem Tutorial zu einem diy Durchlaufkühler mit Zapfhahn ?😁 Gespannt auf das nächste Video!

  • STEM Ben
    STEM Ben 4 months ago

    The end part was hilarious XD

  • Lukáš Kolomý
    Lukáš Kolomý 4 months ago

    Hello Scott. I have plans to have own branded power banks, but I need little help with schematics. Now I have a few sizes of my powerbanks, but per USB port I have one board and this is very bad. I need to make one big board with 4 USB ports (2x 2.1A and 2x QC3.0). Please can I get help? I wasn’t found any guy who making this in Czech Republic 😞

  • Rafiul haider
    Rafiul haider 4 months ago

    Could you make a video on diy mobile signal booster?

    LOONEY U 4 months ago

    Hi Scott,
    I brought 60W gluegun, but heat not sufficient to melt gulestick.suggest me to increase the heat.

  • Nate Lore
    Nate Lore 4 months ago

    Can you please make a diy arduino cat/dog flap/door.

  • Gourango Pradhan
    Gourango Pradhan 4 months ago

    You should buy P. C. B from pcb way for the first time you order it is free of cost you should order it bro.

  • 竣程我是
    竣程我是 4 months ago

    Can you build a smps with an arduino?

  • Pateh Khan
    Pateh Khan 4 months ago

    Can you light up your house with wind generators?
    Make video on it Greatest Scott

  • Harish Singh
    Harish Singh 4 months ago

    Anyone reading this i need some help. I am new in pcb designing and i am having trouble in finding a software where i can simulate my schematic in real time to check whether its working or not before proceeding for pcb. I used proteus but for some reasons it is crashing everytime i simulate a mcu, i tried everything to fix it but nothing worked. So i tried multisim but it doesnt have any avr mcu in its database and neither any of the pic mcu except 2 of them. Then i tried LTSpice but even this doesnt have any mcu in its library and it also doesnt have many components. Finally i tried Eagle but this also is not good for simulation as only ngspice simulation is present and it also doesnt hant mcu simulation support.
    I think i am not understanding the softwares correctly, so please help me.

  • Robotics Realm
    Robotics Realm 4 months ago

    make a self balancing robot using mpu6050

  • Rain Roseville
    Rain Roseville 4 months ago

    Hi! not sure if you already have one but can you make videos about how to design and make our own geared torqued dc motors? I have been wanting to make my own mini motorized screwdriver for cellphone and laptop screws but there is no information on how to design the gears to convert speed to torque. Looking forward to a reply.

  • Graf_Tec
    Graf_Tec 4 months ago +1

    Hallo GreatScott!,
    Kannst du mal bitte ein Video dazu machen wie man mit einem Arduino, einem Poti und einem NRF24L01 modul einen Servo fernsteuern kann.

  • Frédérick Germain
    Frédérick Germain 4 months ago

    I remember seeing a board on a SparkFun that had DAC outputs, that might be helpful

  • Pintea Mihaita
    Pintea Mihaita 4 months ago

    Hello GreatScott. Thank you for the awesome video. Would it be possible to build this project on a STM32F103C8T6 microcontroller with the same code and library?

  • Self Aware Devices / Bilinçli Cihazlar

    why are you trying to talk like "cool" at the end of your videos? you are not!