Trina Talks Nicki Minaj and Cardi B


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  • Brenton Herrmann
    Brenton Herrmann 3 days ago

    Now lil Kim and Trina should colab those are the Queen's

  • Brenton Herrmann
    Brenton Herrmann 3 days ago

    Hell no no colab between Trina and cardi b... Trina has talent cardi doesn't....

  • cartoonworld1000
    cartoonworld1000 4 days ago

    "hello to all niggas and bitches!" I'll never forget that first album, that damn intro lol. I had to rewind just to actually see if she actually said the things she said. I used to think she was hot, but now I think she's truly sexy and knows how to dress and carry herself well.

  • Valerie Ponder
    Valerie Ponder 4 days ago

    Love Trina!! I haven't even watched the video but i know she on some grown woman stuff! Always classy and a real boss.

  • Kelton Harris
    Kelton Harris 4 days ago

    Have to love how professional she is

  • Angela. A
    Angela. A 7 days ago

    Qeen CardiB

  • Travis Williams
    Travis Williams 8 days ago +1

    Trina still the baddest bish to me 😎🥂🌷

  • Molly Chiputu
    Molly Chiputu 10 days ago

    lf u see people blaming nicky they are card b's fans, she just said nice things to trina and people they just started commenting bad things about her.The time you will point your finger to someone the other four will point at you .Haters they will only look at your bad side.

  • Veronica Ferguson
    Veronica Ferguson 12 days ago

    Did she take a breath?

    CANDID PETS 17 days ago

    love her rap she is hard bad ass but like in real life does she represent anything she raps about? she seems too put together and mature but she was the baddest bitch in rapping i am confused.

  • Tierey B
    Tierey B 17 days ago

    But she came out DISSING Lil Kim and Kim didn’t even know her smmfh

  • Cynthia Garza
    Cynthia Garza 18 days ago

    This girl is positive love the attitude.

  • Bonita Brown
    Bonita Brown 18 days ago

    l don't like her nail polish

  • 4 Divas Only Fashion
    4 Divas Only Fashion 18 days ago

    Why does Trina always look a mess. She needs a new stylist

  • Big Sex_C
    Big Sex_C 19 days ago

    #TeamTrina she is just so sexy and classy I love it.

  • Juicy Tara
    Juicy Tara 20 days ago

    I'm disappointed in both them

  • MiMi faze12
    MiMi faze12 20 days ago

    She’s such a Lady❤️❤️❤️

  • rina constantino
    rina constantino 21 day ago

    The baddest bitch

  • marla griffin
    marla griffin 21 day ago

    Need a new interview of how she feels about nicki and cardi now.

  • april red
    april red 22 days ago

    I love Trina respect the woman she is. God bless lady.

  • Margo lane
    Margo lane 22 days ago

    Trina will always be the baddest..Off glass is my motto my motto! Lol I love her

  • Frenchie Rawls
    Frenchie Rawls 22 days ago

    I love Trina she is so inspiring 😘

  • April Manning
    April Manning 22 days ago

    Now Trina classy and lo key and I love her voice when she raps so I will support Her and she real for askn Nikki to collaborate with her... And she never said bad things about any female in the rap game #💘 Trina

  • Layy Layy
    Layy Layy 23 days ago

    U can take Cardi out the Bronx, but you cant take the Bronx out of Cardi!!

  • Kim Jackson
    Kim Jackson 23 days ago

    A Grown woman! 🙌🙌🙌

  • Chrissy Stewart
    Chrissy Stewart 23 days ago

    I'd like to meet & interview Trina someday She inspired people and I'd to meet the cast of the real. I love Loni, Tamera, Adrienne, & Jeannie . My message to Trina do you stay Pretty tell the truth & thankyou for empower me and women

  • tewanwilson
    tewanwilson 23 days ago

    Nicki, Cardi, allow me to introduce (drumroll) THE BADEST!

  • David Jason
    David Jason 23 days ago

    So fake the same hoe smoking weed on live telling bitches to pull up burning hoes cars up lol yeah okay Trina all peace 🙄

  • Miss Boss
    Miss Boss 23 days ago

    Trina is so fake.

  • Betty
    Betty 24 days ago

    That right it just a hottmess ! Throwing drinks and fighting !!

  • Betty
    Betty 24 days ago

    It’s a hottmess !!

  • riziki michelle
    riziki michelle 24 days ago

    I love her personality...
    hate her voice

  • Greta V
    Greta V 24 days ago

    Yes...Trina. Grown woman talk right there. So glad you back!

  • Sharon Hammond
    Sharon Hammond 24 days ago

    Please don't come for Ms Trina cuz she is a trooper honey and simply amazing I'm every woman its all in me luv you Trina 😇

  • black kandi
    black kandi 25 days ago

    Love love Trina

  • Kia Hewitt
    Kia Hewitt 25 days ago

    This is why I like Trina!

  • Latisha Arnold
    Latisha Arnold 25 days ago

    She is so humble and such a beautiful soul! Yeas Trina green wig could learn from you!

  • Deidra Taylor
    Deidra Taylor 25 days ago


  • Kamilla Iqbal
    Kamilla Iqbal 26 days ago

    AdriennE always looks good

  • ruth6111
    ruth6111 26 days ago

    I love you Trina!! We need your music back !! You are too real and humble And beautiful! Be yourself and own kind as always!!

  • proud-kunama queen
    proud-kunama queen 26 days ago

    I been rocking with Trina since day one❤️❤️

  • Porchia Hare
    Porchia Hare 26 days ago

    So pretty much the only reason why she likes Trina is because gave her a shot out which furthermore proves that anybody that doesn't acknowledge Nicki Minaj she doesn't like.. she is an attention whore... If someone isn't a fan of hers she makes it a point to speak ill on them

  • Tamico Caroline
    Tamico Caroline 26 days ago

    Why is Trina eyelashes so far from her eyebrows

  • Robin Reid
    Robin Reid 26 days ago

    Well spoken! Yes Im loving Trina right now

  • Keyonnia Herriott
    Keyonnia Herriott 26 days ago

    The same things they said to Cardi B is what they did it Lauryn Hill and she chose her son over everything hints the song Zion

  • Sabree Langston
    Sabree Langston 27 days ago

    I like Trina
    She Awesome !!

  • GurlTrey85 Montgomery
    GurlTrey85 Montgomery 27 days ago

    Love everything is who's the queen b and beef....instead of being a great artist and uplifting others and yet carrying yourself accordingly of abundance and with wisdom and elegance

  • Shelonda Evans
    Shelonda Evans 27 days ago

    I think Trina is pregnant, congrats to her

  • Panchita Bell
    Panchita Bell 27 days ago

    Yes Trina 👍

  • Khol Milk
    Khol Milk 27 days ago

    No shade but this narrative about female rappers sticking together is exhausting and getting old. Only because they have yet to do it . They dont support eachother

    THOMAS FAMILY 27 days ago

    The real Queen of rap along with lil kim

  • Tina Lady
    Tina Lady 27 days ago +3

    TEAM TRINA & NICKI!!!!!!

  • Shaquay Posey
    Shaquay Posey 27 days ago +1

    Nicki just need ppl on her side.

  • ayla wonderland
    ayla wonderland 27 days ago +2

    Go trina! She's so mature & wise 💓

  • Carmelita Smothers
    Carmelita Smothers 28 days ago

    I love Trina😍

  • Tiffany Black
    Tiffany Black 28 days ago

    Trina does not look right. Something is off...hmmmmmm

  • Bri Alvarez
    Bri Alvarez 28 days ago

    Love Trina 💕

  • Jessica Nicholas
    Jessica Nicholas 28 days ago

    Trina is the best i love her 💋💋

  • Travea Toliver
    Travea Toliver 28 days ago

    Very well spoken i really enjoyed this interview

  • Ainu Ermis
    Ainu Ermis 28 days ago +2

    I love Trina and now I love her more

  • Edmond Parham
    Edmond Parham 28 days ago

    Love love love Trina!

  • Danielle Hill
    Danielle Hill 28 days ago +2

    She spoke nothing but facts.... women power needs to increase and not sabotaging one another for money and tv

  • Ryann H.
    Ryann H. 28 days ago

    I so love Trina. She's so cool😎

  • Christie Harper
    Christie Harper 28 days ago

    Trina loves Nicki cause she a bad bitch too. You see Trina don’t trip cause she know Nicki just rapping

  • Megan Tate
    Megan Tate 28 days ago

    Those rolls on here neck tho

  • silkskin1960
    silkskin1960 29 days ago

    Trina....its time to get your neck fixed babygirl. Your age is showing.....starting at YOUR NECK

  • D Harper
    D Harper 29 days ago

    What artists trina got but old drunk trick daddy

  • Monique Alishia
    Monique Alishia 29 days ago

    I love Trina!! #bringbacktamar

  • Tinana Santana
    Tinana Santana 29 days ago

    Trina , ❤️💜❤️

  • Jay West
    Jay West 29 days ago

    Mariah Carey also helped Nicki make it big. Mariah is probably the one that put Nicki's name on the map, but there's no thanks from Nicki.

  • Judith Rhice
    Judith Rhice 29 days ago

    Nicki is a Sagittarius like Nicki. However, Nicki is insecure for she is Fake and Phony. Nicki is childish; Trina is a woman.

  • Edward89
    Edward89 29 days ago

    She's very underrated

  • Juanita Rios
    Juanita Rios 29 days ago

    Yeessss yesss yesss now!!! Thats a classyyy woman!!!

  • charlyce cherry
    charlyce cherry 29 days ago +1

    Only time I seen trina and nicki together was on the "my chick bad" remix. Wheres this collab. Not no where cause nicki dont like to share light with other female rappers. She was so checked out in that remix video no umph 😂

  • Alex Little
    Alex Little Month ago

    She is very calm, reserved and poised. Grand interview my dear😘

  • Crystal Branch
    Crystal Branch Month ago

    Every neck I see has rolls in it... 😑

  • Sissyrichbiish
    Sissyrichbiish Month ago

    She only said that cause Trina ain't a threat

  • THeTRuTH. com
    THeTRuTH. com Month ago

    You work hard to be sexual and tasteless and a thot. She has always been nasty, there is no decency and integrity in any of the music she has ever put out. Tongue song, look back at it, the baddest bitch.... I don’t get it, why do artists say one thing and do something else. Its all lies.

  • Lu
    Lu Month ago

    Im still wondering why she keep saying she Dominican when her dad is african American🤔

  • Tee Wasington
    Tee Wasington Month ago

    Trina really spoke well, remained respectful and represented black women in a real positive light..... CONGRATULATIONS.homie....

  • boss lady
    boss lady Month ago

    Wait ! Trina is still alive ? 😕

  • qnicka
    qnicka Month ago

    Nicki was nice to Trina bc she did not want trina to hurt her

  • Rachale Lee
    Rachale Lee Month ago

    Is it me or Trina talk fast lol

  • La la Muneca
    La la Muneca Month ago

    Wow she has changed a beautiful mature woman Good job Trina

  • just Moh
    just Moh Month ago

    She is so quiet....she needs a come back

  • Richard Hernandez
    Richard Hernandez Month ago

    who is this woman? 😅 trina is not trina in real life lol I love it 😄 she's awesome

  • Sunny Palmer
    Sunny Palmer Month ago

    Trina you the baddest.

  • A.D. Mitchell
    A.D. Mitchell Month ago

    Z I bet you the Queen Elizabeth heard about this ignorant low-life mess at that Gala fashion Gala that is so sad sad sad sad

  • A.D. Mitchell
    A.D. Mitchell Month ago

    So so sad petty petty petty petty petty impressionable children are listening and looking at this mess and you got famous people that was famous before anyone got there looking 9 and down on us because one person want to act so sad so sad is this and so embarrassing embarrassing embarrassing person don't realize it sometimes of Queen Elizabeth goes to these kind of events I bet you don't want to go now

  • Tahisia Loveless
    Tahisia Loveless Month ago


  • Melissa November
    Melissa November Month ago

    I love how sophisticated Trina is dressed. Now days a lot of celebrities go on talk shows with their nipples almost showing.

  • Kevo Mclol
    Kevo Mclol Month ago

    Definitely clickbait but overall I loved the segment

  • candycorn fuckedup
    candycorn fuckedup Month ago

    the music industry don't care about none of you they only care money " Whitney " so you ladies need to wake up and stop hating on each other

  • Christine Marie Peoples

    I love Trina!!

  • Tracy Blake
    Tracy Blake Month ago

    I love Trina.....

  • esther artis
    esther artis Month ago

    I thought trina was remy ma for a minute. Lol 😍😍

  • esther artis
    esther artis Month ago

    Facts 😍😍

  • SonyDC
    SonyDC Month ago +14

    Nicki Minaj is a freakin hypocrite! Let's not forget how she disrespected Lil Kim for years and NEVER gave her credit for her achievements in hip hop.

    • Alex Graham
      Alex Graham 18 days ago +1

      SonyDC Nicki ALWAYS gave Kim props. These are facts and they are backed up by interviews. You’re on TheXvid look it up. Kim didn’t have a problem with Nicki until she felt slighted by Birdman. She made it about homage and y’all dumbasses fell for it.

  • Cynthia Cyprian
    Cynthia Cyprian Month ago +1

    Adrienne once said she loves cardi. So now I'm wondering, is she team Cardi or team Nicki?

  • Queenofswords
    Queenofswords Month ago

    Love love love Trina she been in it for a minute!