These Fake Animated Stories Have To Be Stopped (My Story Animated)

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • I have said several times before that these fake animated story channels are getting worse and worse, but now i am asking politely for them to stop. fingers crossed, but i'm optimistic.
    Last Video On Animated Stories
    Video On Actually Happened
    Video On My Story Animated

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    herbal tea by Artificial.Music
    Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported- CC BY 3.0
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  • Leo Chen
    Leo Chen Hour ago

    Are you Anh Do?

  • Deadly Heat2033
    Deadly Heat2033 4 hours ago

    Says state and then show a picture of the U.S

  • Simon Reiterbauer
    Simon Reiterbauer 5 hours ago

    I don't know if anyone has commented this, but the past tense of "yeet" is actually "yoted"

  • deviousxen
    deviousxen 10 hours ago

    'I am the Rat Queen' LOL

  • Calum Innes
    Calum Innes 11 hours ago

    Should have said "but on the bright side...this isn't Brightside"

  • Scotsmen0204 -
    Scotsmen0204 - 13 hours ago +1

    Funny thing about the swimming one is that it is from the show umbrella academie

  • SpicySalad
    SpicySalad 15 hours ago

    Who wants to bet the last story is tryna capitalize on A Plague Tale?

  • w e i r d h u m a n
    w e i r d h u m a n 17 hours ago +1

    This video is one of the funniest things I have ever seen

  • Jakesepticar
    Jakesepticar 18 hours ago

    all of the voices in these animations sound like people who work for the corporation

  • Taine de Jong
    Taine de Jong 21 hour ago

    My story animated "oh there's a cool guy buying this girl a big m- Steal her kidneys"

  • Zechariah Bryan
    Zechariah Bryan 23 hours ago

    spittin bars at 19:00

  • Blastoise Blade182

    fake animated stories be like i became gay person by going ultra instinct because i am an anime character. jarvis 25:13

  • FallingFeather
    FallingFeather Day ago

    13:56 Looks like Sid from Toy Story but with hair...

  • Mx Ey
    Mx Ey Day ago

    you should take a stark industries shirt then cross off the logo and put not that jarvis

  • Nicholas Farrell

    Do you sell that "Clickbait" hoodie?
    EDIT - that last story is almost literally the origin story of the Batman villain Ratcatcher.

  • Bedyen Hgun
    Bedyen Hgun Day ago

    I got poked with a syringe for my flu was horrible 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • HOME OF THE SHOWS -Steven universe

    The smart dude is Melvin from captain underpants

  • HOME OF THE SHOWS -Steven universe

    I’m gonna submit one lolllll

  • Potter 29
    Potter 29 Day ago +1

    "YoU ThOuGhT i WaS OnE oF tHe PoPuLaR GiRlS!!!". YOU'RE NOT REGINA GEORGE!!!!

  • OZ Argaman
    OZ Argaman Day ago

    In the very begining "and then my father died"
    Today i went to a play about a teacher who came to teach kids in israel after the holocaust and up until the next scene there was a victor who stole food and ruled there and everyone listened to him and was scared of him and then this scene happed: one student was like "you don't know how it is to fight for food, for your home... blah blah blah ...your parents prob. gave you everything!" And the teacher went like "yes, my parents did give me everything, and then hitler came, did you hear this name before?" and even tho hearing about the holocaust and hitler and stuff didn't really affect me, i know that everyone including my felt a shockwave in that part. It had like a final boss feeling. From that moment on hearing the name victor was like "meh"
    I live in israel btw

  • Ger2i
    Ger2i Day ago

    Wait,Wanhsee and ZDME are fake too?

  • Angela Oznarac
    Angela Oznarac Day ago +1

    “I got pregnant at a pool”

    *first scene of umbrella academy plays*

  • Flamez016
    Flamez016 Day ago

    "My story" has bad drawing right?

  • Angela Fry
    Angela Fry Day ago

    That guy who got a 1on 1B sounds like he is from A Fact chanal

  • Fox named Toast
    Fox named Toast Day ago +3

    These stories: *I kissed a girl and then she became a chicken with a big chest and got me pregnant and my baby became a wizard cow*

  • silver gotyou
    silver gotyou Day ago

    why does the 1in10000000 guy sound like everyones best friend the bright side dude

  • Bobbas
    Bobbas Day ago

    Holy Jarvis your insane

    SIR MEOWS A LOT Day ago +2

    This story IS true!

    I got pregnant from swimming with a hamburger. I’m a boy.

  • Jaydagoat223
    Jaydagoat223 Day ago

    😂😂he called him a protagonist

  • DogWifHatGang Member

    Did you notice that it said *assissgnments*

  • Evan PW
    Evan PW Day ago

    I remember watching him in october 2018 and just laughing with my sister

  • Emily Baker
    Emily Baker Day ago

    The narrator for the one where the guy got a rare disease that makes you confident is the one of the guys from Facts Verse, I recognize the voice.

  • Jaylafae Klinger
    Jaylafae Klinger 2 days ago +1

    The diseased guy sounds like dude from bright side!

  • Changeling 686
    Changeling 686 2 days ago +1

    These vids be like "I am able to charm people into doing what i ask of them, therefore I have a disease". lmfao

  • EonCat Gaming
    EonCat Gaming 2 days ago +3

    “I was born like any other child”

  • E2B2
    E2B2 2 days ago

    I’ve honestly exhausted most of Jarvis’ videos in a single weekend

  • Andrew Porter
    Andrew Porter 2 days ago

    To become an einstein, you need to be bitten by a single rock (not two).

  • Carcarcarcarcarcarc1

    That channel should change its name to My Clickbait Story Animated

  • Blizzard_the_seal
    Blizzard_the_seal 2 days ago +4

    “human mouse lab” probably means “human lab rat”

  • Wobbles and Bean
    Wobbles and Bean 2 days ago

    These Indian click farms really piss me off. The creepy kids channels was bad enough, but now they're back again. I'm not sure why these bother me more than any other blatant click farm, but they just make my blood boil!
    Also, I was bitten by a tiny German am I supposed to do now?

  • ThePurpleGuy
    ThePurpleGuy 2 days ago

    You are so fucking right, I laughed so hard

  • terraria dude
    terraria dude 2 days ago

    Welcome to the BAD TIMES

  • Nik Guimont
    Nik Guimont 2 days ago +2

    Half of these sound like plots from really dumb anime

  • growlingbehemoth
    growlingbehemoth 2 days ago +1

    Dude, looking at the crime statistics born from single parent homes (guess the sex of the majority), I think that mom "might do need a man".

  • Mango Potato
    Mango Potato 2 days ago

    My brother grew up to become a mad scientist. Here’s a sad story that happened to my brother that actually happened for real, I must say. Our family life was normal, we were happy, though we weren’t special. This all changed when my brother was born. Sadly, truthfully, when he was born, my parents didn’t show up to his birth. To make matters worse, they used to dress him up as a gnome, and he would get ridiculed mercilessly for it. Because of this, he wanted to take over the world, but a happy, exciting glimmer of hope arrived. He started dating a red head, though they’re separated now. And she told him to size down his efforts to the tri state area. His life is pretty sad, depressing for sure now. He gets beaten up by a platypus every day, daily. And was once controlled by it. He has a choir that sings the name of his company every time someone sees it.And his teenage daughter is always embarrassed around him. While this story is heartbreaking, depressing, and somber, it’s true. And also the Fire Nation attacked.

  • Simply Keira
    Simply Keira 2 days ago

    This is my fav story, use this if you want! 16:56
    Favorite moments in the story:

  • Verena Balbach
    Verena Balbach 2 days ago

    my stepmom had big tits and I was animated with a bigger chest! Who won now?

  • Fitmiam
    Fitmiam 2 days ago

    Is it FaKeEEe?

  • idk what to name this channel


  • FarrellStrikeX
    FarrellStrikeX 2 days ago +9

    The dude who “got a rare disease” sounds like the facts verse dude

    • Tsukurikata
      Tsukurikata 17 hours ago +1

      I'm starting to think he is...

  • Dead-eye
    Dead-eye 2 days ago

    These are so funny bro I love your mocking and sarcasm LOL

  • RyZe II
    RyZe II 2 days ago

    Its possible

  • Gab y
    Gab y 2 days ago

    K I D N E Y B A N D I T

  • shazam wolveboy61
    shazam wolveboy61 2 days ago +2

    How I think u turn to Albert Istien:
    Get bitten by an apple.

  • thomas dawicki
    thomas dawicki 2 days ago

    As a catholic I am offended by the lost one

  • gio c
    gio c 3 days ago

    the only channel that tells real stories is minute videos their vids are actually really good and they’re underrated

  • Ariel Anime Plays
    Ariel Anime Plays 3 days ago

    Dey copy story booth but dey just make fake ones instead

  • Karsten Shields
    Karsten Shields 3 days ago +1

    Can we talk about how he was 19 and working at a bar

    • Kristian Alexis
      Kristian Alexis Day ago

      Karsten Shields Ikr? How could he be the bartender at 19? That’s definitely illegal😄

  • Lilli B
    Lilli B 3 days ago

    *I grew up in an average family. Me, mom, and Micheal Jackson apparently.*

  • Jett is a muffin
    Jett is a muffin 3 days ago +5

    These stories be like: I got a wife, so I married her.