• Published on Jul 1, 2017
  • Meet the 10 largest dinosaurs ever. Some were so large that their dimensions are hard to believe.
    Since its discovery in the nineteenth century, dinosaurs have been fascinating the world. Some were so large that their dimensions are hard to believe.
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    VIPERTRON CHAOS Day ago +2

    Actual top 10 biggest dinosaurs:

    1) ampicoelias fragillimus (maraapunisaurus)
    2) bruhathkayosaurus
    3) patagotitan
    4) Argentinosaurus
    5) breviparopus
    6) supersaurus
    7) puertasaurus
    8) dreadnoughtus
    9) sauroposeidon
    10) diplodocus (the seismosaurus is now considered to be a diplodocus species)
    Some of these genus of sauropods May be a bit vague as breviparopus was only known from some footprints and amphicoelias/maraapunisaurus fragillimus was only known from a lost fossil. The one I’d put my money on as the biggest dinosaur is patagotitan, since a near complete skeleton was found only in 2014, and the skeleton stretches over 120 feet. Feel free to add any other giant dinosaurs that I did not mention.
    Honorable mentions:
    - brachiosaurus
    - paralititan
    - apatosaurus
    - ultrasaurus

  • genhao shijiu
    genhao shijiu Day ago +2

    Patagotitan deserves a place here, a near complete skeleton was found and it reached over 120 feet in length and weighed 70-80 tons.

  • genhao shijiu
    genhao shijiu Day ago +2

    Yes at least this guy mentioned amphicoelias fragillimus aka maraapunisaurus fragillimus which is supposed to be the biggest land animal if not biggest animal of all time.

  • genhao shijiu
    genhao shijiu Day ago +2

    Ok technically pliosaurs and plesiosaurs aren’t dinosaurs at all. They are marine reptiles that lived with dinosaurs

  • genhao shijiu
    genhao shijiu Day ago +2

    Bruh at 1:59 the picture is a prognathodon which is a mosasaur not a pliosaur

  • cortney harmon
    cortney harmon 2 days ago

    Number 4 is called Brontosaurus

  • Eddier Hatz
    Eddier Hatz 2 days ago

    What it says biggest shark

  • Samuel Nieves
    Samuel Nieves 2 days ago

    You know Trex was bigger than Carcharadontosaurus and Giganotosaurus. Tyrannosaurus was from 40-45 ft long and 14-17 ft tall weighing 13-15 tons

    • Kha'Zix the Voidreaver
      Kha'Zix the Voidreaver 2 days ago +1

      Dude, just because you like the T-Rex more, it's not bigger, it has been proven that the Chacharodontosaurus and GIGANOTOSAURUS were taller than the Tyrannosarurus Rex. A T-Rex became up to 13m long a GIGANOTOSAURUS up to 15m and a Chacharodontosaurus was sometimes up to 16 meters long. Look at more documentaries, the video is not quite right.

  • André Christiansen
    André Christiansen 4 days ago

    Beatiful. absolutly beautiful! And we people think that we are the most smartest walking the earth? Millions of years of evolution!

  • Joel Paragsa
    Joel Paragsa 4 days ago

    You forgot the mosusoris

  • Pyt. Riyah
    Pyt. Riyah 5 days ago +2

    They got some in Disney world and they can come to life frff

  • jaime domingo
    jaime domingo 5 days ago +1

    (2017)(miss clicked)

  • jaime domingo
    jaime domingo 5 days ago

    They said that they existed on million years but isn't thos dy is 2019?🤔

  • Angelica Tschurtschenthaler

    Lol at 0:58 all the same dinosaurs are there pretend there girls then the diffirent dinosaur just comes into the curcul and says hey bitches what's up then the girls are like what did u call us and starts to attack

  • London Frazer
    London Frazer 5 days ago

    They call a nickname for gigantasoras is giga

  • London Frazer
    London Frazer 5 days ago

    They call a nickname for gigantasoras is giga

  • LOrena RamOs
    LOrena RamOs 5 days ago


  • Daniel Tanase
    Daniel Tanase 6 days ago


  • Jackson Lennox
    Jackson Lennox 7 days ago

    i hate the underwater dinos it just gives me the chills

  • Brittany Garcia
    Brittany Garcia 7 days ago

    im a kid i like dinorsors there really bad but cool

  • Noufal Moosa
    Noufal Moosa 9 days ago

    Argentinasaur is actually 100 tonnes

  • lisa maylin
    lisa maylin 9 days ago +1

    Where is the mosasaurs

  • the epic dino
    the epic dino 9 days ago +1

    The acwattics in this vid are wrong there not dinosaurs

  • Aquamaster Jawesome
    Aquamaster Jawesome 10 days ago +1

    All those dinasaours imagine they combined into heavysaourous 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • jwkjest2011
    jwkjest2011 10 days ago


  • roplando somido
    roplando somido 11 days ago

    but t rex too

  • Homo Erectus
    Homo Erectus 11 days ago +1

    Dino fans report this video so we can get it taken down. Help us remove false dinosaur information from the internet!

    FCCS TRANSPORT 11 days ago

    Talk about idmimus rex 50 feet

  • Leilani Vargas
    Leilani Vargas 12 days ago

    Wrong wrong wrong wrong all WRONG sorry not really but this guy said every thing WRONG 😩😏

  • Luna-Rika UwU
    Luna-Rika UwU 12 days ago

    Speenusawwus (spinosaurus) is me fav e.e

  • Emil Ayala
    Emil Ayala 12 days ago +6

    0:42 That's a level 40 tyrannosaurus rex from jurassic World: the game

    • Max Muzy
      Max Muzy 11 days ago

      Emil Ayala omg that is hahaha😂😂

  • AlexViperPros
    AlexViperPros 13 days ago

    i thought the 1 was Titanosaurus

  • Maleah Smith
    Maleah Smith 13 days ago


  • Cherry Kan
    Cherry Kan 14 days ago

    We are a professional animatronic dinosaur manufacturer, follow me,you will get more dinosaur knowledge and how to make

  • Monique O'Donnell
    Monique O'Donnell 14 days ago

    did you forget about the megalodon?!

  • Bosse bläckfisk
    Bosse bläckfisk 15 days ago +1

    Mosasaurus and plesiosaurus are NOT dinosaurs!

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 16 days ago

    oooh I sure do love sorrowposeiden

  • Shahzain ATV Graph
    Shahzain ATV Graph 16 days ago

    Argenteena sures is the biggest dinosaurs ever

  • Corey Hull
    Corey Hull 16 days ago +1

    I love dinosaurs I know about 50 different species of dinosaurs

  • Twizz The Whiz Kid
    Twizz The Whiz Kid 16 days ago


  • Ernest Daniels
    Ernest Daniels 18 days ago

    Did u say brachiosaurus is 29 feet tall no its 45 damn feet and 55 tons

  • Notlogan -G
    Notlogan -G 18 days ago


  • Ernest Daniels
    Ernest Daniels 18 days ago

    Charcarodontosaurus didn't weigh 15 tons and didn't run at 25 mph and marine reptiles weren't dinosaurs
    Mamenchisaurus was 130 feet long and WHAT THE HELL 82 FEET TALL WHAT NO no dinosaur reached that height sauroposiden the tallest dinosaur was 68 feet tall like are you using fucking Wikipedia or some shit
    The heaviest dinosaur is actually barosaurs at 500,000 pounds
    Why is charcarodontosaurus here but not the tyrannosaurus rex charcarodontosaurus is smaller than t Rex not by much so idk where the hell you got facts from

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  • Tori Lincoln
    Tori Lincoln 19 days ago

    ALousorus length is 130 dick head

  • Terry Shulky
    Terry Shulky 19 days ago

    To call marine reptiles dinosaurs shows a total lack of knowledge on the subject.

  • Syed BTB Shah
    Syed BTB Shah 19 days ago +1

    I think u mean ARGENTINASAURUS IS 130 FT

  • Shahab Qader
    Shahab Qader 19 days ago +18

    When he says squids he shows a clip of a octopus

  • Ruth Less
    Ruth Less 19 days ago

    How about the titanosaurus

  • Nina Wilson
    Nina Wilson 20 days ago +10

    the switching between referring to dinosaurs as ‘it’ and ‘he’ is giving me whiplash

  • Meghan O
    Meghan O 20 days ago

    Could the ocean dinosaur eat a megalodon

    • Piggle Pig Swillbucket
      Piggle Pig Swillbucket 19 days ago

      No. There are no birds large enough to eat a Megalodon, and the aquatic reptiles of the Mesozoic 1. Were NOT dinosaurs and 2. Did not live at the same time as Megalodon, which lived very close to the present in geological terms, dying out only a few million years ago. There were large sharks during the Cretaceous like Cretoxyrhina, and they did get eaten by mosasaurs on occasion

    NIRVAN THAPA 20 days ago +2

    Isnt brontosaurus and titanosaurus like really big fit to be in this vid ?? Btw few dino was shown in the game ark survival evolved

  • Kian Pridmore
    Kian Pridmore 22 days ago +1

    No dinos lived underwater

    • Piggle Pig Swillbucket
      Piggle Pig Swillbucket 19 days ago

      Hesperornis did, as do gannets and other sea-going birds. But you're right in that no dinosaur fully adapted to life in the water, since they all had to return to land to lay eggs

  • Young Petey385
    Young Petey385 22 days ago

    Where is the proof for all this?

    • Piggle Pig Swillbucket
      Piggle Pig Swillbucket 19 days ago

      Some of the proof is in the fossil record, but this video is jam-packed with inaccuracies

    DANKYKONG 22 days ago

    Pliosaurs where not dinosaurs

  • Luke J
    Luke J 23 days ago

    Except that none of the marine "dinosaurs" were dinosaurs! They were a type of reptile but not dinosaur. Trend Max, you're contributing to the stupidity of today's youth who unfortunately rely on the internet for information.

  • Animal World
    Animal World 23 days ago

    Plesiosaur and Pliosaur are not Dinosaurs. Instead, they are marine reptiles, related to snakes, Lizards and so on.

  • Flameing evee
    Flameing evee 24 days ago

    The brachiosaurs cannot stand on a time legs, that would be impossible it would crush its bones and is to heavy to rear back

  • Peter Hletko
    Peter Hletko 24 days ago

    Amazing video! I love dinosaurs ❤️

  • Jack Chell
    Jack Chell 24 days ago

    Anyhow trex was king

  • Piggle Pig Swillbucket

    Do you even know what a dinosaur is? Apparently not

  • Piggle Pig Swillbucket

    Your segment on pliosaurs had me bashing my head into my keyboard.

  • Dragon_3y3
    Dragon_3y3 24 days ago +4

    Cyprus is in Europe

  • PavleGaming
    PavleGaming 25 days ago

    Nice video

  • Γρηγόρης Αράπης

    but pliosaurs weren't dinosaurs they just happened to exist around the same time period. same with plesiosaurus, not every giant reptile is a dinosaur dammit

  • Chase V
    Chase V 25 days ago

    Dipleodocus u can do better than that its dip-lo-do-cus

  • Xavier Perez
    Xavier Perez 26 days ago

    Dip lo duckus?????? That's such a butchery of it's name uggggggh it's di plod uckus

  • angel ytb music
    angel ytb music 26 days ago


  • angel ytb music
    angel ytb music 26 days ago

    Top one 😨

  • Dennis Magkasi
    Dennis Magkasi 26 days ago


  • lolo3232
    lolo3232 27 days ago

    The first one is a cirele killer

  • George Crissall
    George Crissall 27 days ago

    Legit... so many proven falses in this vid and u can’t pronounce shit

  • Sean Wohltman
    Sean Wohltman 27 days ago +3

    Why did you not put lioplroodon that measures about 80 pounds!

    • Piggle Pig Swillbucket
      Piggle Pig Swillbucket 19 days ago

      Shahab, do you know what a dinosaur is? Also, have you seen the studies on Liopleurodon demonstrating it was far smaller than initially thought?

    • Shahab Qader
      Shahab Qader 19 days ago

      It is largest not heaviest

    • Piggle Pig Swillbucket
      Piggle Pig Swillbucket 24 days ago

      because that number is from a miscalculation that was corrected nearly 2 decades ago; also, Liopleurodon isn't a dinosaur, or even an archosaur (the group crocodiles, pterosaurs, and dinosaurs belong to)

  • C DH
    C DH 28 days ago +1

    Two of those weren't even dinosaurs.
    And please, at least try to be grammatically correct in the first sentence.

  • janeth asio
    janeth asio 29 days ago

    Wait what about mosasourus

  • IkeakallePWNZ
    IkeakallePWNZ 29 days ago

    pliosaur did not grow to that size, at all xD, yes there USED to be speculations, but they were debunked, the pliosaur you're describing sounds more like the HILARIOUSLY oversized liopleurodon from walking with dinosaurs

  • M I N T G U T Z
    M I N T G U T Z Month ago

    Did you know that aquatic creatures ARE *NOT* dinosaurs???
    Please don't make videos about things you don't even know PLEASE

  • Bailey Dude 2012
    Bailey Dude 2012 Month ago

    😯 wow

  • Fiona Zhou
    Fiona Zhou Month ago

    I like dinosaurs 😻❤

  • Fiona Zhou
    Fiona Zhou Month ago

    I like dinosaurs 😻❤

  • Brittany Hayes
    Brittany Hayes Month ago


  • *-VenomousShark-*
    *-VenomousShark-* Month ago +2

    The previous video I watched, said spino was 40 ft. Now it is 59?

  • *-VenomousShark-*
    *-VenomousShark-* Month ago

    What about the patagotitan? It was larger than the argentinosaurs

  • Søur Lïm3s
    Søur Lïm3s Month ago +5

    The thumbnail would be a snack for the Titans as in: Ghidorah,Godzilla,and Rodan

  • Alex TK
    Alex TK Month ago +3

    I think the top 1 should be A. fragillimus.

    • genhao shijiu
      genhao shijiu Day ago

      Alex TK, or maraapunisaurus fragillimus (same Dino they just renamed it to a different genus)

  • rik henri verbruggen

    Where is godzilla

  • Jackson Crow
    Jackson Crow Month ago

    pliosaur is not a dinosaur it is a marine reptile.

  • sneeKy
    sneeKy Month ago

    These proportions..... xD

  • luca gabel
    luca gabel Month ago

    4:12 ark lol

  • TheCarnoComposing I

    May I ask why the hell does it have prehistoric marine reptiles in it? THEY ARE NOT DINOSAURS!!

  • D'artanyan the Meow-sketeer

    Where is the Barosaurus?

  • Mr. Ben
    Mr. Ben Month ago

    How is this video so inaccurate lmao

  • Mr. Ben
    Mr. Ben Month ago +6

    “His name means lizard with tHoRns because of the huge fLaP on his back” what even is this.

  • Amy Dator
    Amy Dator Month ago

    I like dinosaurs

    SURVIV 3R Month ago

    This guy really used ark survival

  • Mr Banana
    Mr Banana Month ago

    Why not just use kilometers per hour, meters

  • Red Zombie the 50th

    None of the sea reptiles are dinosaurs

  • Beliza Griffin
    Beliza Griffin Month ago

    Pilosaurs aren’t dinosaurs

  • adebisi adeyinka
    adebisi adeyinka Month ago

    I love dinosaurs

  • adebisi adeyinka
    adebisi adeyinka Month ago

    I love dinosaurs