Making Tiny Things For Our Hamster 2

  • Published on Aug 31, 2017
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  • Cade Capricorn
    Cade Capricorn 2 days ago

    When Julian wasn’t telling Jenna to stop for once 😂

  • Papa Cage
    Papa Cage 3 days ago

    "That's fucking *UGLY*"
    Next clip
    "It's pretty cute"

  • Dorian Fedie
    Dorian Fedie 5 days ago +1

    Oh shit Jennas got a rat

  • Victoria Bueno
    Victoria Bueno 5 days ago

    What ever happend to this hamster?

  • Rainbow Dread59
    Rainbow Dread59 6 days ago

    "I'm gonna vom" y'all are so white and this is coming from a white person.

  • Minny W
    Minny W 6 days ago

    Why didn’t they put a bottle cap in the tinfoil and mold the tinfoil around the bottle cap to make a cake tin?

  • Mushroom Manager
    Mushroom Manager 8 days ago

    Guys stop commenting about how ad died! Do you think she wants to be reminded about it every freaking second??!

  • Sun Flower
    Sun Flower 9 days ago

    I had 2 hamsters then they had 8 kids they grew up nd it became hard to handle them so we sold them nd bought 2 fishes (free) then after 3 months they died.. :(

  • Cringy Potato
    Cringy Potato 9 days ago

    When bae gets mad at you: 2:39

  • Keith Lewis
    Keith Lewis 10 days ago

    Jenna Marbles: I need to get Julian a leash

    Me: exactly

  • Harry
    Harry 10 days ago

    *sigh* jenna if only you saw my curls....

  • Brianna Justice
    Brianna Justice 11 days ago

    “that’s in the cheek for later”

  • Brianna Justice
    Brianna Justice 11 days ago

    ad was so precious

  • Audriana
    Audriana 14 days ago

    I love her videos bc there are no ads and not the hamster I mean bc she is not “pg”

  • Rylee Dodson
    Rylee Dodson 14 days ago

    Me: -sees 6 year olds online dating in roblox-
    6 year olds: sees me
    6 year olds: “no ItS NoT WaT iT LoOks LikE”
    Me: “no ya nasty and ya need Jesus”

  • Zee The German Shepard

    5:41 Julien being a fucking creep got me crying

  • sCrEe
    sCrEe 15 days ago


  • Kendra Toy
    Kendra Toy 16 days ago

    I am a virgo and my bf is an aries and if he acted like that I would break up with him😂

  • rkimstical
    rkimstical 18 days ago

    I'm an Aries....😪🤐

  • Gabi Sloan
    Gabi Sloan 19 days ago +1

    I’m from Texas and I gasped as soon as I saw Julien’s torchy’s shirt! Do they have them in California too?

  • giggity giggity goo
    giggity giggity goo 20 days ago

    he will be missed 😢

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas 21 day ago

    Ad has the best parents. ☺️

  • Kathryn Hyde
    Kathryn Hyde 22 days ago

    The camera does NOT capture the entirety of the cuteness a hamster can give.
    Source: I have a hamster

    • Hunter
      Hunter 10 days ago

      no offence and not to be mean or anything but i want to steal your hamster

  • Unicorn Koala
    Unicorn Koala 23 days ago

    I have a two hamsters 🐹

  • Aleecia Star
    Aleecia Star 23 days ago

    Juliens laugh at 15:40 gives me life

  • Kyra English
    Kyra English 23 days ago

    15:36 - 15:47 is my favorite part (just Julien laughing)

  • cynthia
    cynthia 24 days ago

    both vanilla ham ham and ad are both gone now rip legends

  • cat lover
    cat lover 24 days ago

    Is this video just Julian being an Aries for 15 minutes straight?

  • Alec Spall
    Alec Spall 26 days ago

    Rip Ad : (

  • Donut queen
    Donut queen 27 days ago +4

    Julien is like a 3 year old who keeps on doing things he shouldn't 😂

  • Woof Woof
    Woof Woof 27 days ago


  • CoffeeqCats
    CoffeeqCats 28 days ago

    I have my own baby too his name is Burrito and I love him so much and I wish you could meet him. He's a sweet boi who doesn't bite anybody and likes to lick your nose ♥️♥️💞💞

  • Maggie Green Art
    Maggie Green Art 29 days ago

    I’m not blind but I love audio only Jenna so goddamn much

  • Jsjs sjjdkd
    Jsjs sjjdkd 29 days ago

    WHAT- AD DIED??? UHM I'm sorry 😞 he was so cute..

  • Sandy Shoe
    Sandy Shoe Month ago

    *jenna babysitting julien for 16 minutes straight*

  • Q Waffles
    Q Waffles Month ago

    Jenna commenting ‘It says 180 degrees...that seems too low, will it even cook’ is a great example of foreshadowing

  • Kxtty
    Kxtty Month ago

    what happened to it anyway

  • Coffee Mug
    Coffee Mug Month ago

    I have a basketball game tomorrow

  • Annie Costner
    Annie Costner Month ago +5

    When I’m sad I rewatch Jenna marbles videos

  • Mirror
    Mirror Month ago


  • Yay Very diverse person

    OH MY GOAH I JUST LOOKED UP VANILLA HAM HAM AND THE HAMSTER 🐹 ‘vanilla’ DIED!! Ahhhhhhhhh also rip ad

  • hc miryuku
    hc miryuku Month ago +3

    RIP Ad💕forever in our hearts💕💕💕

  • Jamie Joy
    Jamie Joy Month ago

    *Julien being an Aries for 15 minutes straight*

  • Amelia Karstens
    Amelia Karstens Month ago

    jane austen smut

  • Ramona Novella-Talusan

    Jenna"its f**king ugly"
    Jenna literally a second later "its pretty cute"

  • LizzyGucci
    LizzyGucci Month ago

    why not just wrap tin foil and squish it around that bottle lid in the background lmao, make a nice cake shapu

  • ~Axess•Enter~
    ~Axess•Enter~ Month ago

    sitting there staring at the castle screaming "I want that!"

  • HumpMeFučkMe DaddyBetterMakeMeChoke

    lml their relationship is so fucking cute

  • Avarms257
    Avarms257 Month ago +16

    “ we want to be safe for our son” LITERALLY microwaves tinfoil

    • Sharkitea
      Sharkitea 10 days ago

      @missssunflower08 Well EXCUSE our non american ass for not knowing what the *frick* is a toaster oven

    • missssunflower08
      missssunflower08 15 days ago +1

      thats a toaster oven

  • Erin Pierides
    Erin Pierides Month ago

    Ahhh I really think your hamster is very cute

  • Erin Pierides
    Erin Pierides Month ago

    Ahhh I really think your hamster is very cute

  • Julia_aaa
    Julia_aaa Month ago

    It just hit me again that he’s gone and it’s 2:30 at night and I’m crying

  • KM S
    KM S Month ago +8

    No one’s gonna talk about the fact that they used a ZUCCINI instead of a CUCUMBER

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden Month ago

    1:37 Jenna getting triggered

  • Kimmy_ Cookie32
    Kimmy_ Cookie32 Month ago

    12:50 hEs So FaT tHaT iTs AdOrAbLe

  • Unspoken Voices
    Unspoken Voices Month ago

    Omg this is to cute 💓

  • SerRena01
    SerRena01 Month ago

    I miss Ad so much - he was amazing, but he had the best possible life and I'm glad he enjoyed his time with Jenna and Julien

  • Wooden Chair
    Wooden Chair Month ago

    5:42 when you accidentally wake her up at 3am

    With your d*ck

  • kine
    kine Month ago

    where is #ad 2019

  • Ava Bouchard
    Ava Bouchard Month ago

    Julian is so easily amused 😂😂 I’m dead

  • Jillian Wolf
    Jillian Wolf 2 months ago

    No hate but if you keep bringing up ad it makes it worse

  • Anna Bam
    Anna Bam 2 months ago

    #ad ❤️❤️

  • lil baby cam cam
    lil baby cam cam 2 months ago +27

    2:46 jenna: you can’t hold a hamster when your hands are covered in glue!
    julien: correction; you can’t DROP a hamster when your hands are covered in glue.
    me: i mean he’s not wrong 😂

  • Madison Mosey
    Madison Mosey 2 months ago +1

    Jenna should be an aries for a day. Like if u agree.

  • SmexyHinata13
    SmexyHinata13 2 months ago

    I love Julian

  • Claire Sadlowski
    Claire Sadlowski 2 months ago

    My dad had a perm in the 1970s. I’m spilling ALL the tea.

  • Tamara Čolić
    Tamara Čolić 2 months ago

    Is Ad okay? Haven't heard from him in a while....

  • A Spider
    A Spider 2 months ago

    I too like to knock my cake on the ground and start by eating the bottom of it

  • Avery Amys
    Avery Amys 2 months ago

    Is he dead?

  • Syd
    Syd 2 months ago +4

    Jenna is an adorable human being who must be protected at all costs 😖💜

  • Göôd Vîbéś
    Göôd Vîbéś 2 months ago +1

    *Aries mode activated*

  • Bella McCreery
    Bella McCreery 2 months ago +2

    "Why can't you just enjoy where you are, don't try to get out!" Me w my rats

  • Bella McCreery
    Bella McCreery 2 months ago

    Honestly seeing Jenna take proper care of her little animal is such a relief, so many youtubers abuse their small pets ❤❤

  • Julia Cortez
    Julia Cortez 2 months ago +1

    I think I know why Kermit is such a nasty boi, he got it from his father.