Joe Rogan Reacts to Deontay Wilder KO'ing Dominic Breazeale

  • Published on May 24, 2019
  • Taken from JRE #1304 w/Brendan Schaub:

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  • The Viewer
    The Viewer 18 hours ago

    Yeah, boxing has a 10 count instead of just ten seconds. I think it should stay that way because i think most of the refs are in sync with the almost 2 seconds lol in between each count. That's always been the pace. If they change it I feel like people would die

  • Yaw Tandoh
    Yaw Tandoh Day ago

    These mofos never saw Tyson in his prime

  • Coach B
    Coach B 3 days ago

    They talk about what he said he was gonna do and how they dont like this what he said then go on to mention how he started boxing for his daughter but he said that because dude talked about his daughter

  • Cory Goodman
    Cory Goodman 3 days ago

    The rule isnt 10 seconds; the rule is the refs 10 count. There is a reason they dont have a stopwatch in there; the referee has discretion.

  • Eric Chege
    Eric Chege 7 days ago

    American bias....cmon. fury won. He outboxed him.

  • Luke Outcold
    Luke Outcold 9 days ago

    It wasn't 11,12 or 14 seconds it was a perfect 10 seconds. This video proves it, the count was legit there should be no controversy on this one.

    DEE BEVEL THE CHAMP 10 days ago


  • DADU
    DADU 10 days ago

    And then came Andy ruiz.

  • Marc T
    Marc T 11 days ago

    Fury beat klitschko. He didnt duck anyone, he called out Joshua, he came back after 3 years, dropped 140pounds took 2 basic fights to get the rounds, then took on and beat the Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder who AJ had ducked forever.

  • Vivid X
    Vivid X 12 days ago

    That's true we need to see (wilder vs aj)and (fury vs aj) and (ruiz vs wilder) and (ruiz vs fury) because we already seen fury vs wilder and ruiz vs aj
    (FOR ME THOSE FOUR BOXING WARRIOR'S are (top 4 Heavy weights right now)

  • Joshua Diaz
    Joshua Diaz 13 days ago

    These two are clueless about how a 10 count works.

  • Aaron Diaz
    Aaron Diaz 15 days ago

    ITS A TEN COUNT NOT 10 SECONDS. AND SOMEONE COUNTS AS SOON AS THE FIGHTER HITS THE GROUND. that's who the ref looks at when a fighter gets dropped and they send a fighter to a neutral corner.

  • Aaron Diaz
    Aaron Diaz 15 days ago

    get off his dick lmao. the thing that made Tyson so great was that he could box and had scary power

    • Ritz Kola
      Ritz Kola 4 days ago

      Aaron Diaz shut your dumb dirty ass up. Tyson never beat elite competition and got knocked out by a tomato can. People liked mike because he knocked MFs out. Something Wilder has done better than him.

    HASSAN AHCHMI 15 days ago

    david haye sparred with wilder and kicked his ass, but he said deontay has rocks in there not hands.

    • Ritz Kola
      Ritz Kola 4 days ago

      HASSAN AHCHMI He sparred a Wilder that was brand new to Boxing. While haye had over a decade of experience. What was your point in over exaggerating?

  • Michael John
    Michael John 16 days ago +1

    Wilder got robbed

  • Mr Unnofficial
    Mr Unnofficial 17 days ago

    I don’t know if I am correct so don’t judge but I’ve heard that in boxing the ten count is a count to ten instead of actually ten seconds 🤷‍♂️

      LEFT HOOK LARRY 15 days ago +1

      A count to 10 and counting to 10 is exactly the same thing😂

  • Derrick Lugo
    Derrick Lugo 17 days ago

    I used to go to a boxing gym in Maryland, one of the trainers at the gym was Roger Leonard (Sugar's brother, also a former professional boxer with a winning record). He told a group of kids training at the gym that "If you don't go in with the mindset of wanting to rip the other guys head off, you're going to lose every single time" That stuck out and imprinted in my brain and I understand why Wilder said that "I'm going to Kill him" thing.

  • Craig Dobbin
    Craig Dobbin 18 days ago +1

    The count should start when the fighter is in nthe eutral corner. And the time man out side the ring plays a part

  • Craig Dobbin
    Craig Dobbin 18 days ago

    PBC subdivision

  • RoidWatch
    RoidWatch 19 days ago

    Two clueless meathead dorks.

    TRU MAN 19 days ago +1

    Joshua Ai t champ anymore. Ruiz can't beat wilder. It will end in the 1rst round.

    TRU MAN 19 days ago

    These fighters just huge ass monsters. It's not impressive. Tyson the giant slayer was impressive.
    These guys can't box. They just hit hard due to their size.

    • Ritz Kola
      Ritz Kola 4 days ago

      TRU MAN Tyson was getting knocked out and weighed more than his opponents.

  • Ray Rogers
    Ray Rogers 23 days ago

    The only person I’ve seen Wilder fire off on and didn’t get knocked out was Charlie Zelanoff. However you spell his last name. Google Wilder vs Charlie Z lmao.

  • bronn steven
    bronn steven 24 days ago

    Wilder is the worst heavyweight champion in boxing history

    • Ritz Kola
      Ritz Kola 4 days ago

      bronn steven Aj and his paper resume champs were

  • Ash The Dash
    Ash The Dash 26 days ago

    Dont ever put wilder in Tyson's league for fucksake thats a piss take

    • Ritz Kola
      Ritz Kola 4 days ago

      Ash The Dash mike was worse he was getting knocked out by bums. So you’re right.

  • TheGreatOne CoC
    TheGreatOne CoC 27 days ago

    It's a 10 count, not 10's not a valid argument

  • Cromwell Brasenose
    Cromwell Brasenose 28 days ago

    Wrong...the count v Fury was under 10 secs. Wrong ...Joshua is not an animal.

  • James Underwood
    James Underwood 28 days ago +3

    2:58 no-one was scarier than Sonny Liston

    • James Underwood
      James Underwood 27 days ago

      overmostheads - And yet he was scared on Sonny Liston when they were sparring

    • overmostheads
      overmostheads 27 days ago

      Foreman in his prime was the most intimidating fighter ever

    • The wonderful life of Bob Jay
      The wonderful life of Bob Jay 28 days ago

      @James Underwood one hunnid

    • James Underwood
      James Underwood 28 days ago

      The wonderful life of Bob Jay - Don’t get me wrong Wilder is scary as hell. Muhammad Ali was crazy and literally had no fear of anyone. Ali would fight a grizzly bear for laughs. Plus the public love Deontay Wilder and he’s a really good man. Ironically so was Sonny Liston with his kids.

    • The wonderful life of Bob Jay
      The wonderful life of Bob Jay 28 days ago +1

      @James Underwood bro ok I will give u that but do you believe liston was that scary. why did Ali pull up at his front lawn. do u believe a boxer would even come to wilder house uninvited come on. give the man his credit. he got the boxing world afraid

  • rel bo
    rel bo Month ago +3

    Mike Tyson vs buster Douglas, watch the ten county when mike knocked him down.

  • GodHimself
    GodHimself Month ago

    I lost all respect for Joe when he said that Wilder should have won against Fury. Dude lost 10 out of the 12 rounds, and even after Fury got up he won the rest of the round. Pathetic Americans refuse to take Deontay's dick out of their mouths.

    • Ritz Kola
      Ritz Kola 4 days ago

      GodHimself you’re just gay

  • Darren Farley
    Darren Farley Month ago

    I've heard that he punches in such a non stereotypical boxing way, I wonder if that somehow produces more power. Some people just have it that power I suppose, can't really teach that.

    • Ritz Kola
      Ritz Kola 4 days ago +1

      Darren Farley He punches regularly & unorthodox. When he punches unorthodox he’s usually going for the kill. Most people would hurt themselves trying to mimic him. Wilder is one of the smallest HWs in the division though which is why we all for the most part accept it as a genetic thing.

  • Pugilism and Politics
    Pugilism and Politics Month ago +5

    Tyson didn't have 1 punch ko power.

  • Star Light
    Star Light Month ago +7

    Wilder is the only genuine one out of the 3. Fury runs his mouth, accusing everyone of fighting bums and avoiding fights but he's the one now avoiding Wilder, he needs a few fights to prepare for Wilder. He also fights NOBODIES. No one else fighting Luiz ortiz.

    • Ritz Kola
      Ritz Kola 4 days ago

      Star Light yup

    • Marc T
      Marc T 11 days ago

      Fury beat klitschko. He didnt duck anyone, he called out Joshua, he came back after 3 years, dropped 140pounds took 2 basic fights to get the rounds, then took on and beat the Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder who AJ had ducked forever.

    MACUTO R Month ago +1

    Bro deontay wilder could punch like that for 214 pounds now 223.but...bro imagine a 254 or 260 might as well already come the hardest and the most scariest boxer of all time

  • brandon veach
    brandon veach Month ago +4

    Better at Ruiz to that list of three compelling guys. Or just drop AJ from it all together. Ruiz will beat AJ again in December and then it'll be settled.

  • skoromny
    skoromny Month ago

    I want interview with Wlad Klitschko

  • Stay-RootedNLove
    Stay-RootedNLove Month ago +15

    Joe; "Bro!"
    Brandon; "Dude!"
    Joe; "Bro!"
    Brandon; "Dude!"

  • Dana Najem
    Dana Najem Month ago


  • Chris Adams
    Chris Adams Month ago +3

    Wilder would KO Mike Tyson he's too small this is 2019 heavyweights not 1986

    • Terry Price
      Terry Price Month ago

      It's not as much about size as it is skill. Someone who is able to keep him at a distance will have an advantage, but keep in mind Tyson built his entire career on dodging long range jabs from taller guys. His speed and defense were his greatest assets. Someone who can't stop him from getting inside, or who tries to engage like AJ did with Ruiz, would probably get knocked out. Fury would cause him fits and Wilder certainly has the power to stop him if he can catch him clean, but by no means is it a guarantee that he'd be washed.

      BoxingLegendsTv has a video debunking this very myth, the assumption that modern fighters are just leagues beyond the legends.

  • Alvaro
    Alvaro 2 months ago +5

    Unpopular opinion: Wilder isnt as bad technically as people say he is, he just makes it look really ugly at times.

    • J.L Craig
      J.L Craig Month ago

      Wilder only start fighting wild when he rocks u & then he just start throwing everything because he's trying to get u out of there, other than that he uses his jab & shoots 1 2z ,these heavy weights can't take his punches O by the way they are all bigger than him ijs

    • john saunders
      john saunders Month ago

      True and he has very good reflexes defensively

  • Sarge Whitson
    Sarge Whitson 2 months ago

    Dude I could hangout with both you guys. Bro,lol

  • Zack Lee
    Zack Lee 2 months ago

    Fight was a joke from the beginning

  • Kerry Morgan
    Kerry Morgan 2 months ago

    I would want to see Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua before a Fury Vs Wilder rematch. That's the only way A. J. Can win my respect.

  • Geist452
    Geist452 2 months ago

    Ike Ibeabuchi was probably the scariest heavyweight puncher since tyson - before fucking his career up after.

  • Coles London
    Coles London 2 months ago


  • Thematrix Grower
    Thematrix Grower 2 months ago +1

    Where is all the UK fan girl club for AJ now LMFAO 😂 chumps

  • Jake from Youtube
    Jake from Youtube 2 months ago

    I agree about the clocks for the knock down I've said the same thing about the 5 second in bound calls in the NBA all that timing is up to that refs judgement put up a clock makes it easier on the refs and everyone knows it was 5 or 10 seconds for sure

  • JW Tree Surgery&Gardens

    Really? Still yet to fight anyone of serious threat.. thought he could beat fury after being out for a long time!
    Professional for over 10 years, compared to other champions in other divisions his career is awful.
    He will not take another fight with Fury after that massive misjudgment! He will not take on Dillian Whyte, Fury, Joshua or even Joseph Parker in the next two or three years even.

  • Aaron
    Aaron 2 months ago

    A coked out and overweight Fury made easy work of him.

    • J.L Craig
      J.L Craig Month ago

      Easy work?? What fight was u watching???

  • Joe schmoe
    Joe schmoe 2 months ago

    Once again Joe Rogan shows his ignorance... There is absolutely NOTHING in Boxing Rules that says a " 10 Count" has to be exactly 10 seconds. It's the referee's count. Although some states have a "timekeeper" that watches an actually clock and " coaches" the referee. the Referee's judgement is what stands. Long short or whatever.

  • Chris Coker
    Chris Coker 2 months ago

    its never been 10 seconds its a ten count

  • J B
    J B 2 months ago

    Since Joshua's loss and Deontay at least defended a loss against Fury, Joshua vs Fury and Wilder vs Ruiz! Winner vs winner after that

  • Ali kanaan
    Ali kanaan 2 months ago

    wasnt that proven that tyson fury got up before the clock? someone on youtube puts a timer on from when he gets down and up

  • Adrian
    Adrian 3 months ago

    Joe ‘He’s a sweetheart’ Rogan

  • J bouie
    J bouie 3 months ago

    Wilder could've killed that dude

  • Aidan Kelly
    Aidan Kelly 3 months ago

    Can’t compare wilder to Tyson

  • Scott Betsinger
    Scott Betsinger 3 months ago +9

    Wilder is a beast a true American champion

  • Nicolas Alcalde
    Nicolas Alcalde 3 months ago

    The 10 count hasn't been 10 seconds for the last 25 years I've been watching boxing and it wasn't in all the prior bouts I've watched either. That was not a slow count by any measure. This just shows their combined ignorance about a sport they don't know about. I'm not a fan of either and didn't give a fuck about the outcome but if you've watched boxing at any point for the last 20 years you know that wasn't a slow count. He was up and responsive by 9.

  • Karl
    Karl 3 months ago

    The count doesn’t begin unless the boxer returns to his corner Joe. It’s easy to understand.

  • Karl
    Karl 3 months ago

    Joe this isn’t the UFC, do you not know the rules of boxing. Fury won 10/12 rounds and was waiting on the count before he got up. It’s normal in boxing. Draw my fucking ass.
    Wilder wasn’t in his corner ya absolutely numpties.