Why Climate Change Will Make Russia a Superpower Again

  • Published on May 27, 2021
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  • RealLifeLore
    RealLifeLore  Year ago +2707

    Decades from now, we'll see if this thesis is correct or not. In the meantime however, Russia is engaged in a simmering war with Ukraine in the Donbas region, located in eastern Ukraine. This war has been the most violent seen in Europe in the 21st century and has been going on for well over 7 years now, with historical causes that go back even further. I created a 26 minute long documentary explaining the entire course of the conflict and it's available to watch right now exclusively on Nebula at this link: bit.ly/3fs3n0D If that sounds like something you'd be interested in watching, go ahead and check it out and sign up for the CuriosityStream/Nebula bundle deal which is running a massive 41% discount through the end of May, which is only $11.79 for an entire year of both CS and Nebula with access to 3 exclusive RLL documentaries so far. Here's the link for that deal, and thanks: curiositystream.com/?coupon=reallifelore

    • Falcon xd
      Falcon xd 7 days ago

      @RealLifeLore what didn't he said he deleted his comment

    • Dan Kerns
      Dan Kerns 11 days ago

      30,000 Russian Troops dead and 1/3 of Russian troops neutralized in Ukraine. Russia been set back 10 yrs in just rebuilding its equipment and tanks. Thats if they ended war today. My point is Russia as you know it is dead. They will not be the same

    • Daniel Unnamed
      Daniel Unnamed 14 days ago +1


    • Carlos Encarnacion
      Carlos Encarnacion 14 days ago

      Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been saying this for the last two weeks, commenting on social media about this possibility. Today I stumbled upon this video that explains it clearly. I am bookmarking it in my favorites for future reference.

  • Old Delhi Films
    Old Delhi Films 11 months ago +8964

    So Greenland was not a name, it was a prophecy.

    • kubhlai khan
      kubhlai khan 8 days ago

      @Ramin S How does such an absurd suggestion get 229 likes? Greenland used to be green, its a lot more obvious than sarcasm - especially when accredited to a 'race' "The Vikings" that never existed either. Most of the earliest known explorers were almost certainly from the British Isles. "Viking" or rather "Wicing" just means raider/scavenger.

    • kubhlai khan
      kubhlai khan 8 days ago

      No it was literally true. Greenland has been green before and the 'Northwest Passage' has been open before - recently enough for Native Americans and northern Europeans to remember - encouraging Columbus' much later expedition. Just another reason to doubt CO2-driven global warming theory.

    • Susie Wood
      Susie Wood 9 days ago

      It was a "green land" when the Norsemen settled it, then the climate got colder. Look at England's history, the the 1500s & 1600s were much colder than now. What we have seen recently is it warming again. Why don't people look at the historic climate fluctuations rather than automatically ascribing everything as "man made". It won't continue to get warmer it will start cooling again and everybody will wish we were back where we are today.

    • Jack Mclaughlin
      Jack Mclaughlin 10 days ago

      @Viewable11 no, the Vikings landed in Iceland and Greenland, they named it Greenland to trick the Europeans and make sure they don't invade Greenland and Iceland

    • Ken Hart
      Ken Hart 11 days ago

      @Pax Vostrum it’s already a ice-tropical island ☺️

  • CzarBloodimir
    CzarBloodimir 7 months ago +2048

    Russian speaking here.
    Much of Siberia and (please don't forget about it) the Far East are sitting on a thick layer of permafrost. When it melts much of the territory east of the Urals will be a swamp plagued with mosquitoes. It's already giving us a tremendous headache in the northern cities like Yakutsk, where building are sinking, cemeteries melting, and roads cracking.

    • Iván Dreux Zuev
      Iván Dreux Zuev 4 days ago

      @Harley O’keefe Ah no, 1WW was literally a conflict between Austria and Serbia in the begging, and Serbia was being supported by Russia

    • Iván Dreux Zuev
      Iván Dreux Zuev 4 days ago

      @Harley O’keefe Depends... Kievan Rus was probably the strongest European military power of it's time, Byzantium was afraid of it actually. Then Russian Empire was also arguably one of the biggest and most important empires of the world just there with the English and Spanish ones. And the we already come to Soviet Union, which was also arguably the second most important country in the world

    • Iván Dreux Zuev
      Iván Dreux Zuev 4 days ago

      Well, draining swamps is always a possibility

    • Seb _
      Seb _ 9 days ago

      The whole thesis is dubious at best. He moved the area of ideal productivity more than any reasonable model for climate change would suggest

  • NoodleDance
    NoodleDance 5 months ago +552

    I wish the devs had put more landmass in the southern hemisphere. That would make the map way more interesting.

    • Chareesh Lingala
      Chareesh Lingala 8 days ago

      @the best makes sense why we are friends with russia

    • Rishi
      Rishi Month ago +1

      @Kido Butai Making the oceans fresh water would kill off most or all of the fish, though.

    • adayinforever
      adayinforever Month ago +1

      @PimpMyWiki Was that back when the character models still looked more like lizards than humans?

    • PimpMyWiki
      PimpMyWiki Month ago

      Apparently in the invite only early alpha stage, there could have existed a very successful early civ known as Atlantis set on an island that was subjected to a natural disaster test event.. Most are sceptical if it ever even existed but if it did, its likely that landmass was under water for enough time that only natural land formations would remain.

    • adayinforever
      adayinforever Month ago +1

      @Luchador EMC Na. It's only on Xbox. It will be ported to PC and Playstation in the future tho.

  • Игорь Верхолин
    Игорь Верхолин 5 months ago +394

    As a Russian, I hardly doubt our government would take advantage of this in the right way, improving country's economy, and not their bank accounts

    • nomad
      nomad 5 days ago

      Who knows, maybe in the next 50 years Russia will actually become a civilized country

    • Payam Dowlatyari
      Payam Dowlatyari 6 days ago

      I agree but 80 years from now everything would be different.

    • Георгий Иванов
      Георгий Иванов 8 days ago +2

      Очередной либерал-интернет-воин за нашу страну, не умеющий читать ни планы и факты реализации бюджета, ни финансовые отчетности, но профессионально смотрящий Навального и читающий медузу

    • WhatHappenedIn1979???
      WhatHappenedIn1979??? 16 days ago

      Best of luck. That's one of the reasons why the much more anti-america Europe can lean away from Russia a super should give major contributions towards productions outside of just raw resources, and if they don't they end up as drain on the real producers
      That's actually also why the U.S is often shunned. We had so much potential, and did so little with it

      FIGHTER Month ago +1

      dont worry bro. putin is a strategic player. love you russia from bangladesh

  • Eric Haugh
    Eric Haugh Month ago +90

    In college my professor explained this concept to me back in early 00s. It's true. Russia is geopolitically located to inherit the future better than the US.

    • TheAtlas
      TheAtlas Day ago

      @legrandliseur tri That is a fair point.

    • legrandliseur tri
      legrandliseur tri 3 days ago

      @TheAtlas Our military ain't strong, but our economy was doing way better than Russia even before the war, and once the conflict is done, Russia won't be able to catch up anytime soon.

    • TheAtlas
      TheAtlas 4 days ago

      @MrJustinpoooga Yeah our Country isn't exactly yet what we call a powerhouse. Not to mention were in quite a divided political state at the moment, as well as even if we can get these geopolitical advantages how could we utilize it without interfering with Indigenous lands... lots to do.

    • MrJustinpoooga
      MrJustinpoooga 5 days ago

      @CrazyMaybe last year canada failed miserable, droughts, heat wave, poor crops, this year floods

    • Freiherr Von Eberbach
      Freiherr Von Eberbach 7 days ago +1

      People literally have no idea what russia actually is

  • New Zealand
    New Zealand Year ago +10275

    USA after watching this video: "Alright that's enough, we will fix climate change"

    • ChatBruh Luu
      ChatBruh Luu 2 days ago

      Or just reverse alaska Russia

    • Jake Small
      Jake Small 7 days ago

      We could if Applied our military to it instead of weapons

    • Dev gaming
      Dev gaming 8 days ago

      Bye giving money 😂😂😂😂

    • William Neil
      William Neil 9 days ago

      Or just anex everyone ;)

    • Bar-Sabas
      Bar-Sabas 9 days ago


  • Moustafa Boi
    Moustafa Boi 5 months ago +380

    As an Egyptian, I have a slight feeling we're absolutely screwed.

    • Ionel Ursu
      Ionel Ursu 10 days ago


    • Ionel Ursu
      Ionel Ursu 10 days ago


    • Moustafa Boi
      Moustafa Boi Month ago +1

      @Guy Whose opinions will offend you 28 Celsius or under is sweatpants and a hoodie for me 😭

    • Guy Whose opinions will offend you
      Guy Whose opinions will offend you Month ago +2

      I'm a Icelander. -15 celcus is a t shirt and shorts weather for me. You don't think I won't be effected by climate change.

  • G lol
    G lol 6 months ago +78

    I feel like to disagree regard the Russian agriculture. Land without ice doesn't mean practicable for agriculture. The ground under the ice could be rocky or muddy. The weather has to be stable for the entire duration of the cultivation. I think the climate change problem's will be the extreme weather rather than increasing temperature.

    • Pedro Avellar Costa
      Pedro Avellar Costa Month ago

      @WW3 Fan is it extractable? its not methane locked in rock, as I understand is methane trapped in ice and in soil due to unaerobic organic matter degradation

    • Pedro Avellar Costa
      Pedro Avellar Costa 2 months ago +2

      thats most of my problem with these videos, they focus only on mean temperature (and even that not tackling very deeply), but also ignoring questions on rainfall, river basins sustainability, desertification. Not to mention the stability of Russia or any State under the crisis that will be the transition through the climate change

    • WW3 Fan
      WW3 Fan 2 months ago +1

      @Almighty Lag
      Methane = Natural Gas
      Just saying.

    • WW3 Fan
      WW3 Fan 2 months ago +6

      @Almighty Lag
      Russia is already the country with the 3rd most arable land in the world. The problem is with the population.

    • Almighty Lag
      Almighty Lag 2 months ago +1

      Russia is all swamps under the permafrost... Also that ice gotta go somewhere. Not to mention the methane lakes that are springing up that I don't even think Russia is thinking about.

  • Schnitzler
    Schnitzler 6 months ago +85

    I am not russian, but I honestly hope they wont increase population too much, its good to have some places on earth that are not overpopulated, giving nature a place to exist

    • gekko805
      gekko805 Month ago +1

      Be sure, that Russian authorities will take care about this)

    • Commissar Ciaphas Cain, the Valhallan 597th
      Commissar Ciaphas Cain, the Valhallan 597th 5 months ago +2

      @Jonathan Carr Just do it like they did in the USSR. Slap some social benefits (gulag jokes aside, that's really what was the main reason for people to live in the Arctic) to those who'd agree to relocate

      JOSIAH CHANGSAN 5 months ago

      @Emil V. I guess

    • Jonathan Carr
      Jonathan Carr 5 months ago +2

      Russia has one of the worlds lowest birth rates, and immigration is not happening fast enough, so… Russia won’t be the ones to take good advantage of Siberia

    • 岡和麿
      岡和麿 5 months ago

  • maiden heaven
    maiden heaven Month ago +7

    This is one of the best, most objective educational channels among others.

  • NS88
    NS88 Year ago +381

    As a canadian, I am definitely going consider buying some land up north a bit later in life after watching this

    • Briél Kate
      Briél Kate 5 days ago

      Note that Fairbanks’ climate now qualifies as humid continental (Dfb) rather than subarctic (Dfc). The Dfb/Dfc climate boundary correlates quite well with the northern limit of crop-based agriculture across much of the world, including in the Canadian Prairie Provinces.
      Some other well-known cities with Dfb climates include Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, Montréal, Québec City, Oslo, Helsinki, and Moscow. These cities generally have milder winters than Fairbanks, but Fairbanks' summer average temperatures are comparable with those of Edmonton these days. In other words, the Dfb zone has cold winters and warm summers, and is quite habitable with winter adaptations. I suspect that as climatic warming continues, more of interior Alaska will move into the Dfb category, increasing the region’s desirability for settlement and habitation. That will bring its own problems with it, including mass deforestation; I believe current forestry practice involves re-planting forests, but in a warming scenario, there would be large stretches of boreal forest around the humid continental-subarctic climate boundary that would be converted to farm fields rather than re-forested.

    • Vladimir Nikolskiy
      Vladimir Nikolskiy 11 months ago

      I do not advise, your acquisition will turn into a swamp when the permafrost melts.

    • ketan patil
      ketan patil 11 months ago +2

      @Wilhelm A. You need centralization for what? To be economic slave of states or elite? Or all big corporations are making billions while common employees are doing 9 to 5 for worth isn't even worth penny? Believe me you will love decentralization when you will get money for simple tasks like searching on decentralized search engines or buy something from decentralized ecommerce and for watching ads on decentralized video streaming like TheXvid. This is future, you or me can't fck it

    • Acolyte of Lucifer
      Acolyte of Lucifer 11 months ago +1

      @ADMICKEY II there are numerous components to climate change, _most_ of them are happening not just within our lifetime, but within decades.

  • Mind
    Mind 6 months ago +33

    I love Russia from India
    A friend in need is a friend indeed

    • Kutta Sex
      Kutta Sex Month ago +2

      I pledge my allegiance to Russia 🇷🇺

  • Nick Landry
    Nick Landry 7 months ago +14

    Sadly, any efforts to counteract climate change will be overwhemled by the insatiable greed of those who would seek to profit from it.

  • Rorschachqp
    Rorschachqp 5 months ago +1

    One thing no one discusses is that Russia has multiple ethnicities, not just Russians. If those other regions of Russia become powerful and have their own coastlines that were once frozen arctic, they may secede and form their own countries.

  • Craig Eckland
    Craig Eckland 7 months ago +16

    I, as do you, hope that Russia benefits from the coming changes in our climate. I have some concerns. Primarily, these regard the availability of water. Weather still travels West to East, hence, the amount of water available for agriculture will not improve. Another problem presents itself with the weakening of the Gulf Stream. Warm water coming from the Caribbean Sea is transported toward Europe making that region habitable. That might change.

    • Andrew Homo
      Andrew Homo 2 days ago

      @Thomas Daley Unlike Gobi, Siberia has many big lakes (Baical) and rivers. Plus melting permafrost would create many new lakes and swamps like in Finland.

    • Thomas Daley
      Thomas Daley 3 days ago

      @Andrew Homo Southern Siberia will likely become more like Mongolia and the Gobi pushing further North.

    • Mohammed Nawaz
      Mohammed Nawaz 15 days ago

      What if new river systems originated in the newly green Siberia?

    • WhatHappenedIn1979???
      WhatHappenedIn1979??? 16 days ago

      @Oyuncunun Günlükleri Climate change is natural, and without it at all thw world dies. The key is to focus on a maintaining cycle, which the water is Centerpoint for everything

    • Oyuncunun Günlükleri
      Oyuncunun Günlükleri 4 months ago +1

      Shouldn't your primary concern be.. I don't know.. the climate change itself?

  • Keith Adam
    Keith Adam 9 months ago +903

    Didn't even think about some of the things you mentioned such as the ability to mine in certain areas... great video man, love this channel

    • Simon Nyström
      Simon Nyström 8 months ago +4

      Love your sneaker-vids man

    • YerocMc
      YerocMc 8 months ago +14

      Really? That's literally the 1st thing I thought, Siberia is a frozen wasteland that if thawed slightly could be mined. Perhaps I watch to much gold rush and understand that permafrost is impossible to mine efficiently hahaha.

  • Sarwar Khan
    Sarwar Khan 5 months ago +1

    I figured this out back in 2018 and there is the silver lining . The US does have some advantages in climate change scenario as well but let’s hope climate doesn’t deteriorate any further as this could be a huge blow to many civilizations

  • 77MarioF
    77MarioF 4 months ago +4

    Thanks for the excellent video. Is there a specific reason why you do not mention fresh water as a valuable resource? This will be the biggest issue for the US in this scenario, also for the industry in the former US.

    • CrazyMaybe
      CrazyMaybe Month ago

      Canada will have y’all’s backs

  • Feldspar
    Feldspar 6 months ago +5

    Have you done any pieces on the perfect productivity zone? Do you have the source material that you used to get that temperature range?

  • The Introvert Adventurer
    The Introvert Adventurer 7 months ago +22

    The same also applies to Canada, except for the military / superpower part.

    • legrandliseur tri
      legrandliseur tri 3 days ago +1

      I mean Canada could create a strong military in the course of a decade or two. It certainly has the money and the technology to do so. But neither the government nor the population has much interest in that.

    • Payam Dowlatyari
      Payam Dowlatyari 6 days ago +1

      There’s no point for US to invade Canada but like the last two centuries, countries like Canada and Mexico may join the Union eventually.

    • Alex Parkin
      Alex Parkin 9 days ago +2

      The US will probably invade Canada at that point lmao

  • Bruno Vilela
    Bruno Vilela Year ago +1055

    "Russia's fantastic geographic position" words said by no one ever

    • 星辰大海
      星辰大海 5 days ago

      @Just a curious thinker🙂 没有狡猾,光明正大。

    • Ghostage
      Ghostage 6 days ago

      @darion guess what you were right

    • ISJST
      ISJST 10 months ago +1

      Russia has the Entire EU, China, and Asia as it's neighbors. ...So yes they do have a geographic advantage because they straddle Markets larger than the USA 4x over.

    • Вова Боб
      Вова Боб 11 months ago

      @Adam G.Trapper "golden" horde ("russia") ???

    • Don Rumata
      Don Rumata Year ago

      You are "standing" in Russia, to the West and North of you is the Western civilization (Europe and the United States), to the South is the southern civilization (the Islamic world and unconquered India), to the East is the Eastern civilization (China, Korea, Japan).

  • noorjehan khan
    noorjehan khan Month ago +1

    The geography might be correct,however countries will have to wait after the cycle of climatic changes and what's left of the world.
    The most destructive are Earth's shift ,Earth's crust would probably split in places and even more horrific volcanic activity and more earthquakes would follow, the survivors might well prefer to have slipped off.

  • Carlos Encarnacion
    Carlos Encarnacion 14 days ago

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been saying this for the last two weeks, commenting on social media about this possibility. Today I stumbled upon this video that explains it clearly. I am bookmarking it in my favorites for future reference.

  • Terry Aherne
    Terry Aherne 10 days ago

    I recall reading of a US strategic assessment in the early 1980's, that future climate change would in relative terms favour the then USSR as against the USA. Within a few years the anthropogenic climate change myth began, originating from NASA.

  • Olivia Niedzialek
    Olivia Niedzialek 5 months ago +4

    I appreciate how much effort went into this video but wow it is so disconnected from reality. Do you know what happens when the vast permafrost thaws? It will release the largest store of methane gas on the entire planet into the atmosphere. It will be like playing climate change on 5x speed. Russia is also home to 20% of the world's forests in the form of the vast taiga (boreal forest) that rests on top of the permafrost. Like you surmise, it will be cut down for agriculture - but you're forgetting that these trees absorb 550 million tons of carbon YEARLY. Once those trees are cut down/burned, all of that carbon goes straight up into the atmosphere. Putting it lightly, climate change in Russia will be a catastrophic disaster. For all of the very hypothetical potential bonuses, it will factually be a nightmare. source: I have a Masters in Ecology

  • David Barriga
    David Barriga 11 months ago +2402

    In the U.S. you accelerate climate change,
    In Russia climate change accelerates you.

  • Emil Oprisa
    Emil Oprisa 7 months ago +71

    Makhachkala is not located on the sea. The Caspian "sea" is a lake.

    • B-Rus
      B-Rus 7 months ago +4

      I'm living in the Makhachkala. We're calling it Caspian Sea due its sizes lol

    • Emil Oprisa
      Emil Oprisa 7 months ago +1

      @Fedor Evdokimenko 😂 you're wrong man, just admit it and move on like a man. Stop inventing shit. The Caspian sea has been disconnected from the ocean over five million years ago.

    • Fedor Evdokimenko
      Fedor Evdokimenko 7 months ago

      @Emil Oprisa Link Kuma-Manych Depression. Also it is important to know what river bifurcation means.

    • Emil Oprisa
      Emil Oprisa 7 months ago +6

      @Fedor Evdokimenko go and read and stop embarrassing yourself on the internet. The Caspian sea has been landlocked for over 5 million years. Rivers don't flow from sea to sea, they flow from mountains to the sea.

    • Fedor Evdokimenko
      Fedor Evdokimenko 7 months ago

      @Emil Oprisa How do you think Caspian sea was created? It is linked to the Black sea by natural strait. It was still active during Antique era. Today the strait is almost dry, but it is still capable for small boats . So technically two both seas are still linked.

  • It's Just Vlad
    It's Just Vlad 5 months ago +6

    Russia is no longer landlocked and they're up to 50 ice breakers. In january 2021 they passed through the northern sea route with an ice breaker making it a big milestone of having the route open all year round soon

  • Ryan Kral
    Ryan Kral 3 months ago +2

    As interesting as this is. There's a lot missing on the havock that melting Permafrost is going to cause. As well as unpredictable weather patterns. It's not a real positive for Russia. Lots of bad things come with this thaw.

  • Y Patel
    Y Patel 7 months ago +9

    With Russia making moves to monopolise the Gas industry in Europe, with the higher prices and Nord stream 2, this video is actualising in reality.
    With extreme temperatures both ways as well as the reliance on Gas for many industries, Russia will always benefit.
    Any country opposing Russia, Russia turns off the gas tap, and country ends up in chaos, due to no industry/heating from gas, and eventually bows to Russian demands.

  • Emanuele Abrami
    Emanuele Abrami 15 days ago +1

    This is the most important video I've seen about Russia this year. If you had a list of references, I would love to include this in my master thesis about Russia's strategy in gas selling/production

    • Ghostage
      Ghostage 6 days ago

      @S Garrison Russia didnt screw stop watching just west .%10 of army vs Whole nato support and full army of ukraine.

    • S Garrison
      S Garrison 12 days ago

      Hahaha I believe there would need to be a GIANT revision after Russia screwed the pooch with Ukraine.

  • Glaskruset
    Glaskruset 2 months ago

    I had a thought about greenland and searched if it has ressources and apparently it has VAST ressources. But I cant find much mention of how this is going to transform anything or why we arent investing heavily into it. In the middle of this energy crisis, this seems so incredibly stupid I just cant fathom it. Why arent we extracting from Greenland like our lives depended on it?
    The way I see it the west will do pretty good for the coming climate change. The US has Alaska and Europe has Greenland

  • Hum
    Hum 11 days ago +1

    I lived in Siberia for many years. In winter, the temperature reached minus 40, so I would like it to be a little warmer 🥲

  • Emil V.
    Emil V. 5 months ago +1

    Almost everyone is against Russia rn, and almost everyone has taken a serious stance on climate change...
    It makes you realize quite a number of things when you put two and two together...

  • Snow Leopard 1187
    Snow Leopard 1187 Year ago +2855

    RealLifeLore: Russia’s snow will melt and its climate will get warmer
    Germany: Write that down! Write that down!

    • t King
      t King Month ago

      It was because Russia let them in they went up to Siberia then cut off supply came from behind and that's why Germans lost.

    • Willjan Alaurin
      Willjan Alaurin 5 months ago

      If the Operation Barbarossa might not delayed by many factors, the German army might capture Moscow but that doesn't gurantee a total victory because the large part of Russia will continue to fight and the situation on the Western front might go south but still I would be interested to know what would happen if Operation Barbarossa was not delayed.

    • Willjan Alaurin
      Willjan Alaurin 5 months ago

      Actually there are many factors in the defeat of Germany.
      Invasion of Greece is one of the main factor that delayed Operation Barbarossa.

    • NotOrrio
      NotOrrio 5 months ago

      @The Lemon Lounge russians lookin scared after hearing someone says i liked the onion fried in oil

    • Radonred
      Radonred 6 months ago

      took me a sec LOL

  • NiภjคKiͥllͣeͫr
    NiภjคKiͥllͣeͫr 7 months ago +25

    Canada, Russia and Greenland - DONT STOP GLOBAL WARMING

  • Elzi
    Elzi Month ago +6

    RLL: climate change will probably make russia a global superpower again.
    Putin: not if I do something about it!

  • Nathan Rohr
    Nathan Rohr 3 months ago

    The speed at which you went from "everyday appliances and missiles" at 4:15 was awesome.

  • Kimo Faerber
    Kimo Faerber 5 months ago +1

    I just resently came across your videos and they are amazing!! Keep up the good work, i realy enjoye watching your videos

  • CS GO Smokes
    CS GO Smokes Year ago +1704

    I remember seeing a video of people getting interviewed about climate change; in Moscow one man was excited saying he cant wait for palm trees lol

    • WW3 Fan
      WW3 Fan 2 months ago

      @Redwan Hossain

    • your mom
      your mom 2 months ago

      @Empire of Italy (Psst I'm From Another Timeline) Who the minion serve during WW2 😳😳😳

    • Kaleb The Historian
      Kaleb The Historian 4 months ago

      @KingAGBozz true, especially considering that during his invasion of Russia, Napoleon lost most of his army due to the summer heat.

    • Commissar Ciaphas Cain, the Valhallan 597th
      Commissar Ciaphas Cain, the Valhallan 597th 5 months ago

      @danshakuimo Good luck with our roads. Minefields and czech hedgehogs are peanuts compared to those. But honestly this thread escalated quickly with couch warmongers. Plus, don't forget that General Winter was the asset, the reason for which happening in the first place was that the blitzkrieg has lost its blitz- part because of underestimation of soviet military capabilities. That and the fact that a huge push into the Soviet territories with heavy casualities during the early stages of the Great Patriotic War made the command pull their heads out of their asses. As for tactics, Military History Visualized has a video on it wth the whole "zerg rush" concept explained and demystified.

    • Muhammad Ali🥊
      Muhammad Ali🥊 5 months ago

      @Russkiy Nazbol Russia has been heavily Industrialised since the 1930s, They have never been superior in anything even in Soviet era. They just built thousands of Nukes to try and balance Western Countries technology and Economic edge. Russia still far of coming close to Economic powers both in East and West. They also haven't got superior man power. The EU alone is 800 million population, Russia 146 million which is declining and also ageing population.

  • Donald Michael Lumsden
    Donald Michael Lumsden 5 months ago +6

    Canada also has a lot of matural resources .
    About 40 yr ago Canada discovered 6 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in the arctic and it has been mostly untouched ever since .
    When the North West passage becomes ice free Canada eill have an open market to European markets.
    It is said that most of the oil and gas in the earth lays on the Canadian side pf thr border with Russia .
    Canada is the country that has most to gsin or loose from climate change .
    There is a big problem with
    turning the North into good growing land though , even by 2080 .
    Most of what people expect to be good land will be marsh land covered with Mosquitoes and Blackflies.
    It will take a minimum of 100 yr for it to become a productive area

    • CrazyMaybe
      CrazyMaybe Month ago

      This is why it is so important that the U.S. starts treating us Canadians like the super power we are! You don’t need Nukes or Billions of people to be a super power. You need a country accepting of all and to be in the right location at the right time!

  • Zuayria Choudhury
    Zuayria Choudhury 5 months ago +1

    I'm wondering now what if the U.S gets into conflict with Canada since Canada will be more habitable in the future or what if U.S and Canada become one country since Canada's military or population isn't comparable to the U.S they will form a coalition but maybe Canada will resist.

  • Bob Richy
    Bob Richy 3 months ago

    Even though climate change will open up oil and gas opportunities, I think the video overlooks the rapid shift to renewables which means by the time those oil and gas mines open up Russia may not even have any customers to sell their newly found resources to. Just my 2 cents

  • Kent Nauman
    Kent Nauman Month ago

    I live in central Florida where there used to be vast orange groves that were frozen in the winters of 82-83 and 83-84. Since then at times the temperature has gone to 22° F at night in low lands in the winter. The tropical landscaping has had to be replaced with more cold-hardy plants.

  • Tien Pham
    Tien Pham Year ago +6715

    "Moscow will be warmer"
    Napoleon and Hitler: "Finally, ..."

  • Diamantenvogel
    Diamantenvogel 3 months ago

    I'm not knowledgable about this at all, but I wonder how much the productivity line is the result of climate and how much of it is because of colonial history? Anyone know more about this?

  • CatnipGamer&electronic
    CatnipGamer&electronic 6 months ago

    by that time the cost of desalination would’ve be cheaper than raw water source. plus rare mineral capturing
    and also indoor farming is so widespread that tiny landmass like japan can feed the world
    not a really buff cause sea level will likely flood many city and a lot of hurricane around north pole

    • Akalion
      Akalion 6 months ago

      Indoor farming will NEVER replace traditional farming. The only version of indoor farming that can exist at scale is actually labs that grow meat.

  • Peace Peace
    Peace Peace Month ago +1

    It can be both a supper power or paper tower, the bigger the land the hard to control and requires more resources.
    Look at the Roman Empire, the empire was too big and it was a challenge to control it

  • A Random Viewer
    A Random Viewer 2 months ago +4

    You have to remember that Russia is an insanely large nation state with nightmarishly bad logistics. From a military power alone, Russia struggled in the past, even in its peak at the soviet era, to defend from a home invasion, the only thing that made it defendable was the "terrible" weather. If Russia decides to be aggressive, much of its current size will dwindle due to its poor logistics making any long scale war far away from the Russian heartland, (parts of Russia in Asia), a terrible decision. For Russia to be a super power due to global warming major army, economic, and government reform would need to happen.

    • A Random Viewer
      A Random Viewer 13 hours ago

      @Chris not really, much of the russian army hasn't seen combat in decades prior to the current conflict. Furthermore railways, and a general disregard for maintenance has caused even worse damage to the russian army. this is only one of my many points, however. Russia simply does not have the economic power necessary to support larger territory wars with any western nations, as keep in mind that the western influnce has only grown which means that almost every nation under the sun that isnt already affiliated with russia or china is backed by the US, EU, or some other western power.

    • A Random Viewer
      A Random Viewer 13 hours ago

      @pudencem1 this is contrary to countless threats from Russia and insider plans and information. Russia COULDN'T secure the Poland border because their military simply does not have the infrastructure in place to move that far. Maybe in the past Russia has had good logistics, but modern militaries, especially the size of Russia, require much more maintenance and logistics then what is currently in place. This entire conflict was supposed to last no more then a few days, and break the western morale. Instead, it strengthened it and unified the west. Even from a psychological/informational warfare perspective Russia has sustained heavy losses, not even including actual damage to their military.

    • Pyrros Dimas
      Pyrros Dimas 3 days ago

      This aged well

    • pudencem1
      pudencem1 2 months ago +4

      @Chris not even that. Russia secured the east north south borders of Ukraine the moment military operations started. So what logistics issue are you all talking about? It's a flat land. And the northern flank that came from Belarus towards Kyiv haven't moved because it's a psychological warfare against Kyiv. Every day for past 2 weeks Kyiv was under the impression that anytime there will be an attack and Kremlin did opposite of what the entire world expected. They secured all the borders except Poland border because that's the only way civilians against Russia can flee and receive supplies.
      Russia could have easily do what it did to Aleppo and Grozny. Putin is fully capable of not giving 2 💩 and destroying. But the real war was against US and west and their shenanigans in Ukraine with Clowensky

    • Chris
      Chris 2 months ago +4

      Russia has superb logistics in country. They've proven over thousands of years that they're outstanding at defending their country and regaining their land. The only reason you're talking about logistics is because the ongoing war makes it seem like Russia has terrible logistics while they only made a large mistake of underestimating ukraines defense partly because they're really well supported by the west.

  • dkosy
    dkosy Year ago +973

    Climate Change: "I have done nothing wrong, ever, in my life."
    Russia: "I know this, and I love you."

    • I’m a ape
      I’m a ape Year ago

      @ComradeKenobi who is us? You mean THE UNITED STATES OF FUCKING AMERICA????

    • Opal the Dilo
      Opal the Dilo Year ago

      @INSECT BITE nature said “f u” in that sentence.

    • Linh Hoàng
      Linh Hoàng Year ago +4

      @Mark Johnson You say the arms sellers are all mass murderous thugs?

  • Jayson Gibson
    Jayson Gibson 10 days ago

    Great video. Sadly, Russia doesn't have the demographics for this scenario, and is running out of time - i.e. renewable energy. IF those 2 things weren't true, it would be much better for Russia.
    Also, European countries and China will also have huge demographic issues.
    Russia invaded Ukraine because they couldn't do it in 10 years and China will likely go after Taiwan for the same reason - 2050 China population estimate = 500 M

    • Mykhaylo Rozhkov
      Mykhaylo Rozhkov 10 days ago

      Also if it wasnt effectively trying to destroy itself

  • SquermanJerman
    SquermanJerman 7 months ago +12

    In 60+ years that bridge from Alaska to Russia might be real useful 🤔

  • Zaros
    Zaros 13 days ago +17

    Well this video hasn't aged well since the 25th of February. I think it's safe to assume that, after the dust has settled Russia will need years, perhaps decades, before they grow back to the level they were before the war. The sanctions might not bite that very hard right now but they will on the long run. Plus political engagement between the west and Russia is going to be a big no no for some time. And they are going to need the west to develop into a superpower, like how the west contributed to the rise of China.
    Anyway, interesting points of which some of it valid (such as the increase of land for harvesting). But you forgot these:
    a) Geopolitics - which well, you can see that evolving right now. But that is something that can happen on the spot, so it is really difficult to predict something like that
    b) All of this is under the assumption of a competent government in Russia, which isn't the case. It's too corrupted and the country itself is too underdeveloped (still hugely dependable on resources and knowledge from abroad) to manage this well
    c) Countries rich in resources generally have a habit of not having an impressive record of human rights. This isn't going to improve in Russia, which makes it not an interesting location to migrate to
    d) The assumption that a lot of refugees would go to Russia is I think false. Refugees seek places that are either near their own country (so that they can return when it's safe) or preferably, that are in peace and their rights are more protected. Which is why so few or none stayed in Russia during the crisis in 2015. At that time, some even migrated through Russia to reach Norway
    e) This is also all under the assumption that an increase of the global temperature will make it hotter all over the planet. This isn't true either, with for example an important one being the Gulf stream. This stream provides 50% of Europe's temperature during winter and due to the crisis is slowing down and might at one point even come at a stand still. Which by that time well, if you look at the latitude Barcelona is roughly in the same region as New York. Countries like Germany would be region wise deep in Canada. So Europe might first warm up significantly due to the crisis but see a significant drop later.
    f) We don't have a clear picture yet what the environmental effects of the crisis are going to be in Siberia. Permafrost will melt, so that is a lot of water that is going to cover a lot of land. But the region might also become more dry, with less rainfall creating conditions for forest fires. And since Russia has the biggest forests in the world, that is going to have some serious effects on the liveability in this region as well
    g) You also assume as Russia's richness in resources such as gas and oil will make it a superpower. However, most of the world has already dedicated itself of weaning itself off fossil fuels. While that might not have significant effects in the short- and mid term, investing in resources such as oil extraction isn't a long term investment. For example: the EU has made it law that by 2035 no new sold car is allowed to run on fossil fuels, which means that towards 2050 there won't be that many car in Europe left that run on gasoline or diesel. And I can't imagine that others like China (which has some really wel developed electric cars) are willing to stay behind. The only long term investments would be in minerals that are for example essential for the production of batteries, such as lithium. If they have that, then that will be a very good investment.

    • Hero Es
      Hero Es 6 days ago

      @Emma Egede whu do u care? Its just a joke play by us, we just wanna do it for fun, no hard feeling yeah? Haha

    • Emma Egede
      Emma Egede 6 days ago

      @Zaros A zombie 🧟‍♂️ like you actually believes the ineffective "sanctions" by the USA🇺🇸 and NATO countries have any effect on Russian🇷🇺 economy

  • TheMultipass
    TheMultipass 5 months ago +1

    You give the Russian government too much credit. There's no way they will take advantage of these new opportunities to its fullest

  • LordOfDaCyborgMOOSE
    LordOfDaCyborgMOOSE Year ago +236

    You should do a Part 2 to this because much of how Russia benefits can apply to Canada as well (with some differences of course: shorter NW Passage, more fresh water, eclipsing a declining US, mineral-rich but poorly-soiled Can Shield, an ice-free Hudson Bay shipping route, Northern inland river valleys like the Peace, etc.)

    • agapp11able
      agapp11able 5 months ago

      @Professor Oak worked out great. And America uses the same principle in Western Europe and Asia 🤦‍♂️
      Go study your history dude before showing ur ignorance to the world 🤦‍♂️

    • Professor Oak
      Professor Oak 5 months ago

      @agapp11able oh and how did that work out for russia? 🤦‍♂️

    • agapp11able
      agapp11able 5 months ago

      @Professor Oak yes exactly. For example Americans have an obsessiohn with the Constitution - which realistically is just a piece of paper, but it acts like a bible for them. "Voting" and the run up to it is basically like a religious rite, etc. This is all part of the "American Civil Religion". That is not my invention but an actual thing, go look it up. But because I'm a foreigner, I'm able to see thar whereas most Americans cant lol

  • Chu Lafferty
    Chu Lafferty 3 days ago

    i think your analogy of where Russia will be compared to the rest of the world is a bit confused. Given that warming is so great in the Artics and Poles the sea rise, including in Russia will be so significant to land masses that no sustainability is going to be marketable to anyone. In conclusion, if Russia's resources become available there will be no market to sell it to. I would have hoped that each nation would consider it's own impacts on climate change and develop strategies to take care of their portion of the globe. I personally think this ship has sailed but I do not know I am not privy to what is going on at the top echelon or a scientist with a clear background in what is happening to the earth.

  • Hakime Erryad
    Hakime Erryad 7 months ago

    every video of this man is undisputedly great exept that rusia isnt bigget ofc than africa, it's 7 times bigger than russia and canada is not that big and european countries are definitly a little bigger than shown in your maps

    • CrazyMaybe
      CrazyMaybe Month ago

      Despite the map incorrect displays Canada is still the 2nd or 3rd largest country in the world. Until Africa unites it is not even close.

  • Peskost
    Peskost 7 months ago +2

    Siberia has the largest reserves of diamonds and gold. Also coal, peat, gas, oil, metals and the land itself, which can be used for farming.

  • baby shower
    baby shower 5 months ago

    If I had a nickel for every time this guy said dramatically I’d be rich

  • Yong Cho
    Yong Cho Year ago +352

    Imagine 100 years from now: Alaska is the most populous state in the USA and Anchorage is the most populous city in the USA. And Florida, Texas, and California are almost completely barren. that sounds so odd

    • sunrayz81
      sunrayz81 8 months ago

      @Thomas Can't agree more with you.

    • Robert Evbayekha
      Robert Evbayekha 9 months ago

      I think Alaska and Greenland will just be part of Canada

    • Football Nerd
      Football Nerd 11 months ago +1

      @ItchyScientist0 You do realise a massive percentage of Floridas population lives less than 20 feet above sea level.
      Also have you ever heard of rain? You can't just prevent sea level rise with flood walls.

  • balqie al hafizh
    balqie al hafizh 6 months ago +4

    nice hipothesis from economic point of view...
    as a siberian nature scientist, i will told you that this is not "global warming" but "climate change".. in certain area in Siberia, summer will be hotter while winter is getting colder. in example Oymyakon are getting colder by -1°C per year now.. you said -71°? in january 2021 already -74° celcius..
    let's assumed it will be -100° celcius in 2100... no one could live here during winter.
    and don't forget the permafrost. while sea water get warmer, the ice beneath Siberia will melt... it's 1000 meter deep!! so the infrastructure and buildings in the surface will broke due to unstable land caused by permafrost melt..
    while the global temperature raise by 2° celcius, vegetation will change. many animals won't survive because it's increase way too fast for their metabolism to evolve... also the plants.
    what will we eat?

  • LiteStuff LLC
    LiteStuff LLC 5 months ago +4

    Yes and when assure all that climate change happens? I've been waiting since 1986 for Seattle to have San Francisco's weather, still waiting - Wow when is this going to happen? Isn't that going to happen right after Florida and the Netherlands are underwater and penguins in the Antarctic have to learn to fly because there is no ice left?

  • Emil V.
    Emil V. 5 months ago +8

    Right now it is more important than ever for EU to strengthen relations with Russia, so that in the future, when Russia fully unlocks its potential, Europe can have the ability to harvest that potential as well...

  • Blake Goplen
    Blake Goplen 5 months ago +2

    the thing is though that being in permafrost for a long time really makes your terrain messed up

  • Shlubbers
    Shlubbers Year ago +378

    If I had a dollar for every time he said “dramatically” I might be able to stop climate change

    • nicklas abrahamsson
      nicklas abrahamsson Year ago

      Not as that dollar will be worth alot less if you have to land money to save your drowning cities.

    • Bruh Mania
      Bruh Mania Year ago

      @MatteoRoyaleBlox perfect name

    • Robert
      Robert Year ago +1


  • Ryley Reishus
    Ryley Reishus 5 months ago

    What this video doesn't consider is the insane amount of green house gasses stored in the Perma Frost of Siberia. Siberia unthawing turns climate change up from 10 to 20 and that will have crazier effects than current climate change predictions which already don't look great.

  • Sohka SwiftEagle
    Sohka SwiftEagle 2 months ago +8

    WAIT, you seem to be forgetting some detail here:
    If Northen Canada/Russia get an average temperature of 11-15 celcius, that mean a LOT of ice will melt, floodding a LOT of land, so sure, it will unlock a lot of natural gas and petroleum for the Russian to harvest, but Europe will be too busy remaking WaterWorld (1995) to care about Russia ressources, and same can be said about Coastal Asia.
    Then if Russia get an average temparature of 11-15 celcius, does that mean that the current zone wih an average temparature of 11-15 celcisu will have a similar temperature as Africa? just for fun, how much energy does Africa require?
    Then all that NON SALTY ice melting into the SALTY OCEAN, will disrupt the ocean water current, so imagine el nino, but every years? and worste, much much worste. France and Quebec are abou at the same latitude, but somehow France is like 10 degree hotter then Quebec... because of the water current bringing the hot tropical air from south america to north Europe then cooling down in the artic and bringing that frigid air to Quebec. If we remove this current I will suspect France to become a lot cooler and Quebec might warm up a bit.
    Then WHO THE FUCK will buy that petroleum and natural gaz from Russia, if the entire planet (except Russia and Canada) is suffering from the climate change, and trying to figure out how many swim aids you need to attack to the Eifel tower to prevent it from sinking... do you really think they'll buy more petroleum, to add more CO2 int he atmosphere and screw humanity even more?
    Finally last nail in the coffin, If Russia (and Canada) temperature reach the average of 11+ degree, the permanently frozen ground will thaws, so all the trap gas, trap decomposing bodies, etc... that was frozen their for millions of years, will all start decomposing agains, liberating million of ton of Green house effect gaz, ramping up the warming up of the planet, and Russia won't remain in the 11-15 goldy lock zone, they'll quickly zip trought it to reach Africa temparature (just imagine what africa will look like if Russia become the new Africa...)
    So maybe Russia will become a superpower... of WaterWorld, for a few years, before being obliterate by the planet...

    • Darina Gaff
      Darina Gaff 7 days ago

      A little more information for this year.
      Amid the heat wave, India and some countries have banned the export of wheat, worrying about their own people.
      Food shortages are expected in African countries, and possibly a famine of biblical proportions (against the backdrop of sanctions). And theoretically, mass unrest and the flow of refugees will begin. Where do you think they will go first?
      to Europe.

    • Moeez M. Ahsan
      Moeez M. Ahsan 8 days ago

      Because of climate change, saudi arabia is getting alot more rain and is getting more greener.

    • Paul H
      Paul H Month ago

      Water world sounds like the move hahahaah

  • Nicks Reno
    Nicks Reno 4 months ago

    Very interesting video as always but I don't think the productivity zone is a matter of temperature, it's all about the people living in there otherwise Australia would be a third world country.

    • CrazyMaybe
      CrazyMaybe Month ago

      Nope see Australians came from Europe and got European advancements and Europe was itself quite a bit in that zone. It has nothing to do with the people they just happened to be from that zone.

  • Arthur Niblock
    Arthur Niblock 6 months ago +1

    What Russia also has is vast reserves of "sweet water," highest in the world, this will be of extream importance in the future.

  • Victor Pisarev
    Victor Pisarev Year ago +3920

    In the Soviet Russia changing climate benefits you!

    • ilkham amanu
      ilkham amanu Month ago

      @Hugo 57k for make caton

    • Python
      Python Month ago

      @Ananda Al-Farizi that hasn't aged well...

    • scemer
      scemer Month ago

      In Russia climate benefits you.
      Russia benefits the climate.
      **Soviet Anthem Starts in Glory**

    • scemer
      scemer Month ago

      Putin approved

    • Moonknight
      Moonknight 2 months ago

      Boss music 🎶 in baground

  • Binh ane
    Binh ane 2 months ago +1

    Well now we could see the importance of Russia when it comes to energy supply

  • John
    John 6 months ago

    I assume that a similar productive temperature zone would almost have to exist in the southern hemisphere as well as nature hates asymmetry.

  • sakasso
    sakasso 2 months ago +1

    So let me get this straight : when there was an egyptian empire , phoenician economical power , persian empire , arabian inventions ; it was 11 degree there ?

  • Jewish engineers
    Jewish engineers 5 months ago

    Comment from a big fan of this channel: your videos are great but I suggest collabing with other channels to make these topics trend

  • TheLucidDreamer
    TheLucidDreamer Year ago +135

    One significant hole in this theory: the climate types that far north can be entirely novel. This mostly has to do with the solar radiation of these latitudes. At these high latitudes, the absolute temperature range will increase to be similar to the current temperate zones, but then it becomes a matter of timing. Since the latitude is higher than current temperate zones, the sun is weaker, meaning the energy received at such high latitudes will have different timing characteristics to those farther south. It's the reason why despite Britain and southeast Australia having the same climate type under the Köppen-Geiger classification scheme, the climate of Victoria is far hotter in absolute highest temperatures: it lies at a lower latitude.
    There can be some completely unaccounted for climate types if this metric is used as the defining characteristic of a climate.

    • DM RR
      DM RR Year ago +1

      “When does the sun come up?”

    • Taha YT
      Taha YT Year ago +1

      The ice is already melting in some areas in Siberia and there is people/companies that already betting on the lands that will be uncover.

    • kevley26
      kevley26 Year ago +4

      @Gamedraco its also entirely possible that the amoc is weakened severely by the melting ice in greenland, causing europe to be plunged into canada like temperatures.

    • Gamedraco
      Gamedraco Year ago +12

      The strong and warm gulf stream current is why Britain has the mild climate it has at its high latitude. That same latitude in the interior of Canada and Russia is brutally cold most of the year.

  • Payam Dowlatyari
    Payam Dowlatyari 9 days ago +1

    Interesting argument. There’s one important point, however. By the end of this century, Russia may be divided into different states or the whole world becomes one state so everyone could benefit from that area.

    • bebryanka
      bebryanka 6 days ago

      I will defend my country like my ancestors in 1941-1945, you will not succeed

  • S B
    S B 5 months ago

    I have an alternative hypothesis for why the current areas are so productive and it has to do with how free their economies are

  • syunq
    syunq 7 months ago +17

    Russia when it hears about global warming: Call an ambulance! But not for me

  • Daniel Legler
    Daniel Legler 17 days ago

    You're theory of the 11-15 degrees of prosperty is partly correct. It has more to do with crops and beast of burden than with avg. temp. South Africa and Argentina have the same temp and share the same climate to grow the best crops for calorie density. They're also in this goldie locks zone, yet you make no mention of them. Por que?

  • Agent H
    Agent H Year ago +586

    Climate change exits *
    USA : it's water everywhere
    Africa : it's hot everywhere
    Russia : I feel good.

    • ö.f. sevim
      ö.f. sevim 9 months ago +1

      Alaska: Am I a joke to you?

    • Christian Rothenbuchner
      Christian Rothenbuchner 10 months ago

      @Command_Unit russia could also move it somewhere else....

    • Command_Unit
      Command_Unit 10 months ago +5

      @Rnrovets Saint petersburg is in the best position to build a dam they already have one built already it just needs to be expanded.

    • Thenotorious
      Thenotorious Year ago +6

      India: it's rain everywhere.

    • Rnrovets
      Rnrovets Year ago +9

      Residents of St. Petersburg who will have to build a dam more than 10 meters high to survive: ☹️

  • gissel araujo
    gissel araujo Month ago +1

    So this in a way explains why part of this current conflict is so important to western nations 🤔🤔

  • Radonred
    Radonred 6 months ago

    if this actually happens in 10 years. when I'll grow I will definitely invest tonnes in Russia.

  • prasanna balaji
    prasanna balaji 5 months ago

    Lots of love to Russia from India, always a loyal ally vice versa ❤️

  • Fredrik Helland
    Fredrik Helland 5 months ago

    Imagine framing proximity to climate refugees as a positive for a country. I’m not so sure this will be the prevalent view for those affected.

  • transonicpeak5
    transonicpeak5 10 months ago +3096

    The warming planet will give Russia the ability to warm the planet even more

    • Veasna TDM
      Veasna TDM 5 months ago

      @Overdose this is a joke right?

    • Overdose
      Overdose 5 months ago

      @Veasna TDM
      Bio fuel? Lol so burning wood or using corn inefficiently for fuel?

    • Overdose
      Overdose 5 months ago

      @Jo ? some exceptions are when droughts hit Central America and their societies collapsed but yeah

    • Overdose
      Overdose 5 months ago

      @spodge123 sea levels won’t constantly rise forever. A few years after all the ice melts sea levels will be stable

    • Malaysian Mapping
      Malaysian Mapping 5 months ago

      in mother russia, the planet does not warm Russia, Russia warms the planet

  • selbalamir
    selbalamir 5 months ago

    I don’t think Russian Climate Scientists have fully understood that a runaway climate catastrophe doesn’t have any winners.

  • Simphiwe
    Simphiwe 5 months ago

    What about the damage to the existing infrastructure such as the oil and gas pipelines and that affect on the land around them?💭

  • Kince
    Kince 5 months ago +1

    I don't get how it isn't a superpower still, considering how heavily they've been pulling the strings in the west and how much wealth they have, I'd call that a superpower

    • Overdose
      Overdose 5 months ago

      Their population is low and the only reason why it’s not decreasing is because of central Asian migrants (despite them it has still plateaued), their economy is shit (not diversified at all basically just oil and gas), they’re treading water both technologically and militarily and their geographical position sucks. Russia can survive right now but can’t really act far beyond its immediate periphery unless the US +/- China let it

  • Ounkham Ph
    Ounkham Ph 5 months ago

    i cant believe that the climate change would suffer a lot to the agriculture countries likes south-east Asia, the Russia currently is military superpower and the climate change she would become another superpower

  • Argentinus Maximus
    Argentinus Maximus 6 months ago +1

    Me: *sees the video title*
    Also me: *plays Russian military march songs in the head*

  • ClownMeister
    ClownMeister 2 months ago +1

    I made a school project about this about 7 years ago. I recieved the highest grade possible

  • varukonena
    varukonena 7 months ago +52

    Hmm, The devs decided to give buffs to Russia and nerfs to the entire world. I wonder when the Massive Kaiju Update will come out.

  • Stefan Günther
    Stefan Günther 2 months ago

    So what if humans do the unthinkable and try to stop climate change. While doing so Oil and Gas will be basically no worth in the future.
    If not stopped, the extreme weather events may also hit Russia.
    Last but not least. Even with temperatures rising, the missing of the sun in winter will still make living there problematic at least.

  • Ejwa TaIliss
    Ejwa TaIliss Year ago +2303

    Sweden and finalnd: I want some arctic coast
    Norway: No

    • isak sidenius
      isak sidenius 5 months ago

      Time for the danish empire to stand once again!

    • The CT with a fresh Yankee
      The CT with a fresh Yankee 7 months ago

      @Jesper Roos you mean suur-suomi?

    • Speedwagon
      Speedwagon 7 months ago +1

      @James Phieffer Yes. But you forgot that Russians owned these lands for over 500 years, since the days of the Novgorod Republic.
      Finland stole these lands from Russia when our country was in a civil war.

    • Comrade Stalin
      Comrade Stalin 7 months ago

      OUR coast

    • drmodestoesq
      drmodestoesq 7 months ago

      @Vic Dor Finland did not participate in the encirclement of Leningrad. And Stalin let the people there starve because he hated them.

  • James Darling
    James Darling 5 months ago +1

    Ummm... by the time the arctic melts out the dramatic change in weather patterns it will cause will make growing food at scale virtually impossible, even in Russia.

  • Commissar Ciaphas Cain, the Valhallan 597th

    Does that mean that my grandchildren could chill out at such pleasant sunny resort towns as Pevek and Chersky, sunbathing on golden sands and diving into warm friendly waves of the Arctic Ocean? Count me in!

  • Braden Whitley
    Braden Whitley 5 months ago

    Alright my fellow Northerners..... let's get this climate change going!!! Everyone do your part!!!

  • Alex D.
    Alex D. 6 months ago +3

    The country which is capable of fatal nuclear strike is by definition can't be anything but a superpower. It never ceased to be a superpower, even in its darkest times.

  • TheVery AverageGamer
    TheVery AverageGamer Year ago +607

    That title: exists
    America: we have decided to make climate change our number 1 focus

    • Coach McGuirk
      Coach McGuirk Year ago

      Gamers are aware of climates?

    • Carized
      Carized Year ago

      That's what I imagined lol

    • Mr. Wiggles
      Mr. Wiggles Year ago +2

      Someone show Biden this video, maybe we will have a chance