JOKER - Was It Really THAT Good? True Geordie Review

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • True Geordie and Laurence McKenna review the new movie Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix. #Joker
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  • NatoNortheast
    NatoNortheast 6 hours ago

    brian would be an unreal killer croc hahahahaha Yesaaaa

  • Michael Bowers
    Michael Bowers 11 hours ago

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe is well worth watching for fleshed out storylines. But it requires a lot of emotional investment as it spans 23 movies. But that’s up my street as I’m generally into superhero films, though not many DC movies do it for me.
    As far as the character goes, Jack Nicholson’s portrayal was good for the type of movie & time period he was in but it doesn’t do much for me personally.
    Heath Ledger was superb in The Dark Knight, which for me is objectively one of the best movies of all time, not just superhero movies. But his performance & portrayal of the character was so good and the agent of chaos angle suited the theme of that film - chaos.
    Joaquin Phoenix knocked it out of the park. And I think the film in general is excellent. Not legendary, but the commentary on mental health & how awful society can be to individuals was extremely powerful.
    It’s a slower paced film & bit demented at times but that’s the point. I loved the movie & feel Phoenix would be robbed if he doesn’t get at least an Oscar nomination.

  • glen heiseldal
    glen heiseldal 11 hours ago

    problem i have with joker is the fact that he is supposed to be a evil mastermind sort of. I mean he is supposed to have thought about several outcomes and planned the situation. I feel like joker in this movie was just stumbeling around and it was just pure luck he ended up where he was

  • DzNtzRonFyre
    DzNtzRonFyre Day ago

    What the fuck is batmon?

  • Lasse Bergsvik
    Lasse Bergsvik Day ago

    Joker was very good, but yes, it is a bit over hyped. Phoenix is brilliant and deserving of all the praise he gets for his role. But he carries the entire film by himself, and for me it was a bit to much. 9 / 10, very good, but not legend.

  • Mr XXX / Djokovic VS the fedaltard era

    Geordie would've been a fantastic penguin in one of the nolan films

  • UzzyT
    UzzyT 2 days ago

    Brian would be a great Penguin haha.

  • Steven Workman
    Steven Workman 2 days ago

    Films are a bad influence. I saw Fight Club and I want to blow every bank in the world.

  • Tommyth
    Tommyth 3 days ago

    It was a great movie in my opinion. Not all time best, but such a brave take on a beloved character, exploring real concepts in the contemporary society. I think it has seen so much criticism because it is so «out there». It’s so different. I talked to a guy that absolutely hated it. Coincidentally, he also finds the Fast and Furious-series better than Lord of the rings. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I feel like people today have such short attention spans, and will lose interest if there is not an action scene every 5 minutes. But that’s what we get. In the 80’s people had to go to the cinema to watch a movie, or go to Blockbuster and rent it when it was released on VHS. Now, we have TheXvid, Netflix and HBO 24/7 on all devices. Attention span out the window.

  • Tobias Holm
    Tobias Holm 3 days ago

    Watch: A Beautiful Mind

  • CarltonWhitfieldbrantleyfoster

    I really appreciate what The non geordie chap was trying to discuss here. He’s a nicer and smarter bloke than I thought. Most people who seek a deeper conversation but love those who don’t, can understand this position. Good mates. 👍🏻

  • CarltonWhitfieldbrantleyfoster

    Nicely done lads. Enjoyed that. One could write a doctorate on any thread in that film. So nice to see a movie that lets the audience think for themselves

  • Zesanactor Over-5
    Zesanactor Over-5 4 days ago

    Joker is awesome dude. Watch it yourself. Trust reviews

  • JP 10
    JP 10 4 days ago

    REVIEW LEGEND Ik this is a old video

  • Tom Hewitt
    Tom Hewitt 6 days ago

    Jack Nicholson didn’t tell Jaoquin Phoenix that he told Heath Ledger that come on Laurence bro

  • hp fm56
    hp fm56 6 days ago

    It was an amazing film, explored mental health so well

  • Pascha Sachs
    Pascha Sachs 6 days ago

    if you say joker is anything less than a masterpiece then you dont understand film making from the choreography to the cinematography to the lighting to the perfomance from actors juxtaposition of music and colouring the action the build up the script its all just perfect

  • xSoporific
    xSoporific 6 days ago

    Just finished watching it, movie was beautiful

  • The Chosen one
    The Chosen one 6 days ago

    Joker is not good

  • Ellis James
    Ellis James 7 days ago

    I've just got back from watching it. I was sure there was gonna be a joker 2 when they rescued him from that police car then I realised it was all his imagination

  • Monkeyyyy
    Monkeyyyy 7 days ago

    With so many adaptations of the Joker and the IT movies, and the fact that I didn't think anything could stand up to Heath Ledgers Joker, I went into watching this movie thinking "this could be bad." I came out thinking "WOW"! I've now watched it 3 times and honestly, I think it's a masterpiece. This could be a stand-alone movie about society and mental illness without the connection to the comic book character. WHAT. A. PERFORMANCE! Heath Ledgers and this Joker are just different but amazing in their own way. Best ending to a movie ever.

  • Smiley s:
    Smiley s: 7 days ago


  • Johnny V
    Johnny V 8 days ago

    Ive seem this podcasts for a lot of episodes now. But i have to say that this studio looks sick as hell

  • Politikofrenik
    Politikofrenik 9 days ago


  • Xinity
    Xinity 9 days ago

    Christian Bale is the best batman, David mazouz is the best bruce Wayne

  • Brandon N
    Brandon N 9 days ago

    Everytime I see this guys head it reminds me of a KNOB

  • joemobumtwizzler
    joemobumtwizzler 9 days ago

    the writing in this is not bad... i 100% disagree with that

  • Magnus Magnusson
    Magnus Magnusson 10 days ago

    why are they doing movie review if they dont go to the movies??? he hadnt gone to see movie in 7 years lol i just dont get it why not talk about something else!!!!

  • Joe Green
    Joe Green 10 days ago

    I thought the movie was ducking brilliant

  • Yeweee Giffgaff
    Yeweee Giffgaff 10 days ago

    45:15 who else thought of Noel Miller 😂

  • ilhan h
    ilhan h 10 days ago

    Average.. Lets be honest.

  • Brad Butler
    Brad Butler 11 days ago

    Joker first 2/3 5 out of 10
    Last 1/3 7 out of 10

  • Myles Bennett Videos
    Myles Bennett Videos 11 days ago

    It was a setup for Robert Pattinsons batman

  • Garry Derrett
    Garry Derrett 11 days ago

    Absolute smug cunt that posh boy

  • Harrison Bennett
    Harrison Bennett 12 days ago

    When watching the movie it feels like your watching his real life not an actual movie

  • Cunticus Cunticus
    Cunticus Cunticus 12 days ago

    It was decent but took a lot from taxi driver imo.

  • Perry J
    Perry J 12 days ago

    Anyone else notice that random voice at 3:04

  • Gareth
    Gareth 12 days ago

    You need to watch 'Brightburn'. Your view on Superman will completely change.

  • Lee Bee
    Lee Bee 12 days ago

    Joker is not a 'superhero' movie, though, is it? Neither of you get that?? I actually generally HATE superhero movies, which is why I'm really looking forward to seeing this - standalone - movie!!!

  • purnachandra nayak
    purnachandra nayak 12 days ago

    Batfleck is the best Batman

  • K M D 123
    K M D 123 13 days ago +1

    I thought it was overrated as fuck, bit predictable and far too much evil, disgusting and silly socialist ideas

  • Nashy
    Nashy 13 days ago

    ras al ghoul a bad badguy okk

  • Chris M7
    Chris M7 13 days ago

    willem dafoe as joker would be nice

  • Macca
    Macca 13 days ago

    Joker isn’t a super hero movie.

  • Eugene Krabs
    Eugene Krabs 13 days ago +1

    joker was good not great, and why is jared leto a twat lol, excellent in loads of films.

    • Eugene Krabs
      Eugene Krabs 13 days ago

      also fight club is a great film and still overrated

  • A.M.HTTYD 3D
    A.M.HTTYD 3D 13 days ago

    The movie was a meh in my opinion
    Personally I think it was a hard carry by the acting of Joaquin Phoenix
    Very good actor

  • Rigsby 1
    Rigsby 1 14 days ago

    I like the mystery of the joker (his story has been reinterpreted 6 to 100 times)

  • UniqxzFN
    UniqxzFN 14 days ago +1

    True Geordie is hulk

  • Just Oscar
    Just Oscar 14 days ago +4

    Lawrence is forgetting the first rule...

  • PJ Sideris
    PJ Sideris 14 days ago

    jared leto, to be clear, is not in fight club

  • pooh nani
    pooh nani 15 days ago +2

    No one:
    Literally not a soul:
    Lawrence: *_Fight club_*

  • Levi
    Levi 15 days ago

    Y'all gotta do fight club next

  • Conor Walsh
    Conor Walsh 15 days ago

    Spider-Man and Star Lord are the only super heroes I can relate to

  • Leo Onfroy
    Leo Onfroy 15 days ago


  • Leo Onfroy
    Leo Onfroy 15 days ago


  • jackyboy777666
    jackyboy777666 15 days ago

    Understand the movie for Christ sake!?! This film is more in line with Taxi Driver and King of Comedy....have you seen these films???? You waste way too much time talking about superhero movies which is completely redundant

  • Emperor Orthopox
    Emperor Orthopox 15 days ago +1

    I enjoyed the movie it's not perfect but Joaquin Phoenix was an absolute beast in this film without him I think it would have flopped

  • Hustle Boy
    Hustle Boy 15 days ago

    I personally think it was garbage.

  • Morgan Mackay
    Morgan Mackay 16 days ago +19

    Laurence compares joker to fight club
    Rules of fight club: *am I a joke to you*

    SIYID OMAR 16 days ago +3

    the first 4 minutes of the video. i was like how many times were they interrupting each other?