Slot - Dead Stars


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  • Ásatrú Mama
    Ásatrú Mama Month ago

    She’s so effing small and has such a massive vocal range.
    It’s crazy good

  • Lizzy C
    Lizzy C 3 months ago

    Russian to English translation
    Stop until it's too late
    I'm falling down after you
    To a place where your dead stars
    Are blinding the sun

    I made my path
    Set up the beacons
    I'm going through a narrow desert
    Alone in a crowd
    I'm trying to cheat
    the flow of a fast river
    Until my trace gets cold
    Don't follow me

    Stop until it's too late
    I'm falling down after you
    To a place where your dead stars
    Are blinding the sun with nothingness

    I scared away my friends
    But my look is calm
    A free lone wolf,
    My back against the rules.
    I have to surrender myself to a museum
    And live as a exhibit
    I've said it all
    Don't follow me

    Stop until it's too late
    I'm falling down after you
    To a place where your dead stars
    Are blinding the sun with nothingness

    Stop until it's too late
    I'm falling down after you
    To a place where your dead stars
    Are blinding the sun

  • Priscillia Os
    Priscillia Os 3 months ago

    cela faisait un bon moment que javais plus de cable pour mon ipod nano et que javais cet chanson en tête quel plaisir de pouvoir enfin la réécouter ! elle a bercer mon adolescence !

  • Rt _ Al In_Re
    Rt _ Al In_Re 4 months ago


  • Rt _ Al In_Re
    Rt _ Al In_Re 4 months ago +1

    Soy la única army aca viniendo a escuchar este música por que se recordo que lo escuchaba de chica? :v JAJAJA

    • Rt _ Al In_Re
      Rt _ Al In_Re 3 months ago

      Si me pase buscando sus canciones jsjsjs

    • andi cojocariu
      andi cojocariu 3 months ago +1

      Que suerte la tuya que descubriste a Daría y Slot tan pronto

  • Atrain
    Atrain 4 months ago

    I don't have an effen clue what she said.....who cares! That was some good stuff!

  • Barl
    Barl 6 months ago

    Slot? More like slut

  • Sanne Rog
    Sanne Rog 6 months ago +2

    anyone 2019???

  • Anthony Carite
    Anthony Carite 7 months ago

    Give the male singer the hook. He brings nothing to the table. Rest of the band is carrying him

  • Татьяна Китченко


  • Gustav Eriksson
    Gustav Eriksson 8 months ago

    Didnt know Dendi could sing!

  • Rolf Müller
    Rolf Müller 9 months ago

    WOW! Nothing else but wow. 👍

  • James Godwin
    James Godwin 9 months ago

    Rocknmob introduced me to this band today. They are great--very talented!

  • Ali Abdullah
    Ali Abdullah 11 months ago

    good god that woman is on another level!

  • chainmatrix
    chainmatrix 11 months ago

    Love this band, Nookie especially is a very rare gem of a talent, but to be brutally honest the male talked parts are way old-fashioned and add nothing of value to the songs. If anything, they needlessly take the spotlight away from Nookie and break the flow of the songs.

  • Cristina Lavilla
    Cristina Lavilla 11 months ago

    Comment from 9 years ago
    And I'm dropping my comment at 2018😂

  • TFM - Sinsitugce
    TFM - Sinsitugce Year ago

    Heeei 😂 Turkey From

  • 0011 0001
    0011 0001 Year ago +1

    Эта песня остоновила меня от прыжка с крыши.

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith Year ago

    Кулак не чувствует боли ...

  • Сaрж Буханкин

    Эти Дашенькины дредики)) милота милота прям)) Сергий Боголюбский неотразим с гитаркой наперевес)) и Кэш, неотразим) ему тогда еще ни разу не сорок восемь лет как щас)) в общем ностальгирую как могу) восхищаюсь че)))

  • Bruno BRF3
    Bruno BRF3 Year ago +1


  • Alisson Nascimento


  • Wasim Momin
    Wasim Momin Year ago

    I have to accept it. NOOKIE GOT REAL SKILL!

  • forever Apathetic

    His voice is amazing in this song

  • Bruno BRF3
    Bruno BRF3 Year ago +4

    Brazil 🇧🇷👍⚽

  • Leonardo Melo
    Leonardo Melo Year ago

    Essa banda é muito show!

  • Lenore Smith
    Lenore Smith Year ago

    Excellent sound. Love HER voice

  • Max Wolf
    Max Wolf Year ago +2

    бабуин ты, а не волк.

  • Odin Son
    Odin Son Year ago

    I wish I knew russian. 🙁 Anyways, Music has no language boundaries.

  • julian demonder
    julian demonder Year ago +55

    Who else came here from The Voice?

    • elstormo
      elstormo 3 months ago +1

      I came here because I listened to Oblivian Machine, a cybermetal band where the female vocalist does guest vocals. I love her voice, but I'm not a fan of this band. The theatrical male vocalist ruins everything with his dramatics. Unfortunate.

    • Kawaii Luize
      Kawaii Luize 4 months ago

      Me my mum showed me cuz i wanted to know her name ,, i understand whats shes saying 😂😂

    • Laigden Dzed
      Laigden Dzed 10 months ago


  • профи троль

    Не завидую её мужу. Я бы обкакался, если бы на меня жена так орала))))

    • Валерьевич Ярослав
      Валерьевич Ярослав Year ago +1

      Профи Тролль
      Это она так поёт,
      Короче лови поздравление от меня с новым годом

  • forever Apathetic
    forever Apathetic Year ago +3

    Amazing song I love nookie

  • Subik Shrestha
    Subik Shrestha Year ago +1

    who else came after watching her on the voice 😂

  • Rafaela Vilar
    Rafaela Vilar Year ago +2

    2017 !! ♡

  • Alex Stepanoff
    Alex Stepanoff 2 years ago

    Вокал бы ей подтянуть а щегол лишний..свою планку они заняли между ногу свело и Лещенко!

    • Дмитрий Яковлев
      Дмитрий Яковлев Year ago +1

      Этот щегол основатель группы и автор большинства песен,он был в этой группе ещё за долго до того как Дарья туда пришла. А вокал у неё нормальный, это просто такой стиль исполнения.

  • 59 Hurtz
    59 Hurtz 2 years ago +1

    Russian metal is under-rated

  • @GmaesPro
    @GmaesPro 2 years ago

    Primer comentario en Español y amo como canta ella

    • Rafakar Kenobi
      Rafakar Kenobi Year ago

      Saludos desde España

    • Bruno BRF3
      Bruno BRF3 Year ago

      ! Hola 🇧🇷🇧🇴🇵🇪🇨🇱🎤🎼🎵🎶🎸!

  • Gürkchen88
    Gürkchen88 2 years ago

    Meddl Loide

    FLAMENGO ROCK METAL 2 years ago

    kkk Muito boa a banda, a Linguá Russa é show.

  • Ceci M
    Ceci M 2 years ago

    ¿Esta chica no salió en la Voz Rusia? :v

    • Rafakar Kenobi
      Rafakar Kenobi Year ago

      Llego a semifinales, pero como los espectadores no tienen ni idea, no llegó a la final. Pero como sirvió para que la conociera, al igual que muchos otros, se da por ganado

    • andi cojocariu
      andi cojocariu Year ago

      Ceci M si, con Zombie. Pero ella ya tenia su grupo llamado The Slot. Ella se llama Daria Stavrovich. Me encanta su musica

  • akib h
    akib h 2 years ago +1

    I heard her cover of zombie and thought she had a very powerful voice... she practically owned the stage, so got intrigued and looked her up... didn't disappoint

  • MrReznov47
    MrReznov47 2 years ago

    dude her voice is so powerful

  • Кристина Савосина

    кто из 2017?

    • Bruno BRF3
      Bruno BRF3 Year ago +1


  • Rania Barcelonista
    Rania Barcelonista 2 years ago +3

    i don't understand russian but dumn i felt it, awsome band and man Nookie what an incredible voice grettings from Algeria

  • Mel
    Mel 2 years ago +2

    Anyone else here from the voice of russia?

  • bigegg7170
    bigegg7170 2 years ago +9

    a duet with Daria and Amy lee.BOOM

  • Giordano V.L
    Giordano V.L 2 years ago

    I used to listen this song when I was learning to programming... 9 years ago

  • Антон Жариков


  • Religious Fanatic
    Religious Fanatic 2 years ago

    Essa não a mesma vocalista certo?

  • Мятная Ириска


  • Ошибка Системы

    До сих пор не вериться что он написал тексты к песням "Последний Закат" и "Мессия"

    • Anton Zhuravliov
      Anton Zhuravliov 2 years ago

      И к песне "Дальний свет" и ещё какой-то написал

    • Ошибка Системы
      Ошибка Системы 2 years ago +1

      Лобанов т.е. вокал группы Слот написал тексты к песням Арии - Последний Закат и Мессия

    • Кшиштоф Олович
      Кшиштоф Олович 2 years ago

      Какой еще последний закат?

  • Alex Fischer
    Alex Fischer 2 years ago +1

    Ничосе блять!

  • Олег Липянский

    Даша - поклон!

  • бмв м5
    бмв м5 3 years ago +8

    Удачно подобрали девчонку, хорошо поет.

    • BlackMetal Warrior
      BlackMetal Warrior 3 years ago

      +бмв м5. Да, она классная. ОБЕ-РЕК и НУКИ трек "Фонари" с альбома "Якорное Поле".

  • Rynodik
    Rynodik 3 years ago +1


  • Виктория Шпаклена

    На 0:48 у парня капюшон сдуло))

  • Автар Эгоевич

    часто слушаю эту группу.. МОЛОДЦЫ!!! ОГРОМНОЕ СПАСИБО!!!

  • Andrzej Pawłowski
    Andrzej Pawłowski 3 years ago +7

    Świetna dziewczyna!

  • Maxim F
    Maxim F 3 years ago +27

    Old School ))))

  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams 3 years ago

    Love this song. Anyone know what it's about?

    • Chris Williams
      Chris Williams 3 years ago

      runaway416 thank you.

    • runaway416
      runaway416 3 years ago +4

      Stop, until it's too late
      I'm falling down after you
      Where your dead stars don't shine
      Blinding the sun... With an emptiness.
      It sounds a bit like nonsense in English but I had tried to translate it as close as possible to the original