All Orders the Clones Had to Obey - Star Wars Explained [Legends]

  • Published on Jun 26, 2017
  • All orders the Clone Troopers of the Republic, and later Empire, had to obey without question.
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  • The Lore Master
    The Lore Master  Year ago +560

    Of the orders not mentioned in the video, what do you think the other unknown Clone orders are?

    • Comments Bro
      Comments Bro Month ago

      One is probably to kill the vice-chancellor

    • kim tornqvist
      kim tornqvist Month ago

      Are you Swedish?

    • AspieJoeyJay Hill
      AspieJoeyJay Hill 3 months ago

      The Lore Master they should make a Starwars novel or comic regarding all 150 Orders

    • AspieJoeyJay Hill
      AspieJoeyJay Hill 3 months ago

      The Lore Master does Operation Cinder count as a contingency plan?

    • Bober Polski
      Bober Polski 4 months ago

      Fact Free one of the orders should be surrender to the CIS and remove the senate

  • AcidicNull 98777
    AcidicNull 98777 3 hours ago

    Opedation D day- it means destroy kashyyyk at once leaving or maybe evacuating wookies od of this isnt a real one bc i hsard someone in discord at a republic army group pls reply if its fake or real thank you if you cooperate

  • Rickey Skoolaz
    Rickey Skoolaz Day ago

    157 it's about the executor has a Chancellor immediately a list of scrap Hayward James TheXvid Hello Jaden is my fortnite name I want to feel V bucks oh yeah

  • Rickey Skoolaz
    Rickey Skoolaz Day ago

    Sears order about 150

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 3 days ago

    Excute order 65

  • Deepeyes 053192
    Deepeyes 053192 9 days ago

    Lord Master thank you for the intel about the order 66.

  • Luke Genisiant
    Luke Genisiant 10 days ago

    Vader: My master, out of curiosity, what were the first 65 orders?
    Palpatine: Well I'm glad you asked!
    Capture me a Wookie,
    Kick a princess in the cookie
    Sabotage the espionage of a Bothan spy
    Activate the trash compactor
    Let's protect the main reactor
    Stab a smuggler in the jugular and watch him die
    Corrupt a teen from Tatooine
    Manipulate a Gungan and
    Kill the Naboo's queen
    Trap a Mon Calamari
    Take a Tauntaun on safari
    Hit a topless bar on Mustafar with artist Ralph McQuarrie
    Number 13 Find investors
    Number 14 Make a Death Star
    While your at it draw some plans up for my Death Star II
    I'll unmask a dirty Jawa
    Crank-call General Dodonna
    Clone a load of cannon fodder out on Kamino!
    Palpatine: You know what I'll just email you a PDF or something..

  • Lieutenant NITEWOLF
    Lieutenant NITEWOLF 10 days ago

    I thought order 65 was to stop the chancellor if they see him as unfit

  • Tomb Raver
    Tomb Raver 10 days ago

    Palpatine: "Execute order 69."
    Trooper: "Alright men, we are going to need a LOT of Twi'lek women."

  • GoldenBadger
    GoldenBadger 18 days ago

    Order 69: Gather all the hot bitches, hardcore drugs and the highest proof alcohol for the 60-day long orgy.

  • Kilroy was Here
    Kilroy was Here 22 days ago

    Order 42: explain the existence of life, the universe, and everything

  • CCDelvo
    CCDelvo Month ago

    What about order 69

  • CCDelvo
    CCDelvo Month ago

    I think one has to that if a Jedi wants tacos YOU MAKE HIM TACOS

  • RadioactiveRat
    RadioactiveRat Month ago +1

    Palpatine: "Execute Order Sixty Fiv-SIX! I mean Sixty Six!"
    Clones: "The Future is now old man"

  • That Communist Weeb
    That Communist Weeb Month ago +1

    I feel like Order 1 is simple, “Your allegiance is to the Republic and it’s Commanders.” This would be activate throughout a Clone’s lifespan (That still has the inhibitor chip implanted). Sometimes it would malfunction, such as Slick. We’ve seen it before in Tup, where he decided to *EXECUTE ORDER 66* a bit early.

  • ARCs Hammer, news
    ARCs Hammer, news Month ago

    Order 151, capture all the Pokemon.

  • Ignis King
    Ignis King Month ago

    Huh, I always thought there would be a suicide order for the clones.

  • julz z
    julz z Month ago

    Basicly orders can be carried out by a politician right? SO IF Padme is alive she could emission the order to kill or arrest sith lords or betraying Jedi and help the republic gain more power againts the sepratist or the trade federation which could stop the war against droids and use them as soilders for the republic too and they could fight against the trade federation remaining forces(the order is order 9) theres another order that could be emmission by the jedi to kill remaining sith lords and that could prevent order 66(order 78)

  • An I Guy
    An I Guy Month ago

    Order 69: take over all strip clubs in the galaxy

  • Gurffy 3
    Gurffy 3 Month ago

    I'd imagin there would be a self destruct order in there where certain platoons of clones would basically kamikaze themselfs

  • Not important Please don’t

    What about order 69?

  • Toa Ventron
    Toa Ventron Month ago

    “Execute order 69”
    All clone: “Nice”

  • WolfeAvaition
    WolfeAvaition Month ago

    “Commander Cody , execute order 66

  • Alpha9075
    Alpha9075 Month ago

    Order 137: we all go to the break room for a taco party

  • Mary Martines
    Mary Martines Month ago

    Order 65 will be good so Palpatine never say order 66

  • Phoenix Phlyer
    Phoenix Phlyer Month ago

    Order 69. Must I say any more?

  • RazorGames
    RazorGames Month ago

    order 2 if a clone commander is unfit for duty he is to leave his role as commander and a temporary commander would be put in his place. order 145 if a rebel city resists as a last optain the city is to be bombed and destroyed but only as a last resort

  • Hello there
    Hello there Month ago

    2:09 thats my wallpaper

  • EasedBeef 2
    EasedBeef 2 2 months ago

    Order 37 was also used after order 66 for hiding jedi

  • The SNES Man
    The SNES Man 2 months ago

    Palpatine: Execute Order 66
    Clones: No
    Written and directed by George Lucas

  • Mr Turtle
    Mr Turtle 2 months ago

    Order 22 execute Kathleen Kenedy

  • Mikkel Kunak Cameron
    Mikkel Kunak Cameron 2 months ago

    I thought it was order 65 not 4

  • Stefano Leso
    Stefano Leso 2 months ago

    3:52 This order doesn't have a number, it's simply called "EXTERMINATUS" :-D

  • FauxFlame Gaming
    FauxFlame Gaming 2 months ago

    Order 29
    The senate should be in the hands of the jedi

  • AeluronLightsong
    AeluronLightsong 3 months ago

    Order 13, take down/kill all the senators as they have been brainwashed by the Jedi


  • Treebrook
    Treebrook 3 months ago

    you forgot code 310

  • sparrowhunter1
    sparrowhunter1 3 months ago

    There may be a kill command one where the clones were to either kill eachother or themselves if the clone army was no longer required or suitable for the republic's needs

  • Riley McCall
    Riley McCall 4 months ago

    Order 64:when the kamioians are seen to work with the separatist and the clones are to kill every kamioian on board of the cloning facility and chose another planet as the homeworld for the clones

  • Derick Jensen
    Derick Jensen 4 months ago

    Order chili

  • Derick Jensen
    Derick Jensen 4 months ago

    Eat a chili cheese dog or die

  • 4NDR3W'5 CH4NN3L
    4NDR3W'5 CH4NN3L 4 months ago

    Order 1: give mashed potatoes and a cheese hamburguer to Palpatine.

  • Ufukcan Gencoglu
    Ufukcan Gencoglu 4 months ago

    Order 13 : Ban all memes on the HoloNet.

  • lobna abdelaziz
    lobna abdelaziz 4 months ago

    order 27 :kill the senate and declare the legend 27 the leader of the galaxy

  • The Shalka Doctor
    The Shalka Doctor 4 months ago

    Order 8 is too have an amazing party.

  • Nrules7yt Pg3d & More
    Nrules7yt Pg3d & More 4 months ago

    Order 69. Arrest all the musicians

  • darth maul
    darth maul 4 months ago

    Order 12345 the order to kill off senator

  • The Legend Beavis
    The Legend Beavis 4 months ago

    Order 69 have fun boys

  • TiffanieAdams ZayXavier
    TiffanieAdams ZayXavier 4 months ago +1

    order 99

  • luis castro
    luis castro 4 months ago

    what about order 99 o h nevermined that not clones

  • Heckin Memes
    Heckin Memes 4 months ago

    Execute order 419: Acquire large stockpile of snacks.
    *Execute order 420*

  • The Media Raptor
    The Media Raptor 4 months ago

    “Order 69” “Nice.”

  • Subscribe to PewDiePie
    Subscribe to PewDiePie 4 months ago +1

    The unknown one is called BDZ (Base Delta Zero)
    There's also Order 99 which is basically Order 66 but with droids

  • Reece Taylor
    Reece Taylor 4 months ago

    I guess the other numbers were just too hard

  • Reece Taylor
    Reece Taylor 4 months ago

    I believe order 37 was subtly used in TFA

  • KingGold Catter
    KingGold Catter 4 months ago

    Order 69 is don’t read for spoilers

    A funny name I have no clue what it would be probably a kill order for someone if the other 60s are any hint

  • jrod32nd
    jrod32nd 5 months ago

    Order 131: Deliver a six pack and a ten piece bucket of drumsticks to Chancellor's apartment

  • Warren Lehmkuhle
    Warren Lehmkuhle 5 months ago

    “Comander Cody execute order 65.”
    “Uhh we are half way across the galaxy.”
    “Oh ok we will get someone else.”

  • ICN Games
    ICN Games 5 months ago

    Execute Order 69

  • Deutschland 132
    Deutschland 132 5 months ago

    Order 69: Rape or fuck all female jedis and kill the male ones

    PΩLΔR STΔR 5 months ago +1

    Order 69 bring the sith lord some pizza hut

  • Roni Richburger
    Roni Richburger 5 months ago

    Order 18, every clone has to dislike rewind 2018

  • Lucas S
    Lucas S 5 months ago

    Article 13 is just Order 66 for memes

  • Drummer boii
    Drummer boii 5 months ago

    Order 420: well you know...

  • Seb In Spaace!
    Seb In Spaace! 5 months ago

    Order 17: Seize The Means Of Production
    Order 69: Take 420

  • BeverlyZoe Flaucher
    BeverlyZoe Flaucher 5 months ago

    If Palpatine was dead of natural causes before the Clone Wars began; then was Massamada in charge of the galaxy, while imperial look alikes stood in for the Senate's figurehead?

  • Hamza X
    Hamza X 5 months ago

    Order no 5 no homo

  • qualandrew201494
    qualandrew201494 5 months ago

    i feel like an order was set up so that if palp dies then to execute order 66 anyway.

  • Tim Hallén
    Tim Hallén 5 months ago

    Why is this video title in my native language?

  • Fliyo MB
    Fliyo MB 5 months ago +4

    -Execute order...13
    -It will be lord *Bans memes*

  • General Goldy
    General Goldy 5 months ago +1

    What about order 69: Capturing all attractive female Jedi and marrying them to the most successful clone in the capturing group

  • EmperorFrozenToes
    EmperorFrozenToes 5 months ago

    Order 69
    Write your own lmao.

  • Maxime
    Maxime 5 months ago

    order 42 is bring me coffee

  • NewMystery356
    NewMystery356 5 months ago

    Order 69: Begin immediate copulation with the local populous of a designated planet in order to elevate their population.

  • PoisonedHive
    PoisonedHive 5 months ago

    No one's wondering what Order 69 is?

  • Ed Paradis
    Ed Paradis 6 months ago

    order 70. All cones go and get coffie for the Chanclor and the politicans for all to enjoy

  • Terren
    Terren 6 months ago +1

    Order 69 forces them to say 'nice'

    • Lucas S
      Lucas S 5 months ago

      also, nice.

    • Lucas S
      Lucas S 5 months ago

      oh look, the only "Order 69" joke I seen that actually made me laugh.

    • Fliyo MB
      Fliyo MB 5 months ago +1


  • Carol hilder
    Carol hilder 6 months ago

    Did you know of order 27 it means if clone troopers are stuck on a planet and if they did not serve the Republic again they would be executed that is order 27

  • mr nobdy
    mr nobdy 6 months ago

    Order 666 spawn the devil

  • Lama Gamiing
    Lama Gamiing 6 months ago

    ORDER 69!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sub Zero
    Sub Zero 6 months ago

    You know I’m Confused why they executed Order 66 since Palpatine was all fecked up how did they know it was the Chancellor?

  • alexandre007opa
    alexandre007opa 6 months ago

    Order 69 fucj the droids to death

  • Ryan Hecker
    Ryan Hecker 6 months ago

    Order 10: destroy all high ranked clone officers

  • I hate fortnight Give me a reason why i shouldn’t

    Order 69
    Fuck over the whole Jedi council

  • hank the handkerchief
    hank the handkerchief 6 months ago

    Order 10. Clone go get me a taco

  • Alex Reilly
    Alex Reilly 6 months ago


  • The Flat Cap Guy
    The Flat Cap Guy 6 months ago

    Order 399, kill anyone who didn't buy PewDiePie's chair

  • Isaac West
    Isaac West 6 months ago +1

    I suppress the sexual-jokes pretty well for a male teenager. But I can't help but wonder what Order 69 is.

  • Mr.Swaggins
    Mr.Swaggins 6 months ago

    Order 69 raip

  • Whitewolf Crowley
    Whitewolf Crowley 6 months ago

    I feel like there is an order where Clones are to immediately blockade a planet. A more extreme order 37. Just in case they ran into a saboteur.

  • Leon Paagman
    Leon Paagman 7 months ago

    Sidious: Commander Cody the time has come, execute order 69
    Cody: you Will be done my lord

  • Commander Cody
    Commander Cody 7 months ago

    Order 57 is a mass suicide

  • 森秋子
    森秋子 7 months ago

    Order 13, ban memes.

  • William Sledge
    William Sledge 7 months ago

    Order 81 kill all trekies

  • The Nameless King
    The Nameless King 7 months ago

    Someone make an alternate SW universe where order 65 happened instead of order 66

  • Jackie boy86
    Jackie boy86 7 months ago

    i bet one of the orders is to pull back all troops in the clone army from battle if the enemy were ever to surrender or declare peace

  • star wars King
    star wars King 7 months ago

    I wonder what order 69 does ;)

  • Riley Shugart
    Riley Shugart 7 months ago

    Don't know if anyone has commented this yet, but the time of this vid is all the number 5. ARC Trooper Fives comes to mind, especially when he mentioned order 66. Coincidence? I think not.

  • Hurricane
    Hurricane 7 months ago +1

    Order 9: It's when the Emperor wants to order two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.

  • Got Nay
    Got Nay 8 months ago

    Order 69: Execute all virgins

    im screwed

  • cr1m1nalspeed
    cr1m1nalspeed 8 months ago

    Order 69: all of the clones run a train on Princess Amedala