• Published on Feb 22, 2020
  • WillNe is now my best friend and he owns a Tobii eye tracker so I thought I'd have a go at one of my favourite Funhaus videos - where they play would you rather with an eyetracker!
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 739

  • Milena Wittermans
    Milena Wittermans 2 years ago +2540

    "She's enormous...in certain areas." Well played Will

    • Boris
      Boris Year ago

      Thank me for 2.4K likes

    • jayisdum
      jayisdum Year ago


    • Gloomy kawaii
      Gloomy kawaii Year ago +1

      He's obviously talking about her success!
      *Right? 。ꞈ。*

    • egg boi
      egg boi Year ago

      @A V ah i see now im 15!

    • A V
      A V Year ago

      @egg boi 😂

  • Mc Krap
    Mc Krap 2 years ago +7545

    I just realized he's been saying, "eyes shut," where I was hearing, "I shat." Dunno why it took me so long.

  • Jen
    Jen 2 years ago +3208

    honestly decked at the “slime or crime”

  • Ciarán Carlin
    Ciarán Carlin  2 years ago +3201

    I am both SHOCKED, APPALLED, and physically SHAKING at some of the choices William made. Disgusting. The entire 10:01 minutes. Watch it all.

  • DrixyJude 987
    DrixyJude 987 2 years ago +3543

    Every time ciaràn said “Eyes shut” I thought he said “I SHAT”

  • dangerdays
    dangerdays 2 years ago +431

    i’ve decided i’m never letting anyone put an eye tracker on me, never ends well. will has entirely too much faith in ciarán lol

    • dangerdays
      dangerdays Year ago +2

      @Nabzz probably, i spend way too much time on this site

    • Nabzz
      Nabzz Year ago +2

      I see you every where man

  • Rory Magee - Gould
    Rory Magee - Gould 2 years ago +1045

    I spent like 5 minutes going "why does he keep saying "I SHAT" "

  • Sam Goz
    Sam Goz 2 years ago +999

    Will needs to reverse this, one one side: women and on the other side: women in general

    • Sam Russell
      Sam Russell 2 years ago +1

      @Ciarán Carlin well, if thats what it takes.

    • Zaac Kingdom
      Zaac Kingdom 2 years ago +1

      @Fodé Abdoulaye dub

    • Fodé Abdoulaye
      Fodé Abdoulaye 2 years ago +2

      @official Obama no it's not

    • Ciarán Carlin
      Ciarán Carlin  2 years ago +104

      Sam Goz u r now famous

    • official Obama
      official Obama 2 years ago +8

      this is the guy that had ernie santiago as an answer on one of his statwars questions!

    I LIVE IN A BOG 2 years ago +193

    Ciarán pronunciation was so clearly “I shat” that I had to go look in comments to make sure he wasn’t saying it as some weird subliminal humor or some shit

  • Alex Nunb
    Alex Nunb 2 years ago +377

    Convinced he just chose the one on the right every time

  • Venus
    Venus 2 years ago +739

    Why is no one talking about his outro music, legendary.

  • Oliver
    Oliver 2 years ago +138

    He looks at the right one every time because he prefers the right no matter what because he is right handed(except for Scientology and Kim because idgaf)

  • Molly Nattrass
    Molly Nattrass 2 years ago +686

    The fact that ciaran is no longer our hidden secret makes me so sad

    • Deleting my channel at 150 subs
      Deleting my channel at 150 subs 2 years ago

      @Maureen Alexis that's g

    • Maureen Alexis
      Maureen Alexis 2 years ago +3

      @Deleting my channel at 150 subs lol okay, i just didn't catch the irony is all. I'm seeing a lot of people in various comment sections correcting others on the accent in his name, and I just hadn't realized how often this occurs

    • Deleting my channel at 150 subs
      Deleting my channel at 150 subs 2 years ago +1

      Maureen Alexis I was not trying to make myself appear important, i was just correcting a small mistake and I was doing it ironically as I knew it didn’t really matter to people who don’t care.

    • Maureen Alexis
      Maureen Alexis 2 years ago +6

      @Deleting my channel at 150 subs as i typed that i knew that you would say that, but quite frankly, correcting someone's spelling of a foreign name is pretentious and unnecessary. just figured you should know, but i originally tried to tell you in a nicer way

  • alexoncheese
    alexoncheese 2 years ago +750

    What if memeulous was ciaran with a voice changer

    • r
      r 2 years ago

      you do know you can fake a lisp

    • alexoncheese
      alexoncheese 2 years ago

      Flipside Animations i said ‘what if’ before xd

    • Mr Lillywhite
      Mr Lillywhite 2 years ago

      @alexoncheese surely you didn't really think that

    • alexoncheese
      alexoncheese 2 years ago

      girlwiththespecs yep my thing was wrong :(

    • 014
      014 2 years ago +2

      Definitely not George due to eye reveal

  • liam
    liam 2 years ago +160

    nicely done Ciarán, ending the video on @10:01.
    The *FBI* approves.

    • I'm Shrexy
      I'm Shrexy Year ago +4

      Dude I swear that you make amazing comments on every video ever

  • Ginger Nation47
    Ginger Nation47 2 years ago +38

    We just not gonna talk about how will went for the one on the right almost every time

    • Cade Franzen
      Cade Franzen 6 months ago

      The amount of comments I had to scroll through to find this

  • Styler Elyse
    Styler Elyse 2 years ago +81

    Ciarán is such an underrated TheXvidr

  • Bake 1853
    Bake 1853 2 years ago +11

    The thing is Will looks at the right option every time so that's probably just how his brain works

  • Sean Mackenzie
    Sean Mackenzie 2 years ago +79

    Petition to get Ciarán on a Funhaus eye tracker video!

  • [ you are the cause of my euphoria ]

    6:36 I busted out laughing and “slime or crime”

  • tthomasloraine
    tthomasloraine 2 years ago +160

    Most underrated TheXvidr going.

  • Lucy p xx
    Lucy p xx 2 years ago +188

    "Firmly I shat"
    Edit: I just realised he said "eyes shut" 😭

    • ad6q
      ad6q Year ago +1


  • elliot gulliver
    elliot gulliver 2 years ago +3

    The ending joke was one of the only things I laugh at on TheXvid. Got to say love this channel💚

  • Luc Barlow Marshall
    Luc Barlow Marshall 2 years ago +3

    This is one of the most underared channels on the Internet. So much respect

  • Alexis
    Alexis 2 years ago +5

    The one conclusion that can be made from this video is: Will always looks at the right hand side image

  • official Obama
    official Obama 2 years ago +176

    if someone told me 5 months ago that the lispy statwars referee would be making videos with willne i wouldve called the police, but look at him now.

      DON ROBBIE 2 years ago +1

      official Obama 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Anne Black
    Anne Black 2 years ago +40

    Bloody hell man, the difference in views between this video and his other recent ones, is so big.

    • Urchin Scurvy
      Urchin Scurvy Year ago

      Ciarán Carlin yeah that’s why People clicked on it...
      Because of Will

    • Anne Black
      Anne Black 2 years ago +3

      @Ciarán Carlin Hahah wauw, I never expected that out of all the comments, mine deserved a like and reaction the best. Thanks though for that.
      Thanks for all the good video's I really quite enjoy them.
      Have a lovely day!

    • Ciarán Carlin
      Ciarán Carlin  2 years ago +25

      It's actually insane, must've got sucked into the TheXvid WillNe algorithm

  • Goose Knee
    Goose Knee 2 years ago +4

    Ive never seen someone who could shat so much in a 10 minute video...

  • NaturalCauses 619
    NaturalCauses 619 Year ago +1

    Welcome to will just choosing the right image every time

  • belle
    belle 2 years ago +2

    this was so funny oh my goddd i love the two of you together

  • Sophie Bullock
    Sophie Bullock 2 years ago +10

    "She's rather big... in certain areas" wow Will, what an observation

  • millsy
    millsy 2 years ago

    This guy is seriously funny 😂

  • Not using this acc

    I was playing along coz I’m sick and I looked at Ciarán so I think I deserve an award

  • MRavty
    MRavty 2 years ago +99

    the best stretched out outro ever

  • Jonny Andrews
    Jonny Andrews 2 years ago

    WillNE and Cairàn are quite possibly one of the best things to happen for TheXvid. I Would love to see them all (Will, Cairàn,George,Alex and James in the same video that would be insane! Love everything you all do much respect!

  • a
    a 2 years ago

    ciaran is actually the funniest youtuber i’ve ever seen tbh

  • Callum MacEntire
    Callum MacEntire 2 years ago +3

    This man needs so many more subs

  • L Eliza
    L Eliza 2 years ago +12

    “I did this in the morning... about 5 hours before you wake up” the pure sass in that 😂 sounds like my mam 😂

  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson 2 years ago

    Will just always looks to the right 😂😂

  • lenii_baby
    lenii_baby 2 years ago

    as a german i was honestly laughing for half the video at ciaran repping Schalke merch

  • Erycola
    Erycola 2 years ago +1

    Will: I just picked right not George!
    Ciaran: But thats where Goerge is!

  • Robert E-S
    Robert E-S 2 years ago +1

    He just went for the right one every time

  • Banana Drama
    Banana Drama 2 years ago +2

    I wouldn't of blamed him if he looked at Demi Rose first.

  • NoodleSoup
    NoodleSoup Year ago

    Will literally just looked at the right for every single one? Hahah!

  • James Nastri
    James Nastri Year ago +1

    legit will just constantly looks right

  • blokbirb
    blokbirb Year ago

    4:38 As a German I thoroughly enjoy hearing English lads speak German lol

  • Heather Bateman
    Heather Bateman 2 years ago +3

    When he said 'eyes shut' I played along as well.

  • CTC4K
    CTC4K Year ago

    Cairan clearly doesn't realise your eyes naturally go to the right first when looking at a picture.

  • Flora Petal
    Flora Petal Year ago +1

    "he has more money"
    Alex: oh how the turned tables

  • Farty McFart
    Farty McFart Year ago +3

    “I won’t leave” well that didn’t age well

  • Little Miss Intelligent
    Little Miss Intelligent 2 years ago +10

    Turns out Ciaran was saying eyes shut, not I shat

  • Why Not Films
    Why Not Films 2 months ago

    I kept thinking Ciarán was saying “I shat” 😂😂

  • Tyler W
    Tyler W 2 years ago +2

    When he says "eyes shut" it sounds like he is saying "I shat" lmfao

  • tommytittle1992
    tommytittle1992 2 years ago +4

    It was me who did the foot comparion. I did a poll on twitter and a poll on Instagram.
    Simon won the Twitter
    Willne won the Instagram haha

  • Thomas Hedges
    Thomas Hedges Year ago

    Ciaran reminds me of the boss in the incredibles who gets his neck broke

  • Bhc Emma
    Bhc Emma 2 years ago +2

    I discovered this guy from wills video and I love his voice it’s so cute

  • 123 456
    123 456 2 years ago +1

    Everytime Ciaran said eyes shut for some reason I heard I shat😂

  • Maryam M
    Maryam M 2 years ago +3

    This whole time I thought he was casually letting us know he shat every now and then. Turns out he was saying eyes shut🙂

  • polar bear likes cake
    polar bear likes cake 2 years ago

    Will chose the same side every time

  • Ryley Smith
    Ryley Smith 2 years ago +17

    When he says “eyes shut” it sounds like *”I shat”*

  • Leah Heyes
    Leah Heyes 2 years ago +4

    The whole video I kept thinking he was saying "I SHAT" but didn't realize he was saying "eyes shut" until I looked at the comments 😭😂

  • Chair
    Chair 2 years ago

    He just looks at the right one every time mate.

  • Henry Norris
    Henry Norris 2 years ago

    He always looks right I swear

  • TMF mR FreD
    TMF mR FreD 2 years ago

    Is it just me or did will look at the right almost every time

  • Yes Cobie mate
    Yes Cobie mate 2 years ago +1

    I actually never seen this guy channel but he so funny

  • Patrick Aro
    Patrick Aro 2 years ago

    He just looks right everytime

  • tawny.
    tawny. 2 years ago +1

    i just wanna say that i've been subbed to you since the first video of will's you were in. you are so funny, witty, adorable... i could listen to your insight on anything. i honestly think you can do well on yt, and i genuinely hope you do❤️

  • Ben Todner
    Ben Todner 2 years ago

    Let’s be real. Was it Mike Ashley that supposedly killed the club or was it the previous owners?

  • Crashper
    Crashper 2 years ago

    Will just always looks to the right

  • Deleting my channel at 150 subs

    He went to the right every time

  • trin bakker
    trin bakker 2 years ago

    In the best way possible , ciarán reminds me of buck from ice age : dawn of the dinosaurs ❤️

  • Scelestus2000
    Scelestus2000 2 years ago +2

    I thought he was saying “I shat” for the longest time 🤣

  • Joseph Belgard
    Joseph Belgard 2 years ago

    You’re only gonna see warp if the person has been so lazy in photoshop they haven’t even bothered to make another layer before using liquify

  • Meadow Keep
    Meadow Keep 2 years ago +3

    "slime or crime" killed me

  • Edward Forster
    Edward Forster 2 years ago

    I rate ur vids so much keep it up

  • Abe Behm
    Abe Behm Year ago

    It should be for every video you do with will you get him to do 2 vids with yoi

  • ThatsSoJames
    ThatsSoJames 2 years ago +102

    Tbf I always did think Andy Serkis was your dad

  • Nala
    Nala 2 years ago +1

    I'm at 7:33 now and I've only realized a second ago that he's saying eyes shut not "I shat" and it makes a lot more sense

  • C S
    C S Year ago +3

    He's dominate in the right eye.

  • romy nijland
    romy nijland 2 years ago

    Can we take a Moment to realise that Ciaran is wearing a sweater with FC Schalke 04 on it. Wuhu Germany 🇩🇪

  • DomesticNarwhal
    DomesticNarwhal 2 years ago

    I swear Ciarán was shouting "I shat"

  • Declan
    Declan 2 years ago

    He looks right every time

  • Up the Blades
    Up the Blades 2 years ago +2

    Will never forget when someone threw a cabbage at Steve Bruce

  • Clip Crew
    Clip Crew Year ago +1

    "You went for a sausage roll, over a sausage.. roll.."

  • Nh Ty
    Nh Ty 2 years ago +5

    Can't be the only one who heard "I shat" instead of "eyes shut"

  • Hazel Faulkes
    Hazel Faulkes 2 years ago

    I have never before in my life seen someone other than me with a Waynes world cap.

  • JOLT
    JOLT Year ago +2

    When he said "Eye's shut" I thought eh said "I Shat".

  • Ryan Russell
    Ryan Russell 2 years ago +1

    Will wants to be a mr so he wants to get married

  • Culpric
    Culpric Year ago

    9:18 her name is Demi Rose Mawby, she is a british instagram model. and yes, she is all real.

  • Skull
    Skull Year ago +1

    8:58 pause exactly there Will is going bald

  • Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode

    Ciaran I always forget you're a fanatical football fan.
    I always find it surprising, cuz you seem like the least blokey bloke around. However if you like to watch grown men in shorts playing with balls - I won't judge you. ✌️

  • Pauline
    Pauline 2 years ago +1

    will looks so much better without a cap on, this is a petition for will to stop wearing caps in his youtube videos

  • The Backup
    The Backup 2 years ago +5

    I subbed even before I noticed the Wayne's World cap, and realised that he's a Funhaus fan -
    Are there anymore subscribe buttons I can press? 😂

  • Arthur surname pending
    Arthur surname pending 9 months ago +1

    Every time he says eyes shut it sounds like he says I shat, and I keep wondering what he shat

  • Alfie Fawcett
    Alfie Fawcett 2 years ago +2

    His Lisp makes him so much better

  • jjen
    jjen 2 years ago +1

    every time he says eyes shut it sounds like I SHAT

  • mikhail kessery
    mikhail kessery 2 years ago

    Every time he said “eyes shut” I heard “I SHAT”

  • Jamextra
    Jamextra 2 years ago +3

    Took me till after the video to realise this was Ciaran’s video and not Will’s

  • Aeiron
    Aeiron Year ago +2

    “I shat” I don’t even need to say anything and you already know

  • Aaron Nash
    Aaron Nash 2 years ago

    He looked right every time...