• Published on Jul 1, 2017
  • Meet the 10 largest dinosaurs ever. Some were so large that their dimensions are hard to believe.
    Since its discovery in the nineteenth century, dinosaurs have been fascinating the world. Some were so large that their dimensions are hard to believe.
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  • Kevin Sanchez
    Kevin Sanchez Day ago +1

    Hablen en inglés.

  • Gurinder Singh
    Gurinder Singh Day ago


  • Jasper Nightlynx
    Jasper Nightlynx 2 days ago +1

    6:42 That Grayscale Model Filled Me With So Much Visceral Anger

  • Thunder Shark Gamer 55

    A pledeosur bite was not 10times a trex bite

  • Connor Hopwood
    Connor Hopwood 2 days ago

    In there you didn't give Planet Dinosaur any credit and the most clips were of Planet Dinosaur

  • The Great Shaggy
    The Great Shaggy 2 days ago +2

    4:27 Ok that mispronunciation was unforgivable. You are prevented from talking about anything related to dinosaurs ever again.

  • hacker 500000
    hacker 500000 2 days ago

    Mosasaurus was bigger than giantgantosarus

  • Aleena Bustos
    Aleena Bustos 3 days ago

    Don't call it that monkey because the mosasoras is a dinosaur name so if they were alive I will let them eat you

  • Kronosaurus and spinosaurus Studios

    Pliosaurus is not a dinosaur,Pleseosaurus was not a dinosaur,Spinosaurus means spine lizard,

  • Khmer 168
    Khmer 168 5 days ago

    Spinosaurus is 21 tons not 12 tons

  • El Mundo de Hades
    El Mundo de Hades 7 days ago

    if it flyes and swims it aint a dinosaur... >.< also also.... you showed Lusotitans (here 6:16)..

  • clinton white
    clinton white 7 days ago


  • ramil calabia
    ramil calabia 7 days ago

    I like dinosaurs

  • Joanna Heron
    Joanna Heron 9 days ago


    PVTA NEGRA 9 days ago

    im not really convinced of dinosaurs. if they really existed how come now one has actually seen real footage of one ?

  • Jayden Scott-Long
    Jayden Scott-Long 9 days ago


  • Lafaele Robertson
    Lafaele Robertson 9 days ago

    This planet only 6000 years old, Adam was created in 4026

  • Lafaele Robertson
    Lafaele Robertson 9 days ago

    Dinosaurs lived with human not million years dinosaurs still alive

  • Robert Wheeler
    Robert Wheeler 10 days ago

    Twhat about titanasuar

  • Oliwia’s World
    Oliwia’s World 10 days ago


  • JJ Games
    JJ Games 10 days ago

    This was published on my 10 th birthday

    OBED CAPOTE 11 days ago

    this is fakesaurus

  • Jacob Cowan granny 2000

    All from ark

  • Camila Cova
    Camila Cova 11 days ago

    Number seven can kill a megolidon

  • cat women
    cat women 11 days ago


  • Jackie Rastall
    Jackie Rastall 12 days ago

    What about megladons?

  • Raging _elixir
    Raging _elixir 12 days ago

    No theropod should be on the list. On those marine things are marine reptiles not dinosaurs and all 10 should be sauropods

  • Michael Venuti
    Michael Venuti 12 days ago +2

    I'm in awe of these magnificent giants. Simply, unimaginable...

  • D'andre Hudson
    D'andre Hudson 14 days ago

    My favorite dinosaur is plesaur

  • The Legendary Starfy
    The Legendary Starfy 15 days ago

    Ark fix your spine scale

  • G Smith
    G Smith 16 days ago

    Mosasaurs were marine reptiles, NOT dinosaurs....

  • Daniel Dan
    Daniel Dan 16 days ago

    Retarded units spoiled the whole video

  • Roy Brown
    Roy Brown 17 days ago

    some of these are NOT dinosaurs!

  • Φώτιος Κωστελέτος

    Marine reptiles are different than dinosaurs.

    DEAD CHANNEL 18 days ago +1

    And pliosaurus isnt a dinosaur

  • Adam Awadallah
    Adam Awadallah 18 days ago

    Where’s the mososauras at

  • Invisible Meetyouthere96

    Sea dinosaurs are not dinosaurs but they are sea reptiles

  • Chikin ;-;
    Chikin ;-; 18 days ago +6

    3:09 says they feed on squids *shows an octopus*

  • Jackiee Carrera
    Jackiee Carrera 19 days ago +1

    What about Meaganlodon and mosoasure

  • Gogo Kom
    Gogo Kom 19 days ago +1

    Some dino s has been in ark

  • Objective Reality
    Objective Reality 19 days ago

    Who wrote this ? The grammar is awful. ' Since ITS discovery the dinosaurs is ... " ?! ' 'with 50 tonnes ', 'Like the great herbivores' ( referring to one of the great herbivores) etc.....

  • iemand dutch
    iemand dutch 20 days ago +1

    mosasaurus don't zit erbij

  • fufflypig6 AJ
    fufflypig6 AJ 22 days ago +1

    Nice video, but you pronounced Diplodocus word. It’s not Dip-lo-do-cus, It’s Dip-law-da-cus. But still nice video!! Btw Diplodocus it my favorite dinosaur!!!

  • Esel tryne Esel bak
    Esel tryne Esel bak 22 days ago +3

    Just so you know the megalodon is the Bigest creatur on earth because this made me mad

    • Jeebus23
      Jeebus23 3 days ago

      No, megalodon isn't the "biggest creature on Earth". It isn't even a dinosaur. It's a damn shark.

  • CrazyOwlMan
    CrazyOwlMan 23 days ago

    Pliosaur is not a dinosaur its more like a reptile

  • JTMarlin8
    JTMarlin8 25 days ago

    The C-5 Galaxy is way bigger than all these small animals and much faster.

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor 25 days ago

    Not so scary

  • Splash Fox Fortnite
    Splash Fox Fortnite 25 days ago

    if the Pilosaur is a terrible hunter of the sea:/ then its useless/
    and what is a plesiosaurs?

  • Emanuel B.
    Emanuel B. 25 days ago

    Those 2 marine "dinosaurs" are not "dinosaurs"

  • Strange Boy
    Strange Boy 25 days ago

    I thought Scotty the T-Rex is now officially the largest land predator, larger than both giganotosaurus and carcharodontosaurus.

  • ninjaboigamer YT
    ninjaboigamer YT 27 days ago

    Oooooooooohhhhhhhggghhhhgg goiiid one

  • Demon Souls
    Demon Souls 27 days ago


  • Mikes Craftsman
    Mikes Craftsman 28 days ago

    i know about Dinosaurs from a little child so now in a big child, some names are new to me.. not bad video anyways!

  • Mezworld
    Mezworld 29 days ago

    so much wrong stuff here

  • chunkylover817
    chunkylover817 29 days ago

    6:48, actual heigh about 35ft

  • michelle chung
    michelle chung 29 days ago +1

    Um literally a Mossasaur is one of the largest it's 101 foot long 😑😑😑😑

    • Jeebus23
      Jeebus23 3 days ago

      For one, mosasaurs aren't dinosaurs. Two, no mosasaur species reached anywhere near a hundred feet.

    • Skyy Pixel Gamer
      Skyy Pixel Gamer 22 days ago

      michelle chung it was only 40 feet long

  • Rafid Rahman
    Rafid Rahman 29 days ago

    Where is titanosaur?

  • rita mahara
    rita mahara 29 days ago

    This video is very inaccurate. Even some of them are not dinosaurs

  • AndrewsaurTheNerd
    AndrewsaurTheNerd Month ago

    3:30 lizard...with THORNS!? Its name means spined lizard you idiot

  • AndrewsaurTheNerd
    AndrewsaurTheNerd Month ago

    Plesiosaurs aren't dinos either

  • AndrewsaurTheNerd
    AndrewsaurTheNerd Month ago

    1:58 first of all that isn't a pliosaur, that's a mosasaur, and second of all mosasaurs weren't dinosaurs, pliosaurs weren't either, they're not even closely related to dinosaurs

  • Fishslap 33
    Fishslap 33 Month ago

    No dinosaurs lived in the sea. Those are reptiles of the same type as present day crocodiles, not dinosaurs. Also, dinosaurs had feathers.

  • Messi Is The G.O.A.T

    This list is sad... very sad. There would be absolutely no carnivores on this list, and T.rex was the largest carnivore. Second, none of the 'dinosaurs' in the water are actually dinosaurs. This list Is embarrassing

  • Nguyet Ly
    Nguyet Ly Month ago

    2:41 the plesiosaur is not said with the z sound it’s the s sound and it has the short e

  • TheJoker Gamez
    TheJoker Gamez Month ago

    This reminds me of ark 😂😂😂

  • david hollyfield
    david hollyfield Month ago

    If dinosaurs were even real, how come no one had even heard of them until the nineteenth century? Fake science!

  • THE pirkulator
    THE pirkulator Month ago

    When they use a god of war boss for a dinosaur explanation.

  • Erich Rinderknecht
    Erich Rinderknecht Month ago

    What about megelodon

  • Kamal Soliman
    Kamal Soliman Month ago +1


  • Love Kush
    Love Kush Month ago

    Very good

  • galaxy boy
    galaxy boy Month ago

    I'm not sure what you want to see it in person to discuss with me to get my car is not the first one who is in my name so I get to the bar to watch them for you if you need a place to stay for me and the boys are you still being considered to have a bankruptcy meeting Saturday and I will take the day to get a coffee or something like that for like an awesome day at all if it was nuts and a little bit of my life lol I love the idea of a bar in your car for you guys to come in the afternoon and then don't post it on the calendar and I will be there in about me no matter what the hell

  • Avicena Fawwaz
    Avicena Fawwaz Month ago

    Where ia acrochanttosaur And. Tylosaur

  • ZatyD YT
    ZatyD YT Month ago

    what about the titanosaur?

  • JammiZ
    JammiZ Month ago

    will anyone willing spend 10 years on dinosaur time instead of 21 century xd

  • Emily Palermo
    Emily Palermo Month ago

    a like dinosaurs

  • Bdbxbxdj Bdjdbdndj
    Bdbxbxdj Bdjdbdndj Month ago

    I love ark survival

  • Henry Perlman
    Henry Perlman Month ago


  • Henry Perlman
    Henry Perlman Month ago


  • Virginia MacRill
    Virginia MacRill Month ago +1

    1:56 That looks like a Mosasaurus, because it probably is... not to make a you-should-change-that point or anything

  • Casey Ulsh
    Casey Ulsh Month ago

    That was a mossasar

  • Willow Girouard
    Willow Girouard Month ago

    I i love Dinos

  • That one school bag Boi

    are people getting this from a wiki?

    cause everytime people talk about the dinosaurs its almost the exact same thing every video

  • Rohan Ahmed
    Rohan Ahmed Month ago

    Where are T- Rex

  • p a v kumari
    p a v kumari Month ago +1

    Many things are not dont know anything

  • top boy gunner
    top boy gunner Month ago

    he is super bad he doesnt even get maths

  • top boy gunner
    top boy gunner Month ago

    wrong again brachiosaurus cant hold its own weight it cant stand on it back legs with out its fronts

  • top boy gunner
    top boy gunner Month ago +1

    wait he said it is lizard with thorns no it is spined lizard

  • Gabriella Leisen
    Gabriella Leisen Month ago

    The thumbnail is not a dinosaur dinosaurs lived on land air= pterosaurs sea=not dinosaur.

  • erlina lucero04
    erlina lucero04 Month ago

    Titanasourous is about 260ft

  • erlina lucero04
    erlina lucero04 Month ago

    Titanousorous is the biggest dinosaur

  • Savi kashyap
    Savi kashyap Month ago

    Is aquatic dinosaurs still alive or not ?


    you have not shown trex

  • Joel Benaldo
    Joel Benaldo Month ago

    megalodon is still the biggest of all and it ha 59 feet

  • Neillsen Gaming
    Neillsen Gaming Month ago

    Pliosaur is ligther than megalodon

  • Natalia Ziu
    Natalia Ziu Month ago +1

    I have a toy like spinosaurus.😛😛

  • yujie yang
    yujie yang Month ago

    Plesiosaurs is a reptile! Not a reptile dinosaur

  • Eric Lin
    Eric Lin Month ago


  • Sree Krishna
    Sree Krishna Month ago

    4:12 Can I know the name of that Game?

    • Sree Krishna
      Sree Krishna Month ago +1

      +T. cook Yes it is I found that.
      Thanks anyway

    • T. cook
      T. cook Month ago +1

      Maybe ARK

  • Tally Domingue
    Tally Domingue Month ago

    But I agree that argentinosaurus is bigger

  • Tally Domingue
    Tally Domingue Month ago

    Spinosaurus was the biggest carnivore that walked the earth it was bigger than the t-rex