Joe Rogan Reacts to Deontay Wilder KO'ing Dominic Breazeale

  • Published on May 24, 2019
  • Taken from JRE #1304 w/Brendan Schaub:

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  • Ali kanaan
    Ali kanaan Day ago

    wasnt that proven that tyson fury got up before the clock? someone on youtube puts a timer on from when he gets down and up

  • Adrian
    Adrian 2 days ago

    Joe ‘He’s a sweetheart’ Rogan

  • kuntre boi
    kuntre boi 3 days ago

    Wilder could've killed that dude

  • Aidan Kelly
    Aidan Kelly 3 days ago

    Can’t compare wilder to Tyson

  • Scott Betsinger
    Scott Betsinger 3 days ago

    Wilder is a beast a true American champion

  • Nicolas Alcalde
    Nicolas Alcalde 3 days ago

    The 10 count hasn't been 10 seconds for the last 25 years I've been watching boxing and it wasn't in all the prior bouts I've watched either. That was not a slow count by any measure. This just shows their combined ignorance about a sport they don't know about. I'm not a fan of either and didn't give a fuck about the outcome but if you've watched boxing at any point for the last 20 years you know that wasn't a slow count. He was up and responsive by 9.

  • Karlos
    Karlos 4 days ago

    The count doesn’t begin unless the boxer returns to his corner Joe. It’s easy to understand.

  • Karlos
    Karlos 4 days ago

    Joe this isn’t the UFC, do you not know the rules of boxing. Fury won 10/12 rounds and was waiting on the count before he got up. It’s normal in boxing. Draw my fucking ass.
    Wilder wasn’t in his corner ya absolutely numpties.

  • Karlos
    Karlos 4 days ago

    Wow he knocked out some 2-bit bum

  • Karlos
    Karlos 4 days ago

    Wilder is dodging a Fury rematch

  • Karlos
    Karlos 4 days ago

    Can’t wait for Wilder to get obliterated

  • BillyBob Thorton
    BillyBob Thorton 4 days ago +1

    Joe is completely wrong on the ten count. Multiple boxers and officials have debunked this. Cmon Joe

    • BillyBob Thorton
      BillyBob Thorton 4 days ago

      @Karlos exactly. Thats when the count starts

    • Karlos
      Karlos 4 days ago +1

      BillyBob Thorton he’s a moron on this one. Wilder wasn’t in his corner.

  • Whizzy Rabbit
    Whizzy Rabbit 4 days ago

    Wilder won the fight but at the end of the day its a draw which is good we get to see a bigger rematch! The rematch will decide who's the best!

    • George. H71011
      George. H71011 4 days ago

      Whizzy Rabbit Did you just say Wilder won the fight?

  • Jaymoneybagz
    Jaymoneybagz 5 days ago

    Breazeale was never an elite threat to anyone

  • Conor Odonogh
    Conor Odonogh 5 days ago

    Fury got robbed

    • Alpha Lion
      Alpha Lion 5 days ago +1

      Conor Odonogh fury got dropped x2

  • John Doe
    John Doe 5 days ago

    The count is not a fixed time its when the refs get at ten sec the refs have always had all control of the fight they can stop it when they want not saying I agree but those are the rules so we follow them. Its the refs responsibility that the fighters don't get hurt so they watch body movement look at your eyes etc. That often takes even more time for the fight to start so it's never the same amount of time the refs don't rush so they don't make a bad call by calling the fight one way or the other. If we go by the rules wilder win at most 4 rounds Idc how good his two knock downs where being schooled for that many rounds means you lose. Sorry wilder fans but your boy got lucky not tyson bad count or no bad count that's not up for the judges to decide.

  • Andrey Akhremenko
    Andrey Akhremenko 5 days ago +1

    Klitschko was a bigger puncher

  • Tony Son
    Tony Son 5 days ago

    Tyson early on was way more skilled than Wilder Tyson started head hunting later on and forgot all the science. But wilder is learning

  • binjaman1
    binjaman1 6 days ago

    Fury got robbed

  • Kevin Elkin
    Kevin Elkin 6 days ago

    They used to stop fights if ref gave more than 10 seconds but now it's the refs ten count regardless what the clock say

  • Kevin Elkin
    Kevin Elkin 6 days ago

    10 count key word "count" not seconds

  • Gary Wilkinson
    Gary Wilkinson 6 days ago

    Big puncher but fury beat him and will do again

  • Michael Levesque
    Michael Levesque 6 days ago

    Joe learn boxing! The count doesn't start until the fighter goes to a neutral corner. Which is what Happened in Wilders case. The count didnt start until Wilder got to the corner. Ref did everything text book.

  • Michael Thomasson-Boldt

    wont need a button thanks thow

  • ccwright24
    ccwright24 6 days ago +1

    I can promise everyone that Fury will retire after the Wilder vs Fury rematch, with a loss. Wilder is ready to put this to bed. Who is betting on Wilder KO’ing Fury again?

  • ReadyTxBeTxxic
    ReadyTxBeTxxic 7 days ago +2

    But who outboxed him Tyson fury

    Jk both of them are the best in the world can't wait for the rematch❤

  • Jake Silvermoon EU
    Jake Silvermoon EU 7 days ago

    Joe and Brendan should look at VAR with football

  • Dipu Faimul
    Dipu Faimul 7 days ago

    788 British Expert disliked the video :P . They are still sucking fury dry.

  • Bobby Ray Parris
    Bobby Ray Parris 7 days ago

    Fury got back up and won the started beating up wilder

    • W Smith
      W Smith 7 days ago

      Wilder got robbed of a KO

  • Sean Stewart
    Sean Stewart 9 days ago +2

    Joshua losing really sucks. But now we NEED the rematch!!!!! It has to happen! One of the best fights and fight in a fighter I’ve ever seen. Fury v Wilder!
    This punch just highlights the heart and determination Fury had in that fight!

  • toetz
    toetz 9 days ago

    Wilder is all fast twitch muscles as oppose to Joshua

    • Randolph Privott
      Randolph Privott 7 days ago

      You're right, that's why he's a better knockout artist

  • David Mayberry
    David Mayberry 9 days ago +1

    If you go by the clock Tyson beat Douglas.

    • Team3Gaming
      Team3Gaming 7 days ago

      David Mayberry That’s Exactly what happened though. Tyson did beat Douglass.

  • David Mayberry
    David Mayberry 9 days ago

    Tyson was a better technical fighter than Wilder. I know Wilder is going to get caught sometime soon, he just makes himself way too open to counter punches, one of these times he's going to go in swinging wildly looking for the KO and he's going to get caught, it just has to be a matter of time. That said his style is wildly entertaining.

  • Luke Outcold
    Luke Outcold 9 days ago

    There are countless videos debunking the long count, if you pause the fight the moment Fury hits the ground and go by the timer in the actual showtime video fury gets up exactly at 10, yes it was close but it was 10. Plus its a 10 count not 10 exact seconds, some referees count a bit slower others a bit faster there is always a slight margin of error.

    • Team3Gaming
      Team3Gaming 7 days ago

      Luke Outcold I agree. There’s videos showing the clock and how Tyson got up at 9.5 seconds.

  • Telvin Jones
    Telvin Jones 10 days ago

    Get your own champ not no great white hype.

  • Telvin Jones
    Telvin Jones 10 days ago

    Fuck no power fury. Proof in the pudding. He came in his last fight dressed like Apollo Creed. Wearing the American colors. Another white person stealing the identity of a black man. Wow he not even American he is European. Bahaha!!!! Typical white privilege strikes again.

  • Telvin Jones
    Telvin Jones 10 days ago +1

    White America produce any type of champion. Then talk. Until then be a spectator.

  • Telvin Jones
    Telvin Jones 10 days ago

    When was the last white American heavyweight champ? 1995 Tommy Morris who beat a old 50 year old George foreman. At the time was and still the oldest to win the belt. After that white American been dick riding anyone but black heavyweight champs. We been in every decade and century. Every division and weight class. We celebrate our own because they do us proud. Y'all just hate y'all can't say the same. Clearly we represent not dick ride.

  • Telvin Jones
    Telvin Jones 10 days ago

    Why wasn't anyone calling breazeale a sitting duck before he got KO? Y'all hate!!! Y'all hoping Wilder lose. But your favorite lost. Now you bandwagoner are trying to build up fury. Fury knows he was out. Why else would he say. He will fight Wilder in 2020? Bahaha his words. Plus stop trying to down play a 97.5% KO rate. No other fighter out there can get close to saying that. None. 42 fights, 9 title defense, y'all are so stupid when it comes to boxing. Just give up cable. Y'all are to dumb to know what's going on. I bet if Wilder was white. He would be all on TV. White America would have pushed that white dude all in our face. But since he is black. Y'all act like he just started doing this. No you ass wipes. 42 fights. He beat the champ at the time. Then destroyed him in the rematch. Fury was stripped. But after he couldn't carry the title. He went straight to partying. Not to mention it was Wilder that started calling out all top fighters first trying to unify. Beat Ortiz y'all still tryed down playing it. Once again after another fighter hit the floor. I think y'all close y'all eyes Everytime Wilder knock someone out. Y'all be Missing a lot of important details.

  • Mhd 888
    Mhd 888 10 days ago

    Joe blowgan

  • Kevin
    Kevin 10 days ago

    If Joe gets guests on his show..why does he talk so doesnt feel like an interview at all..its always like he wants a one up with everyone he talks to except mike tyson..he was really nice to

    • Emcee Musti
      Emcee Musti 6 days ago

      It’s more of a conversation than an interview. It’s a podcast.

  • Back Road Customs
    Back Road Customs 12 days ago +1

    I agree about a digital clock on the count and maybe a buzzer and some flashing lights!!! 🚨⏱🥴🥊

  • Kluster Phucc
    Kluster Phucc 12 days ago +3

    2:46 even Deontay Wilder braces for impact when he throws that wicked right hand. He's gonna seriously hurt someone. Lol

  • Kevin McCaleb
    Kevin McCaleb 12 days ago +3

    Straight up, Wilder won that Fury fight

    • Kevin McCaleb
      Kevin McCaleb 10 days ago

      Heffers awwwwww look at you, you’ve made it! You’ve put words together! 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿🤔

    • Heffers
      Heffers 10 days ago +1

      Hes a big bum dosser from Alabama

    • Heffers
      Heffers 10 days ago +1


  • Mythagoras
    Mythagoras 12 days ago

    Deontay isn’t a good dude and he isn’t sweet.
    He’s a psychopathic monkeynigger who is retarded. The only thing he knows how to do, is to smash men away. Like a caveman.-

  • funny man
    funny man 12 days ago

    Quick comment, a ten count has not reflection of actual time measurement. It's a ten count because its a pace set and followed by the referee, not literal 10 seconds

    • Kevin McCaleb
      Kevin McCaleb 12 days ago

      funny man lol anything to make you feel better.

    • funny man
      funny man 12 days ago

      Kevin McCaleb also the count doesn't start until the fighter returns to their neutral corner, hence why most boxers run after a knock down. Wilder shimmy danced around the ring until he was face to face with a 6'9 giant again.

    • Kevin McCaleb
      Kevin McCaleb 12 days ago

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👆🏿 #clueless

  • Ocean T - BOXING
    Ocean T - BOXING 13 days ago +1

    Wilder reminds me of George Foreman when he was knocking out everyone

  • DaddyJay
    DaddyJay 15 days ago

    1:30 that was racists lol

  • San Mane
    San Mane 16 days ago

    He's no Tyson...Tyson was the complete package with skill, speed, power, footwork. Wilder is the heavyweight version of Julian Jackson.

  • Cedric Thomas
    Cedric Thomas 16 days ago +1

    This didnt age well

    LOKDOWNKING 17 days ago +1


    NARKOHAMPON TV 18 days ago +5

    Anthony Joshua IS 💯 a BUM factual statement

    NARKOHAMPON TV 18 days ago +2


  • Oshane Bads
    Oshane Bads 18 days ago +1

    Wilder actually won fury by knockout for real. In other dights when boxers drop like that the ref would jus wave off the fight. I dont know what really happen in wilder vs fury bout

  • robin page
    robin page 19 days ago +1

    Brendan 'The Source' Schaub

  • Alan Tognini
    Alan Tognini 19 days ago

    Joe "we gotta put a clock in every corner" Rogan

  • Aristotelezz
    Aristotelezz 20 days ago

    Joe said 'Wilder is the new Mike Tyson'. Yes, but, Mike Tyson was Mike Tyson the moment he got famous! Due to very spectacular quick KOes. Wilder mostly wears his opponents a little out before the KO comes and so is a little less spectacular.

    • bboykiddblack
      bboykiddblack 19 days ago

      He just got a first round knockout shutcho ass up lmao

    NICKY'S ART CLASSES 20 days ago

    Soooo stooooonnnneeeddddd....bbrooooo .....yeeeahhh. ....brrroooooooooooooooooooooo......bloooodyyyyyy hell

  • andrew cageman
    andrew cageman 20 days ago +2

    Wilder said if he dies he dies

  • Ryan Holmes
    Ryan Holmes 20 days ago

    It’s never been by seconds to get knocked out. Look at the rules. Or listen to Freddie Roach interview about it.

  • MosMoneyENT
    MosMoneyENT 20 days ago +2

    Deontay Wilder and Devin Haney have the craziest K.O.'s this year. And when its all said and done they might have the top 10 Craziest k.o.'s ever. If you think I'm lying to and watch Devin Haney last fight and knock out.

    • Fast Car
      Fast Car 15 days ago

      That knockout wasnt all that. Wilder had a much better ko. I can find many ko this year better than Haney ko

  • Abra Cadabra
    Abra Cadabra 20 days ago

    Wilder will be running like the Roadrunner from Ruiz 😂😂😂

  • Abra Cadabra
    Abra Cadabra 20 days ago

    Alot of butt kissing going here.

    • bboykiddblack
      bboykiddblack 19 days ago

      *giving props where it's due
      There i fixed it for you lol

  • black santa
    black santa 21 day ago +1

    I dont think aj wants this fight.

  • fernando rivera
    fernando rivera 21 day ago +3

    Wilder is a beast and his state of mind makes sense he wants to be at the top so him wanting to kill his opponent and take advantage of that, you can't go at Wilder with a weak mentality.

  • Tony Chessnuts
    Tony Chessnuts 21 day ago +6

    I been a fan of Deontay for two years now, I’m always excited to see deontay fight

  • Rev
    Rev 21 day ago +1

    Wilder is just an athlete. He could play almost any sport, and just pick it up at a pro level in a very short time.

    • bboykiddblack
      bboykiddblack 19 days ago

      Its called being black :)

    • My Lord, I completely agree with you
      My Lord, I completely agree with you 21 day ago

      I don't think so. The only reason he is so good in boxing is because it relies much more on physical attributes than other sports. I don't think he would be able to do so well in basketball or baseball, for example.

  • James Souza
    James Souza 22 days ago +10


    • freakyleeproductions
      freakyleeproductions 11 days ago

      Gayroom promoter eddy hearn and ass juice know that wilder is mean bussines. He will destroy aj with that clinical right hand.

    • Random S H I T
      Random S H I T 20 days ago


  • Dave Arreola
    Dave Arreola 22 days ago +1

    Wilder has no boxing skills Fury schooled him he's a one punch wonder thats all hes got power..

    • Stephen Cox
      Stephen Cox 22 days ago

      1 trick pony with a sensational trick.

  • OLCtv
    OLCtv 22 days ago +52

    Where's the convo after AJ gets knockout 😆 😆

  • Jonny Walker
    Jonny Walker 22 days ago

    Windmill wilder can hit ... NOT box
    Fury humiliated the gobshite yank

  • Omgitsjoetime T
    Omgitsjoetime T 23 days ago

    How about Tht Ruiz

  • Whoop Whoop
    Whoop Whoop 23 days ago +1

    I agree he’s a good boxer, but Tyson still kicked his ass.

  • collinzification
    collinzification 23 days ago

    The fkn referee

  • William evans jr
    William evans jr 23 days ago

    The best I seen since Mike Tyson.

  • kaminznanna
    kaminznanna 23 days ago

    And Ruiz in the mix, heavy weight division is amazing right now!

    • Don Ogden
      Don Ogden 23 days ago

      Ruiz is a hispanic Buster Douglas. He'll lose his first defense

  • Dark Star
    Dark Star 23 days ago

    Put a hundred people in a room and let them count to 10 against a real clock and see how many of them get to ten at the same time!

  • Charles
    Charles 23 days ago +1

    Breazeale was talking about murdering his family ofc Wilder was gonna want to kill his ass

    LEGEND OV BAGO 24 days ago +1

    Who is here after some uber driver Ruiz embarassing Alicia J

  • Colby Covington
    Colby Covington 24 days ago

    Bro dude bro dude

  • Henrik Vallejo
    Henrik Vallejo 24 days ago +2

    "He's such a sweet heart" lmao

  • Wiggs
    Wiggs 24 days ago

    Whose here after Joshua lost to Ruiz?

  • Orella Minx
    Orella Minx 24 days ago

    Holy shit, Joe is looking old. I smell a heart attack or stroke within a year, you watch. Won't kill him, and he'll come back in even better shape, but holy shit is he starting to age quickly.

  • The Undaunted
    The Undaunted 24 days ago +18

    "...three compelling guys." And then there was a Mexican Champ ;) #RuizJr

    • terrence samps
      terrence samps 8 days ago +1

      @Don Ogden these Mexican dudes just happy to have a Mexican champ although just a few weeks ago ask any of the Mexicans and none of them knew who Andy Ruiz was they all were too fixated on Cinnamon

    • Jojew
      Jojew 21 day ago +1

      He's American

    • Boston Boas
      Boston Boas 22 days ago +1

      A American champ Andy Ruiz was born in America

    • Don Ogden
      Don Ogden 23 days ago +2

      He's a modern day Buster Douglas. He won't hold the title long. They're just on loan. You know it & I know it

  • Gavin Mcneill
    Gavin Mcneill 25 days ago

    Fuck off fury beat wilder. Wilder lost these guys are dicks. USA cheated fury. 10 rounds to 2. Y are you USA guys so biased. Wilder gets beat in rematch cause furyis a dangerous heavy height that studies fighters.

  • judd sturm
    judd sturm 25 days ago +1

    Love the clock idea

  • Warren geezy
    Warren geezy 25 days ago


  • Warren geezy
    Warren geezy 25 days ago


  • Ian Doyle
    Ian Doyle 25 days ago

    Knocked out a slow ass dude that was standing there like he was waiting for a hot pizza lol plus wilder with the back of the head punch on fury too btw

  • John Matos
    John Matos 25 days ago +43

    “Dude I’m telling you man, he’s so special man. He’s such a good dude.” 😂

  • theyork one
    theyork one 25 days ago

    New tyson? Fury should be scared? Fury beat him in his own country! Lay off the weed. Bro. And ffs stop going on about the count it doesn't go by the clock you knobs its the refs count hahahaha

  • kayzer köze
    kayzer köze 25 days ago

    Joe looks sleepy

  • Terence Welang
    Terence Welang 26 days ago

    Heavy weight is back baby....any of these three are legit. Let’s get them fighting each other. 👊🏿 Game on !!

  • Ben Munro
    Ben Munro 26 days ago +2

    Fury is the best HW boxer right now, no argument at all

    • Ben Munro
      Ben Munro 24 days ago

      David Steege

    • David Steege
      David Steege 24 days ago

      @Ben Munro You made many innacurate infrences about my life. NO ARGUMEMT AT ALL.

    • Ben Munro
      Ben Munro 25 days ago

      David Steege hahahah okay you sadcase, your a dad, leaving “you’re gay” comments on a youtube vid. Damn I’m jealous of you...

    • David Steege
      David Steege 25 days ago

      @Ben Munro Sorry I meant to say; you're gay, NO ARGUMENT AT ALL.

    • Ben Munro
      Ben Munro 25 days ago

      David Steege just had a look at your liked videos, you sure i’m the gay one? Hahahaha

  • miritv
    miritv 26 days ago +3

    Wilder beat joshua

  • iorekby
    iorekby 26 days ago

    Props to Wilder but let's fact check a few things here:

    1) Wilder had been boxing 3 years when he went to the Olympics, not 1.5 years. You can see on multiple sources Wilder started boxing shortly after turning 20, which was in 2005. He fought in the Beijing Games in 2008.
    2) He *barely* qualified for the Olympics. First, he was in the Pan Am qualifiers. At that time, the best 91kg fighters were European, none were in the Pan Ams. The Cubans didn't' have anyone decent in that division since Solis defected in 2006. Secondly, he only beat his Ecuadorian opponent on a *double count-back*. Under the old amateur system, that meant the bout was technically a draw, they had to count individual punches. They were still equal. It was basically a ref's decision at that time, which was little more than a coin flip.

    3) He had an INSANELY kind draw in the Olympics. He beat just 2 boxers to win a bronze medal. The guys he was up against were not rated in the top 15 by the AIBA at the time. He fought a guy from Tunisia and a guy from Morocco, who once again, he *drew* with and it had to go to countback.

    4) Russo was probably the only genuine world class amateur Wilder fought in his brief amateur career, and despite Russo only being 5'11.5 inches, he schooled Wilder.

    Wilder deserves huge respect for his accomplishments in such a short time as an amateur, but Joe is over-egging the pudding by claiming he beat this amazing amateurs in 1.5 years. That's not correct. It was 3 years, and by and large Wilder fought some experienced but very ordinary fighters to win his bronze medal. He also struggled to beat 2 of the opponents on the path to that medal, and if the coin flipped the other way he could've easily have not gotten a medal.

  • FlEX Montgomery
    FlEX Montgomery 26 days ago

    Joshua can’t beat wilder or fury lol

  • GerryB
    GerryB 26 days ago

    Such a Biased Channel Hanging on Wilder's Nuts. FURY WON Open your Fu-king EYE's. SMH

  • GerryB
    GerryB 26 days ago

    WHY these dude's trying to sound the same Sshhee keep it down shhmuukks.

  • Matango
    Matango 26 days ago

    "I've never seen someone getting knocked out like that." Really? There are dozens if not hundreds of knockouts worse than that in the UFC. Hendo vs Bisping, Barboza vs Etim, Rodriguez vs Zombie and hundreds more. How about Cro Cop in Pride? LOL!