Easy Quick Permanently-reXpair 👨‍🔧🛠

  • Published on Nov 8, 2021
  • reXpair toolkit order link - reXpair.com

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  • krishna
    krishna 16 hours ago +7

    I'm uncomfortable with the energy we've created in the studio today....

  • End My Suffering
    End My Suffering 2 hours ago +1

    I feel so happy that WE ALL got the same idea of what's going on!

  • Oscar López
    Oscar López 2 hours ago +85

    Cuidado! Éste método de reparación puede resultar en daño permanente e irreparable si se hace mal, sólo basta con desbastar demasiado, haciendo que el agujero sea demasiado grande y no haya forma de taparlo con el relleno. Siempre es mejor un parche tradicional, yo tuve que tirar una llanta seminueva. El chiste es que ese método no sirve si la pinchadura está en un canal, es decir en la parte más delgada de la superficie de la llanta.

  • Reese Wilson
    Reese Wilson 2 hours ago +89

    Aye yo, that was su- Perfectly done

  • Artace A
    Artace A 4 hours ago +205

    That tire gets the “good” life

  • Dashersacct
    Dashersacct 19 hours ago +6

    Man the way you just shove that thing in there like that shows you've got some experience.

  • Duane Lewis
    Duane Lewis 22 hours ago +89

    It’s called “plugging” a tire. Technically has been around for 70+ years.

  • tudyk21
    tudyk21 2 hours ago +6

    If it is as effective as it may seem, that would be good for some off-road, boondocks stuff.

  • Буду тоже Блогером

    используйте обычные жгуты из сырой резины, можно без клея, на сухую.

  • Solid Rock
    Solid Rock 15 hours ago +10

    Wow.... plugging a brand new tire at the thickest part of the tread with perfectly smooth nail hole. How about a worn tire with a house key stuck in the side wall.

  • M u f f i n
    M u f f i n 12 hours ago +7

    guys! this isn't just for tires, fixed all my wife's complaints too! 10/10 my friends 👍

  • 이승진
    이승진 2 hours ago +21

    지금까지 쓰던 지렁이는 저런 퍼런 액체 따로 뿌리지 않아도 되는데.. 해외에는 지렁이가 없나봐??

  • interstella5555
    interstella5555 2 hours ago +18

    그냥 지렁이 키트로 수리해~

  • Виталий Барков

    Да у меня первый раз лучше получилось,чем у него... Причем набор куплен в светофоре за 99₽ и без кусачек. Не снимая колесо (благо в переднее поймал))) Ничего не болталось и не торчало после ремонта...

  • jcobra09
    jcobra09 4 hours ago +1

    Ive literally used the kits from Walmart twice on my 35 MT’s. Lasted the life of the tire

  • b0rgur_B0!$
    b0rgur_B0!$ 16 hours ago +1

    Maturity doesn't help the fact that we all laughed at him shoving it in and pulling it out...

  • jay bee
    jay bee 21 hour ago +3

    I'd like to try a sample because I've never seen a plug outlast the tire . Never !

  • Lizz marie
    Lizz marie 2 hours ago

    "It's not a mistake ☆it's a masterpiece☆

  • JELLY_Bell
    JELLY_Bell Hour ago

    It’s not a mistake ✨IT’S A MASTERPIECE✨