• Published on Jul 1, 2017
  • Meet the 10 largest dinosaurs ever. Some were so large that their dimensions are hard to believe.
    Since its discovery in the nineteenth century, dinosaurs have been fascinating the world. Some were so large that their dimensions are hard to believe.
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Comments • 3 947

  • Hunter_gaming 215
    Hunter_gaming 215 12 hours ago

    Well meg and mosasaurus is taller than that dude

  • Tripper flipper
    Tripper flipper 15 hours ago

    What the fuck is this video?? Riddled with mispronounced names and inaccuracies.

  • Ezio The Prehistoric dino drawer King With games

    The Pliosaur picture is x Becuse is A Mosasaurus!!!!

  • rahnal21
    rahnal21 Day ago

    Carnivorous dinosaurs should not be on here and would be all sauropods

  • Scott Sykes
    Scott Sykes 5 days ago

    I like how the dinosaur @4:13 has a saddle on!

    • CA13B
      CA13B 4 days ago +1

      Scott Sykes it’s a game called ark survival

  • Sergio Sicardi
    Sergio Sicardi 7 days ago

    the giganotosaurus is bigger than carcharodontosaurus

  • godzilla xxzx
    godzilla xxzx 8 days ago

    You forgot t.rex

  • ChloeYT Bmgo
    ChloeYT Bmgo 9 days ago +1


  • Robert Grant
    Robert Grant 10 days ago

    Spine lizard

  • Daniel Amper
    Daniel Amper 11 days ago

    Plesiosaurs and Mosasaurs are NOT dinosaurs. They are aquatic reptiles. The title should have been "top ten largest extinct reptiles".

  • Salim Sharji
    Salim Sharji 12 days ago

    Really that was giant

  • Gitimoni Sharma
    Gitimoni Sharma 13 days ago

    This is a dinosaur discovery video. I know only about spinosaur not others.

  • Sanjai Johnson
    Sanjai Johnson 14 days ago

    I shared the hole video!!!!!!!!🙀

  • Dywright Miller-Bunker

    Dinosaurs are the best in the world

  • Thomas Villagra
    Thomas Villagra 16 days ago

    The Patagotitan lost hope in the amphicoelias forever.

  • Shimron Netia
    Shimron Netia 16 days ago

    i guess when this things walked you could here the ground shaking... shit

  • Shimron Netia
    Shimron Netia 16 days ago

    Those were pre-historic killing machines

  • naseeba akbar
    naseeba akbar 16 days ago

    If most dinousour are named after countries the ones found in Asia and Africa should. Be called africasiansouris

  • it's me hAiLeY
    it's me hAiLeY 17 days ago +1

    Guys stop commenting "He can't say the dinosaurs names right ." When ALOT of people *can't*

  • Moncy Philip
    Moncy Philip 19 days ago

    what about Megalodon?

  • niati levi
    niati levi 19 days ago

    Pliosaurs are not dinos they are reptiles

  • Drago from Bakugan
    Drago from Bakugan 20 days ago

    what if the bigest dinosaurs we see are the smallest veristions of them lol

  • Free Fire LpZx
    Free Fire LpZx 20 days ago

    Where are is moramorocaures

  • Blue raspberry Juice
    Blue raspberry Juice 20 days ago

    Hey I am a mamasauras REX

  • Sintel MK
    Sintel MK 20 days ago

    4:12 game name plzz 😂😂😂

  • Pujo Ningsih
    Pujo Ningsih 21 day ago

    Teh dinosaurus saya indonesia

  • chino Mndza
    chino Mndza 21 day ago

    so many things wrong here lol, diplodocus but he showing a brachiosaur, and MAMEN "KAI" SAURUS? REALLY?

  • M ! N T G U T Z
    M ! N T G U T Z 22 days ago

    Aquatic marines are not dinosaurs. Don't make videos about things you don't know please.
    Edit: also that picture of the Pliosaur is a Mosasaurus not a Pliosaur however both of them are still not dinosaurs

  • Pink Unicorn
    Pink Unicorn 24 days ago

    2:53 looks more like a long-necka-fish-dinasour-souras
    Ay what about the mosasourus

    • Brennen Myers
      Brennen Myers 22 days ago

      The mosasaurs were not actual dinosaurs...they were actually in the same family of reptiles as snakes.

  • Lynn Jones
    Lynn Jones 25 days ago

    Dude your getting the Dino’s names wrong!

  • spider Jackson
    spider Jackson 26 days ago

    I wish dinosaurs never went extinct
    Scientist: sorry but that will never *hahahah* unless we had time machine but we don't have to technology you for that yet
    Me:😥😥😥god damnit

  • XxSpiritAngelxX Wolflover

    Spinosaurus is my fav ❤️

  • MaKawks
    MaKawks 28 days ago


  • Nataša Čambalová
    Nataša Čambalová 28 days ago


  • Casey Ribaric
    Casey Ribaric 29 days ago +7

    Wait, the biggest dinosaurs? This list should only be Sauropods

  • Fuze Melly
    Fuze Melly 29 days ago

    Uses ark for half his stuff🤣🤣

  • Danny Medina
    Danny Medina 29 days ago +1


  • Wig Split
    Wig Split Month ago

    And Jesus people think the world is only 7k years old while it’s much older than that!

  • Mona Hidayet
    Mona Hidayet Month ago


  • Mona Hidayet
    Mona Hidayet Month ago


  • noperope
    noperope Month ago

    no one's appreciating 'lizard with thornes' enough

  • Gabby Kim
    Gabby Kim Month ago +1

    Wut if dinosaurs were still alive 😳

  • Jamie Towers
    Jamie Towers Month ago +1

    Dude god real not million years thousand years he's not a Christian the world has only bin alive for around 6000 years

    • Brennen Myers
      Brennen Myers 22 days ago +1

      I'm a Christian and I really cringe when I hear people try and say the Earth is only 6,000 years old...that's as bad as claiming the Earth is flat.

    • ProGaming
      ProGaming Month ago

      PFFFF hahahahahahahahhah

  • Soronaca
    Soronaca Month ago +2

    I didn't notice many bullshit cause i'm French and I don't understand everything you said. But I heard one (and a big) so I think there are more. I disliked.

    • Soronaca
      Soronaca 22 days ago

      It looks like of their informations came from Jurassic Park.

    • Soronaca
      Soronaca 22 days ago

      @Brennen Myers yeah this error too

    • Brennen Myers
      Brennen Myers 22 days ago

      @Soronaca He also mentioned 2 marine reptiles...the Pliosaurs and Plesiosaurs were NOT Dinosaurs and instead belonged to their own unique group of reptiles...1 that's more closely related to snakes and lizards.

    • d1rk void
      d1rk void Month ago

      Soronaca ...wat

  • Andressa Bonet
    Andressa Bonet Month ago

    Wow look at that!!!!!!!!!

  • shine pallippatt
    shine pallippatt Month ago

    Dinosaurs but blue wale weight 2 lakh pound..

  • Lisa Kuhne
    Lisa Kuhne Month ago +1


  • Chastity Rudisill
    Chastity Rudisill Month ago +1

    What about the Mososaure

  • Kjell Egil Hustad
    Kjell Egil Hustad Month ago +1

    Longer is not bigger. That is like saying that a giraff is bigger than an elephant.

    • Brennen Myers
      Brennen Myers 22 days ago

      Correct. There's a reason that the Green Anaconda is considered the largest species of snake alive today despite the Reticulated Python being the longest.

  • Ender Dragon prince

    this is why i am getting a gun when i am older

  • Michael Baker
    Michael Baker Month ago

    You do realise the pliosaurs and plesiosaurs aren't dinosaurs. Why do people have such trouble with these?
    Also, don't represent animals like they're just movie monsters, please.

  • Sala Gamer
    Sala Gamer Month ago +2

    3:39 | His name means ‘lizard with thorns’ because of the huge flap on his back!
    Correction: It’s name means ‘spine lizard’ because of the huge sail on it’s back!

  • Zayaan Dadwani
    Zayaan Dadwani Month ago +2

    7. Loch ness monster?🧐

  • Mark Chavez
    Mark Chavez Month ago +7

    And now for the #1 biggest Dinosaur is........

    Your Momma! haha Got emmmmm

  • Just Nica
    Just Nica Month ago

    Spinosaurus is the biggest carnouvours dinosaur ever XD

    • Just Nica
      Just Nica Month ago

      Kk and im not laughing

    • 40ozREAPER
      40ozREAPER Month ago

      @Just Nica then you should have been more specific in your comment because you clearly used the word biggest. Anybody else would have thought the same thing

    • Just Nica
      Just Nica Month ago

      Welp u said that nahh i said that was my 2nd favorite im not talking about how big are they. U need to think and talk not talk only

    • 40ozREAPER
      40ozREAPER Month ago

      What's funny about that. Take a look at the facts. Spinosaurus was bigger then both the Tyrannosaur and the gigantosaur. Spinosaurus was the biggest land Carnivore

  • OGGamePlays
    OGGamePlays Month ago +1

    Where’s Amphoecilias

    • OGGamePlays
      OGGamePlays Month ago +1

      Zachosaurus Ill check it out!

    • Zachosaurus
      Zachosaurus Month ago

      Hey! Actually, a very recent article debunks the 122 tonne previous measurements for Amphicoelias... come and see on my channel if you want to learn more about the subject!

  • thedeadminecraftgamer
    thedeadminecraftgamer Month ago +4

    You said dinosaurs not marine reptiles. They are much different than dinosaurs.

  • ruby mcCune
    ruby mcCune Month ago

    a pliosaur isn’t a dinosaur

    • ruby mcCune
      ruby mcCune Month ago

      oh my god just bc they look like underwater dinosaurs doesn’t mean they are dinosaurs

  • Tamil Arasan
    Tamil Arasan Month ago +4

    Poseidon is not God of earthquake, he is the God of sea.

    • Brennen Myers
      Brennen Myers 22 days ago

      Actually, the ancient Greek Mythology lists Poseidon asthe god of the Seas, Earthquakes, and Storms (specifically Storms that cropped up on the Sea/Ocean).

  • Zaky Mossawy
    Zaky Mossawy Month ago +4

    My favorite Dino SAUROPOSEIDON