Behind the scenes with Condé Nast and Google Pixel 3

  • Published on Oct 9, 2018
  • Go behind the scenes with the world’s top photographers as they shoot some of the most iconic magazine covers with the new Google Pixel 3.
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  • Jonas Friese
    Jonas Friese 8 months ago


  • ahmed masri
    ahmed masri 9 months ago


  • Sila Ma
    Sila Ma 10 months ago

    I hate and Not want to buy or use google 3 / 3XL cuz Big Notch ( Ugly Notch ) Small Ram(4) and (Rom 64-128) ..if use Ram6-8 and Rom128G-256G will good ...ur Notch and ur Ram_Rom, Make me love and want used Oneplus6 or waiting Oneplus 6t .. Oneplus have small Notch ( best notch ) big Ram and big Rom with the price cheap than google ..RIP google.

  • DAir
    DAir 10 months ago

    Cardi b 🤮👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Vivek Arya
    Vivek Arya 10 months ago

    Anyone know which stick the girl is holding at 0:21 with the leather handle?

  • Joao Cesar Escossia
    Joao Cesar Escossia 10 months ago +2

    Can anyone tell me what is the gimbal / stick that appears at 0:10?

  • IMHO
    IMHO 10 months ago

    yes, everything is now "iconic". LOL/

  • Asad Raza
    Asad Raza 10 months ago

    I rarely comment on TheXvid videos, but Pixel 3 XL notch compelled me to do just that.
    "This phone is so ugly, it seems Googles wanted this to fail on purpose".

  • randomhkkid
    randomhkkid 10 months ago +2

    Any chance anyone knows what that tethered shooting app at 0:24 is?

  • cerventes du sanglier Et du cochon

    Terroristes !!!! Avec votre bill Gates !!!!

  • cerventes du sanglier Et du cochon

    Franc maçons !!!! GM, gmail , M de maçon... GM grand maçon....vous êtes la gauches avec les corbeaux du pétrole saoudien etc et leurs putes qui veulent me tuer , leur culs qui pirates les téléphone portable pour manipuler les choses made in chinois made in communiste

  • rajpal lamba
    rajpal lamba 10 months ago

    Wow😲looking👓forward for this Amazing DEVICE 📱📷

  • Desolo Zantas
    Desolo Zantas 10 months ago

    Needs better HDR Video

  • red
    red 10 months ago +6

    didnt talk about the notch once. Joke

    • Alex Wyrick
      Alex Wyrick 7 months ago

      Did Apple talk about there notch in any other video?

  • Faris Johari
    Faris Johari 10 months ago +5

    Stop making another rectangular phone. And go invent a teleportation device!

    • Nadeem Shaikh
      Nadeem Shaikh 10 months ago +1

      I'm pretty sure the team at 'Google X' is trying just that

    • awkwoahardy
      awkwoahardy 10 months ago +1

      well why dont u make one?

  • A google account
    A google account 10 months ago +1


  • ElmBLOX
    ElmBLOX 10 months ago +2