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  • Published on Aug 22, 2019
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  • Mikayel Միքայել
    Mikayel Միքայել 7 hours ago +1

    it is not an ad on Samsung game launcher it is actually just top charts of most used gaming apps that day or week from Galaxy Store and the TV sponsor can easily be removed the ad is there so you can watch free tv instead of paying for cable so Samsung isn't doing anything wrong here

  • Liz Shae
    Liz Shae 7 hours ago

    I had an emergency weather update ad that didn't say ad on it in the middle of hurricane season.

  • Mishtrong 1
    Mishtrong 1 11 hours ago +2

    Can't find that fake File manager. I wanted it for research purposes.

  • Curious Squirrel
    Curious Squirrel Day ago +1

    What’s his Minecraft username I need to know it

  • pumpkin storm 189

    12:28 it is legal I saw an entire van covered in that stuff

  • LilChinYT
    LilChinYT Day ago

    4:17 did he just call lays chips pringles!! Whyyyyyy

  • Benen Smith
    Benen Smith Day ago

    I get the sex games on TheXvid. Fun to see those at family gatherings

  • Liz_Mortem
    Liz_Mortem Day ago

    As a dq worker when it says free water what your paying for is the cup, lid, and straw which cost money to make.

  • Doctor Doubt
    Doctor Doubt Day ago

    On the air in Lays and other chip packs:
    It serves a dual purpose. One being to minimize chip crushing, as it is an airbag. The other is because the "air" in chips isn't actually air, but Nitrogen gas.
    "Staleness" is actually oxidising of whatever is going stale, so rusty iron is just stale iron.
    The fact that the contents of the bag are Nitrogen means the chips can't oxidise.

  • Max Fisher
    Max Fisher Day ago

    Australia has nbn and we got ours about one month ago and it was great and know we are getting 0.98 mb and same as upload

  • Shadow_DarkAngel
    Shadow_DarkAngel 2 days ago

    2:47 got lower than that loser....... dang it that’s just sad rip for me

  • ʟʊզʊɨռɦǟֆ ֆǟɖ

    10:42 Is that csr racing?

  • ʟʊզʊɨռɦǟֆ ֆǟɖ

    5:42 Finalmente um br nos mostrou kkk

  • Travis Ladegast
    Travis Ladegast 2 days ago

    "Getting used to it" is the reason why this keeps happening. Turning the company into the better business bureau is a better way to go. Stop being complacent.

  • Sans the Skeleton.
    Sans the Skeleton. 2 days ago


  • Sans the Skeleton.
    Sans the Skeleton. 2 days ago


  • hungry beans
    hungry beans 2 days ago

    5:56 soda dungeon wow

  • Diamond_Eevee 21
    Diamond_Eevee 21 2 days ago

    Soda dungeon is a fine game, even with the 1mill to remove ads

  • DangItIcyHot
    DangItIcyHot 2 days ago

    the only ads i get on youtube are arby's ads when im on the bus from school

  • Ben Chuter
    Ben Chuter 3 days ago

    The O2 one isn't scetch, it's simply because you cannot get a credit card under the age of 18 and is only asking as a form of age verification. I've been using them for a number of years.

  • tonygamer
    tonygamer 4 days ago +1

    Dude, what kind of Pringles do you get, cause mine don't come in a bag

  • ended
    ended 4 days ago

    6:00 Soda Dungeon, the respectable mobile game.

  • Mark Hirsch
    Mark Hirsch 4 days ago

    The game at 5:50 is Soda Dungeon and it's a pretty good Idle game with a pretty good sound track. A few things I should mention 1. The game has multiple save slots and you only remove the ads on 1 profile. 2. 1 mil. Gold is actually pretty cheap mid-late game plus you get a vault that at Max rank gives you 1.5 mil. After a day of waiting. 3. Unfortunately that bank becomes irrelevant since just making all your guys start at lvl 1 makes more money in the long run.

  • DowsonASF
    DowsonASF 4 days ago +4

    I get fake hurricane alert ads on my phone. I live in England.

  • Thicco
    Thicco 4 days ago

    To view this comment, like this.

  • kyle-michael solomon

    12:27 try driving down the Las Vegas strip they have huge ass trucks that are brighter than the sun

  • Dragongameing
    Dragongameing 5 days ago +1

    I have ads on my lock screen
    Its an app called smo're

  • Taki Trap
    Taki Trap 5 days ago

    At my school, whenever somebody doesn’t have enough money to pay for they’re lunch, they get a cheese sandwich and the bread is usually very old and the cheese is sometimes hard.

  • Splat Tim
    Splat Tim 6 days ago

    Damien how could you mention the forbidden h word

  • Pinky Inkling Gacha
    Pinky Inkling Gacha 6 days ago

    I hate those fake money scam,it happened to me with a fake 100 bill

  • Flidiocy
    Flidiocy 6 days ago

    I used to work at a gas station with those video pumps, press the button second from the bottom right and it'll shut up. Its mute, I found out while changing receipt paper

    RAZPOR 6 days ago

    pringles bags...

  • Chris
    Chris 6 days ago

    needs to unscrew something..... where are the scissors or knife?!

  • Terry Ourada
    Terry Ourada 7 days ago +5

    “Is that why there’s air in the Pringle’s bag” -Damien

  • Dominick
    Dominick 7 days ago

    i can say that century link is the SHITTIEST internet company to have ever existed

  • bag o games
    bag o games 7 days ago +1

    True fact, amazon kindles have ads on their lock screens. They can't be removed.

  • Tyler McGinnis
    Tyler McGinnis 7 days ago +1

    on the turtle one at 4:53
    I bought a turtle from that website, its called myturtlestore.com, and they're aren't charging ridiculous prices except for shipping, the shipping is like 50 dollars if I remember correctly

  • lord poyo
    lord poyo 8 days ago

    "Between moves"
    W-what does that mean
    So each time I make a move
    . . .
    I find it annoying when you get one every level/game
    But every move
    It's to expensive either way
    Lose time or lose money

  • lord poyo
    lord poyo 8 days ago

    Who else plays this game?

  • Kili Brandner
    Kili Brandner 8 days ago

    Honestly, i just got my first Samsung phone in about a decade and about after 10 seconds disabled Game Manager, Bixby (worst assistant ever at least in my language... Didn't understand one thing) and all the other bloatware...
    Honestly, good phone, but too much unnecessary shit noone was asking for!

  • Stripes the racoon
    Stripes the racoon 8 days ago

    That guy who was complaining about the as on his TV I have the same TV I mean they're not even that big ads I mean at least it's not covering the whole screen

  • Midnight Gacha
    Midnight Gacha 8 days ago

    *Pringle’s Bags*

  • 2faceidiot
    2faceidiot 8 days ago

    One time I downloaded this app to let me listen to music for free and offline (downloaded the music pretty much) I was poor so I downloaded it. It used a lot of space, for the music, but all I do is watch YT, and don't take pics so it was okay 👌. However this motherfucker would show pop up adds when I was OFF the app, like wtf??? If was listening to music i get it get the doe but I wasn't even using the app, then they hadn't have a backward button to go back to my playlist were my music was, if was browsing, so I hit the back button on the phone and it would play an ad EVERY SINGLE TIME! This happen WITH THE SEARCH BAR ASWELL , so effien iras the hell, then there was an ad block they tried to sell off or something it was like 3.99 ima not deal with that shit. The app was crap. You know when app saved ads yea this app did the same for real.

  • Latamace
    Latamace 8 days ago

    Well on the bright side at least in Canada and the US the "open package equals you agree to ULA" is not enforceable

  • Andrew Kelleman
    Andrew Kelleman 9 days ago

    Who remembers CSR?

  • Elfin Dreamer
    Elfin Dreamer 9 days ago

    I deleted the app that put ads on my mom's phone. I also have TheXvid premium so I forget TheXvid even has ads. Honestly I just hate ads.

  • Underpantswher
    Underpantswher 9 days ago

    2:46 you think THAT'S bad!? My download speed is in the kb/s 24/7. And guess what? I have century link. Yeah, don't get century link.

    • Meme Machine
      Meme Machine 7 days ago

      bruh im lucky to get half a megabyte/s on download so i feel that

  • spere43 gaming
    spere43 gaming 9 days ago

    for the printer cartridges one, im pretty sure on some cartridges there is a chip that u can reset to let u use it again. thats what i had to do with my old printer

  • Maipa Noertika
    Maipa Noertika 9 days ago +1

    it’s my first time seeing r/A*sholedesign and i was like

    _what the hell is a shole design?_

  • Playcer
    Playcer 9 days ago

    8:25 i have almost the exact same phone...and you can turn that off idiot, i think you can't complain about 48 mp of a 200$ noname phone

  • PotatoBeanGaming 2
    PotatoBeanGaming 2 9 days ago

    I get the cat girl and anime girlfriend ads even though i never searched it up

  • Tigerclaw124 TC
    Tigerclaw124 TC 10 days ago

    I downloaded an adblocker on my phone. It would give me ads whenever I wanted to connect to a network or charge my phone. Sometimes just randomly. I deleted the app and I still get ads to this day. An Adblocker gave me ads on my phone.

  • destroya a
    destroya a 10 days ago

    whats the game at 10:47

  • NZNK
    NZNK 10 days ago +1

    My upload speed is 0.88

  • DnD Dude
    DnD Dude 11 days ago

    5:58 what’s that game?

  • Brazen H2
    Brazen H2 11 days ago

    6:03 the option to get emails automatically ticks itself when you click continue. That's the a'hole design.

  • Quality TSU Memes
    Quality TSU Memes 12 days ago


  • Don't Censor
    Don't Censor 12 days ago

    TheXvid broke, I am watching a video on Hytale here instead of the video I clicked on.

  • xXMinecraft28Xx
    xXMinecraft28Xx 12 days ago

    yes... _Pringles bag_

  • Dajima くん
    Dajima くん 13 days ago

    5:43(Me: Why??????)