• Published on Nov 1, 2018
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    My name is Alec Steele and I am a 20 year old blacksmith from Norfolk in the United Kingdom. I upload a vlog from my day at the workshop almost every single day. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
    What do I make? LOTS of Damascus steel, knives, swords, axes and more and of course, I always love hearing your suggestions for future projects in the comments below!

    So if you want to see lots of forging fun, blacksmithing badassery, cinematic hammering and more in my Daily Vlog (#Daily_Steele) - please subscribe here by hitting that red button!

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    Alec Steele Blacksmith 2018
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  • Nayro Jinges
    Nayro Jinges 2 months ago

    setting the cameras up took probably most of the time....

  • Alpha Male
    Alpha Male 2 months ago

    It is April 2019 that I am typing this now. When was this video made? And what prompted you to move to the State of Montana U.S.A.?

  • ganjaboiiHazE
    ganjaboiiHazE 3 months ago

    i had a tear in my eye to see the last run

  • The Endicott
    The Endicott 3 months ago

    When he was saying goodbye to the pilkington: I’m not crying, you’re crying!

  • Mr McQuack
    Mr McQuack 4 months ago

    more’s always available

  • Tigglet
    Tigglet 4 months ago

    you should have got out your engraving chisles and put on them your maker mark and start/end dates you had those big beautiful machines.

  • Achille Josserand
    Achille Josserand 4 months ago

    Ooooooow ! You didn't film the bottom of the pallet ! ^^
    Brings back memories of when I worked in a warehouse sending stuff on these.
    Great to see you getting ready to move. God it makes want to get my own workshop clean and tidy !! x-D

  • Jonas Schewelius
    Jonas Schewelius 4 months ago

    "HAVE SOME STEEL" - i died

  • adam gravelin
    adam gravelin 4 months ago

    That was a cool cameo of the wallet you made at 2:22

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person 5 months ago

    4:45 the universal Casio FX-82 series...

  • Mr. Aldrich
    Mr. Aldrich 5 months ago

    Just to let you know. Most electrical items will work in the United States from Europe. Just need a new plug.

  • Blake Cathey
    Blake Cathey 5 months ago

    Haha. It never ceases to amazing me how everyone with a toolbox has no idea what's in the drawer until they open it.

  • Austin Friedner
    Austin Friedner 5 months ago

    Man you call yourself a blacksmith but you go to the store for a key when you could Forge your own. I'm disappointed smh. On a serious note... What's the reasoning behind having a room dedicated specifically to grinding?

  • Zan_Bet
    Zan_Bet 5 months ago

    Is that anvil going to how rediculous?

  • Lyle Munro
    Lyle Munro 5 months ago

    Next video will be 39 straight hours of Alec hand sanding the floor to get it clean

  • Darkshadow5566
    Darkshadow5566 6 months ago

    I think he should have put “emotional” in the title

  • ReddyUp
    ReddyUp 6 months ago

    You guys are efficient!

  • Creen
    Creen 6 months ago

    Yee Haw.

  • *-_TheOlian04_-*
    *-_TheOlian04_-* 6 months ago

    Erm... Why did I get a notification for this now?

  • brijesh siyal
    brijesh siyal 7 months ago

    I would be glad if you can show us the complete set of tools you use/have 😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Ghoul 11
    Ghoul 11 7 months ago

    Couldn’t he have just bought adapters for his machines

  • Rip Moto
    Rip Moto 7 months ago

    I feel ya on the equipment .I never got t shirt from ya.But ill be picking up that USA British Flag Tribute T.

  • Valaha
    Valaha 7 months ago

    13:03 i'm not crying. You are.

  • Theophilus Jedediah
    Theophilus Jedediah 7 months ago

    Actually (if you haven’t sent it) we have current adapters and cycle transformers! I brought my computers and welders from Germany and they work fine. That pilkington would have brought $12,000 roughly here!🤔 🤬 😭

  • Theophilus Jedediah
    Theophilus Jedediah 7 months ago

    As a very long time fanboy I’m sorry to see things change. But the USA will be soooo much more profitable with lower taxes....and you’re going to be close enough to me for me to come for any classes you may have... by the way.. Do you make SWAG on a swag block? (See American slang)

  • mdpatton2
    mdpatton2 7 months ago

    So sad to see the Pilkington go.

  • Melvin Gillham
    Melvin Gillham 7 months ago

    Alec, i used to live in Great Falls, the nick for Montana is "Big Sky Country". If you visit Great Falls, visit the giant springs on the river. It was awesome when i lived there. Not sure what condition it is in now.

  • Keith Bisho
    Keith Bisho 7 months ago

    anyone know a smith in the northeast who can forge weld a piece of colliery winding rope to make a knife for my farthers 80th any help much appreciated thanks

  • Jetoler
    Jetoler 7 months ago

    Do you remember?
    The very 8th night, of november

    FNJ LNH 7 months ago

    Sorry Alec, unsubscribing, for me your entertainment value has lost it's lustre.

  • Tepacety
    Tepacety 7 months ago

    Alec.. you will see Mr. Pilkington in heaven... Dont worry..

  • TheLonelyStoner101
    TheLonelyStoner101 7 months ago

    How did u accumulate such an extensive shop, all the power equipment and what not being only 20?

    • Timothy S.
      Timothy S. 7 months ago

      He left school at 16 and started forging full time and slowly built up his collection

  • sgtgrash
    sgtgrash 7 months ago

    All joking aside Alec, this is a really terrible time to be moving your business to the States, considering how volatile US trade relations are with the rest of the world just now. You might want to hold back until The Donald has gone, at least that way you may stand a chance of making a buck or two ;)

  • Fernando Bom
    Fernando Bom 7 months ago

    Parabéns por sua nova jornada,que Deus te abençoe e põe uma bandeira do Brasil aí vai ...

  • Tanner McLean
    Tanner McLean 7 months ago

    How many other people know what PPE is without lookin it up?

  • Squall0833
    Squall0833 7 months ago

    awww, we will never be able to hear the same machine sound again :(

  • Christopher Savignon
    Christopher Savignon 7 months ago

    Missed the opportunity to forge a damascus key...

  • Aditya Muley
    Aditya Muley 7 months ago

    Why u moving to montana?

  • Misty Anderson
    Misty Anderson 7 months ago

    I feel you so much Alex, I own a woodworking shop, when I had to move it was so hard to have to sell most of my tools. Just remember that you will get them all back, maybe not the exact same but close

  • lakewood85
    lakewood85 7 months ago

    You should have moved to sunny Southern California.... Although, I realize the cost of electricity, fuel, taxes. and overall cost of living will be far less in Montana than it is in So Cal where I live.

  • Scott Maranto
    Scott Maranto 7 months ago

    What's happening with the pickup truck? Bringing or replacing?

  • Brandon Callahan
    Brandon Callahan 7 months ago

    I have but one question, why in gods name would you want to move to the US?

  • 909sickle
    909sickle 7 months ago

    You should have found another smith to rent the shop, then you could leave the grinding room.

  • Iswara Pranidhana
    Iswara Pranidhana 7 months ago

    How does it feel to shift a hammer?

  • Aly Khan
    Aly Khan 7 months ago

    I will miss this workshop. I am gonna send you my country's flag when you get to trump-land.

  • Usman G. Anwar
    Usman G. Anwar 7 months ago

    3:39 is he eating baryani??

  • ToxicDemon12
    ToxicDemon12 7 months ago

    Is that Forged by Liam Hoffman I see? 4:47

  • Archie Bunker
    Archie Bunker 7 months ago

    I'm sure that's all Montana needs... a flamboyant, faggy Brit.

  • Tommy Apples
    Tommy Apples 7 months ago

    New to the channel. Im getting a Harry Potter meets Bob Villa vibe.
    Cleaning your rolling boxes is never done often enough. Feels great though.

  • Christopher Barrows
    Christopher Barrows 7 months ago

    Alec, you have a Great life kid. Keep up the good work!

  • James Hicks
    James Hicks 7 months ago

    Hey Alec, if you need a bit of cash to get going again in Montana, you should go on forged in fire.

  • DustinB855
    DustinB855 7 months ago

    Im glad ppl didnt scam you on your ebay listings hopefully.

  • Martin Sweet
    Martin Sweet 7 months ago

    why not just stuff everything in a shipping container?

  • rexxed757
    rexxed757 7 months ago

    i feel like hes just over looked a major point which is that here in the states we drive on the right side of the road

  • Sir FishSlayer
    Sir FishSlayer 7 months ago

    Alec, ya gonna have to learn to drive on the other side of the road bro!

  • Verton Mccaulou
    Verton Mccaulou 7 months ago

    Where in montana are you moving I live here

  • Anthony Allgood
    Anthony Allgood 7 months ago

    This may have been answered elsewhere....but why Montana?

  • Jefferson Provazio
    Jefferson Provazio 7 months ago

    Não acha mais zero então por que comprou usado

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 7 months ago

    Just curious, have you tried to drive a left hand drive vehicle yet? I was tasked with moving a few Minis a couple years back from one garage to another and they were right hand drive think they were (1970s), sat in the seat to throw it into reverse and It was at that moment I realized how foreign it was, using my left hand alone was very tough for me, also had to deal with a different reverse location than what I was use to. Might want to get some exp if you have the chance. Best of luck on your move!

  • Ray Jansen
    Ray Jansen 7 months ago

    Forget the pallet and get a small container.

  • Sean
    Sean 7 months ago +1


  • straight edge reviews
    straight edge reviews 7 months ago

    Can you send me a 6 x tee shirt I'll wear it on my TheXvid channel where I review knives .thanks

  • Keaten Casanova
    Keaten Casanova 7 months ago

    Wow you're gonna be really close to me, I live in Idaho

  • ben grosser
    ben grosser 7 months ago

    Prepare for a cold cold winter alec

  • Bluuplanet
    Bluuplanet 7 months ago

    Alec, do you drink a lot of coffee or what?

  • joshua43214
    joshua43214 7 months ago

    Inevitably, there will be things that you will miss about Europe.
    One thing you will not miss is the VAT.

  • Tired old mechanic
    Tired old mechanic 7 months ago

    You need a t-shirt that says Montana, where men are men and sheep are nervous.

  • Jordy Vranken
    Jordy Vranken 7 months ago

    why is he moving all the way to the US?

  • Skillfully Executed
    Skillfully Executed 7 months ago

    So he sold a 90 pound damaged anvil for 1550, damn. That's some fucking profit right there.

  • Abel Harbour
    Abel Harbour 7 months ago

    Remember, Remember, the 8th of November......

  • Jimbojet
    Jimbojet 7 months ago

    Bollocks ! Adverts. I’m off.

  • Tom
    Tom 7 months ago

    I got swept up in the eBay excitement

  • Nicholas Travers
    Nicholas Travers 7 months ago

    I am super impressed with how nicely you cleaned things.

  • dr. honeypot
    dr. honeypot 7 months ago +1

    Hey man im going to be your neighbor when you move. im in ND. Maybe i could come do some knife forging with you or something as i've been studying blacksmithing for... 13+ years? something like that. unfortunately im a broke MF. maybe a new apprentice??? even though i already know what i need to know. let me know if this sounds like something you would be interested in. no im not currently a youtuber so i have no video but have been wanting to get into the blacksmithing scene for a long time.

  • Ryan  Harkin
    Ryan Harkin 7 months ago

    Here, have some steel!

  • Hyperstrike
    Hyperstrike 7 months ago

    So £17,407, plus whatever other things you've sold have added to that.
    After VAT (20%) that's about £13,925.60 (again, plus whatever else you've sold).
    Not too shabby! Should make a nice little nest-egg for your Montana move.

  • bruinflight
    bruinflight 7 months ago

    You're going to have to learn to drive on the proper side of the car/road!

  • Lab Phone
    Lab Phone 7 months ago

    When you wrap a pallet start from the very bottom and work your way up (otherwise the wrap will start to climb and stuff can potentially fall off). Don't worry if you cover the holes, the forklift won't have any trouble getting through that.

  • Allen Waters
    Allen Waters 7 months ago

    Wow! Go west young man. I guess you'll be running into my people and you'll be close to one of the largest blast furnace we can offer, "the Yellow Stone Caldera". Welcome to the US.

  • Professor Aquaria
    Professor Aquaria 7 months ago

    That was sadder than I thought it'd be

  • Shawn Begley
    Shawn Begley 7 months ago

    Won't you miss your mum !!!?,,,,

  • Ryben Flynn
    Ryben Flynn 7 months ago

    Just don't drive on the wrong side of the road over here! I wonder how many times you will go to the right side of your car when the steering is on the left?

  • D3tr0jaN
    D3tr0jaN 7 months ago

    you moving on my birthday, enjoy and good luck :)

  • soulhunter0
    soulhunter0 7 months ago

    I'm curious, why choose Montana?

  • Tom Andersson
    Tom Andersson 7 months ago

    Keep the fucking camera still for the love of god!

  • Marci Kammerer
    Marci Kammerer 7 months ago

    How did he put these screws into the floor?

  • ahti29
    ahti29 7 months ago

    People tend to collect things they are emotionally attached to.Its hard to let them go even if you will never use them.But the only right thing to do is to let go of anything you do not use.

  • Tim Sheeran Ed Sheerans cousin

    Why is your steering wheel on the right side?

  • Edman209
    Edman209 7 months ago

    Congrats on the auctions

  • RyoHazuki224
    RyoHazuki224 7 months ago

    Goodbye, Mr. Pilkington. You helped create some of the best blades in the world!

  • Sonia Nava Jasso
    Sonia Nava Jasso 7 months ago

    Why Montana though???

  • TangoDeltaDelta
    TangoDeltaDelta 7 months ago

    Just a thought, you're going to need to learn to drive on the right side of the road 😀

  • T Ray
    T Ray 7 months ago

    Wait just a minute! If Mr. Pilkington is a Mr. that means that he’s a man. But if that’s the case why did you say “goodbye old girl”?! Is Mr. Pilkington........ TRANSGENDER?!

  • Tyler Stager
    Tyler Stager 7 months ago

    Hey Alec why not get a shipping container. And just put everything in that.

  • honor harrington
    honor harrington 7 months ago

    Sad to see the Big Green Elephant AKA Mr Pilkington go to a new home. Be prepared for much longer drives in Montana, lots of people in Europe don't grasp how large the US really is. It will be interesting to hear what you find challenging to adjust to, watch out for your left turns. :)

  • VPD117
    VPD117 7 months ago

    The 8th is my birthday!! Yay! Good luck with the move bud!

  • Phil Woods
    Phil Woods 7 months ago

    Good Luck With all your Moving. Don't stress, Main Thing with moving

  • Sheldon Hoefft
    Sheldon Hoefft 7 months ago

    I cried a little whenever the Pilkington took it's last breath.

  • CMDR KIA Gary
    CMDR KIA Gary 7 months ago

    Every time you celebrated the prices you were getting on eBay I winced, the fees you paid will be about 2 grand, shipping must have been expensive too, plus PayPal fees if you used that. EBay is great for buyers but sellers get shafted with 10% fees plus PayPal fees.

  • Sheon Peebles
    Sheon Peebles 7 months ago

    LOL, Love the shifter, brings new meaning to" Drop the Hammer" :)