The Coronavirus Vaccine Explained | COVID-19

  • The truth about the race to a coronavirus vaccine
    The Science of Self-Isolation:
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  • Meme Boi
    Meme Boi 45 minutes ago

    Me: get coronavirus
    my cells: Endgame Battle

  • paint brush
    paint brush 3 hours ago


  • daniel smith
    daniel smith 4 hours ago

    they like lying everything is caucasian brought about it ..

  • Pineapple
    Pineapple 5 hours ago

    What’s worse?
    The plague or the coronavirus?

  • Danial Ikram
    Danial Ikram 6 hours ago

    @asapscience pls make a video about third born child. I wonder why most of them are the most attractive in their family

  • The Sorcerer
    The Sorcerer 7 hours ago +1

    Recently a study by NIH stated that SARS-CoV-2 can "survive" for the given time on given surfaces. But i want to ask like how is it possible if it is not even living in the first place? I mean its just a ssRNA in a capsule?!

  • dick castle
    dick castle 8 hours ago

    Oh good there ls a vaccoine..
    For 87,000 dollars

  • Roger Vilca
    Roger Vilca 8 hours ago

    Great information. It is curious that in the video one is so close to the other and one of them touches his nose almost at the end of the video. It is precisely these actions that should be avoided. Regards.

  • Dave Byrd
    Dave Byrd 8 hours ago

    I've watched I am Legend. I know how this ends 🏃💨

  • Ruchita Ravindranath
    Ruchita Ravindranath 8 hours ago

    What is the R-o of covid 19 ??

  • Acrolein
    Acrolein 10 hours ago

    So the mayonnaise is an instrument?

  • This Random Socialist
    This Random Socialist 11 hours ago +2

    To all anti-vaxxers out there:
    Please please please for the love of everything in this world RECONSIDER! I have elderly family members who just can't take vaccine since they're immuno-compromised and rely i. stead on herd immunity. If a vaccine is discovered and propagated, if you are able to, TAKE IT! If that were to happen and YOU cause the epidemic to not stop spreading, I'll blame you all PERSONALLY for causing causing any death that may happen after the vaccine is distributed.

  • shabareesh k
    shabareesh k 13 hours ago

    But it's ok where do these virus come from and why that virus is attacking us now it has been there from centuries

  • Tech Tech 13 hours ago

    30% of the worlds population will die before the vaccine will be used and distribute all over the country around the world. so take care of your self don't abuse your body so you will not get sick.

  • Jeff Jiang
    Jeff Jiang 13 hours ago

    No propaganda please.
    Btw I have COVID-19

  • Sam Longhurst
    Sam Longhurst 15 hours ago +1

    If it takes up 1.5 years to make a vaccin, does this mean that we have to stay at home until there is a vaccin? Otherwise if we go outside say in july, people will get sick again right? So do we have to stay at home until there is a vaccin?

  • Federino54
    Federino54 16 hours ago +1

    I’ve noticed, People are going out buying out all the toilet paper, but if you go to the medicine and vitamins isle. No one is buying anything to build up their immune system. People are so stupid. (P.S. You gained another subscriber)

  • Alex Lee
    Alex Lee 17 hours ago

    Won’t corona virus just die down before the vaccine comes

  • Travon Dumas
    Travon Dumas 17 hours ago

    Did the guys change

  • Naman Jain
    Naman Jain 18 hours ago

    My parents are asking me not to eat cold refrigerated foods and liquids, because they think I'll catch cold and will be more prone to COVID-19. I wanted to know, is that true? (Ps - I won't believe random people saying anything)

  • schalazeal07
    schalazeal07 20 hours ago +1

    OMG 2 years is quite long time for a vaccine.. I imagined a year.. We can only control this thru social distancing. Like what they said, we have to vote for people who believe and listen to science. Fund science!

  • Stanley Sakai
    Stanley Sakai 21 hour ago

    can I like this a million times?

  • WhatIS Love?
    WhatIS Love? 21 hour ago

    Has anyone considered that the reason why doctors and healthcare providers become more sick over time, is because they are exposed to both of the two strains of virus?

  • dany LAJOIE
    dany LAJOIE 22 hours ago

    Kill All the Bat

  • Igotscam80wl3 Roblox
    Igotscam80wl3 Roblox 23 hours ago

    Argh its true humans are killing ourselves sars outbreak took 7 months to be contained and because people took good measures and now covid 19 is gonna take longer than a year to solve it because now the presidents and people take technology for granted

    CRISTIAN HIDALGO 23 hours ago

    Mexican moms with the vapor rub: * *denial* *

  • Daniel Portillo
    Daniel Portillo Day ago

    Don’t get vaccines they will kill you

  • 111333meta
    111333meta Day ago

    You are the media keep us calm asap

  • Andrew Laurent
    Andrew Laurent Day ago

    Would love to see a video on the nature and history of zoonotic diseases, watch this first. It shows how the better/safer solution for everyone is to cancel animal agriculture and trading. Plus it would be best for the planet and the animals.

  • Full Brain
    Full Brain Day ago

    Primary symptoms of COVID-19
    - Cough
    - Fever
    - Shortness of breath

  • RossoCarne
    RossoCarne Day ago


  • Magnificent Truth seeking Queen

    I don’t trust any vaccine from a pale white skin person

  • Omar Ali
    Omar Ali Day ago +1

    Can you explain more about the mRNA?

  • English Studies
    English Studies Day ago

    *Is there a Magic Cure for Corona Virus?* :

    • MushroomMario
      MushroomMario Day ago +1

      Answer: No. If we haven't developed a vaccine yet, what's the chance we are just gonna find a cure in the wild?

  • bilisha coli
    bilisha coli Day ago

    Coronavirus: exists People: I nEeD tOiLeT pApEr Toilet paper: has left the chat

    • Matteosoder
      Matteosoder 11 hours ago

      Of course people need toilet paper

  • All Roads Lead Here


  • Annie Ryan
    Annie Ryan Day ago

    my mom is running covid testing sites all over NJ

  • Thomaticus
    Thomaticus Day ago

    Theres a patent for covid, but no vaccine? How?

    • bilisha coli
      bilisha coli Day ago

      past like Vioxx, Bextra, Meridia, Baycol, Palladone and many more and then had to recall them because they were harmful. Those were all just slight oversights right? What ki

  • Corey De Spot
    Corey De Spot Day ago

    Whats the style of this kind of video called? Like the filming style with the drawing

  • jaq nah
    jaq nah Day ago

    I’ve been having a lot of anxiety after falling down a rabbit hole of covid conspiracy theories. These videos are a big help

  • 666
    666 Day ago

    anti-HAdV7 nAb

  • Klaas J
    Klaas J Day ago

    And search for Ron Fouchier on the birdflu

  • Klaas J
    Klaas J Day ago

    We only need the SARS blocker, thats all what will help. They are searching for that 17 years but never find it.

  • R S Shiiv Acha
    R S Shiiv Acha Day ago +1

    I have a question: “Does our body develop antibodies to fight COVID19?”

  • Dagnachew Metaferya

    እናትህ ትበዳ አንተ ውሸታም ነጫጭባ ብላቹ ብላቹ ልትጨርሱን ነው? ሸርሜክስ

  • Manish Gupta
    Manish Gupta Day ago

    Hello Green waldo

  • Arman Ahmad
    Arman Ahmad Day ago

    I haven’t watched these videos in so long. And was surprised by the faces

  • ejaz ahmed
    ejaz ahmed Day ago +1

    i hate this drag queen, next time maybe less of you & more talk

  • mark clark
    mark clark Day ago

    To anyone who thinks people should be forced to accept any new vaccine, let me ask you something. According to your own logic, wouldn't anyone who didn't take the vaccine only endanger others who didn't take the vaccine? I mean you all seem to have a cult-like belief in big pharma, so why wouldn't you trust the vaccine you received to protect you from someone who didn't receive it?

    • Revyi Cross
      Revyi Cross Day ago

      @mark clark if you allergic to vaccines. Then you part of the group who can't take them and depends on the people around you to take them.
      Also you more likely to be hit by lightning than to be allergic to a vaccine.
      If most people get the virus then yes.
      Herd immunity can protect the rest.
      However, over 95% of a population have to have it. To create a wall to protect the last 5%. So instead of risking 95% of the population.
      The 95% get vaccinated, which is much safer and you get herd immunity.
      Your last bit I am not sure which way you mean and so I will answer both ways.
      First if you mean the virus will mutate to beat the vaccines.
      Virus aren't intelligent, all they mutations are random and most are harmless.
      However, the longer it allowed to live the more mutations it goes through.
      Which increase the likelihood that a dangerous mutation happens.
      Second if you ment the vaccine that insert the virus into you will give it more chance to mutate.
      Well most vaccines use dead version of the virus and so can't do anything but be examined by the body.
      The vaccines that are alive, have been stripped of it ability to multiple quickly and so mutations aren't likely. As well as it a very weak version with it dangerous parts stripped away.
      So are bodies destroy it, before it can get a foothold to mass multiple. Even if it could.
      Now nothing humanity does is perfect. They always screw up.
      So of course ever vaccine have side effects. As well as even the best vaccine got a 99% success rate. While the worse have 85%.
      Actual all medicine the same way.
      If you want to be weary that is fine.
      But remember the faster we vaccinated, the more lifes that can be saved.
      Also vaccines are very open about what in them and what each object in them does.
      Vaccines are very basic and easy to understand.

    • mark clark
      mark clark Day ago

      @Revyi Cross You make some good points, especially about the virus being able to mutate in someone. However, how I am to know if I am allergic to the vaccine before I take it? Also, I think herd immunity comes about from a large portion of the population having had the disease already also. What about the virus constantly mutating? Wouldn't a vaccine potentially cause the virus to mutate in order for it to infect the vaccinated person?

      I am not against all vaccines, but I wouldn't want to be in the first group of people taking any new and rushed vaccine.

    • Revyi Cross
      Revyi Cross Day ago

      No one trust or like big pharma but with just a bit of knowledge.
      You understand that big pharma loses when it comes to vaccines.
      They cost more to make then what the government allows them to sell them for. If the government wasn't subsidizing vaccine then they wouldn't be able to offered to make them.
      Preventive care such as vaccine are cheap. While once you get the sickness you can easily end up paying thousands to get better.
      Now to answer your question.
      There is 2 big reasons why everyone who can be vaccinated should be.
      First some people can't be. There are different medical conditions that hurt your immune system. If you have any of them. Then vaccines can become dangerous for you. However, if everyone around them are vaccinated. Then the chance they get the virus is really low.
      This is called herd immunity. I suggest you look it up.
      Second reason is unvaccinated people can give the virus a foothold.
      Allow it to survive for longer. Which the longer a virus is allowed to survive. The more it mutates. Which means it could mutate just enough so that the vaccine no longer works against it. Or even worse mutates to be way more deadly.

  • Wyoma L.
    Wyoma L. Day ago

    Do you guys have any theories about how the pandemic will end? You mentioned the virus potentially dying down and I'm wondering how that's meant to happen.

  • Ritvik Sai Narayan

    This summarizes my A level biology syllabus thanks lol

  • Jay Pretli
    Jay Pretli Day ago


  • أسامه المصري

    ✍اخي الباحث عن الحق هل تعلم ان كافة الدول الإسلاميّة العربيّة والأعجميّة الذين ساعدوا بجهلٍ منهم على تحقيق نجاح الخطة الصهيونيّة العالميّة لتفكيك المسلمين وضرب المسلمين بأيدي بعضهم بعضاً بتأجيج المذهبيّة والطائفيّة بينهم، وتلك الخطة الصهيونيّة اليهوديّة العالميّة؟!
    لمزيد من الاخبار السياسيه من محكم الذكر تجدوه على الرابط التالي👇💫

  • mark clark
    mark clark Day ago

    I'm sure we can all blindly trust big pharma right? I mean sure Bayer-Monsanto has been poisoning people with glyphosate and covering it up for decades. And so what if big pharma artificially drives up drug costs by barely changing the formulas in their drugs to get around expired patents? And of course they have never rushed out any drugs in the past like Vioxx, Bextra, Meridia, Baycol, Palladone and many more and then had to recall them because they were harmful. Those were all just slight oversights right?

    What kind of fool would blindly be injected with an unknown substance because big pharma and the government said it was good for them? The government experimented on US soldiers during WWII and Vietnam and sterilized people against their will in the early to mid 1900s.

    • Ranken
      Ranken Day ago

      ​@mark clark So after looking through all of your sources I've understand how you wrongly understand the info, let's start:
      1st one: Radiation test: You think it's because it's radiation test and there are people involved so it's radiation test on pp. Well, that's where you're wrong. They didn't test the radiation on soldiers, they tested nuclear bombs on islands that had all of its citizen removed, basically an empty island, to better understand the effect of atomic weapons on naval targets. The soldiers involved in this compensation are mostly people who took part in those tests and got cancer as a collateral damage so I hope that answer your question. However, I don't understand how this is linked to vaccines being harmful in anyway except for that it makes you lose trust.
      2nd: LSD: it was a test for weapons, not vaccines and those soldiers who participated in it were quote on quote "volunteers". Again, not sure where're you're going with this other than it makes you trust less in the government because you did not read the article well.
      3rd: Drug recalls: They Pharmaticals company don't want to give out poison, of course not, they only give drug to save and help people, however , the reason why these drug are out and then had to be recalled is because in the past (the past where you said big pharma was all abt saving people, not making money), they don't have enough money, resources and technology to properly test these drugs, so some side effects may go unnoticed. But as time move on and we get more advanced, so does our testing methods and we can produce safer drugs as a whole.
      4th: Up prices. This is true. It's people nature, they want a benefit for themselves. While it is very sad that this is the truth, this is by no means a reason for you to think that drug is unsafe. It's just expensive, not unsafe.
      Lastly: Poison pp with glyphosate in weed-killers by Bayer's Monsanto. This is weed killers, not sure how much that got to do with vaccines. But you must remember, what matters is the dosage of it. Yes, there's glyphosate in vaccines but what matters is that it's just a very small amount and doesn't cause you any harm. For example, fish have mercury but only in very small dosage so you can eat them safely without any issue. This article will help you understand better.
      Extra: You called the websites I give you "pro-vac". This is basically just you denying the proves I gave you and say that it's pro-vac for it doesn't match your beliefs and say that it is pro-vac because they say vaccines are good.

    • mark clark
      mark clark Day ago

      @Ranken So you simply link biased pro-vaccine pages as support? What else are they gonna say? Links below...

      Bayer poisoning people

      Drug recalls

      Radiation tests on soldiers

      LSD tests on soldiers

      Big pharma price fixing

    • Ranken
      Ranken Day ago

      @mark clark It can still saves life, the main point of vaccine is to save life. It's not that I can't use, it's to see if you're bullshitting or not. People like you just talk and talk and talk and make claims about vaccines being harmful with no source. Who can trust you?
      Sources for vaccine save lives:
      This artice shows that while vaccine can have some risks, the amount of benefits outweigh it. And this:
      This article tells you how vaccine help and where it came from.
      Now that I've given some of my sources, I'd like you to give some point to prove your claims that vaccine are harmful. If you want to claim anything, you need proves.

    • mark clark
      mark clark Day ago

      @Ranken So you literally are unable to use google, bing, yahoo, or any other search engine? Also, vaccines *used to be* all about saving lives. Now that big pharma runs the show, they are about profit.

    • Ranken
      Ranken Day ago

      @mark clark I asked you to give me a source, not just talk abt it, common knowledge is that vaccine saves lives, a woman whose job is to milk a cow in the 17th century knows that, and now you on't know that?

  • Trash Mix
    Trash Mix Day ago +1

    Lol ngl anti vaxers are in trouble in one to two years

  • Lofts Sympatico
    Lofts Sympatico Day ago

    ... and if you REALLY Want to know what happens in an EASY format... check out this 18 MILLION view great video!

  • Lofts Sympatico
    Lofts Sympatico Day ago +1

    Trump- we win AGAIN- USA is NOW- GREATEST in the world- for deadly Corona-19.... I N F E C T I O N S !
    You KNEW it would zoom and allowed gatherings. You showed a TERRIBLE Example to everyone.
    ORDER the Military take over with martial law in force- NOW! We are under attack and need BOLD ORDERS!
    Trump STILL thinks that money can buy his way out. HE refused to call it a pandemic. HE told us- "Just a few cases; they'll be gone in weeks". HE said- "I have NO symptoms, so I don't need testing," after standing next to the infected Brazilian. What an UNscientific A-hole! No clue about scientific FACTS. Dump TRUMP before our parents or grandparents ALL die and youth may suffer 30% lung reduction in survival.
    USA is UNDER ATTACK. EVERYONE should be FORCED to distance themselves; NO GROUPS WHATSOEVER !!!
    India has THREE+ times our population is very poor, and more crowded... but has WAY, WAY less INFECTION!
    That makes them GREATER than USA, as are many other countries!
    India NOW ARRESTS people in the street- with no reason to be there! Spain FINES violators up to $700,000!
    WHY is USA still allowing SO MUCH FREEDOM, to go out and infect others ... ? !!! Oh, I forgot,
    we are now "GREAT AGAIN" - so can ignore the lessons from everywhere else.

  • IMBK Von
    IMBK Von Day ago

    Dont trust it , it's called accepting the beast with that vaccine 💯

  • foopyu nooui
    foopyu nooui Day ago +20

    Everyone needs this vaccine, let's pray we get the shot on time.

  • James
    James Day ago

    Instead of developping a vaccine ( which is primarily used to prevent not cure). We should be looking for a medication/treatment ( not a vaccine), which can be found much sooner, in a matter of months contrary to a vaccine which would take 1 year or more

    • renge9909
      renge9909 Day ago

      Research is proceeding on both fronts, anti-viral medication and vaccination.

    • foopyu nooui
      foopyu nooui Day ago


  • Duan Torruellas
    Duan Torruellas Day ago

    Paul Stemet the mycologist had done extraordinary work on the Sars virus . He has done Ted talk and is brilliant. I can only hope he is working on this thing.

  • Anderson FTW
    Anderson FTW Day ago +1

    You gave me hope And I don’t worry that bad know thank you ASAP science

  • Jaimie Martinez
    Jaimie Martinez 2 days ago +1

    Since a vaccine will take awhile to exist for COVID-19. What do you think 2-3 months will look like if we follow the rules and flatten the curve? Do you think work places will be able to open back up even if COVID-19 is still out there?

  • Te Fu
    Te Fu 2 days ago

    Love how you got science with the poor excuses we have for politicians.

  • Effion Zarter
    Effion Zarter 2 days ago

    🕵🏿What if Trump know 🙊corona virus was coming. That why he was trying build a wall blocking Mexico and💀 stoping flight coming to USA!🤔

    • Matteosoder
      Matteosoder 11 hours ago +1

      this is the most genius comment ever

  • J Zip
    J Zip 2 days ago +1

    I have been social distancing before it was cool

  • Covid 19
    Covid 19 2 days ago

    Vaccine? Ha! You don't scare me.

    • Covid 19
      Covid 19 Day ago

      @Ranken, and you'll need it when I give you diarrhea.

    • Ranken
      Ranken Day ago +1

      @Covid 19 But you forgot, we have TOILET PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Covid 19
      Covid 19 Day ago

      @Ranken, you should be. I'm coming for all of you and your vaccine will be too late. You can run, but you can't hide.

    • Ranken
      Ranken Day ago +1

      But you should be.

  • Douglas
    Douglas 2 days ago

    I hope they will find the vaccine real soon.

  • covid-19
    covid-19 2 days ago

    This is not gonna work guess the vaccine you need two things

  • baseneelco
    baseneelco 2 days ago

    Was thinking about where is Wally. Ok, his shirt is green, not red and he’s missing the hat, but still... Lets name him Wally from now on.

    FREEDOM33 2 days ago

    i can hardly wait til everyone wakes up sees why they are using covid. lmbo ok not funny but it is funny. hindu fella and an iranian told me whats really going on. good luck people

  • E'Osiris
    E'Osiris 2 days ago +1

    Vaccines... Viruses... Cells... The perfect recipe for alteration of microorganisms that sadly results in diseases, namely cancer more than others.

  • Angie Roman
    Angie Roman 2 days ago

    Still hate china

  • Ryan A
    Ryan A 2 days ago

    We need to support our scientists and their research but we also need to address causes as well.

  • The Thunder Stone
    The Thunder Stone 2 days ago

    3:39 Down the rockefeller street

  • Ruben Almodovar
    Ruben Almodovar 2 days ago

    ‼️GREETINGS ‼️

  • Arash dhaliwal
    Arash dhaliwal 2 days ago

    Is just me or when I hear how strong my immune system is I think it should just beat like any virus is that just me or no

  • ALGaming Time
    ALGaming Time 2 days ago

    the news just treats the virus so unfairly

  • Mom De Villiers
    Mom De Villiers 2 days ago

    Dame right we need more intelligence people in charge of keeping reaching on vires