Everything GREAT About Captain Marvel! (Part 2)

  • Published on Jul 7, 2019
  • Captain Marvel created a divide between people. Let's fix it, eh? Or whatever, the alt title to this video would be Captain Marvel: Empathy.
    Brie's speech about critics: thexvid.com/video/wpVKBAT7MJ4/video.html
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Comments • 4 534

  • Jeremy Knaack
    Jeremy Knaack 2 days ago +1

    Loved Carol's cockiness, talking shit with a small sly grin made that character fun

  • Caleb Millner
    Caleb Millner 4 days ago

    This is one of the most nuanced and introspective deconstructions I've ever read or listened to. I thought you weren't going to get into the toxic mire that is the controversy, but you managed to go through it with not positivity but... optimism. I let myself be pulled into the tribalism a little bit and this really shone a light on it.
    You showed spades of insight and humility here.
    Cinemawins is always a win.

  • Amy Villanueva
    Amy Villanueva 4 days ago

    For Me Personally the reason I felt uncomfortable with it wasn't because of public opinion. More because of fandom rivalry with Marvel. As people who accussing me of pandering because I prefer DC over Marvel. Over when it was over that Captain Marvel had poor pacing in my opinion.

  • Jason Poyner
    Jason Poyner 5 days ago

    The story that should be learned her but won't be is this. Show, don't tell. The only real problem I had with this whole setup was her, and to a lesser extent the disney PR machine, blaming men for something that hadn't even come out yet.
    Had she kept her mouth shut, the movie probably would have done even better and she could point to the whole thing and say, "Yay mostly female cast and crew!" But her need to attack men just because she was the butthurt one caused this whole thing to blow up.
    Keep your mouth shut, man or woman. Make a good story. Accept accolades with mentions of the fact that the whole production was done by blank.
    Simple enough?
    Should have learned this lesson from Ghostbusters 2016. But because it is all the (white) man's fault, they will continue making low quality movies and series.

  • your right I'm sooo sorry

    Oh my god you're still cunting talking. Fuck off

  • your right I'm sooo sorry

    Most annoying shit you've ever done, why give in to peer pressure, you used to be better than this!

  • Kyle B
    Kyle B 9 days ago

    Great vid, love your channel.
    I do have a quibble when you compare "I don't hate white guys" to "I'm not racist, but..." Even though the structure is similar, when you consider the context in which they're used they have very different purposes.
    "I'm not racist but" is *always* followed by something at best racially insensitive. It's used to preempt any criticism for whatever comes after, no matter how deserving of criticism the statement is.
    Conversely, even reasonable critiques of race and gender roles that seem critical of white guys are instantly met with hostility and dismissal ("Not all men," "liberal SJW nonsense" etc). "I don't hate white guys but" in that context is a plea to keep people from dismissing you out of hand, because the default treatment of people (especially women) talking about issues like this is to instantly stop listening. It's used as an assurance that the speaker is not personally hostile to white guys when discussing a broader social construct, because too often white guys will take personal offence by those discussions - especially since white males hold a distinct historical power advantage in contexts where these discussions are happening that many don't like to see challenged.
    "I'm not racist but" is used to forestall any future dialogue; "I don't hate white guys but..." is a defense mechanism to prevent a dialogue from being shut down.

  • Pranav Kalra
    Pranav Kalra 9 days ago

    Love this channel and appreciate its mission. I just got an off feeling from 10:48 with the "don't give racists ammunition against you" line. I get the practical value of that idea but why should preventing bad faith attacks be the responsibility of the victim. It's still on the racists creating that message and on the people who listen to them right? As someone who's had to deal with this it, that line just instantly gave me that gut churning feeling so wanted to point it out

  • Owen Frizzell
    Owen Frizzell 10 days ago

    I just think it was mediocre movie I believe I think this is because the bar was set so high by previous Marvel movies I was expecting something more like Ironman and Guardians

  • Brian Mulholland
    Brian Mulholland 10 days ago +1

    I liked the movie, but in comparison to the rest of the MCU, it's below average. My main problems were (in no particular order):

    1) The lack of any credible challenge at any point in the movie. The Skrulls, as a stealth based enemy were a total failure in that Carol already had a foolproof method for seeing through their deceit right from the start of the movie. I never had to worry that when Fury was offscreen for a second that he might re-enter as a Skrull or same for Carol. Even Mendelsohn was revealed to us as a Skrull instantly. And physically, she was much more powerful than everyone in the movie even BEFORE her restraining bolt was taken off. It was like playing a video game in GOD mode.

    2) The darkness of alot of scenes bothered me as much as it bothered CinemaWins. Maybe more. Can we please never have another advanced spaceship that can't afford simple lighting? If I can light my house, aliens can light their ship.

    3) The 'twist' wasn't twisty. I spotted the twist coming about 10 minutes into the movie during Torfa. I was hoping it would just be to make both sides grey, but it turned the Skrulls into total victims which I thought was way too simplistic. Oh sure, Talos gives a line about having done wrong, but the movie's context is 100% Kree=bad, Skrull=good.

    4) The memory loss subplot made the movie boring. Right from the start, we the audience understand where CM's fate is going better than she does. We see things that are familiar to us, but alien to her in her flashbacks. We may not get the details until near the end, but when, halfway through the movie she says she thinks she had a life on C-53, it elicited a giant 'DUH!' from me. Completely ruined any emotional content. The movie should not have leaned on flashbacks ahead of the plot reveal. Seeing her playing Street Fighter in the bar is the better way to go. She doesn't see it until she's there. She should find her past WITH us, not 45 minutes BEHIND us.

    5) I like Carol being cocky, and I've complained in the past that I actually didn't like how LITTLE that came out. But CinemaWins makes a good point that everyone in her life early on is telling her to suppress her emotions. I hadn't realized what a MASSIVE directorial mistake that was. I had a notion that it was bad direction, but I thought it was the memory loss subplot that made them choose that. But no, it was the Kree. Which only makes the decision more baffling. Why do this? I won't go so far as to say it ruined the movie (because I liked it), but it REALLY hurt the movie.

  • perfection645
    perfection645 12 days ago

    Cinemawins I love your holistic prospective on all this.
    Personally I did not like Captain Marvel as much as I wanted to.
    I don’t think the fact that Brie’s female doesn’t have any bearing on that feeling.
    I just did not feel like there was any major change or development in the characters, it felt like the main twist happened and she was shaken but no real change as a result of it, if that makes any sense.
    Maybe your right and developing women can gain some sense of connection better than I can, I actually hope your right, I just wish her conflict of being lied to ringed closer with me and felt more real.
    And I also didn’t like how overpowered she was, it sorta makes me feel like it’s disrespecting the sacrifices that happen in earlier film because fury could have just called carol and fixed New York and all the accomplishments of the avengers don’t seem as real. I know it’s not the case, it’s just emotions.

  • J Sandbox
    J Sandbox 12 days ago +1

    I stumbled on this channel a few days ago, and the more videos I see, the more I really like you as a person. I like what you stand for, and how you articulate it. I really like that you give each movie the time of day, and point out the good things we can learn from them. There's just too much hate in the world right now, and I like that you're doing your part to spread some love and joy. Thank you!

  • Michael Saylor
    Michael Saylor 12 days ago

    I can BET there is no one that actually unironically *LOVES* "Movie 41" or "Freddy Got Fingered" OR "Human Centipede".
    Also she ISN'T overpowered as she DOES have weaknesses in the comics... but it's Marvel and they don't really do the standard "Kryptonite" weakness that leaves a person totally defenseless.
    The "Weaknesses" she does have are more human-like things.
    1) She's an alcoholic. SERIOUSLY!
    2) She's not immune to mind-control, possession, memory loss, etc.
    3) She can't really deal with magical energy as it's harder for her to absorb them, and it sometimes has negative consequences when she does.
    4) She can actually expend her energy reserves and leave her rather weakened, but since she's able to absorb almost any kind of energy to replenish her 'tank'... this isn't that easily abused. And to maintain her 'Binary form' she REALLY needs a lot of energy so it's harder for her to maintain at all times.

  • Neon Puppet
    Neon Puppet 13 days ago

    I love your channel and I love Brie but that movie was not good and that little black girl can't act for shit.

  • Tommy Boman
    Tommy Boman 14 days ago +1

    Captain Marvel is one of the best superhero movies ever made, and by far the most inspirational. Captain Marvel tell us that; if you remind a human of every moment they failed they will inevitably also be reminded of every time they got back up. The Kree, and the supreme intelligence never got this, which is why they thought that anti-emotional propaganda and reminding of failure would control a human and give credence to the Kree. Captain Marvel gave us the reason why we stand up, and why humans stand up and fight on, and that is why she is my Captain. It is also one of the many reason why I rank Cap Marvel higher than all the other MCU movies.

  • Riddhi Divecha
    Riddhi Divecha 14 days ago

    you should do glass castle

  • Melon Lord
    Melon Lord 16 days ago

    I have no problem with women as the main star/hero/villain/whatever, what I dislike is if something is ham fisted and forced in to hit a checkbox or pander to a particular demographic or agenda. Like the women team up scene in Endgame was cringey to me, but individually I loved their bits. I loved Scarlet Witch be all like "You will know me" to Thanos, Captain Marvels little smirk to Peter was fun, Valkyrie slicing open the space whale was amazing, Pepper in the Rescue Suit was a joy... like they had all these bits and they were awesome, but to have them all just teleport across the battlefield to pose is.. ugh. It stood out as kind of bad because the battlefield was so damn big and they were everywhere, the one in Infinity War was fine with the three of them because they were all pretty much together. Though, tbh outside of a couple of those pose scenes I'm not a big fan of them I don't like things breaking immersion, I guess.
    Anyway, i enjoyed Capt Marvel, I had seen people panning it and had seen some of Bries comments and people on YT commenting and I was feeling.. I'm not sure, stand offish? concerned? that the movie would be something extremely preachy about gender politics. Thankfully it wasn't that.The whole gas lighting and getting back her past and not giving up was really interesting.

  • Azreal231916
    Azreal231916 16 days ago +1

    Tom Holland said almost the same thing Brie Larson said word for word and he got 0 backlash.

  • Slytherin Rules
    Slytherin Rules 17 days ago

    I know everyone disliked a Wrinkle in Time but I actually really like it especially because I read the book first

  • Professor Pen
    Professor Pen 18 days ago

    Sorry, but no. I can't bring myself to like Brie or this movie and I was a fan of her comic counter part until the recent stuff. Brie's off the cuff remarks will reach and hurt a lot of people no matter how much back tracking she does because of how she singled out one group to say are bad. Now she's in a position to be idolized by a lot of people especially young girls and they will take her words and remember and use them against every white male in their life be they brother, father etc. She successfully poisoned thousands of relationships in thousands of families with remarks and doesn't seem to care.

  • suonatar1
    suonatar1 19 days ago

    I saw some of the clips with Brie Larson, and than I got to see the movie. I have to say, I didn't feel affected by her opinions when I was watching it. For me it was fun, even though I don't usually like cocky characters, Captain Marvel seemed likable to me. Unlike Thor in his first encounter of humans, she has shown basic courtesy and respect to them. I liked her interaction with Fury. The last part when she says "I don't have to prove anything to you", some people take it as a feministic statement, for me it was just a former mentor-student interaction. But I guess I don't have that many experience with female rights movement.

  • Scott Joyce
    Scott Joyce 19 days ago

    I liked the movie (watched part 1 too) and I love what you said about Brie from 9 mins to about 14 mins I'm glad your one of those people who see those things and see It and you wanna comment on it was good. Thank you for saying It also *hug* (hug win lol ;) ) I also love solid snake lol

  • Bayonetta
    Bayonetta 21 day ago

    Idc if the movie is good or not, idc if lots of hard work was put into the movie, their actions SHOULD be held accountable. Brie Larson is one racist and sexist misandrist who deserves the backlash. Anyone who defends her really is just ok with sexism against men. If you people are gonna come out and blather about having "empathy" for her, just think about it, why didn't SHE have empathy for straight white men? Yall are excusing her disgusting actions and that sexist movie with "eMpaThy" and "grEaT mOvIe"

  • Thloen W
    Thloen W 21 day ago

    its just a bad movie =( flashy and nice to look at like most big movies nowadays.
    superman is my absolute least favorite superhero and it seems theyre trying to make her like him and bleh. besides this movie ignored and destroyed the proper lore. stuff stuff and stuff

  • KenshiImmortalWolf
    KenshiImmortalWolf 22 days ago

    So i noticed you focused on brei, My contention wasn't just with brei but with the director acting as a white knight. Now don't get me wrong, Brei's behavior was, trash, a dumpster fire of a mess that made an actress i had never heard of before seem like this overly championing, excuse the term, SJW. The director, who's name escapes me cause his words were far more obnoxious then anything else, just was that type of over the top 'all wermen are queens' type about it. It was distracting, honestly disgusting, and i'll be honest, i got a flat out sexual fetish vibe, like he very much wanted to be stepped on. Take of that what you will but it is Genuinely what i was getting from how he was so defensive of captain marvel and Brie.

    That being said, it doesn't help that some of the actions Marvel takes, and choices she made were allusions to Danver's more recent and unpleasant history in the comics. Civil war 2 had Danvers very clearly say they should Kill Miles Moralis (moralus?), not for anything he did but because a Mutant that could predict the future saw him killing Captain America. She wanted to kill someone (Who mind you was still a teenager) not for a horrific thing they had done, but supposedly will do. This is why I personally don't like the whole stealing of the bike event, between teh directors behavior, how utterly 'i am woman hear me roar' in the worse way, and how much they try to sell her as 'the strongest' but do it more outside of the movies then in them, it really grinds me the wrong way. It wasnt' even hard for me to write out Danver's involvement in end game and have no impact on the story. (Which if anyone is curious i'll write t hat out later.)

    I will admit my disgust at the director's behavior and Brie's utter failings to appear any less disgusting did make me hesitate to come to these videos. I love your series, far far more then Cin-Sins. (They were fun at first but they just started getting stupid to pad out the videos for ever higher sin counts) I just legit wondered how you could handle a movie this mired in this controversy. You did help me see more about this mess, and i do ultimately agree that the biggest issue is that Marvel shows up, between first and second acts of the avengers finale, and we're just, expected to accept her as part of the top what, 5? Even endgame didn't sell marvel as the strongest single unit, Thor threw stormbreaker so hard it slammed through all 6 stones firing with intent and focus, while Carol, basically got sucker punched with the power stone. (I say Basically cause she did see it coming, it was just clear she either didn't have the means to react or didn't know how to react to the move itself) So I thank you for being honest about this mess and showing more of the side that can be real hard to find on the internet when the constant negativity has made you adverse to giving enough darns to put effort into finding it because it feels like your time could be spent in dozens of more useful ways.

  • Sundas Rehman
    Sundas Rehman 22 days ago

    This was a good video to make. Awesome job going out to understand the conversations around the movie and thinking it's important enough to dedicate a part to.

  • Chris Cade
    Chris Cade 23 days ago +1

    I think you nailed it. Thumbs up.

  • Jerman Me
    Jerman Me 25 days ago +1

    Capt Marvel was a cool movie......Brie's performance was epic.....i don't care if u dislike dis comment

  • Alba G
    Alba G 25 days ago

    I'd have enjoyed the film way more if It didn't feel like propaganda
    All the marketing was about her being a woman, feminist icon etc
    If they just treated the film like just another film of a superhero coming from a hard place and rising about the circunstances not trying to hard to advertise her like the "powerful woman" It'd have been better. Like the films you said, alita, wonder woman... They didnt feel that forced

  • Zach Gassman
    Zach Gassman 27 days ago

    First of all, congratulations on the 10th wedding anniversary, that is incredible.
    Thank you for the central theme of “try empathy.” I struggle with that very often especially when dealing with people who have different ideas and experiences than myself. Thank you again for pushing people towards the positive

  • MonoKabi
    MonoKabi 27 days ago

    Having empathy for what someone is feeling is NOT the same as saying it's OK to do what they are doing as a result of those feelings. Just because someone's POV and emotions are telling them to do something DOES NOT make it right, and no amount of empathy or understanding is going to make me OK with anyone putting anyone else down for WHO they are. Those same immutable characteristics that you list several times in this video INCLUDE being a white CIS male, but so many people feel that it is OK to bash and belittle those three classes of characteristics to no end.
    Basically, all that boils down to, being a jerk to anyone is not OK, and it is 100% possible to be racist against white people, and sexist against males.

  • MonoKabi
    MonoKabi 27 days ago

    11:30 This is because women are a limited resource when it comes to wartime. Yeah, you may think it's an icky way to look at the world, but it only takes about a 10-1 male to female population to keep a society going, men, overall, are disposable, women are NOT, they are valuable, and vital, ESPECIALLY in combat and wartime. letting them be on the front lines getting killed, that's a horrible idea, biologically, and no amount of emotional appeal is gonna change the raw logic behind that. After WW1 and II, and the Civil War showed that a long, prolonged war was going to decimate the young male population of the countries involved, I DO NOT have a problem with limiting women's involvement in direct combat.

  • MonoKabi
    MonoKabi 27 days ago

    11:02 Problem with this clip: Professional (because that is who she is referring to, not internet armchair critics) Critics are a limited resource. Only so many paid positions out there in the world with the job title "Movie Critic", so if she wants more diversity, then by definition, that's less of the people who are doing the job right now that can be there. IE, exactly the opposite of what she says in that clip. You CinimaWins, and your internet ilk, do not count for her purposes, she was talking about "Real" Critics. The kind who get invited to those pre-screenings and Media chat-up sessions.

  • Travis Lee
    Travis Lee 28 days ago

    I adored this video,I needed this. Im not a fan of Brie due to some of how she handled some of her pr,but Ill admit this video helped me a bit in my view of her(combined with some of her recent outings)I enjoyed this movie and its message.Brie Larson was working for a goal i believe in but g*d if she didnt rub me the wrong way during her pr for this film.
    To Elaborate Brie had moments of ableism in her run.At least from my perspective.
    I appreciate what shes working towards and I dont see her as a man hater..Im ranting now and im sorry

  • Travis Lee
    Travis Lee 28 days ago

    Ill admit.My issues arent with the movie.Its completely with Brie Larson though thats slowly shifting
    I went into this with a bias but I did enjoy the feel of the movie

  • Mikie Lonergan
    Mikie Lonergan 28 days ago

    I think in my opinion the makers\creator's/casting of the film wanted and approached bree larson and to transform her into captain marvel/carol danvers like RBJ with iron man/tony stark... Im not saying they're the same but their trying to connect by creating the characters is to make them into their own the roll.. Im trying to say I feel bree Larson was the person carol danvers/ Captain marvel should be from a comic book too the screen like RBJ and Chris Evans were for their rolls... I'm might be wrong or just completely make no sense but i might be right but if you see my point talk to me about i think the casting was spot on

  • Marshall Read
    Marshall Read 29 days ago

    'Everything GREAT About Speed Racer!' Please?

  • Fae-Adventures
    Fae-Adventures 29 days ago +1

    My first thought when he compared carol to black widow was that there is a subtle difference in their character types that goes beyond just being strong or cocky. like he said, Black widow may have first been presented as the stereotypical "show up all the men" boss chick, but she was also presented as sexy - something that really wasn't a thing for carol. A female who is competent and independent of men but who still gets to be their eye candy? A-OK! A female who is competent and independent of men, and who also isn't presented as having any way in which her character nurtures or caters to men and simply exists for herself in her own right? I think that, for a certain minority of toxic fanboys, this subconsciously pisses them off. Now, I know there are other things coming into play than just this for why some people like or dislike Captain Marvel, but I do think it is a contributing factor to some of the more extreme and unreasonable types of backlash to the character and film.

  • Gamer1288
    Gamer1288 29 days ago

    3:52 I thought that side hated Brie Larson because they think that she is a massive bitch, not because she is a woman.

  • TarmacTomato 677
    TarmacTomato 677 29 days ago

    I just want a movie to entertain me.

  • Roaring Lion
    Roaring Lion Month ago +1

    Killmonger Was Right.

  • Benji Sun *Moxie*
    Benji Sun *Moxie* Month ago

    nitpicks: oh Sophie Turner did get a lot of flack, there's plenty of comments around saying she's a bad 'bratty & immature' actress based not on her as an actress but solely on her character in Game of Thrones s1 (are they Sean Bean defenders?). also, Alita getting "exactly zero backlash"? errr, that's not entirely true, and this perspective reiterates the point that Asian issues are non-existent to most white people. (even though i think that Alita is NOT whitewashing, and neither is Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell. however, her statements saying her as a white actress can play whatever she wants, that's an example of poorly worded white privilege underscored by Emma Stone played Allison Ng in Aloha.) ever heard of a little film that's been in the adaptation development hell for over a decade now called Akira? (or the other side saying "but blue psionic dwarves aren't Asians") but if all you mean is that there's no backlash for the lead being female, that's definitely got lost in the video, while mentioning anti-semitism comments from crazy outliers. this is why i agree with what Brie said, although she could've put it in better words instead of coming off as dismissive. and despite my critical tone, thank you for making the video from multiple perspectives.

  • Tanya Kopel
    Tanya Kopel Month ago

    This video was worth signing up for youtube for! Awsome work! Thank you.

  • RedRemus
    RedRemus Month ago +3

    I for one really enjoyed Carol's cocky swagger and Brie Larson's performance in general. Even at the first viewing it felt fresh and upbeat and her interactions with S. L. Jackson were very enjoyable. Frankly, I don't understand all the complaints about this. Robert Downey's Tony Stark turned the cockiness straight to eleven and everyone applauded. But when Brie does it for female character, suddenly she comes off as too arrogant? Double standards maybe? She is supposed to be one of the best jet pilots in the Air Force so my guess is she had to crawl up the ranks in truly misogynistic society where nothing was given for free. And she came out on top! Of course she will be a bit cocky.

  • ssosmcin
    ssosmcin Month ago

    I would love to hang out and talk movies with you. You seem like a really decent person. Thanks for this...

  • Delight
    Delight Month ago


  • Constantine
    Constantine Month ago

    Yeah I get all you're saying with the scenario surrounding this movie. But, but, her ass was flat man......

  • Briana Hanson
    Briana Hanson Month ago

    17:11 You too can blow up ships with a hug!

  • 2nd3rd1st
    2nd3rd1st Month ago

    3:30 "There's no middle ground between Nazi and non-Nazi." Uhm, no. Depending on how broadly you define "Nazi" look up guys like Fritz-Dietlof von der Schulenburg (who was an actual Nazi-Party member), Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, Rudolf-Christoph von Gersdorff or Axel von dem Bussche, to name a few. Real life has more sides than just Sins and Wins.

  • parker amaker
    parker amaker Month ago

    Im so glad and very appreciative that you are learning and actively practicing empathy. You dont not know or may not understand why that means so much to me but it does. Thank you for making this video, and thank you for understanding your humanity thru reflection and taking and proactive role and in trying to evolve yourself and others.

  • - Droid-J7 -
    - Droid-J7 - Month ago

    Thank u for being able to write down what I was thinking all this time.

  • dragom2009
    dragom2009 Month ago +1

    You see the thing all the non hated woman heros like wonder woman, black widow etc. is that they all are sexobejcts or sexified. You didn´t have the barbie instagram look on captain marvell. She was a character of a person trying to do her thing and not getting why everyone was treating her differently and later just got tired of that attitude as you can see when she met the mc guy. All and all I like this Movie more than all the other super hero women. besides the cgi which could have been better.

  • Funny Little Frog
    Funny Little Frog Month ago

    Also Happy wedding Anniversary!! :)

  • Funny Little Frog
    Funny Little Frog Month ago

    Thank you so much for this video and the talk. This was pretty important and i hope Captain Marvel and Brie Larson haters watch this

  • Funny Little Frog
    Funny Little Frog Month ago +1

    6:44 this was priceless X'D

  • Neb 2002
    Neb 2002 Month ago

    I just think they could have made Captain Marvel far more relateable and far vulnerable like Cap, Tony or even Thor was. Captain Marvel just went through every problem very easily I don't hate woman in fact I wanted this movie to be up there because hey the first female superhero movie of marvel should be good and should feel grounded which Marvel has done up to this point.

  • Jasmine Jackson
    Jasmine Jackson Month ago

    I like your brain

  • Frederic Mari
    Frederic Mari Month ago

    Yes, yes, yes... BUT
    1- Brie shutting down Chris Hemsworth complimenting her proves she still needs to grow/get wiser. As most of us do. But it was embarrassing and it happened in public.
    2- Captain Marvel is overpowered. I like the idea of a parallel between her story and psychological abuse mentioned by another commentator but I didn’t get much of that while watching the movie and once she’s unleashed... boy. She’s just way too powerful.

  • jkjkjk
    jkjkjk Month ago

    This is one of my favorite video by far

  • ladylilith06
    ladylilith06 Month ago

    i loved brie but was put off by her, but enjoyed the movie wasn't the best but i liked it sure i eye rolled couple of times, and while she is not my fav female character in marvel, i do hope she gets better and we see her grow, which after the main 6 did i sure and know she will end up becoming a bigger fav for all, just like Captain america who no body liked or cared about as he was also boring and bland and grew in to mine and many other favs in the end.

    as a side thought total thought her and her best friend were going to be or were lovers.