THE SNIPER IS BROKEN?! Fortnite Chapter 2 W/ Reverse2k & Nate Hill

  • Published on Oct 27, 2019
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Comments • 1 662

  • Vision Rehan
    Vision Rehan 14 hours ago

    You suck Ninja

  • blakwiter Lages
    blakwiter Lages 3 days ago +1

    Im gringo and brasil

  • Tamim Hossain
    Tamim Hossain 4 days ago

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  • Lil Cloud
    Lil Cloud 8 days ago

    I love post malone u2 ninja? Cause I hear circles playing

  • NA5TEE
    NA5TEE 10 days ago

    My friend Weston does not think I play fortnite but I am level 132 now

    GUILHERME GIBRAN 18 days ago


  • Brandon Stanton
    Brandon Stanton 19 days ago

    O it's broken...shots that should hit miss and shots that shouldn't hit hit...

  • Flash_The_Trooper
    Flash_The_Trooper 20 days ago

    I just got a sniper bullet

  • andresss23jr
    andresss23jr 24 days ago

    is broken cosa che dioporco non entra un colpo neanche se lo prendo nel buco del culo

  • Mario Zavala acosta
    Mario Zavala acosta 26 days ago

    Can you invite me in fortnite my name is xxkillerxx50319 ok

  • Kaden Cat
    Kaden Cat 26 days ago

    Ninja for,da,win

  • jade crum
    jade crum 26 days ago


  • Debbie Cooper
    Debbie Cooper 29 days ago

    I was u for Halloween

  • Ariel Bennett
    Ariel Bennett 29 days ago

    I pray to God who is reading my comment live long and happy 👉Ameen👈👈 just let me pray 😋👇

  • PatkaYT_ 19
    PatkaYT_ 19 Month ago +1

    Ninja Wow 😍😍

  • aryx lenma
    aryx lenma Month ago

    Is the legendary pistol really a good alternative for an AR??

  • Erin Bost
    Erin Bost Month ago

    I got 34 kills and my sister got 31 I was on the nintendo switch and my sister was on the PlayStation 4 cool ya

  • MR. Glasses
    MR. Glasses Month ago

    you suck

  • katrina griggs
    katrina griggs Month ago

    Ninja I got a poster as you

  • TTV cashg728
    TTV cashg728 Month ago +1

    Me:one kill
    Ninja:50 kills

  • ddahring 123
    ddahring 123 Month ago

    Ninja can you pin this

  • lx-Exatic
    lx-Exatic Month ago

    Fortnite is dead

  • Ismail Yaseen Fayaz

    Can I be in your team. Please!

  • Sidewinder
    Sidewinder Month ago

    He is a bot

  • Tina CrazyGamerzy
    Tina CrazyGamerzy Month ago


  • frances turcios
    frances turcios Month ago

    You should do a 1v1with lachlen

  • Kaden Wolsky
    Kaden Wolsky Month ago

    I have one of your posters in my room

  • ICM.demolisher
    ICM.demolisher Month ago

    Oh yeaaa bumping that Juice Wrld in the back

  • Kelly C
    Kelly C Month ago

    And can u add my cuosn her name is tambam0082

  • Kelly C
    Kelly C Month ago

    I biggggggggg fan I play on switch and still got 17 wins in one day

  • TWIZ Purple
    TWIZ Purple Month ago


  • ranagad
    ranagad Month ago

    you are a god

  • Anthony George
    Anthony George Month ago

    Can you play brawl stars

  • Grayman 45
    Grayman 45 Month ago

    You cant say lezz bean anymore Ninja... its LGBTQRP#@M female warrior now...stupid:)

  • Christopher Baas
    Christopher Baas Month ago +1


  • zagros latifa
    zagros latifa Month ago

    is it bad for your head to dye it that much?????

  • Marco Vargas
    Marco Vargas Month ago

    I like this ninja

  • vdn
    vdn Month ago

    it's weird seeing ninja aka mr. pc complain about political correctness.. dude doesn't even curse because he's scared lol pathetic

  • Zach Moore
    Zach Moore Month ago

    Ninjas teammates steal his kill

  • Christopher Kocincki

    Fortnite is stupid and so is everyone who plays it.
    Fortnite is fucking gay

  • Manuel Barrios
    Manuel Barrios Month ago

    In the update of halloween, epic games fix the bug of the sniper

    NYMFA Month ago +1

    Ninja Noob

  • Melissa Dias
    Melissa Dias Month ago

    Ninja trash he has aimbot

  • Ryangots Vlogs
    Ryangots Vlogs Month ago

    Your bAd and your a snitch you ahole

  • TeamWinner
    TeamWinner Month ago


  • Jhazeel Ortiz
    Jhazeel Ortiz Month ago

    Fortnite looks like creative destruction now 👎

  • Eisa Mamoon
    Eisa Mamoon Month ago

    You are cheater

  • Eisa Mamoon
    Eisa Mamoon Month ago

    Morgan is greater than you black ninja

  • shgaming 1
    shgaming 1 Month ago


  • khalil killer
    khalil killer Month ago


  • Arnov Jakaria
    Arnov Jakaria Month ago +1

    Dude fix your audio please

  • Smiley Tube
    Smiley Tube Month ago

    ok nice intro i guess

  • Kevin Lebron
    Kevin Lebron Month ago

    I respect you even more for jamming to HW 😭🤘🏽 such an amazing album!

  • Fabbe Hasselborg
    Fabbe Hasselborg Month ago

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  • PIffsburgh Haze
    PIffsburgh Haze Month ago +1

    Ninja moving to mixer was a real shocker... who else thinks so?

  • E Ele
    E Ele Month ago

    Hey ninja i got a x shot ninja gun

  • Storm ECHO
    Storm ECHO Month ago

    Rage Boy is off minecraft???

  • Keatz
    Keatz Month ago

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    Keatz Month ago

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