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A DOG'S WAY HOME Official Trailer (NEW 2019) Adventure Family Movie HD

  • Published on Oct 12, 2018
  • A DOG'S WAY HOME Official Trailer (NEW 2019) Adventure Family, Ashley Judd, Alexandra Shipp Movie HD
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Comments • 2 020

  • Kanadian Kropotkin
    Kanadian Kropotkin 12 days ago

    Wow, I just watched a movie in 2 minutes and 46 seconds.

  • Astrid Estrada
    Astrid Estrada Month ago

    this trailer made me cry

  • Freddy Pedraza
    Freddy Pedraza Month ago

    CGI looks horrible for that cougar
    Should cut it

  • great mind
    great mind Month ago

    A good movie

  • lydia Marshall
    lydia Marshall Month ago

    They have basically shown the whole movie...

  • chenle's ikonic dolphin laugh

    Where are my ORIGINAL Homeward Bound watchers at?

  • Madison Arrington
    Madison Arrington Month ago

    u for real spoiled the ending!

  • JackassJunior627
    JackassJunior627 Month ago

    Spoiled 95% of the movie. It's like Caste Away all over again.

  • Anupriya Verma
    Anupriya Verma Month ago

    Good film!
    Nothing really left to watch in the theatre after watching this elaborate trailer 🙄

  • Alex Aitken
    Alex Aitken 2 months ago +1

    0:07 lol a film group is called bona

  • Bianca Castillo
    Bianca Castillo 2 months ago

    whoever is saying the trailer ruined the movie is dumb- IT IS IN THE TITLE LOL she is supposed to find her way home, duh. and if you read the book anyway, its evident in the description. Point ain't the ending, its the journey.

  • Astunia Espinoza
    Astunia Espinoza 2 months ago

    Que linda pelicula Va Ser . Me puse sentimental

  • Celestial Hydra
    Celestial Hydra 2 months ago

    Omg an avicii song.. The tears men

    im not crying its just... umm ok im crying..

  • The Hipster SRV
    The Hipster SRV 2 months ago

    i just wanted to watch spiderverse why were there two hours of ads for garbage

  • johnny hunyadi
    johnny hunyadi 2 months ago

    Id rather watch holmes and watson

  • Janet Chambers
    Janet Chambers 2 months ago +1

    i love this movie i give it 100 for bening awesome i laughed and cryed everybody needs to wacth this movie

  • Roberto Apodaca
    Roberto Apodaca 2 months ago

    Wow what a horrible movie. Maybe that’s why you showed the whole movie in 2 min.

  • Swift Nimblefoot
    Swift Nimblefoot 2 months ago

    2:21: Wait that's Cilian Murphy? Scarecrow has a dog? :D

  • Swift Nimblefoot
    Swift Nimblefoot 2 months ago

    How does this thing have 39.000 likes??? The puma's CGI looks terrible, the dog's mouth doesn't even moves when he talks, and why did anyone think it was a good idea to make these awful talking dog movies for the big screen? They belong on direct to DVD

  • Rimma Vavilin
    Rimma Vavilin 2 months ago

    so basically modern homewardbound

  • Lil'cloud Animates:3
    Lil'cloud Animates:3 2 months ago

    I cant wait for this to come outttttttttttt

  • Chimichanga
    Chimichanga 2 months ago +2

    So dog gets lost and went back to owner... thanks trailer

  • kiwi queen
    kiwi queen 2 months ago

    When a Avicii played I got chills

    WHAT THE F**K 2 months ago

    Dog will dies at end

  • Book Worm
    Book Worm 2 months ago

    *I love dogs*
    *& when I heard avicii's song this became by favorite trailer*

  • WØlfie!
    WØlfie! 2 months ago

    Ahh! Dogs purpose was so good! I can't wait!!! AHAHHAhA

  • Fluffy Fat Flying Catz
    Fluffy Fat Flying Catz 2 months ago +1

    I’m just DYING to watch this!!!!! 😍🐶

  • Shreya Shrivastava 'Quirky DIYer'

    I’m crying so much

  • maddiemoomo
    maddiemoomo 2 months ago

    i need to see this

  • Kevin King
    Kevin King 2 months ago

    2:21 gave me goosebumps

  • Ryieniff 19
    Ryieniff 19 2 months ago

    Why did I cry after watching this

  • DiRTemma
    DiRTemma 2 months ago

    The dogs voice just doesnt suit at all, why do they have to ruin it

  • only fun
    only fun 2 months ago


  • Pumkin Girl
    Pumkin Girl 2 months ago

    I've read the book, this movie will be great!

  • Cherry Berry
    Cherry Berry 2 months ago

    This kind of reminds me of A dog's purpose...

  • manoj yadav
    manoj yadav 2 months ago


  • Robert EO SpeedWagon
    Robert EO SpeedWagon 2 months ago

    What type of dog is that?

  • Iceiss Brooks
    Iceiss Brooks 2 months ago

    2:09 So CUTE!!!!!

  • JFPRO x430
    JFPRO x430 2 months ago

    if this dog dies...
    im done

  • ThingsWithUnicorn
    ThingsWithUnicorn 2 months ago

    2:09 Now that's called Wild Friendship right there!

  • AHMbros4life
    AHMbros4life 2 months ago

    good, i just saw how it ended, that saved me a ticket

  • pancakepuffball
    pancakepuffball 2 months ago

    yo uploading full movies on youtube isnt good

  • Marcio Coelho
    Marcio Coelho 2 months ago

    Well, there you have the whole film in a nutshell. Bad CGI and all.

  • elNingyou
    elNingyou 2 months ago +1

    I don't know if the people who constructed this trailer should be fired or applauded for saving a lot of us from whatever meager curiosity might have led us to pay to see another saccharine piece of crap about a cute dog.

  • The Ranting Squirrel
    The Ranting Squirrel 2 months ago

    Saw this twice when I went to go watch Spiderverse.

  • Jack Witty
    Jack Witty 2 months ago

    Sooo Homeward Bound: Another Incredible Journey part 73728
    featuring crappy cg mountain lion

    JAIDYN SPY 2 months ago +1

    I am crying so excited to see this movie hop your love this movie to

  • Irvin Valdivia
    Irvin Valdivia 2 months ago

    Does the dog make it home?

  • JB MG
    JB MG 2 months ago +1

    So wake me up wake me up 😢

  • Joanna
    Joanna 2 months ago

    The one thing that caught my attention, is that the dog narrates herself. Which, is what I dislike in dog movies. Another thing that caught my attention, is that the mountain lion, the animation, honestly sucks. This trailer literally gave away the ENDING to the movie. And tbh, it's not like I really wanted to watch this at all.

    THE GRIMLOCK'S SHOW 2 months ago


    THE GRIMLOCK'S SHOW 2 months ago


  • Rajdeep Sen
    Rajdeep Sen 2 months ago

    After I watching this trailer, I'm waiting for this movie . 😍

  • Kathy Imsong
    Kathy Imsong 2 months ago

    I would surely watch as this November 28 I lost my dog of 10 years with cancer it was so heart breaking for me, only an animal lover can feel,know how faithful it stay in one's life❤️

  • MrVercettti89
    MrVercettti89 2 months ago

    i just seen the whole Movie , and the Dog doesn't even talk really and neither do the other animals, il pass

    SAGAR KHANDEKAR 3 months ago

    That dog is a paid actor

    VIKAS DAHARIYA 3 months ago

    Super story man

  • Enima-san 26463
    Enima-san 26463 3 months ago


  • K 3
    K 3 3 months ago

    this is basically a rip off of spiderman far from home

  • K 3
    K 3 3 months ago

    does anyone feel it similar to the movie called spiderman far from home?? or am I the only one ??

  • imam mani
    imam mani 3 months ago

    vry nice trailer

    ZUFLIH 3 months ago

    oh come on don't show the ending on trailer :V

  • Vivek Patel
    Vivek Patel 3 months ago

    Love it

  • วิชชากร สุขวัฒน์

    that puma is a plot hole lol

  • ChaLan Gudt Day
    ChaLan Gudt Day 3 months ago


  • Jayreyn Ragrag
    Jayreyn Ragrag 3 months ago

    It made me cry 😭😭 nice movie..

  • Alexander09 Ultra Deleon

    This break my heart💔

  • meera Karthik
    meera Karthik 3 months ago

    Eagerly waiting

  • J Carl
    J Carl 3 months ago +1


  • Shreya tiwari
    Shreya tiwari 3 months ago

    Looking awesome I love that dog

  • Owloftheflames47
    Owloftheflames47 3 months ago +9

    I saw this preview in the theater for Spider-Man into the SpiderVerse. And a lot of people were laughing over the fact that the trailer just spoiled the ending XD

  • amazing dancing wings Morales


  • amazing dancing wings Morales

    aw this is so sad

  • Shadow Memez
    Shadow Memez 3 months ago +1

    I want to watch this so baddd

  • Arya Firnin
    Arya Firnin 3 months ago

    My eyes are watering

  • Akash S
    Akash S 3 months ago

    Why I am crying....😭

  • Rajesh Gangoda
    Rajesh Gangoda 3 months ago +1


  • rhinuu045
    rhinuu045 3 months ago

    1:36 OH NO I LOOKED-

  • Sunny Sabuero
    Sunny Sabuero 3 months ago

    damn avicii...

  • Sarwat Ameer khan
    Sarwat Ameer khan 3 months ago

    This made me emotional.

  • [ツ[ઽђષвђαʍ вђαττ] boy

    9690021364 paytm no. Donate pls

    NINJATIC WALKER 3 months ago

    This film is soo cute and it is like lassy

  • Relict 805
    Relict 805 3 months ago

    good movie, loved the 2:46 version of it

  • Keigan Hughes
    Keigan Hughes 3 months ago

    Reminds me of homeward bound

  • You're goddamn right!
    You're goddamn right! 3 months ago

    Qué bien ya no tengo que ver la película

  • Tayren of hurricane reapers clan

    LOVE IT!!!!

  • ABBI J
    ABBI J 3 months ago +1


  • Dulkith Bataduwa
    Dulkith Bataduwa 3 months ago +1


  • DOMINION 145
    DOMINION 145 3 months ago +1


  • Joilson Sales
    Joilson Sales 3 months ago

    Já chorei no trailer, imagina no filme todo 😢

  • b0zen jr.
    b0zen jr. 3 months ago +1

    Any body cried

  • Muhammad Nawaz
    Muhammad Nawaz 3 months ago +1


  • Michala Goff
    Michala Goff 3 months ago

    The movie looks good but... In the book she doesn't run away because of a flipping squirrel! You'd think it'd be easier for them to go with what happened in the book than animate a squirrel, when they animate animals anyway. I mean look at the cougar!

  • Esaie Prince
    Esaie Prince 3 months ago

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  • Azlan H. IX
    Azlan H. IX 3 months ago

    i watched Bolt..soooooooo..ummm. k

  • Jam Kavousifar
    Jam Kavousifar 3 months ago


  • Martin Verkaik
    Martin Verkaik 3 months ago

    Oh my that CGI looks terrible..

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 3 months ago

    Why avicii...this brings back memories I’m happy they added this

  • Peierguski Mossole
    Peierguski Mossole 3 months ago

    I may cry exactly

  • mani nani
    mani nani 3 months ago

    ❤️ ❤️ Love you 😉