The Pizza Theorem

  • Published on Jun 6, 2018
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    *** LINKS ***
    The Pizza Theorem
    Mathematics Magazine, Volume 41, 1968: "Problem 660" by L.J. Upton, Solution by Michael Goldberg:
    Mathematics Magazine, Volume 67, 1994. "Proof without Words: Fair Allocation of a Pizza" by Larry Carter and Stan Wagon:
    Dividing Thin Crust, Calzones, and Stuffed Crust Pizzas:
    Exotic Mathematical Pizza Slicing:
    Infinite Families Of Monohedral Disk Tilings:
    Pizza Theorem Proof Without Words Calculator by Christian Lawson-Perfect:
    Vsauce Links
    Hosted, Produced, And Edited by Kevin Lieber
    Research And Writing by Matthew Tabor
    VFX By Eric Langlay
    Huge Thanks Paula Lieber
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  • Vsauce2
    Vsauce2  10 months ago +4870

    The book is perfectly fine. No damage whatsoever. Although it tastes delicious now...

    • Emily Pentland
      Emily Pentland 13 days ago

      I kinda cringed so hard

    • Ethan Adey
      Ethan Adey Month ago

      Bruh that looks like aperture science

    • Muhddy
      Muhddy 2 months ago

      I was just going to comment that . I'm not lying. And everyone did too...

    • Jayarmor
      Jayarmor 2 months ago

      Do the candy bar theory where you cut it and take a piece from it but it is the same area

  • Baby
    Baby Day ago

    0:33 how chuckee cheese cuts their pizza

  • Maple Syrup
    Maple Syrup Day ago

    RIP, book.

  • somaru shinde
    somaru shinde 2 days ago

    I don't like pizza enway

  • Dylan Dreisbach
    Dylan Dreisbach 2 days ago

    I know it’s been said already. But that book. Didn’t know that could annoy me so much.

  • •
     2 days ago

    What’s wrong with the animator?

  • LightYagami’s FirstEye

    Or just cut it in half.

  • Ilusionis
    Ilusionis 3 days ago

    I don't know how to cut pizza.

  • Im Socool
    Im Socool 4 days ago

    Can someone give me the link for the interactive pizza divider

  • Joshau Leonard
    Joshau Leonard 4 days ago

    Now the pizza tastes like bookeroni

  • Icey Playz
    Icey Playz 4 days ago

    My ocd at the beginning


  • Oh yeah Yeah
    Oh yeah Yeah 5 days ago

    OR you could cut the pizza in half...

  • erzez ezrz
    erzez ezrz 5 days ago


  • Maze l
    Maze l 6 days ago

    Or just cut it normally

  • Jimidy crickket Butt
    Jimidy crickket Butt 6 days ago +1

    Putting the book on the pizza made me really uncomfortable

  • HardRockRock12345
    HardRockRock12345 7 days ago +1

    Feeding 31 people with only 1 pizza is the real problem, not cutting the pizza to equal pieces

  • Petrxs
    Petrxs 7 days ago

    2:00 Did you just put a book on the pizza?

  • ChickenManiac
    ChickenManiac 7 days ago +1

    I'm making a pizza after this

  • Diana Chim
    Diana Chim 9 days ago


  • Xx Gacha Panda xX
    Xx Gacha Panda xX 10 days ago

    Who else got triggered when he put the book onto the pizza

  • cecilox21
    cecilox21 11 days ago

    Joe and Steven did math on pizza.

  • willziscoolz
    willziscoolz 11 days ago

    1:03 bottom right corner "what's wrong with this person?"

  • Mackenzie Jones
    Mackenzie Jones 11 days ago

    Maybe just buy a second pizza...

  • Vasordhara aggarwal
    Vasordhara aggarwal 12 days ago

    that's a good pizza wasted.

  • Lianna Vasakyan
    Lianna Vasakyan 12 days ago +1

    *puts book on pizza*
    Me: Someone get this man a brain.

  • Mysterious K
    Mysterious K 12 days ago

    u keep pizza on table and keep book on pizza

  • RandomTalkingGuy
    RandomTalkingGuy 12 days ago

    is that a star trek themed pizza cutter?

  • Fool Edits
    Fool Edits 13 days ago

    i just want to watch a video about pizza....
    how did i learn how to cut pizzas in a fancy and mathematically to end up feeding the whole world....

  • möhre
    möhre 16 days ago

    Well, now i want pizza

  • Cuphead & Mugman
    Cuphead & Mugman 16 days ago

    0:27 do not tell me you don't somewhat see the smash bros. logo

  • Oscar Gomez
    Oscar Gomez 17 days ago

    Where can I get that skeleton skull

  • xionix4
    xionix4 17 days ago

    You're too damn likeable, Kevin.

  • Jakob Dyhrman Dahl
    Jakob Dyhrman Dahl 18 days ago

    At exactly 4:06 something impossible happens

  • Ashton Smith
    Ashton Smith 19 days ago

    1:02 said
    whats wrong with this person
    like if it helped or u like it

  • HashtagCatsInSpace
    HashtagCatsInSpace 19 days ago

    0:07 OMG I have that exact laser leveler!

  • Alek Engstrom
    Alek Engstrom 20 days ago

    who else noticed the star trek pizza cutter

  • Zerino
    Zerino 20 days ago

    This is how chuckie cheese cuts their pizza

  • Gamer Gang
    Gamer Gang 21 day ago +1

    2:00 me:dont do it your book is gonna get really oily
    Him: shut the f$ck up
    (Great video by da way)

  • Seyfettin
    Seyfettin 21 day ago

    I don't care about the theorem. I only care about pizza, I'm hungry.

  • kittycypher 1856
    kittycypher 1856 22 days ago

    I'm eating pizza right now. ^^🍕

  • Something Or not
    Something Or not 22 days ago

    I’m worried for the books mental health.

  • PlanetCaleb EntertainmentStudio

    Why da fool was the book placed on da pizza?

  • jacksinplayz
    jacksinplayz 23 days ago

    I just wanted a pizza.

  • name required
    name required 23 days ago

    Great, lost my appetite while eating a book.

  • Weston Breugem
    Weston Breugem 23 days ago

    Who else took the pizza out of the skull to eat

  • Gumy_CZ
    Gumy_CZ 24 days ago

    What about just more pizza?

  • Trahcker
    Trahcker 24 days ago +1

    Why would you put that f*cking book on the pizza

  • Equalibrium
    Equalibrium 24 days ago

    4:44 is worse than 2:00

  • dodo
    dodo 24 days ago +1

    i think its better to just eat the pizza, lol!

  • komboguy
    komboguy 25 days ago

    Can i have my pizza now

  • Rise Kujikawa
    Rise Kujikawa 25 days ago

    *Picks up phone...

    Hello, how are you? and welcome to Pizza Hut how can i help you?

  • Esil
    Esil 25 days ago

    Or you could weight it...

  • Qlouu
    Qlouu 25 days ago

    i eat 99.99% of da pizzzaa. ok?

  • Ptaku93
    Ptaku93 25 days ago

    1:41 fashy

  • Diamond White
    Diamond White 25 days ago

    what the fried chicken!

  • Baguette
    Baguette 25 days ago +1

    Dude isn’t this the removed extremely hard nightmare mode logo from smash?

  • Inferno Productions
    Inferno Productions 25 days ago

    Vsause: pizza theorem
    Me an intalectaeual : eat the pizza it is getting cold

  • ghast trooper
    ghast trooper 26 days ago

    I like his cheesy jokes (he he like my joke?)

  • Loving Temmie
    Loving Temmie 26 days ago

    Now I want pizza...

  • Atrexter
    Atrexter 26 days ago

    3:33 when chucke cheese wants to make all the slices equal

  • Yuwib
    Yuwib 26 days ago

    Wooooow, that pizza js huge!

  • nameki
    nameki 26 days ago

    Chuck cheese reference

  • Snoorlacks
    Snoorlacks 26 days ago

    I want a PIZZA that!

  • Cubic Ralsei
    Cubic Ralsei 26 days ago

    Aperture science!

  • eleventy-two subscribers with only two dead mooses

    But, not everyone gets crust, and (in my opinion) the crust is the best part

  • MLG Gaming
    MLG Gaming 27 days ago +3

    Other: 5%
    People who can't do math: 0.0001%

  • Piyush Pranav
    Piyush Pranav 27 days ago

    4:06 Wow now you can cut pizza outside the pizza

  • Haris Cheema
    Haris Cheema 27 days ago

    2:00 what is wrong with you kevin

  • James Smith
    James Smith 28 days ago

    0:58 "whats wrong with that person" on the bottom part of the screen, can't sneak flash text under my radar

  • BeepBeepImASheep237 BeepBeepImASheep237

    1:02 whats wrong with this person? like if u saw it :D

  • Surprised Manny
    Surprised Manny 28 days ago

    2:00 I thought the background music was the Roblox theme song

  • Uncle Cracker
    Uncle Cracker 28 days ago

    Why don’t you just order more pizza.

  • FalloutFalcon
    FalloutFalcon 28 days ago

    Did anyone else get triggered when he put the book on the pizza

  • PaytonTheRavenpuff
    PaytonTheRavenpuff 28 days ago

    Vsauce Mic- I mean Kevin here

  • Tudor Vanilla
    Tudor Vanilla 29 days ago

    *Shane joined the chat*

  • Kyle Henry Anderson
    Kyle Henry Anderson 29 days ago +2

    I just wanted a pizza...

  • AnanyaGamerHD
    AnanyaGamerHD 29 days ago

    Id give my friend the 2 biggest ones and id eat the small ones beacausehe wouldnt know

  • CloudBurst
    CloudBurst 29 days ago

    I have school tomorrow why am I watching a video about slicing pizza?

  • IIDamiQ II
    IIDamiQ II Month ago

    My iPad fell off my bed and landed on this video

  • azrielic_
    azrielic_ Month ago


    *JUST EAT IT!!*

  • Sky 201
    Sky 201 Month ago +1

    *So does every pieces of pizza equal or not?*

  • Alfredo Ignacio Jr.

    What about the Letters? Does it tastes good?

  • John Is some random dude

    Showing this to the lunch lady’s at my school.

  • Andrew Bennett
    Andrew Bennett Month ago

    God damit now its cold

  • spacefriend
    spacefriend Month ago

    just buy two jesus

  • hi ღ
    hi ღ Month ago

    Can I get a cheese pizza? And for the sauce, can you make it VSauce instead of regular sauce?

  • Pero Peric hkg
    Pero Peric hkg Month ago

    But, why do you want to do that?

  • StephanieEcho
    StephanieEcho Month ago +1

    When you're under broke college life and 0.5 grams of pizza makes a significant difference to your appetite

  • StephanieEcho
    StephanieEcho Month ago +1

    Please just buy more pizza

  • sharkeh
    sharkeh Month ago +1

    so when do i get my pizza

  • Violtic Draws
    Violtic Draws Month ago

    Is it just me or is anyone else getting nightmares of cutting the pizza from the center

  • Samuel Emery
    Samuel Emery Month ago

    i am a simple person
    i see pizza
    *I CLICK*

    DYLAN MCCAIN Month ago

    Puts book on pizza
    What the what are you doing!

  • 胡友裕
    胡友裕 Month ago

    so can I eat the pizza now?

  • Vlad Feldfix
    Vlad Feldfix Month ago

    You put the book on the pizza

  • James A Clouder
    James A Clouder Month ago

    tfw Kevin goes through the entire process of cutting a pizza oddly then proving that the slices are perfectly equal so we know we don't get less than him, then he just pulls out a slice of 3-day old pizza so that he can have more anyways.

  • Chandler Mitchell
    Chandler Mitchell Month ago

    this pizza looks NASTY

  • Katethegreat
    Katethegreat Month ago


    not trying to be rude I've subbed

  • Elias Cairns
    Elias Cairns Month ago

    Looks like chucky cheeses pizza