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Why Your Fave is Woke and Educated

  • Published on Nov 12, 2018
  • This is essentially the polar opposite of my problematic kpop idols video; this time I highlighted some of the things idols have done or said that showed they know about and respect certain subjects. Please please please comment down below everything I didn't include!
    Your fave is
    It's not just
    Insomia by Stray Kids (instrumental)
    Giddy Up by The Boyz (instrumental)
    Ddaeng by BTS (instrumental)
    Oh My! by Seventeen (instrumental)
    Raw video
    There's some things I just accidentally skipped over in here. I would also like to share the research I did on jonghyun, even tho I was personally too uncomfortable editing it in.
    Stray Kids
    Clarifying N-word issue
    Domestic Banana - Climate Change
    Hush - Suicide & korea’s school system
    42 - Suicide
    Hellevator - Depression
    If - Anxiety
    Insomnia - Insomnia
    The Boyz
    UN speech
    Sewol Ferry Donation
    UNICEF Love Yourself Campaign
    Change - political climate in America and Korea
    Whalien 52 - feeling isolated, lonely
    Silver Spoon - Economy and growing up lower class
    21st Century Girl - Female Empowerment to this generation’s women
    Paradise - it’s okay if you are unsure about your future, just be happy

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  • kpop stuffs
    kpop stuffs  6 months ago +1453

    I will be making this a series that I update every few months! I'll be sure to include ggs in part 2, this was just rushed~~
    Sources in the description. And please please please comment anything I left out about any group or idol! Every small thing counts, and I know there's a lot I didn't include
    I'm also sorry for how rushed the video may be, you may have to pause a lot :(( I was editing quickly.
    Also, if you're wondering where idols like Holland are, I already have made 3 videos focused on lgbtq mvs~

    • kpop stuffs
      kpop stuffs  20 days ago

      +ღ Squ¡shy ღ that's not at all what I said. All I said is that for both this AND the problematic series, the first few groups I think of will be ones that I stan. I know them the best, so ofc doing a video on them first will be easy. Also, how can I be biased when a group has/will appear in both an unproblematic and a problematic video? Both are literally just compilations of what the community approves/disproves of

    • ღ Squ¡shy ღ
      ღ Squ¡shy ღ 20 days ago

      @MochiAlex it is. She even said this list and her other list were of groups she only stanned.

    • girl groups the world
      girl groups the world 23 days ago

      where’s exo???

    • Mcd 2.0
      Mcd 2.0 2 months ago

      This might help with your research

    • LocalHoshi
      LocalHoshi 2 months ago +1

      You should also add NCT in part 2..They are very woke and educated and support LGBT+ and things like that.

  • yuqi
    yuqi Day ago

    stray kids + loona = unproblematic idols

  • Mingming Rivera
    Mingming Rivera Day ago


  • Jungwoo's Skkrt
    Jungwoo's Skkrt 3 days ago

    Don’t @ me but Chan is one of the most respectful person I know

  • Ari
    Ari 5 days ago +1

    Chan let the wholeeee team dooown

  • Annabel Lee
    Annabel Lee 6 days ago

    in conclusion deobistays stay winning
    also nct???

  • luv jeonginnie
    luv jeonginnie 7 days ago

    stray kids and the boyz are the very unproblematic rookies of the century that's why y'all should stop sleeping on them

    • Ari
      Ari 5 days ago

      luv jeonginnie didn’t chan-

  • Rhea D'souza
    Rhea D'souza 7 days ago

    Time to Stan stray kids

  • OnceStayMydayAhgaseHottestExo-lCaratNctzen JYPSTAN


  • Kohana
    Kohana 10 days ago

    i love this video, i just wish there was a tiny bit of a warning before some of the more sensitive things, i only got as far as roughly 1:53 before I was crying

  • EvergreenViolet
    EvergreenViolet 11 days ago

    All of the night owls are trying to fit in with the early birds says a lot about our society huh?

  • jinu does not approve
    jinu does not approve 12 days ago

    if you do make part two, make sure to add loona bc they talked about diversity and yves even talked about how she would like to express race, religion, gender and culture from all the fans.

  • Allie
    Allie 12 days ago

    SHINee’s Jonghyun who stood up for a transgender fan 💖 Kibum, Taemin and Jonghyun who openly wore a LGBT+ branded clothing 💖

  • Regene Tan
    Regene Tan 12 days ago

    i think grow up should have been included it is very encouraging

  • Dim Ple
    Dim Ple 12 days ago

    Now I want to stan stray kids

  • sksksk sksksk
    sksksk sksksk 14 days ago +4

    okay but what'a wrong with dreads?? can someone explain

    • Salsa Bila
      Salsa Bila 6 hours ago

      Bullshit cultural appropriation

  • MusicIsLife
    MusicIsLife 14 days ago

    A month ago I decided to check out Stray Kids after watching this video because of how down to earth they seem to be and honestly I STAN NOW😍😍😍😍

  • Neesha Noona
    Neesha Noona 14 days ago

    I love this.

  • Hard Stanning_
    Hard Stanning_ 15 days ago


  • Lamelight_
    Lamelight_ 15 days ago

    The most amazing groups aren’t the ones that just support these touchy and sometimes taboo subjects, they’re the ones who can openly speak up about it without being scared.

  • Katherine Algarin
    Katherine Algarin 15 days ago

    im on the ads and i’ll be waiting patiently for seventeen to be on this list as well

  • ll ll
    ll ll 17 days ago

    seventeen are the most woke idols

  • i love stray chicken
    i love stray chicken 18 days ago +1

    Tbh i have no idea what to say abt Chan's braids (i said braids bc i'm pretty sure those werent cornrows at all but meh). If those were at least meant to be cornrows but were badly done, he kinda needs to apologize bc some black stays are offended and they have all the rights to be. I'll be totally neutral so dont kill me. Black ppl are bashed and disrespected for wearing cornrows and white people are praised for wearing those so i get it why some persons feel uncomfortable abt it. I think the reason behind him not apologizing is jyp that is not going to let him apologize soon. He made a lot of references in one of his vlives (he talked about culture appreciation and said that he respects every race/culture etc) hoping that we would understand what he was trying to do. I know this is not a video abt Chan but i wanted to see what others think about it. If you have a different opinion, please say it respectfully and i'll try to see things from your view😊

  • Yanan is my boy
    Yanan is my boy 19 days ago +1

    if you ever decide to make a part two I hope you are able to add Monsta X! A very humble group! If you need some info about them I'll be here! Thank you!

  • kim jennie
    kim jennie 19 days ago +1

    where are the female idols?

  • bangtanized
    bangtanized 19 days ago

    stary kids and bts... ugh my faves💜❤️

  • KPOP Potato
    KPOP Potato 19 days ago

    I stan right groups💛

  • hehe cat
    hehe cat 19 days ago

    I'm so happy and proud that idols are talking about LGBT because it's kinda taboo in Korea🖤🏳️‍🌈🖤

  • Lola Paak
    Lola Paak 19 days ago

    who is misc??

  • teexiki
    teexiki 20 days ago

    thank you for this video, you're really great :)

  • Tyanna R
    Tyanna R 20 days ago

    just stanned stray kids

  • Manggae Park Gae
    Manggae Park Gae 21 day ago

    seriously how respectful they are is literally y i love all these groups. skz has helped me grow as a person, and they're helping me get out of rough spots without even knowing it

  • Ankita M
    Ankita M 21 day ago

    if stray kids ain’t the definition of woke idk what it

  • Ankita M
    Ankita M 21 day ago


  • - ̗̀ moonchild ̖́-
    - ̗̀ moonchild ̖́- 21 day ago +5

    as a hijabi i’m so touched by how they respected the hijabi,, we don’t get seen very positively in the media so seeing this made me tear up

  • charizard_isMY_husband
    charizard_isMY_husband 22 days ago +1


  • Truebornseeker
    Truebornseeker 22 days ago +1

    I mean like, stan stray kids

  • NotVeryEtherealTulips
    NotVeryEtherealTulips 22 days ago +1

    gotta stan the boyz soon ):

    NOETIC 23 days ago +1

    BTS have come so far and that’s what I love. They made mistakes but apologised and genuinely learnt from them and made themselves better. Man, I chose to Stan the right group

  • bitch who
    bitch who 23 days ago

    i love how all my ults are unproblematic. preach

  • seulgis wig
    seulgis wig 25 days ago

    i'm suprised ikon wasn't included in this video.. they've shown support for the lgbt community, they've done campaigns against sexual assault, child abuse, and 'save the palestine' they donated money, have spoken up about breaking gender roles and so much more..

  • TheArtsyHollow
    TheArtsyHollow 25 days ago +1

    I should direct anyone who says all koreans are conservative, sexists, racists and lgbtphobic, to this video. Also, the comment section is gold, precious and as a queer person, it makes me happy that some of the idols I stan have shown support to my community 💜✨

  • Estea
    Estea 25 days ago +2

    Red Velvet
    They had apparently supported LGBT community, and even Wendy confirmed it. I don’t remember much but they are fine with the LGBT community, and ppl think that RBB was also very supportive of it, they changed the lyrics about some girls’ love, even had joy (I think it was joy?) and Irene kissing. Dunno if it’s true since I don’t remember, but in the end they confirmed accepting the LGBT community :)
    They also donated to a couple places, even volunteering at Bucheon Youth Center! I

  • M Grant
    M Grant 26 days ago +1

    LOONA are super great too! And i’m not just saying that coz ‘stan loona’, part of their storyline involves a romance between Chuu and Yves in the MV for Heart Attack, and Yves has said in an interview how everyone should love who they want and how much they love their lgbtq+ fans. Their recent MV for Butterfly was also amazing- it featured lots of minority groups getting to be part of their own storyline (it’s hard to explain without going into their whole concept but the whole idea is female empowerment not just for white women but for a range of races and religions etc. they also are EXTREMELY caring about their fans (one got super upset when some fans said they hadn’t eaten breakfast) and ugh there are so many reasons why they’re badass and great and you should definitely feature them!

  • linda e
    linda e 26 days ago


  • boo boo the fool
    boo boo the fool 27 days ago

    loona are supporters of the lgbt too 👉👈

  • Stay don’t Stray
    Stay don’t Stray 27 days ago

    I really love Straykids because they are woke and educated. Their songs have deep meaning ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse 27 days ago

    Okay people please understand that because an idol does one good thing doesn't mean they are completely unproblematic, it's a video on idols that are unproblematic a d there's a difference

  • Kimchi Bibi171
    Kimchi Bibi171 27 days ago

    “Rm also known as namjoon- bts lead singer” WHAT?

  • Anna __
    Anna __ 28 days ago +2

    Lesson of the day:STAN STRAY KIDS

  • eug. / Deafgate
    eug. / Deafgate 28 days ago +1

    I know this video has been made months ago.. but I thought that LOONA's acknowledgement of it's LGBTQ following and the community itself was brave.. so proud of them

  • Nako
    Nako 29 days ago +3

    0:54 chan learn from this fjdndj

  • lovely
    lovely 29 days ago

    5:54 if you look at the bottom right corner it says *lead singer* ...

  • personne Au monde
    personne Au monde 29 days ago +1

    I was searching for Bigbang

  • Leena G
    Leena G Month ago +4

    loona is the most unproblematic group and yall can fight me on that

  • Isabel The Girl Groups Stan

    Well, someone has to go from the list 😔 if you know what I mean

    • kpop stuffs
      kpop stuffs  29 days ago

      a blocking today. what we're not gonna do is argument abt whether he was wrong or not here 😐 the answer is clear and I'm not allowing room for disrespect to that

    • kpop stuffs
      kpop stuffs  29 days ago

      girl kskddmmd shhhh

  • Luna
    Luna Month ago +6

    this aged badly :/

  • Sun Bishop
    Sun Bishop Month ago

    so i listened to Logic - 1-800-273-8255 and im fuccing crying omg

  • PinkSugarBear AJ
    PinkSugarBear AJ Month ago +9

    This did not age well. Really hope Chan apologizes!

  • ᴄʜɪᴠᴀʟʀʏ ʙᴀʙʏ

    stan everyone here, ty hoes good night.

  • Natia S
    Natia S Month ago +3

    If you ever do girl groups version, please include loona

  • sofi Caca
    sofi Caca Month ago +3

    And NCT

  • jichu world
    jichu world Month ago +2

    NCT???? they do a charity every month

  • Kimchi the hungry idiot

    Rookies are so good lately :( respectful boys

  • ottersxdogs
    ottersxdogs Month ago

    Also for Seventeen
    - Members are always there either behind or beside Jun (Chinese member) when he's an MC for Korean segments. They always whisper to his ear the right pronunciation of Korean words

  • Nicole Palmer
    Nicole Palmer Month ago

    And let's not forget Bang Yongguk.

  • Moz
    Moz Month ago

    I stan the most respectful group😔😔

  • yona
    yona Month ago

    I feel so proud of my boys uwu I'm glad I stan them

  • Jin 143
    Jin 143 Month ago

    How about SVT and NCT?

  • Wiku 79
    Wiku 79 Month ago

    Actually stray kids said that hellavator is about becoming an idol from being a trainee

    • kpop stuffs
      kpop stuffs  Month ago

      Things have multiple interpretations. The lyrics depict a message of what depression and anxiety is like, but those lyrics may have been inspired by the real life event of their trainee days and the transition into an idol

  • Krystal Markus
    Krystal Markus Month ago

    My faves are here! Skz and bts.. My friends faves are also here! The boyz and seventeen.. they've been trying to drag me into their fandom but i've been so busy so i haven't had time to invest myself in another group


    stray kids = angels 💞

  • Vera Laytham
    Vera Laytham Month ago

    y’all we been knew jisoo ain’t problematic. it’s jisoo

  • Hanna Stålgren
    Hanna Stålgren Month ago

    Stray kids are the sweetest I love them sm

  • Inoue
    Inoue Month ago

    stan stray kids yall

  • Inoue
    Inoue Month ago

    the fact that I stan 3/4 groups in this video hahaha

  • Maryam Ahmad
    Maryam Ahmad Month ago

    I here stray kids I know there will be many groups here

  • Juju Apples
    Juju Apples Month ago +1

    NCT is pretty damn woke too. Almost all of them (there's 21 now XD) at one point have showed their support towards the LGBTQ+ community, are super comfortable with their sexualities and being intimate/close with eachother in any situation, totally open and casual about which members they are attracted to, never hesitate to show eachother affection, never have made shitty homophobic comments, aren't hooked up on gender roles, respectful of mental illnesses, do a lot of charity work and they always try to help fans who are insecure about themselves. Personally I think Doyoung and Yuta run the NCT woke squad. XD

  • Juju Apples
    Juju Apples Month ago

    I loved this. Didn't know all these stuff about Stray Kids and The Boyz. Stray Kids' lyrics are no joke.

  • oreokookiesseu
    oreokookiesseu Month ago +8

    BTS really spreads awareness because of Love Yourself (Her, Tear, Answer) and Persona

    • ethereal honey
      ethereal honey 26 days ago

      Not just these last albums but they have been spreading awareness since debut

  • oreokookiesseu
    oreokookiesseu Month ago +2

    After seeing this video
    I need a StrayKidz × The Boyz collab now

    • Krystal Markus
      Krystal Markus Month ago

      They're actually really close irl and basically have a friendship like monteen

  • Chatonarts
    Chatonarts Month ago

    Me before watching video: I doubt BTS or Stray Kids are gonna be in this video.
    Me after the video: stray kids and bts were in the video!! *cries

  • -ten chittapon leechaiyapornkul-

    Intro song?

  • aisha
    aisha Month ago


  • A new era has begun
    A new era has begun Month ago +1

    Stray kids is too woke for this world
    also I really appreciated that you added Paradise as one of the examples of woke songs. I always feel like it's underrated af XD

  • cringe kween
    cringe kween Month ago

    stray kids are underrated. they're going to be so popular soon, that they're going to be the top with bts, blackpink, twice, and exo. they have really good music, and the members outshine the group the most. please give them love if ur not a stay plz thanks.

  • Jenni Yep a KPOP Fan
    Jenni Yep a KPOP Fan Month ago +3

    All idols are good, Except Seungri and some idols.

  • my angel kim taehyung
    my angel kim taehyung Month ago +2

    fandoms i find to be the most unproblematic: carats, monbebes, shawols, and stray kid stans (sorry idk their fandom name😭) i have many friends that are part of those fandoms and also just everything i've seen, they are so respectful and kind. much love to them 💜

    • my angel kim taehyung
      my angel kim taehyung Month ago

      +mrs fan that is such a cute name!! i'm trying, HAHA so far chan has really caught my attention bc his voice is angelic and hyunjin is moving up my bias list 😂 but they're all really amazing

    • mrs fan
      mrs fan Month ago +1

      my angel kim taehyung the stray kid stans are called stay. feel free to join our crackhead family

  • Lin Smith
    Lin Smith Month ago

    I always knew there was a reason I was attracted to Hellevator... now I know why...

  • Blonde RedMark
    Blonde RedMark Month ago +3

    Actually you missed a lot of idols
    1. VIXX
    2. GOT7 jinyoung, yugyeom and youngjae
    3. HyunA
    4. Hwasa
    Feel free to add💞

  • _.kpop. yahh._
    _.kpop. yahh._ Month ago

    I don’t remember which skz member it was (I think it was Chan), but one of them said that they want a tattoo but the won’t get it as he can’t donate blood to charity otherwise

  • Lexi Hamilton
    Lexi Hamilton Month ago +3

    Why does if an idol have dreads make them problematic and if they refuse dreads it makes them unproblematic? I've just watched your problematic idols video and I think the dreads doesn't make them unproblematic or problematic as it's just a hairstyle. If a black person wants dreads, they can have them
    If a white person wants dreads, they can have them
    If an Asian kpop idol wants dreads, they can have them
    That doesn't make them problematic, like if an idol wanted to wear something that was originated by another race that doesn't make them problematic.

  • tim tam
    tim tam Month ago +1

    not sure if this counts, but chuu from loona?? heart attack was literally about her having a crush on a girl

    • eug. / Deafgate
      eug. / Deafgate 28 days ago

      Plus they've actually talked about the LGBTQ community in an interview

  • Bangtan Army
    Bangtan Army Month ago +2

    6:48 actually, the song spring day is about sewol ferry

  • stream dna
    stream dna Month ago +1


  • Neona Kennett
    Neona Kennett Month ago +9

    Honestly… i'm not gonna sit here and rant about Bts, but recently ive just been noticing people who are sleeping on them, not in the sense that they are not getting the attention they deserve, but in the sense that many people have an image of bts as a group who just makes good music and has a large following. Ive also read many comments like 'ya'll army just kiss their untalented ass', ' Army's toxic af'. And Im gonna rant about this and yes it may be offensive to some. Honestly speaking as an army, i'll take responsibility for the immature fans , but don't sleep on bts because of that.
    The reason I became army, lies aside is because of their fame and good music, but as I discovered more about them I realised the talent doesn't just lie amongst the catchy tunes, its the lyrics too:
    Topics discussed
    - Feminism (twenty first century girl)
    - Self Hatred (love yourself era)
    - Suicide Depression( I need you )
    - School life
    - Love and its consequences and benefits
    -and much more
    - Meeting social expectations (Baepsae)
    so please next time you hear someone say bts gets views just because of their fandom…please educate them thank you

  • Shaden
    Shaden Month ago

    since when supporting the lbgtq is something good? lol whaatatattt

  • ruby mae
    ruby mae Month ago

    i chose the right group to stan and spend all of my money on. i'd go broke for stray kids anytime

  • Zaide Pasion
    Zaide Pasion Month ago +1

    Aww I'm so freaking happy to find Stray Kids here 😭💕🙌 I stan kings 🤴🤴👑
    And also The Boyz ❤❤❤

  • Lachevredu69
    Lachevredu69 Month ago

    Stray kids ❤️