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The Smashing Pumpkins Oceania: The Celestials

  • Published on Jun 27, 2012
  • The Smashing Pumpkins Oceania: The Celestials
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Comments • 587

  • Shadow Monster
    Shadow Monster 2 months ago

    This band and their music is my childhood

  • Jamie Quirke
    Jamie Quirke 2 months ago

    I literally cannot stop listening to this

  • Megan Robinson
    Megan Robinson 2 months ago


  • Nebulous
    Nebulous 4 months ago

    This is proof that Billy doesn't need anyone but himself to be the pumpkins but.....James and Chamberlain can only help him soar farther thats for sure

  • Henry TheGreatAmerican
    Henry TheGreatAmerican 5 months ago +2

    This turned out being my favorite song from them, but any idea wtf he is singing about? Seems like random nonsense thrown in to sound more sophisticated than it really is.

  • Nebulous
    Nebulous 8 months ago +1

    Imagine if he made a music video for this it would be so amazing!

  • Roiy Benkel
    Roiy Benkel 8 months ago +10

    On the day that you were born
    They built an empire off a scream
    I can't explain
    Endlessly they'll set you free
    Give you reason to believe
    This empty place
    I may seem unafraid
    And I may seem unashamed
    But I will be special k
    Never let the summer catch you down
    Never let your thoughts run free
    Even when their numbers draw you out
    Everything I want is free
    'Til the end
    'Til the end
    'Til the end
    I'm gonna love you 101 percent
    I'm gonna love you 'til this ends
    Take a chance if you should go
    Face upon your happy home
    The scanners wait
    Selfishly they might concede
    You were always on your own
    You can't escape
    I may seem unafraid
    And I may seem unashamed
    But I will be special k
    Never let the summer catch you down
    Never let your thoughts run free
    Even when their numbers draw you out
    Everything I want is free
    You're not me and never ever will you ever be
    I'm gonna find you and never run against
    I'm gonna find you 'til the end
    'Til the end
    'Til the end
    Never let the summer catch you down
    Never let your thoughts run free
    Even when their numbers call you out
    Everything I want is free
    Free you're free with me
    You're free with me

  • Randy Herrera
    Randy Herrera 8 months ago

    101 % great!

  • Laura Santiago
    Laura Santiago 9 months ago

    Wow. I love you Billy

  • Calabozo del freak
    Calabozo del freak 10 months ago

    This song is great

  • Awaken Artist
    Awaken Artist 10 months ago

    your 🆓

  • Evi7Bass
    Evi7Bass 10 months ago

    Can no one else hear Polly???

  • buddyb 5555
    buddyb 5555 11 months ago

    It's shocking how good this is and how bad Solara is. Weirdly disappointing that song is.

    • Henry TheGreatAmerican
      Henry TheGreatAmerican 11 months ago

      Solara grows on you after a few listens. Having said that, I prefer this song.

  • James Thomson
    James Thomson 11 months ago +5

    >names album Oceania
    >names songs The Celestials and Panopticon
    we get it you listen to Isis

    • Tiago C
      Tiago C 9 months ago

      Ah ah so true!

  • Fábio Pereira
    Fábio Pereira Year ago

    I love this song! 😍👏👏👏

  • Jonathan Weatherall

    It's hard to imagine you can escape through a person

  • Renzokuken Leneyoyo
    Renzokuken Leneyoyo Year ago +2

    This is what I have always hoped a XXI century TSM will sound like...

  • Mayank Singh
    Mayank Singh Year ago +1

    Loved SP, loving it and always will !

  • Mooky Blaylock
    Mooky Blaylock Year ago

    This album was absolutely dreadful

  • The Campria
    The Campria Year ago +3

    How can someone dislike this??

  • Frank Stein
    Frank Stein Year ago +12

    This song is SO DAMN GOOD!!! Billy Corgan is unbelievably talented.

  • truemansparks
    truemansparks 2 years ago +9

    i think this was a return to form for The pumpkins much more varied and interesting than their offerings after Mellon Collie

    • Mooky Blaylock
      Mooky Blaylock Year ago +1

      More varied and interesting? You truly are a fucking idiot.

  • •!苦しむ
    •!苦しむ 2 years ago +5

    0:07 On the day trump won xD

  • kraal 42
    kraal 42 3 years ago +78

    how is this band not insanely famous anymore?

    • Bean Floofers
      Bean Floofers Month ago


    • Halo-Fan
      Halo-Fan 2 months ago

      Or shootings...and those are the better songs from the hipster trash

    • Halo-Fan
      Halo-Fan 2 months ago

      @Forest Speyer or skinny jean wearing hipsters sipping craft beer while singing about "Someone I used to know" lol

    • Jules Gilmour
      Jules Gilmour 4 months ago

      @primo primo fuck off asshole

    • No One
      No One 6 months ago

      cause its al about billy . pretentious ass

  • Hemant Samtani
    Hemant Samtani 3 years ago +9

    Now this is Pumpkins...this is a good song.

  • Beau Seale
    Beau Seale 3 years ago +1

    Love this song sounds to me like Billy's talking about how people in the music industry are controlled read the lyrics they're really good

  • TheFutureKing
    TheFutureKing 3 years ago +18

    Best song on this album, as good as any of their best songs.

  • carbocation
    carbocation 4 years ago +6

    But I will be Special K!

  • Geovanni Pérez
    Geovanni Pérez 4 years ago +8

    this song remind me polly of nirvana

    • seve 93
      seve 93 Year ago

      Geovanni Pérez I remember that Billy was once asked, which song he would've liked to write and he said: Polly

  • Fer Nazra
    Fer Nazra 4 years ago +20

    *"Free, you're free with me..."*

  • The Moment
    The Moment 4 years ago +7

    My celestial 💖

  • Evelyn Melgarejo Guevara
    Evelyn Melgarejo Guevara 4 years ago +2

    Free Free youre free.. with me
    You are free.. with me me encanta esta cancion :') saludos desde Perú

  • Massimo Bertoni
    Massimo Bertoni 4 years ago +5

    S.P. the best!

  • Pete Panagopoulos
    Pete Panagopoulos 4 years ago +17

    amazing album after all these years!!

  • toby hummel
    toby hummel 4 years ago +1

    kadimine meow

  • underneonloneliness2
    underneonloneliness2 4 years ago +7

    His voice is better now than 20 years ago! His voice was too screechy back in the 90's

  • Tempest Rider
    Tempest Rider 4 years ago +20

    Im gonna love you 101%..Im gonna love you till this you Billy..

  • Stuart Slizewski
    Stuart Slizewski 4 years ago +7

    Love this song.

  • Harriet .Tubman
    Harriet .Tubman 4 years ago +1

    Out of all the sea of fake and un challenging music this album really good.

  • Júlio Brandão
    Júlio Brandão 4 years ago

    God job Smashing pumpkins !

  • Anth bobo
    Anth bobo 4 years ago +2

    Good song.

  • trexx63
    trexx63 4 years ago

    Layered richly. I love it. Good job, Billy!

  • Wildboy789789
    Wildboy789789 5 years ago +11

    special k is a good cereal... haven't tried the drug yet

    • ColbaltChaos
      ColbaltChaos 3 years ago

      Yes, and I am. ;)

    • ÁUß Code
      ÁUß Code 3 years ago

      @wildboy789789 Have you ever tried Special K? lol

    • ColbaltChaos
      ColbaltChaos 4 years ago

      No worries, my love . Not my thing....Now a mojito ? Thank you .. Sir Wildboy. :D

    • Wildboy789789
      Wildboy789789 4 years ago

      @ColbaltChaos ya special k is also know as ketamine, its a horse tranquilizer... don't ever try it, its heroine times 10 basically

    • ColbaltChaos
      ColbaltChaos 4 years ago

      The cereal is great. Special K is my nickname and I associate it with the cereal. There is a drug by that name? lol Forgive my niavety but, have not heard of that .

  • TheCormaQ
    TheCormaQ 5 years ago

    isn't that a drug? mmm special K...thx Billy

  • Kamila Pereta
    Kamila Pereta 5 years ago

    till the end

  • Moris Buriola
    Moris Buriola 5 years ago


  • Andrew
    Andrew 5 years ago +6

    i love this album so much

  • NosferatuNite
    NosferatuNite 5 years ago +33

    The Smashing Pumpkins modern day classic!

    • Twisted_Arcade
      Twisted_Arcade 4 years ago +2

      Yeah man, this song's gonna be a classic!!!

  • Jacob Scott
    Jacob Scott 5 years ago +4

    Still got it.

  • em vb
    em vb 5 years ago +5

    Heck yea buddy! Great song!

  • Martín Cárdenas
    Martín Cárdenas 5 years ago


  • Ida OConnor
    Ida OConnor 5 years ago +9

    Such beautiful music. I absolutely adore Billy and the Smashing Pumpkins 💘 I seen them on Guitar Center Session and they stole my heart. Brilliant, amazing, and surreal. Billy did an awesome job and I hope that they continue on this wonderful journey and produce more amazing music.

    STEADYFIRE 5 years ago +25

    Anyone who says this isn't as good as old pumpkins, Billy IS THE SMASHING PUMPKINS, he is 100 percent what makes them, and this is a fantastic album!

    • Robert Fiedler
      Robert Fiedler Year ago

      It's extremely solid considering the longevity. Very few bands can hang for 20 years and put out an album that's consistent with their peaks.

    • Mooky Blaylock
      Mooky Blaylock Year ago

      Billy makes the SP? You know nothing about this band and neither do plenty of the other posters.

    • Keenan Smith
      Keenan Smith 2 years ago +1

      Gave me a good chuckle

      STEADYFIRE 4 years ago +7

      @andyouf Jimmy Chamberlain. What a legend. A myth living among mortals. One of the best

    • andyouf
      andyouf 4 years ago +6

      @luitenant22 leaving out Chamberlain and saying Billy was 100% shows a deep lack of knowledge on OP part. In fact Billy would most likely call the comment disrespectful and ludicrous, he loves Jimmy and recognizes his insane talent and contribution. Iha he'll give the finger to.

  • Jnanachandra
    Jnanachandra 5 years ago


  • Psycho Karaoke
    Psycho Karaoke 5 years ago

    Adding my agreement that this is one of Pumpkins nicest from my personal taste point of view. Haven't had a listen to them since their early 'Cherub' song album so it's good they can still make some melodic guitar style of stuff and didn't go too far in other directions which I wouldn't have liked.

  • Phillip Tripolone
    Phillip Tripolone 5 years ago +1

    Whoever said MCIS was bloated was 100% dead on. I cant listen to it at all bc the flow of songs is disjointed plus you have to drudge thru 2-3 bad songs before you hit pay dirt. So was Machina and Ave Adore....bad albums that served as Corgan's musical agenda. Not that I want 5 Siamese Dreams but albums that retain some reference to their roots. Zeitgeist is underrated and I'm not sure why....
    Butch Vig should've been at the helm.

    • psy spy
      psy spy 3 months ago

      Well, there ARE a few less than awesome songs on MCIS in between the absolute masterpieces. That's the reason I only listen to my playlist of that album. I don't know why OP's statement is shocking to you guys but I think most would agree if they're being honest and objective. The rest of what was said I don't agree with at all though. Anything between Adore and Oceania is shit IMHO, that's why this album is such a good comeback. Elegy was meh and the latest is fairly cool but it has nothing on this.

    • Frank Anderson
      Frank Anderson Year ago

      Phillip Tripolone .......kill your self

    • Mooky Blaylock
      Mooky Blaylock Year ago

      Bloated? Yet your album of choice is Zeitgiest? What a complete fucking joke and pathetic excuse of a so called fan.

    • Jorge Pablo Albert López
      Jorge Pablo Albert López 5 years ago +1

      Adore is a very good album, very different a siamese dream but with incredible songs, For Martha, daphne descends, apples and oranges, perfect ,blank page, pug, the pistol pete.......

    • andyouf
      andyouf 5 years ago

      @J.B. Burke love my nerd hair. much better than this horrible album

  • JoJo McJoJo
    JoJo McJoJo 5 years ago +76

    The irony of a great song like this is the irony of a mountain: The taller it is, the narrower the peak, and the fewer people can reach it. So few will ever know this song. :(

    • Avner Rosenstein
      Avner Rosenstein Year ago

      Very extremely true. I was a huge pumpkins fan in the 90's and even saw them live. Didn't even know they were still around and happily by accident found this song and am dumbfounded!

    • JoJo McJoJo
      JoJo McJoJo 4 years ago +2

      @Rémi Gauthier Maybe you should.

    • Rémi Gauthier
      Rémi Gauthier 4 years ago

      @JoJo McJoJo and so? there's far better music then this out there with much less recognition, and you don't see me crying about it

    • JoJo McJoJo
      JoJo McJoJo 4 years ago

      @Rémi Gauthier
      Vs. a *billion* for pop bullshit songs.

    • Rémi Gauthier
      Rémi Gauthier 4 years ago

      @JoJo McJoJo again 700k hits

  • Eyal Mitrani
    Eyal Mitrani 5 years ago

    Big Like

  • lindsay hassan
    lindsay hassan 5 years ago +4

    Love this Song xo

  • macho mardo
    macho mardo 5 years ago +1

    @jcc152509 name some

  • nickshel
    nickshel 5 years ago

    It's changed that doesn't make it bad. "Ring in the new"

  • ElliS OWENN
    ElliS OWENN 5 years ago


  • Marcos Alcantara
    Marcos Alcantara 5 years ago

    Muito bom

  • Victor Martinez
    Victor Martinez 5 years ago

    Velho e bom Smash voltou! Ótimo album

  • JoJo McJoJo
    JoJo McJoJo 5 years ago +1

    Gangnam Style has 2,652 times more views than this. God is dead.

  • mark m
    mark m 5 years ago

    have always loved this side of the pumpkins too bad it never got appreciated but i love it. kinda like having something cool no one knows about

  • FollyxXxFallen
    FollyxXxFallen 5 years ago

    This song gets better with multiple listens, much like this album. I didn't really like any of it at first but it's growing on me.

  • Bob Tackaberry
    Bob Tackaberry 5 years ago

    yes it has that mellon collie know, that sound of awesome pumpkins!

  • JoJo McJoJo
    JoJo McJoJo 5 years ago +16

    This song makes me sad because it's awesome and nobody is hearing it because culture is now completely fucked.

  • Mau Miguel
    Mau Miguel 5 years ago

    Pumpkins sdds *--*

  • Bat Says Ha!
    Bat Says Ha! 5 years ago +2

    This song makes me sad, because it's no good. :(

  • TheUnknown285
    TheUnknown285 5 years ago

    I think I had moments when this album reminded me of every other Pumpkins album.

  • Crimson King
    Crimson King 5 years ago

    This sounds just as good as anything off of Mellon Collie, and that is one of the best compliments one can give. This album blew my expectations away..never question Billy Corgan when he's using the name Smashing Pumpkins!!

    FAFINHABORBOLETA 5 years ago +1

    very...very...very good song

  • William Roberts
    William Roberts 5 years ago +1

    Are you being serious?

  • ksenobite
    ksenobite 5 years ago

    btw, the whole thing "you should do something new" is completely bullshit. The result is usually pointless try. Notes don´t care what year or fashion it is

  • ksenobite
    ksenobite 5 years ago +1

    Seems that Corgan is little bit lost, seems he is chasing the tune again. Once he got it. Good news is that if he keeps on trying he catches it again

  • zigfridxxx007
    zigfridxxx007 5 years ago

    Mto boa

  • Mr. Matt fox
    Mr. Matt fox 5 years ago

    my top 1 favorite song in this band.

  • MRjones2201
    MRjones2201 5 years ago

    Can anyone please make an Instrumental version, of this video?

  • Sky Arrow Bridge
    Sky Arrow Bridge 5 years ago

    for the people who says that Billy is the new Axl Rose. then now bow down.

  • hacccper
    hacccper 5 years ago

    As Billy says himself, it's only about the top 5% percent that sells records at that specific time. It's not about Niech artists that don't care what the 14 year olds listen to or what you listen to for that matter. Those who really express themselves freely... you know... like Billy?

  • Julio Cesar Diaz Arias

    Today, is therese 29th oficial siamese dream :D

  • Xeon979
    Xeon979 5 years ago +1

    What a fucking Song !

  • Bruno Fonseca
    Bruno Fonseca 5 years ago +1

    Great music and great album.

  • mdogg094
    mdogg094 5 years ago



  • Mr. Matt fox
    Mr. Matt fox 5 years ago +2

    this is my favorite song ever. :)

  • uncletuski1
    uncletuski1 5 years ago

    100% thank you

  • uncletuski1
    uncletuski1 5 years ago

    Im gonna love you

  • William Tael
    William Tael 6 years ago

    I love this song!
    The Smashing Pumpkins still rocks!

  • kevin regis
    kevin regis 6 years ago +1


  • Anomie Aith
    Anomie Aith 6 years ago

    God work computer land.

  • Anomie Aith
    Anomie Aith 6 years ago

    you don't have to make mindless mainstream shit. You have to pretend to sing for someone who hires someone else to write mindless mainstream shit. Then another person records it and auto tunes it so it sounds like like you are singing mindless mainstream shit. In reality, all you have to do is sing mindless mainstream shit out of tune.

  • Demirhan Baylan
    Demirhan Baylan 6 years ago

    you don't have any humor, do you? :)

  • Joey Doodle
    Joey Doodle 6 years ago

    don't think so because i has never agreed the use of drugs

  • Armesis P
    Armesis P 6 years ago

    Its 'endlessly they'll set you free'

  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh Jass 6 years ago

    Don't take awards nowadays seriously. I love music/films, and watch/listen everyday, but have never watched a single award event in my life. Most people that watch them aren't true fans of film/music.

  • Demirhan Baylan
    Demirhan Baylan 6 years ago

    "LSD that set you free, gave you reasons to believe this empty place" is that what he says???

  • Matteo Spada
    Matteo Spada 6 years ago

    questo pezzo è bellissimo poi!