Child Guesses Comic Book Characters 3

  • Published on Jul 30, 2019
  • Despite the fact she thought Rhino was a gorilla, this is the best she's ever done at guessing.
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Comments • 362

  • destroyer 62637
    destroyer 62637 9 hours ago

    I’m scared that lily knows a character from dead pool

  • floppy fish films

    Ah yes, My favorite comic book character, Taylor swift.

  • Karima Khamisa
    Karima Khamisa 3 days ago

    If you get this wrong, your going to your cage

  • Jeff Robert
    Jeff Robert 7 days ago

    The iron Man suit is not made of iron

    • Jeff Robert
      Jeff Robert 7 days ago +1

      @Lil Miss Know-It-All ok thank you

    • Lil Miss Know-It-All
      Lil Miss Know-It-All  7 days ago

      the original was, it was simpler than saying gold titanium alloy man.

  • carolyn shellman
    carolyn shellman 10 days ago

    Hey Lilly how old are you

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith 16 days ago

    I thought she was going to call Junior Homer Simpson

  • ツaalia
    ツaalia 24 days ago

    my fav character
    *e v i l c a p t a i n r u s s i a n*

  • Little Fairy
    Little Fairy Month ago +1

    Justice League Team members : hey, Lily!. Guess what's our name?!.
    Lily : Just Ice League
    Justice League Team members : She took everything from us.

  • Super Brothers
    Super Brothers Month ago +1

    I think he villian in Black Widow will be Taskmaster not The Red Gurdian

    • Super Brothers
      Super Brothers Month ago +1

      I thought when there was the red gurdian you said:Do you know this guy,the bad guy in Black widow.

    • Lil Miss Know-It-All
      Lil Miss Know-It-All  Month ago

      is that what I said? I have a friend who is working on the film and yes, you are correct

  • MWbeast 9
    MWbeast 9 Month ago +1

    How has this guy got 17k subs????

    EYE PIE Month ago

    Copy thanos (that’s more right then you realize)
    My nigga darkseid came before thanos

  • Amy Lynch
    Amy Lynch Month ago +1

    7:12 I would have said tweedle-de or tweedle-dumb

  • Moadot720
    Moadot720 Month ago +1


  • Marko Brnad
    Marko Brnad Month ago +1

    Do a Ben 10 one

    • Lil Miss Know-It-All
      Lil Miss Know-It-All  Month ago

      I don't know much about Ben 10 but I feel like I should as hundreds of people have asked for it

  • Gacha Celine
    Gacha Celine Month ago


  • LumiNyte
    LumiNyte Month ago +1

    Isn't anybody going to talk about reverse flash's expression?

  • Chase Rowlan
    Chase Rowlan Month ago

    Darkside came before thanos

  • Mael_Str0M
    Mael_Str0M Month ago +1

    8:19 HAIL HYDRA

  • Mael_Str0M
    Mael_Str0M Month ago +1

    6:47 Yellow Megamind

    She was probably referencing to the Guardians of the Galaxy scene when the lady kills herself with the power stone to stop being the Colleecters slave

  • Mael_Str0M
    Mael_Str0M Month ago

    Do Dreamworks characters

  • Mael_Str0M
    Mael_Str0M Month ago +2

    Do NINJAGO characters

  • ItsGregBR
    ItsGregBR 2 months ago

    didn't darkseid come before thanos?

  • YodaIAm69
    YodaIAm69 2 months ago +1

    Darkseid came before thanos...and the picture was angel not archangel

  • Deadpool _I’m so cool_
    Deadpool _I’m so cool_ 2 months ago +1

    STOP GIVING SUGGESTIONS! It is so annoying

  • Deadpool _I’m so cool_
    Deadpool _I’m so cool_ 2 months ago +4

    “Robin team”
    Well, essentially...

  • lil boy 69
    lil boy 69 2 months ago +1

    Fam Thanos is Darkseid copy

  • Abigail foster
    Abigail foster 2 months ago +5

    The most underdeveloped suicide squad character


    • BenZY Fab
      BenZY Fab Month ago

      Abigail foster k

    • Abigail foster
      Abigail foster Month ago

      @BenZY Fab i know. take a joke dude.

    • BenZY Fab
      BenZY Fab Month ago

      Abigail foster it’s actually Héctor from the movie COCO

  • StankyTheTank
    StankyTheTank 2 months ago +9

    “Copy Thanos”

    “You are more right than you realize”

    • Peter Who
      Peter Who Month ago

      StarKiller AKA Galen Marek AKA The Apprentice no one gives a shit fuck off

    • Deadpool _I’m so cool_
      Deadpool _I’m so cool_ 2 months ago +2

      StankyTheTank actually Darkseid came way before Thanos

  • TheWildJambo
    TheWildJambo 2 months ago

    Richard McFadden

    • Lil Miss Know-It-All
      Lil Miss Know-It-All  2 months ago

      @TheWildJambo one of my friends is working on the film but he can't tell me anything,

    • TheWildJambo
      TheWildJambo 2 months ago

      Lil Miss Know-It-All it’s fine lol, I’m hyped for Eternals

    • Lil Miss Know-It-All
      Lil Miss Know-It-All  2 months ago

      couldn't remember off the top of my head, I had a long day, I'm Irish, and other excuses

  • X Man
    X Man 2 months ago

    That was Angel not Archangel

    • X Man
      X Man 2 months ago

      @Lil Miss Know-It-All I wasn't trying to be mean. I am just telling if you didn't know.

    • Lil Miss Know-It-All
      Lil Miss Know-It-All  2 months ago

      its a copyright thing because of a new character called Angel so they had to change the Marvel guy to Archangel but then the Angel copyright lawsuit was dropped making the whole situation very complicated and pointless

  • Jane Byers
    Jane Byers 2 months ago

    I died when she said blue man group

  • Tableflip
    Tableflip 2 months ago +1

    “Skeleton is on fire” the movie

  • Skelix .K
    Skelix .K 2 months ago

    Actually iron mans armour is made of gold titanium aloy

    • Lil Miss Know-It-All
      Lil Miss Know-It-All  2 months ago

      His 1st suit was Iron. Gold Titanium Alloy Man would be a bit of a mouthful to say every time

  • Neerav
    Neerav 2 months ago +2

    Copy thanos

  • Banana Cookies Eater
    Banana Cookies Eater 2 months ago

    How Did She Know Hit-Girl I Dont Think That She Should Be Watching That But Not My Child So

  • Savage _SamuraiX21
    Savage _SamuraiX21 2 months ago +1

    Shang-chi looks like bruce lee

  • Daniel Lemur21
    Daniel Lemur21 2 months ago +1

    14 isn’t ever called thor

  • B-Dizzle K
    B-Dizzle K 2 months ago

    Next do the new show the boys

  • Carine Bogaert
    Carine Bogaert 2 months ago +1


  • Cryxcop
    Cryxcop 2 months ago +1

    Just ICE league

  • Matthew Sloezen videos
    Matthew Sloezen videos 2 months ago +1

    Thanos is the copy off of Darksied

  • Toca Life Land
    Toca Life Land 2 months ago +2

    Darksiede was actually before Thanos.

  • Sans DeltaRune
    Sans DeltaRune 2 months ago +2

    What’s your favorite superhero?
    Mine is AAAHGH

  • Frie s
    Frie s 2 months ago


  • Ol Channel Of Gaming
    Ol Channel Of Gaming 2 months ago +1

    That is actually extremely intelligent for a four year old to be able to read the word Slipknot.

  • Rafael Sib
    Rafael Sib 2 months ago +2

    I realized in this video she said batgirl
    In the kther video she said BatmanGirl

  • emo gmr Jack
    emo gmr Jack 2 months ago

    Thanos was a copy of dark side actually

  • Master Gamer
    Master Gamer 2 months ago +1

    I love pokemon

  • augustin mbene
    augustin mbene 2 months ago

    What do you call a cool justice league? Just-ice league

  • Homer Simpson from Minecraft!

    This so popular today, I can't believe she doesn't know some. The "Just Ice" league? What kid could be so dumb, that doesn't make sense. Idk how old she is but she sounds older than 6.

  • Kay Thwe Khin
    Kay Thwe Khin 2 months ago

    I didn't know Krubera were comic characters

  • Jen McGee
    Jen McGee 2 months ago +1

    God tear names
    Captain Russian
    Evil Captain Russian
    Split I half mate
    Mega child

    • Clemen Game
      Clemen Game 2 months ago

      Omg lol she actually doesn't know any of em so guessing them is harder than you think

  • Thor Son of Odin
    Thor Son of Odin 2 months ago

    If Bruce lee was still alive and young he would be perfect for Shang chi

  • Izzy Plays
    Izzy Plays 2 months ago +2

    Can Lily guess TheXvidrs?

    • Lil Miss Know-It-All
      Lil Miss Know-It-All  2 months ago

      she said she doesn't know any so I don't think the video will be very entertaining, she will just say "I don't know" 95% of the time , she doesn't know PewDiePie or anything

  • Aiden Inc
    Aiden Inc 2 months ago +1

    She was so cute when she said Emma Frost

    • Lil Miss Know-It-All
      Lil Miss Know-It-All  2 months ago

      people get angry when she gets them wrong so I try to give clues when I can, its funnier when I give her a clue and she gets it wrong
      once I said - his name begins with J. Her answer? Jamaica. WHAT PERSON IS CALLED JAMAICA?!

  • Little Popplio
    Little Popplio 2 months ago

    but she thought mewtwo was a theodore

  • Horror Husky
    Horror Husky 2 months ago

    Where are the triggered people at?

  • AnAverageComicGeek {Carrot-Boi}

    *Why did nobody tell me a part 3 was out?* edit: I wanted like a guy to come to my door and tell me, or at least a personal email

  • Caleb Paulk
    Caleb Paulk 2 months ago

    Thanos is a copy of Darkseid

    • Lil Miss Know-It-All
      Lil Miss Know-It-All  2 months ago

      I know, I regret not clarifying because someone says this everyday :(

  • Michelle Da Spicy Kitty

    Curious when will she guess gen 5 pokemon

    • Lil Miss Know-It-All
      Lil Miss Know-It-All  2 months ago

      @Michelle Da Spicy Kitty I will tell u the secret, if u go into the Child Guesses Playlist, u can watch it (including other videos that aren't officially out yet)

    • Michelle Da Spicy Kitty
      Michelle Da Spicy Kitty 2 months ago

      Lil Miss Know-It-All ok I’m ready... those gen 5 designs are badass

    • Lil Miss Know-It-All
      Lil Miss Know-It-All  2 months ago

      next week