The Pizza Theorem

  • Published on Jun 6, 2018
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    *** LINKS ***
    The Pizza Theorem
    Mathematics Magazine, Volume 41, 1968: "Problem 660" by L.J. Upton, Solution by Michael Goldberg:
    Mathematics Magazine, Volume 67, 1994. "Proof without Words: Fair Allocation of a Pizza" by Larry Carter and Stan Wagon:
    Dividing Thin Crust, Calzones, and Stuffed Crust Pizzas:
    Exotic Mathematical Pizza Slicing:
    Infinite Families Of Monohedral Disk Tilings:
    Pizza Theorem Proof Without Words Calculator by Christian Lawson-Perfect:
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  • Vsauce2
    Vsauce2  Year ago +5291

    The book is perfectly fine. No damage whatsoever. Although it tastes delicious now...

  • Blanket_28
    Blanket_28 Day ago

    Did you just put a book on that delicious precious pizza?

  • Jennifer A
    Jennifer A 3 days ago

    *Chucky cheese has entered the chat*

  • Scott Pickslay
    Scott Pickslay 4 days ago

    4:06 I dont want to eat table

  • A Noob
    A Noob 5 days ago

    Got a Domino's advert on this video. Convenient

  • Andygup
    Andygup 6 days ago


  • Lord_Memesty 332
    Lord_Memesty 332 6 days ago +1

    My blood boiled when he placed the book on the pizza

  • Mohamed Ali
    Mohamed Ali 9 days ago

    Just cut it half

  • Jeremiah Roberts
    Jeremiah Roberts 9 days ago

    Pineapple pizza
    Cucumber pizza
    BOOK pizza

  • owN-77
    owN-77 9 days ago

    now i want pizza :D

  • Super Zero
    Super Zero 10 days ago +1

    I don't want to sound like a nerd(don't hate in me) but i have been trying to prove this to my friends FOREVER! NOW I HAVE PROOF!!!

  • Fredrick Emad
    Fredrick Emad 10 days ago

    Here's a scale
    90% about the book on the pizza
    9% about the what's wrong with this person part
    1% scales like this

  • Anirudh Jain
    Anirudh Jain 11 days ago

    oh no the book......

    DEMON KING 15 days ago

    I m pretty sure he ate the pizza after the video eating all slices

  • Vinnie Cheng
    Vinnie Cheng 17 days ago

    it looks like a smash ball

  • It's Tea Time Commentary

    Why did you have to make pizza complicated?

  • TrainsForLive TV
    TrainsForLive TV 22 days ago

    Ore you eat the pizza in just one peace

  • Everyday Anime
    Everyday Anime 26 days ago +2

    No pizza was harmed in the making of this video

  • ZacPlayzGamer
    ZacPlayzGamer 27 days ago +3

    Michael: i got pizza
    Jake: they arent cut equally
    Kevin: *Yes they are*

  • Marshi da skele [lost info]

    Why did TheXvid recommend me *MaTh?!*

  • A Literal Chick
    A Literal Chick 28 days ago +1

    Book + Pizza = 🅱️izza

  • Alex Marsten
    Alex Marsten 29 days ago

    is his pizza cutter the Enterprise?

  • jack love
    jack love 29 days ago

    This is how they cut pizzas at dominoes

  • Ebrahim Hamedi
    Ebrahim Hamedi 29 days ago

    Excuse me.what is the book or article for the exact mathematical proof of pizza theorem? I want to study its proof.thanks alot.

  • mgng 1
    mgng 1 29 days ago


  • dora Liu
    dora Liu Month ago +2

    1:02 *whats wrong with this person?
    Me: EvErYtHiNg Of CoUrsSe.

    THE CRAZY FOURS Month ago

    Where did that slice come from?

  • Andrei Naramzoiu
    Andrei Naramzoiu Month ago

    2:02 this makes me uncomfortable

  • DdYx
    DdYx Month ago

    All I can think about is free pizza

  • Subodh Acharya
    Subodh Acharya Month ago

    I am curvy and I like 🍕!

  • Giovanni Loria
    Giovanni Loria Month ago

    2:01 "...noooooooOOOOOOO. AAAAH. but there is always pizza."

  • DarthZ01
    DarthZ01 Month ago

    Technically, you only need to ensure at last one cut bisects the pizza through the center point, then it doesn't matter what shape you make each slice, those two halves are equal even if one is cut 20 times and the other isn't cut at all.

  • Srikanth Tadipatri
    Srikanth Tadipatri Month ago

    Literally got a Domino's advert on this one

  • Alchyx
    Alchyx Month ago

    fine by me as long as im not eating the piece that composes of 30% crust

  • роман нету

    *Slices pizza through it's diameter, so we get 2 equal parts*
    Did we need all that math to do that?

  • Ro boss thinking
    Ro boss thinking Month ago

    Why did u put that book on that pizza is that a real pizza.? 2:09

  • Bunny Bro
    Bunny Bro Month ago

    1:01-1:02 lol

  • Pikapika Chu
    Pikapika Chu Month ago


  • berceaezeu 1
    berceaezeu 1 Month ago

    Cant u just eat the pizza?

  • Josephus Sibal
    Josephus Sibal Month ago

    English please. I am Just 10 years old

  • Kenneth
    Kenneth Month ago

    You took more then me THATS ILLEGAL

  • Crystal :3
    Crystal :3 Month ago

    Instead of learning I am hungry 😋 but I don’t eat the 3 day pizz

  • KimpieLiam Nolet
    KimpieLiam Nolet Month ago +2

    I always buy one pizza for everyone. Lol

    NBAKIDD 2 months ago

    who else freaked out when he put the book on the greasy pizza? …just me? right, i seem to be the only person freaked out by grease

  • Vlk Etto
    Vlk Etto 2 months ago

    Or just get one pizza per person and let them take any they couldn’t eat

  • l ImCalcito l
    l ImCalcito l 2 months ago

    To split stuff equally, you could just, you know...


  • Dogski28
    Dogski28 2 months ago

    Before he cut the first pizza I thought he was going to make the Smash Bros logo.

  • RDG Reptiles
    RDG Reptiles 2 months ago

    The captions at the end say”Skelton eating noises”🤣

  • Just A MegalodoN with Internet Access

    This makes me sad because I can’t eat pizza for a week cuz of intoxication (eggs frick me up)

  • VPep
    VPep 2 months ago +1

    But crust

    OMXLS 2 months ago

    Do you eat pizza boiled or fermented?

  • Cookie Shookie
    Cookie Shookie 2 months ago


  • Fruitslad
    Fruitslad 2 months ago

    Casually puts book on a pizza

  • JoniKaufYT
    JoniKaufYT 2 months ago

    3:04 Bad Guy?

  • Brock Billings
    Brock Billings 2 months ago

    A part of me died when he sat that book on the pizza

  • mazlan mahadzir
    mazlan mahadzir 2 months ago

    I found this comment long time ago in the oven if comments
    "Im sorry for someone who got the E"

  • Zȩȵɉȶɧ Rɉȵǥɱȧƨȶȩr

    2:00 He placed a book on pizza! Why the hell would anyone disrespect a book that way!!?!?!?!

  • A Turner
    A Turner 2 months ago

    Thats some chucky cheese lookin' pizza you got there.

  • LeAnn Cammack
    LeAnn Cammack 2 months ago +1

    *puts book on pizza*

  • Yerloche
    Yerloche 2 months ago

    2:01 oddly unsatisfying video