Should You Buy a Huawei Phone? // Google Bans Huawei

  • Published on May 20, 2019
  • The US and now Google has banned Huawei. It was first added to the US Entity list and now Google has confirmed it will no longer provide services to Huawei. Where does this leave current Huawei consumers and should you buy one of their phones?
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Comments • 4 189

  • Matthew Moniz
    Matthew Moniz  4 months ago +1240

    It’s sad to see Huawei getting shut down like this especially since no proof of spying has ever been produced by the American government but here we are. Let me know how you guys feel about this! Hit me up on discord if you have questions.

    • vemor
      vemor 3 months ago

      it's a company supported by a government that doesn't give a shit about human rights which should worry you mostly, not that you can't use a phone, man; you have to understand that no matter how bad Trumpsky is, China is much, much worse; it's really surprising that just because you like a simple product you ignore a really grave danger ; you're talking - the US = democracy and defending the rest of the world from Russia and China, two dictatorships where again, human rights do not exist; there's not even a shred of doubt China is trying to spy, take over even, or just generally sabotage democracies wherever it can. people take the western life style, their rights for granted, but trust me, it could change in a blink of an eye; look what they're doing to Canada, are you kidding me

    • alucientes
      alucientes 3 months ago

      Anyone who thinks this is about spying (while the US and its allies spy on the entire fucking planet) is delusional. Sure, the Chinese spy. Every nation does. That is not the point, is it? The point is domination of emergent 5G. Google might as well be the NSA. It was created with money from DARPA.

    • MoekaLovesGaming
      MoekaLovesGaming 3 months ago +1

      Are Vivo's Google Apps gonna get banned?

    • Azmir Ali
      Azmir Ali 3 months ago

      Trump is stupid

    • Đặng Hiếu
      Đặng Hiếu 3 months ago

      hey guys, they have just register the license for their Ark OS, it is a good news.

  • ESSER_Gaming Offial
    ESSER_Gaming Offial 6 hours ago

    Huawei beats apple

  • Taylor Johnson
    Taylor Johnson 9 hours ago

    I'm buying a mate 20x today, fcuk you America government.

  • L' Eila
    L' Eila Day ago

    basically.i don't want anyone to spy on me man.

  • Timotej Horňák
    Timotej Horňák 10 days ago

    Soo, what about now ? After 3 months, what do you say

  • mark christian Masucol

    I would rather be spied by usa than china.. they wont even find anything on me. I would never trust china..its a bully

  • Roger Lee
    Roger Lee Month ago

    All the u.s is doing is boosting Huawei sales even more. Since it's hard getting them people would want them even more.

  • ChahvarzOnline
    ChahvarzOnline Month ago

    No need to tell me, already have one :)

  • Drunken Society
    Drunken Society Month ago

    Huawei has been exposed in helping the Uganda government spy on its opposition. There is no denying that the Chinese company may have been spying on others.

  • Red Scorpion
    Red Scorpion Month ago

    Yes of course

  • Gianmanelis2008
    Gianmanelis2008 Month ago

    Mine has Google I have Huawei y5 2

  • Syn Blackblade
    Syn Blackblade 2 months ago

    Wait, so does this mean, Vivo and Oppo are next because they're from China too? Apple is too expensive for me and these three companies Vivo, Oppo and Huawei provide good phones at low budgets. Im from the Philippines and these 3 brands have just the right prices on them especially for people like me who only have average incomes... :( US based apps are very useful for me/us especially if there's a blackout in our areas and we need news from the channels on youtube or facebook, or if there's a storm coming our way.

  • chahhat chettri
    chahhat chettri 2 months ago

    Am so sad I was going to buy today Huawei nova 3 bro

  • Ancient World
    Ancient World 2 months ago

    Hope for my mobile carriers to replace it with oneplus

  • Flashy Goomba
    Flashy Goomba 2 months ago

    So if I say I live in lets say Russia, I can use youtube? Orrrrr

  • Michael Zzz
    Michael Zzz 2 months ago

    Even though they like these phones and all these gadgets from huawei they should realize that all the information that you put on your phone the Chinese can still not only that but your Information and they can still your money and they can track you down if they want to kill you.

  • chip599XX
    chip599XX 2 months ago +1

    I don't have a Huawei
    I have a Lenovo and Iphone

  • Rony RA
    Rony RA 2 months ago

    I want to buy one Hauwei p30 pro..but now confused

  • cc360
    cc360 2 months ago

    It's now unbanned.

  • V2 Urban
    V2 Urban 2 months ago

    Can I still install fortnite and get wonder skin ?

  • DigUrOwnHole
    DigUrOwnHole 2 months ago

    Tomorrow I buy a Huawei just to support them. They make great smartphones!

  • Cyan Artist
    Cyan Artist 2 months ago

    *this orange hoe*

  • Lilo Valencia
    Lilo Valencia 2 months ago

    *Wait a minute, I had Huawei 2 years ago. What the f**ck?! Also, that phone is destroyed lmao*

  • Cobus Potgieter
    Cobus Potgieter 2 months ago

    China doesn't play fair either so it's time they get some of their own medicine. I owned some Huawei devices in the past and they are not as great as promote themselves to be.

  • Youssef Souidi
    Youssef Souidi 2 months ago

    I am not a fan of any political strategy, but as Huawei could make a Phone similar or even better to what Apple has, I guess they could provide similar or even better system than Android.

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris 3 months ago

    I stopped listening to you when you said that windows mobile was smooth and fluid. Windows 10 on the lumia 950xl was the worst operating system I've ever used. The hardware was great, but it was massively let down by W10

  • Juuk
    Juuk 3 months ago

    Trumps policy fucking up the whole world.... Takes action with no proof, can't you take this to court it seems unreasonable to ban a company without proof of malicious intent? This will cost Huawei billions in damages, it can't be true that an orange man can just shutdown a company with no evidence...

  • james glass
    james glass 3 months ago

    I love my Nexus 6p powered by Huawei big phone good quality I love Huawei phones since the first one I bought back in 2010 can't believe this is happening I hope Huawei work something out an we can all go on using the phones we love and the apps we also use on our Huawei phones.

  • Baiba Apsīte
    Baiba Apsīte 3 months ago

    I bougt hoawei p 20 lite and when i was byuing i dont know ts baned from google so now i am freaked becuse i dont hawe youtube this is comet from my moms phone

  • JE2F _
    JE2F _ 3 months ago

    This is my first time watching ur channel.
    And i have to say....
    Your style do feel and sounds alot like mr "unbox therapy".

  • TechMagnet
    TechMagnet 3 months ago

    forget the haters, they gonna hate anyhow :)

  • Abdel Moiz Saif
    Abdel Moiz Saif 3 months ago

    What will to the existing phones updates

  • Hat DogeYT
    Hat DogeYT 3 months ago

    My phone is Huawei._.

  • Pubg Geeks
    Pubg Geeks 3 months ago +1

    What will happen to those who already have Huawei phone. Can someone plzz answer me. Thanks

  • happy2be
    happy2be 3 months ago

    What makes me laugh the most is all the talk about the Chinese government spying on people. Google doesn't spy on people for the US government??? Come on.... Let's not be ridiculous. I don't care who spies on who.... Just give me an amazing device at a great price.

  • Huawei sucks sheisse
    Huawei sucks sheisse 3 months ago

    Wumao full court press.

  • Pretty memo
    Pretty memo 3 months ago

    Let them have there problems together why are we involved LIKE I SWEAR IT NOOOOOOT FAAAAIR!!!!

  • wu xin
    wu xin 3 months ago

    I just purchased a Huawei Honor 20. When Huawei uses the new operating system, my family and I will purchase new Huawei mobile phones, regardless of whether the new operating system is not perfect.

  • Hazim Emam
    Hazim Emam 3 months ago

    So please advise
    If I buy a Huawei device this week I can get my Google services?

  • Phillip A
    Phillip A 3 months ago

    uhhhh... look at this. know where your money goes.

  • Kumar Suvam
    Kumar Suvam 3 months ago

    They are scared of huawei success 🏆💪

  • Perforator
    Perforator 3 months ago +1

    Yall talking about trash huawei phones.
    Nokia brick is the best !!!

  • Salah ait izem
    Salah ait izem 3 months ago

    Still gonna buy it, wating for the mate 30 model

  • _h.opi.e _h.opi.e
    _h.opi.e _h.opi.e 3 months ago

    My cousin had told me that Donald Trump wants to shut the Huawei company or phones down....l was down because l am planing on buying the p20 lite it's a nice phone and it has a nice camera too....
    Hearing this is just not okay
    And if he shuts it down then he should make the phones he wants us to buy more cheaper....

    I am from South Africa and the iPhone x over here is R15 999
    And we here can not afford that really
    This has to be fixed

  • Align As Love
    Align As Love 3 months ago +1

    this is terrible, i absolutely love my Huawei phone, it does everything and more for half the price of a samsung or iphone. It's quality has also lasted me longer than any previous phone. All over power, disgusting.

  • JoeYoshiFan
    JoeYoshiFan 3 months ago

    I bet huashi is shitting his oants

  • Naomi Zhang
    Naomi Zhang 3 months ago

    Next Nobel peace prize should give Huawei’s Meng wanzhou,

  • Voc gaming
    Voc gaming 3 months ago +1

    Redmi- Make's flagship killer 2.0.
    Me- The real Flagship killer is Donald Trump.

    ADAM GOMAEV 3 months ago

    They dont make great smartphones, they make the greatest ones

  • U-Grad
    U-Grad 3 months ago

    In the future can one upgrade apps through playstore?

  • MoekaLovesGaming
    MoekaLovesGaming 3 months ago +1

    Is Vivo's Google Apps gonna get banned?

  • Crazy Eyes
    Crazy Eyes 3 months ago

    That’s the problem with making your phones in china you teach them the way to make there own they copy everything

  • lσรƭ[รҡყ] Gaming

    Just buy realme

  • omar abdelhamid
    omar abdelhamid 3 months ago

    Do u mean it's only banned in china

  • omar abdelhamid
    omar abdelhamid 3 months ago

    Do u mean we can still access Google play store even though Google is banned

  • AzurLane Kawaii
    AzurLane Kawaii 3 months ago

    Trump: I will ban Huawei
    Obama :I will ban Samsung

  • I O
    I O 3 months ago


  • Abdullah Gallie
    Abdullah Gallie 3 months ago

    Will any social media apps be affected by the ban..e.g will i be able to log on to my facebook account?

  • seccat
    seccat 3 months ago

    Trump is mad that his friend, Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), got caught killing Khashoggi, because of a bugged Huawei phone.

  • MARIONEXXES Band Music X

    banhuawei bornusway