All Orders the Clones Had to Obey - Star Wars Explained [Legends]


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  • The Lore Master
    The Lore Master  Year ago +512

    Of the orders not mentioned in the video, what do you think the other unknown Clone orders are?

    • Cody Stearns
      Cody Stearns 10 days ago

      wouldn'tit be weired if one of the orders were to kill padme amidala? or better yet, there was any order to kill a rouge senator?

    • M Lau
      M Lau 21 day ago

      Order 64 destruction of the Entire Clone Army, once the clone received this order, the control chip inside the clone's head would overload and explode, killing the clone. This is based of the end of the movie Kingsmen.

    • Kieran B
      Kieran B 22 days ago

      to kill the other politicians.

  • ICN Games
    ICN Games 11 hours ago

    Execute Order 69

  • Erwin  Smith
    Erwin Smith Day ago

    Order 69: Rape or fuck all female jedis and kill the male ones

    PΩLΔR STΔR 2 days ago +1

    Order 69 bring the sith lord some pizza hut

  • Ye boi Roto
    Ye boi Roto 3 days ago

    Order 18, every clone has to dislike rewind 2018

  • Lucas Stritt
    Lucas Stritt 4 days ago

    Article 13 is just Order 66 for memes

  • Drummer boii
    Drummer boii 5 days ago

    Order 420: well you know...

  • Seb In Spaace!
    Seb In Spaace! 7 days ago

    Order 17: Seize The Means Of Production
    Order 69: Take 420

  • BeverlyZoe Flaucher
    BeverlyZoe Flaucher 7 days ago

    If Palpatine was dead of natural causes before the Clone Wars began; then was Massamada in charge of the galaxy, while imperial look alikes stood in for the Senate's figurehead?

  • Erkkiberkki XD
    Erkkiberkki XD 8 days ago

    Order 69: You know what it does ;)

  • Hamza X
    Hamza X 8 days ago

    Order no 5 no homo

  • qualandrew201494
    qualandrew201494 11 days ago

    i feel like an order was set up so that if palp dies then to execute order 66 anyway.

  • Tim Hallén
    Tim Hallén 12 days ago

    Why is this video title in my native language?

  • Fliyo MB
    Fliyo MB 14 days ago +1

    -Execute order...13
    -It will be lord *Bans memes*

  • General Goldy
    General Goldy 15 days ago +1

    What about order 69: Capturing all attractive female Jedi and marrying them to the most successful clone in the capturing group

  • EmperorFrozenToes
    EmperorFrozenToes 15 days ago

    Order 69
    Write your own lmao.

  • Maxime
    Maxime 16 days ago

    order 42 is bring me coffee

  • NewMystery356
    NewMystery356 16 days ago

    Order 69: Begin immediate copulation with the local populous of a designated planet in order to elevate their population.

  • PoisonedHive
    PoisonedHive 17 days ago

    No one's wondering what Order 69 is?

  • Ed Paradis
    Ed Paradis 18 days ago

    order 70. All cones go and get coffie for the Chanclor and the politicans for all to enjoy

  • Terren
    Terren 19 days ago +1

    Order 69 forces them to say 'nice'

  • Carol hilder
    Carol hilder 22 days ago

    Did you know of order 27 it means if clone troopers are stuck on a planet and if they did not serve the Republic again they would be executed that is order 27

  • mr nobdy
    mr nobdy 22 days ago

    Order 666 spawn the devil

  • Lama Gamiing
    Lama Gamiing 29 days ago

    ORDER 69!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marvel Cards
    Marvel Cards Month ago

    You know I’m Confused why they executed Order 66 since Palpatine was all fecked up how did they know it was the Chancellor?

  • alexandre007opa
    alexandre007opa Month ago

    Order 69 fucj the droids to death

  • Ryan Hecker
    Ryan Hecker Month ago

    Order 10: destroy all high ranked clone officers

  • I hate fortnight Give me a reason why it doesn’t

    Order 69
    Fuck over the whole Jedi council

  • hank the handkerchief

    Order 10. Clone go get me a taco

  • Alex Reilly
    Alex Reilly Month ago


  • Waltz the Matilda
    Waltz the Matilda Month ago

    Order 399, kill anyone who didn't buy PewDiePie's chair

  • Isaac West
    Isaac West Month ago +1

    I suppress the sexual-jokes pretty well for a male teenager. But I can't help but wonder what Order 69 is.

  • Mr.Swaggins
    Mr.Swaggins Month ago

    Order 69 raip

  • Whitewolf Crowley
    Whitewolf Crowley Month ago

    I feel like there is an order where Clones are to immediately blockade a planet. A more extreme order 37. Just in case they ran into a saboteur.

  • Leon Paagman
    Leon Paagman Month ago

    Sidious: Commander Cody the time has come, execute order 69
    Cody: you Will be done my lord

  • Commander Cody
    Commander Cody Month ago

    Order 57 is a mass suicide

  • 森秋子
    森秋子 Month ago

    Order 13, ban memes.

  • William Sledge
    William Sledge Month ago

    Order 81 kill all trekies

  • The Nameless King
    The Nameless King 2 months ago

    Someone make an alternate SW universe where order 65 happened instead of order 66

  • Jackie boy86
    Jackie boy86 2 months ago

    i bet one of the orders is to pull back all troops in the clone army from battle if the enemy were ever to surrender or declare peace

  • star wars King
    star wars King 2 months ago

    I wonder what order 69 does ;)

  • Riley Shugart
    Riley Shugart 2 months ago

    Don't know if anyone has commented this yet, but the time of this vid is all the number 5. ARC Trooper Fives comes to mind, especially when he mentioned order 66. Coincidence? I think not.

  • Hurricane
    Hurricane 2 months ago +1

    Order 9: It's when the Emperor wants to order two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.

  • Got Nay
    Got Nay 2 months ago

    Order 69: Execute all virgins

    im screwed

  • cr1m1nalspeed
    cr1m1nalspeed 2 months ago

    Order 69: all of the clones run a train on Princess Amedala

  • cr1m1nalspeed
    cr1m1nalspeed 2 months ago

    Order 34: all of the clones start firing their laser guns into the sky and start fist pumping to electronic dance music

    SHARD THE FOX 2 months ago

    Palpateine: "Exicute order 65, wait what, ....shit"

  • AntacidFish
    AntacidFish 2 months ago

    Order 77:
    An early Death Star build... the republic has turned to the dark side...

  • AntacidFish
    AntacidFish 2 months ago

    Lol the thumbnail had Rex with order 66 he be like

    Ooooooooooohhhhhhh hell na

  • Chasemdown016 Variety
    Chasemdown016 Variety 2 months ago

    Here are my theories (these might be Canon, I don't know :p I don't think they are)
    Order 86: If a world is captured by the enemy, this order is issued to essentially have the clones kill all vital personnel on the planet, before killing themselves.
    Order 49: Essentially, Hammer Down on Corusant. If the Separatists take Corusant, the clones are ordered to destroy the entire city. Would be issued if evac sites are overwhelmed, so any civilians not of planet would be executed.
    Order 100: Destroy fleet. If a fleet is in danger of being overrun, it is to be destroyed, and any valuable intelligence is to be wiped from all platforms on the star destroyer.

  • Saamov
    Saamov 3 months ago +1

    Order 420

  • William Sledge
    William Sledge 3 months ago

    You should do a video series on what training looked like for different soldiers like stormtroppers,clones,rebels,etc.

  • Micah Smith
    Micah Smith 3 months ago

    Order #1: Get the Supreme Chancellor a cheeseburger, fries, and a coke.

  • Keisu Federation Mapping

    imagine if palpatine’s tongue slipped
    “execure order 65”
    *the republic’s version of the fbi bursts through the door”

  • Kevin pezza
    Kevin pezza 3 months ago

    I wish order 66 never was given

  • C Wiskus
    C Wiskus 3 months ago

    this would have been a perfect time for tag and bink mischief and order to go fetch a beer or make a sandwich or other odd or funny ones

  • Profile Picture
    Profile Picture 3 months ago

    in a lego star wars book order 65 is when the clones go home early

  • ScaryDragon_ Lover212
    ScaryDragon_ Lover212 3 months ago

    order number 1, all military personal must illiminate jar jar binks or else they will be set under quarantine with him

  • Playerlist
    Playerlist 3 months ago

    Order 101 Delete all other orders

  • TheAsianPotato
    TheAsianPotato 3 months ago

    Idk why but when palpatine gave out order 66, i can imagine him pulling out a massive book from under his robe called “clone orders manual” and flicking through all the orders to find the right one lol

  • Issac Arellano
    Issac Arellano 3 months ago

    What if palpatine accidentally said order 65

  • Piplup Boy
    Piplup Boy 3 months ago

    Execute Order 64: Make a truce with the Separatist Droid Army and play on the Nintendo 64 for the rest of the Clone Wars.

  • Horoka
    Horoka 4 months ago

    Why no order 420??

  • David Kim
    David Kim 4 months ago

    imagine palpatine accidentally saying "execute order 4 oh wait WAIT CANCEL ORDER" *gets shot*

  • Jacob Wilson
    Jacob Wilson 4 months ago

    Order 15: all clones within the facility of the chancellor must bring him cheese fries immediately

  • Yuki Terumi
    Yuki Terumi 4 months ago

    Imagine, if someone had like Padme had executed what was it? Order 55. To get the Senate to declare palpatine unfit for duty. His entire plan would be moot and order 66 ungivablr by him as his authority is stripped. The republic would the saved! Then the Senate might have a chance at reforming and getting rid of the corrupt bastards that rotted the republic from the inside.

  • VideoGameNoob15
    VideoGameNoob15 4 months ago

    Order 60: Eliminate any, and I really mean ANY Jar Jar supporters.

  • TheNinjaBoyGames - Yeah I do stuff

    There are 3 time Order 37 happened, Kylo Ren once did it, and even palpatine did it right after Order 66, and the way you said it

  • TheNinjaBoyGames - Yeah I do stuff

    Order 37 is by far the worse order

  • unstaible child
    unstaible child 4 months ago

    order 69? female clones?

  • ct-7567 cc-7567
    ct-7567 cc-7567 4 months ago +1

    What about order 99

  • toxic cake 98
    toxic cake 98 4 months ago

    I think order 12 is to kill a certain squad of clones if they find out to much about the chancellor or the mission there on, this order could only be implied by the chancellor in order to hide his true intentions and to keep the clones as mindless pawns

  • timpyrules
    timpyrules 4 months ago

    There is at least 1 more confirmed order
    the order "two number 9s a number 9 large a number 6 with extra dip a number 7 two number 45s"

  • mummaemmz _
    mummaemmz _ 4 months ago

    Order 69 there is sudunly a massive gang bang

  • Hydro YT
    Hydro YT 4 months ago

    Mace windu: Execute order 65
    Clones: yes sir
    Emperor: execute order 66
    Clones: no
    Emperor: why not
    Clones: order 65 is in work
    Emperor: oh shi*
    *door opens*
    Emperor: ahhhhh
    *blaster fire*
    Emperor: ..... blah
    *opens com*
    Clones: it has been done master windu
    Mace windu: that’s general windu to you
    Clones: roger roger
    Mace windu: arghhhhhhhhhh

    KARL DER KOLBEN 4 months ago

    Im pretty sure that there is an order wich forces the clones to shave all wookies

  • FannyPackMan100
    FannyPackMan100 4 months ago

    At 2:50 lol Guybrush Threepwood.

  • The Film Guardians
    The Film Guardians 4 months ago

    here's ORDER 1,2,3,6-64,67-149 idea: Shoot to Kill Every one named JAR JAR BINKS

  • Bill McDonald
    Bill McDonald 4 months ago

    Order 13 is to evacuate. Fun fact🙂

  • St. PaddyMad!
    St. PaddyMad! 4 months ago

    So, Order 37 is genocide of a local population if a wanted individual wasn’t acquired.

  • Under!Ed Sans
    Under!Ed Sans 4 months ago +1

    Order 420

  • Diddy Cash
    Diddy Cash 4 months ago

    they should have had a council to decide what the clones were to do and what orders should be enforced not just have whoever initiates the order first.

  • pim haverdil
    pim haverdil 5 months ago

    order 6 is to throw ur communicator away as far as possible

  • Hilbert Faust
    Hilbert Faust 5 months ago

    The jedi confronting the chancellor for being a sith was absolutely wrong and could have been viewed as a threat, thereby order 66 was given out.

  • Blackfalcon
    Blackfalcon 5 months ago

    i think there is a order that when a clone resist the other clones need too kill thier brother

  • Oggy gaming HD
    Oggy gaming HD 5 months ago

    Order 64 Electes Super Mario to controll

  • Thrak The Carrier Of The Moonlight

    Order 99! Execute jar jar binks!

  • J. H.
    J. H. 5 months ago

    Order NR1.
    mastrubating = forced delivery and amputation at kamino
    sex = execution
    everything between = research and execution at kamino

  • FallenYoutuber BG
    FallenYoutuber BG 5 months ago

    There is order that makes clones to arrest the whole senate and inspect them if there is corupted member. All power to the chancellor.

  • The Grand Tribute Admiral

    I think there was an order to shut down the senate if they voted against the chancellor, Its how the senate was shut down rapidly.

  • Benedict Ajegwu
    Benedict Ajegwu 5 months ago

    Order 1 is disbanding the Republic I believe.

  • Solomon Conroy
    Solomon Conroy 5 months ago

    order 37, send them to android heaven

  • baikai seal
    baikai seal 5 months ago

    They listed the orders in robot chicken

  • FBI
    FBI 5 months ago

    One is probably just stop listening and become civilian.

  • Melkhiordarkblade
    Melkhiordarkblade 5 months ago

    I like to think they had a few WH40K style Orders, like a planet wide genocide. Knowing the Emperor, he probably had some orders for the clones to arrest the senators under the guise of some kind of "Lockdown for you own protection" terror alert house arrest. Also from a military point, given the size of the army and the few that have complete control over them they probably had an Order in case of massive political shift to completely stand down, ignore all the following orders, retreat to last known base of operation and maintain defensive formation, under the political landscape of the Senate has resolved.


    Order 1 might be destroy all sand

  • Date Masamune
    Date Masamune 5 months ago

    Orders 34 and 69

  • K.E.M. Strike
    K.E.M. Strike 5 months ago

    To be completely honest, the Jedi did betray the republic

  • Austin McCurdy
    Austin McCurdy 5 months ago

    Order N/A in the list is Base Delta Zero.

  • Crack Dog
    Crack Dog 5 months ago

    order 57: if a vital clone squad is to be captured of is feared to be, mass suicide of them is to be done