The Tyrant of the Deep | The Green Planet | BBC Earth

  • Published on Jan 15, 2022
  • Giant water lilies clear competition from the water’s surface by wielding their buds like a club. Once clear, they claim their space and grow up to 20cm a day. Their leaves can measure around 2m across, blocking out the light from anything below the surface.
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Comments • 7 608

  • Gadsen Gaming
    Gadsen Gaming 4 months ago +8804

    Of all the disturbing and terrifying things out in nature, I never thought I'd get so freaked out by a lilypad. It is truly a horrifying plant.

    • Peanuts
      Peanuts Day ago

      I thought the plant looked pretty

    • Jackson Gattis
      Jackson Gattis 4 days ago

      @David Mansfield Which is a more accurate or "real" definition of light: a phenomena which sustains life and guides it by allowing for vision, or wibbly wobbly lines on a chalkboard described by mathematical equations that we still can't all agree on? If you accept the first definition then Earth did come before light because there had to be life on Earth to experience light. And then there had to be life on land the next "day" to experience it and thus have it exist. The description of the creation of the world in Genesis is surprisingly accurate in this way. If you accept the second definition then you're willing to ret-con your entire understanding of the creation of the universe every time an advancement is made in off-shell physics, which you probably don't even follow, so really your understanding is based on some misconception of physics that you have as a figment in your imagination. Doesn't seem like a great way to live to me.

    • Not Just Nonsense
      Not Just Nonsense 8 days ago

      Why do you think the fish evolved to walk on land? it was to escape the horrors of the deep.

    • Ayo Olukoga
      Ayo Olukoga 11 days ago

      @BenniAkaBenz If you Give me a Good Reason to.

    • BenniAkaBenz
      BenniAkaBenz 11 days ago

      @Ayo Olukoga Can you maybe just don't make it religious?

  • SCP - 1471
    SCP - 1471 5 days ago +23

    I am always fascinated by people imagining alien/extra terrestrial life because you only need to look at our *own* planet to see weird, disturbing and ultra fascinating stuff like this. I mean, you are really going to tell me that *this* doesn't look like something straight out of a alien horror movie?

    • SCP - 1471
      SCP - 1471 2 days ago

      @Cymatic ​ Oh by the Gods, yes! The things that live deep down in the water are also from a whole other planet! Amazing and terrifying at the same time!

    • Cymatic
      Cymatic 2 days ago +1

      Not to mention the deep oceans that still remain over 80% unexplored. Gotta wonder what is there lingering beneath the surface...

  • Pablo Busto Sixto
    Pablo Busto Sixto Month ago +812

    I love how 2:20 its looks like theyre filming a monster; the music, camara, narration.Its amazing how they can reflect the nature, not only scientifically but also artistically👍🏼

  • DJdevil319
    DJdevil319 27 days ago +266

    The way its filmed is just amazing
    You can actually see every detail
    Its like you are the wind and can see every part of what’s happening

    • Quinzerrak
      Quinzerrak 23 days ago +5

      Damn, the few white flowers that survived in the end after the lilies' conquest of the waterland must be sighing in relief.

  • Javier Gonzalez
    Javier Gonzalez 14 days ago +20

    Fascinating...yet remarkably eerie to watch a PLANT do all that.
    David Attenborough is a genius when it comes narration.

  • November's Tango
    November's Tango 3 months ago +5136

    David Attenborough can literally make watching grass grow interesting and educational.

    • Neutron star
      Neutron star 10 days ago


    • Sasooka
      Sasooka 11 days ago

      @Aaron Heininger I mean, old sheep starve to death because their food wears down their teeth...

    • Tarolyn Queen
      Tarolyn Queen 17 days ago

      Some of us actually like watching this stuff, like for fun.

    • sneakernomics
      sneakernomics 20 days ago

      Time lapse makes anything interesting

    • Check my about page link
      Check my about page link 21 day ago

      Read my name

  • ThisisDan
    ThisisDan 11 days ago +5

    Only Sir David can make plant growth sound like an epic battle for survival

  • Александра Лебедева

    If lilies are dominating plants, then do they have competition from other plant species that could rival them equally? If not, are there animals that prey on the lillies to control their population?

    • Polydynamix
      Polydynamix 6 days ago

      @Terminal Frost beat story. Very compelling. You provided such useful information. Very credible source.
      Lol, shut up

    • Terminal Frost
      Terminal Frost 6 days ago

      @Polydynamix yea.. that is simply incorrect.

    • zyd fah
      zyd fah 9 days ago

      Human control them, fruits of these Lilly are edible

    • arcticWolfLover 2
      arcticWolfLover 2 11 days ago

      @Miriam Weller imagine trying to grab the lilly and those thorns stabing into skin

    • Miriam Weller
      Miriam Weller 12 days ago +1

      They will likely be eaten by animals, especially smaller ones, snailes, beetles, larvas and so on.

  • random observer
    random observer 7 days ago +2

    Our planet is really something else. Even the Plant Kingdom is replete with malevolent slaughter monsters and terrifying struggles for life. THIS is how to do a nature video. Also, the next time I see a pond like that I will shudder in memory of all the fallen plants.

  • Realyn Faytaren
    Realyn Faytaren Month ago +19

    This is so intense, never fails to amaze me in such wonderful way nature grows and moves around us. 🪷🌏🌍🌎 natural world is such interesting place to be. Thank you for letting us see it.
    Much love and harmony for all of us.🙏🏻

  • Nicholas Gordon
    Nicholas Gordon 4 months ago +10028

    They found a way to make the plants have so much personality. This filming is incredible.

    • Katharina Mountain
      Katharina Mountain 18 days ago +1

      @Edokun Zitro for the other plants is this one a Monster ^^

    • morts bost
      morts bost Month ago

      Jesus love you so much!!✝️✝️

    • FOXNIC
      FOXNIC 2 months ago

      Stolen reddit comment my guy

    • Backup Plan
      Backup Plan 3 months ago +1

      @Ace Strife yes the pan out is not in a studio, that is real. My reference is the time lapse photography. Note how the background shown in the time lapse does not match what is shown in the pan out. It’s a CGI background. They use very large tanks in controlled environments with the introduction of one or two insects species at most. You see no other animal life beyond the insects, the plants do not look like they have been damaged or attacked by any kind of insect life, they look pristine, and even then days, possibly weeks of capture you are telling me the sun remains in the exact same place, no rain, no clouds, no animals coming by disturbing the scene or camera. If you knew the first thing about time lapse you would understand why this could not have been taken in the wild.

  • Mateo Valencia
    Mateo Valencia 2 months ago +5

    This is a stellar presentation of giant water lily imagery. Thank you BBC Earth.

  • Rocky 3
    Rocky 3 2 months ago +21

    What a National Treasure Sir David Attenborough is, Spent his 95 years Teaching us about this Planet, With a Badass Voice 💯✌🏻

  • Katrina Eastridge
    Katrina Eastridge 14 days ago +3

    I felt like I was watching a Sci Fi movie seeing this come to life moving around. Interesting waterlily but creepy. Nice documentary of this unique water lily.

  • Tyler Benjamin
    Tyler Benjamin 10 days ago +6

    Didn't know humans and lily pads were so similar

  • Black Todd
    Black Todd 4 months ago +21739

    Can't help but think how lucky we are to live in a time of Time-lapse cameras.

  • Julia Seazar
    Julia Seazar 7 hours ago +1

    I never thought I'd ever feel bad for plants lol😭😭😭

  • Karol Cherry
    Karol Cherry 2 months ago

    It's truly fascinating how other plants develop to pursue the process of photosynthesis in a harmless way by simply trying to cover as much area growing, while the giant lilly develops to strive in such a harmful way for other inhabitants. I would love to one day gain a deeper understanding of why certain species evolve to be the aggressors and develop in that way. It's almost as if it taps into the very nature of good and evil when you let the dramatic music carry you away. Stunning work by everyone involved !

  • Ziggy Stardust
    Ziggy Stardust 11 days ago

    Who will take this man's place when his times up? He has made natural science so very interesting too me and so many.Thank you David.

  • H FT
    H FT 25 days ago +2

    2 meters?? 😳 that’s like 6.5 ft. That’s crazy. Would have never expected a plant leaf is so large.
    Also 👍 sound design!

  • Jackson Boyer
    Jackson Boyer 4 months ago +5233

    Nature documentaries will never be quite the same whenever we lose Mr. Attenborough, thank you sir for your dedication to narrating our beautiful natural world for so many years.

    • Mr Darren
      Mr Darren Month ago

      @bea kittelscherz agreed

    • Mr Darren
      Mr Darren Month ago

      @Ryan Denziloe maybe cause hes close to 100.

    • Jonathan Lindsey
      Jonathan Lindsey 4 months ago

      @Hilop33 ai can replicate it.

    • Feral_Fool
      Feral_Fool 4 months ago +1

      When tf did Attenborough die?
      It still says he's alive on the sources I checked?

      TRUST THE PROCESS 4 months ago


  • Prodigy
    Prodigy 13 days ago +8

    "Grab me that plant"
    "But sir, it's highly dangerous"
    "Grab *me* that plant"

  • K V
    K V Month ago

    Such brilliance in this video. Time lapse, clear, crisp, just the right notes in the background & that legendary voice. It's just over 3 mins, but I can only begin to imagine how much time & effort was put into making this

  • Accio Bread
    Accio Bread 26 days ago

    In the river I lived nearby as a child we had these huge water lilies. I always thought they looked peaceful and elegant, but this video was so dramatic and disturbing. Never thought of the other plants it was killing by taking over the water. In our river men would just cut the water lilies off when it becomes too crowded to make way for small boats.

  • Helena DM ❤🐝
    Helena DM ❤🐝 Month ago +1

    Amazing how it "measures" the surface first to see if there's nothing blocking the way.

  • TheBjartulf
    TheBjartulf 4 months ago +14021

    Not often we get to see the life of plants like this, great filming!

  • Cutethulu_xo
    Cutethulu_xo 17 days ago +1

    I love how they made this just as intense as the videos of ants straight up ripping enemy colonies apart limb by limb.

  • Amanda
    Amanda 2 months ago +1

    Amazing! Nature is so majestic and magical. So beautiful

  • Vrinda
    Vrinda Month ago

    Who could have thought that waterlilies would make for such a great war movie.
    Also amazed at the sheer skill of the producers and camerapersons.

  • I Am Robot
    I Am Robot 2 months ago +1

    The amount of effort that must have gone in making this masterpiece. I feel like I must pay for having watched this

  • N S
    N S 4 months ago +4179

    Never knew water Lily is such aggressive plant. Beauty outside, predator inside.
    Wonderful video.

    • Bruzzun Ath'tuch
      Bruzzun Ath'tuch 16 days ago

      Slay Queen!

    • hmamsb
      hmamsb 17 days ago

      It's not a predator.

    • ww 00
      ww 00 Month ago

      @J Dubb labia

    • Leo Ciresi
      Leo Ciresi 4 months ago

      @J Dubb Until it blooms at night. Flowers are white one night, and fuchsia the second, the flowers are 18 inches in diameter and smell of pineapples and coconut, that is perceptible up to 30 feet away.

    • Leo Ciresi
      Leo Ciresi 4 months ago

      @Fire Song Aww Yeah! Survival of the thorniest!

  • Callum Whiteley
    Callum Whiteley 2 months ago +1

    If think of time as a construct, it's amazing to think this is how plants perceive time, truly the slowest most brutal war for survival is that of the plant

  • Jeong-hun Sin
    Jeong-hun Sin Month ago +8

    I can easily imagine how the "crushing competitors by expanding" could have evolve, but that "wigging 360 degrees to clear the surface" thing seems mysterious. How did it get such a bizarre technique?

    • Jonathan Wilcox
      Jonathan Wilcox 18 days ago

      @I'mYourNeighbor Life's nature is to survive. It didn't will itself to be the way it is, just pure evolutionary chance. I don't think you understand biology.

    • I'mYourNeighbor
      I'mYourNeighbor 18 days ago

      @Jonathan Wilcox right....which requires a level of consciousness for it to want to survive or else why would it even CARE to survive... I don't think you even understand what you're saying.
      I think you're comparing humans to plants which shouldn't be the case.

    • I'mYourNeighbor
      I'mYourNeighbor 19 days ago

      @Jonathan Wilcox natural always work in mysterious ways, always evolving to consciousness

    • Jonathan Wilcox
      Jonathan Wilcox 19 days ago

      @I'mYourNeighbor developed as in several chance evolutionary changes leading to a trait. Not consciously deciding to change its own biology.

  • Eugene Korir
    Eugene Korir 23 days ago

    Kudos to the cameraman for filming this masterpiece for us

  • yogas sagoy
    yogas sagoy 19 days ago

    3.38 minutes of perfection, the visual the music the educational and dramatic voice. im in love

  • MrBlimbo
    MrBlimbo 4 months ago +2897

    Never thought of water lilys as a terrifying force of nature but here we are

    • Check my about page link
      Check my about page link 19 days ago

      Read my name

    • Bu gidiş nereye?
      Bu gidiş nereye? Month ago +2

      Korkunç olan bu yaratılışın arkasındaki büyüklüğü görememek.tek kelimeyle Allahu Ekber. İslam güzeldir.

    • Ray Casas
      Ray Casas 2 months ago +32

      Never underestimate plants not even the ones we keep prisoners in pots🪴…. They’re just bidding their time 😶

  • EJK k
    EJK k Month ago +1

    The videography that the BBC filmmakers are able to accomplish is absolutely breathtaking and awe inspiring. I genuinely don't understand how they get these shots. I heard they will post a cameraman for weeks or months just to get a single shot of whatever they are trying to capture. That level of determination and passion is genuinely impressive.

    • z Herro
      z Herro 15 days ago

      they have an indoor studio, and cameras programmed to take a few frames a day


    Amazing nature🌿🍃 regards👍✨

  • Enikö Adam
    Enikö Adam Month ago +1

    WOW!!! Thank you, that is amazing🤗 Nature is amazing✨

  • Andrea
    Andrea 19 days ago

    “The battle
    Is over
    And victory
    Is total”
    That sounded so badass

  • Star Pillars
    Star Pillars 4 months ago +1337

    “The battle is over”
    I didn’t see a battle, that was a slaughter.

    • Len Tan
      Len Tan 4 months ago +1

      This is the cruel part of nature.

    • Irmansyah Ihsanul Kamil
      Irmansyah Ihsanul Kamil 4 months ago

      @Eric Martindale 🤣🤣🤣

    • Bewsneth
      Bewsneth 4 months ago

      The battle for being at the top of the food chain . No more competing for nutrients from the sun. The plant has evolved perfectly.

    • Eric Martindale
      Eric Martindale 4 months ago

      @Irmansyah Ihsanul Kamil Water lilies using Beskar!

    • Irmansyah Ihsanul Kamil
      Irmansyah Ihsanul Kamil 4 months ago

      'This is the way"(Water Lily language translated)

  • Kobe Serinas
    Kobe Serinas 7 days ago +1

    "Why are you scared of a water lily?"
    *The water lily:*

  • Ana Bateeva
    Ana Bateeva 2 months ago

    Incredible footage! Love how it was made into a little story. They look very menacing. LOL

  • First Don Diego
    First Don Diego 15 days ago +2

    Imagine a science class being taught this dramatically. Every class ends with a cliffhanger and the students can't wait to come back to find out what happens next.

    • Opal Umbre
      Opal Umbre Day ago

      Missing a day means you’ll be behind on an episode and there are no re-runs

  • FreyaMaluk
    FreyaMaluk Month ago

    Omg. Never thought I would be scared of water lilies 😱

  • Entomofauna
    Entomofauna 4 months ago +2517

    I never tought in the archifamous Victoria waterlilies as an aggresive water monster that fights against everything it meets. This presentation of it is incredibly wonderful!

    • Watza
      Watza 3 months ago

      Bully plant

    • octapusxft
      octapusxft 3 months ago +1

      So it was basically the British empire up to 100 years ago

    • jhon doe
      jhon doe 4 months ago +2

      Named it Victoria of course it only conquer

    • Joshua Crespi
      Joshua Crespi 4 months ago +4

      Thank you for actually naming it 💰

    • Shnarfbird
      Shnarfbird 4 months ago +57

      Plants have their own sort of behavior, just in very slow motion...

  • Alex Burger
    Alex Burger 2 months ago

    Good job for making the plant expanding its leaves much more terrifying

  • RJ J
    RJ J 2 months ago +2

    Only Attenborough can make a lily pad sound like something from a horror movie

  • J J
    J J Day ago

    Is it really a tyrant of “the deep?” Or tyrant of some water?

  • Amarah’s Rabbitry
    Amarah’s Rabbitry 23 days ago

    I’ve never been so intimidated by a plant😳

  • Not Your business
    Not Your business 4 months ago +3334

    Humans: "Oh look a giant water Lillie, how lovely!"
    Water Lillie: "I must destroy and conquer, none shall live!"

    • Cole Larson
      Cole Larson 3 months ago +1

      @KillingLonliness88 LOL!

    • KillingLonliness88
      KillingLonliness88 3 months ago

      @The Pixelated Pie Thank you.

    • KillingLonliness88
      KillingLonliness88 3 months ago

      @Exalted Nevaeh Thank you.

    • Bigben -1989
      Bigben -1989 3 months ago +3

      @KillingLonliness88 idk u right I just woke up that morning and chose violence 😂… me calling you out was no better if not worse than you calling people out because at least you were just educating people but it came off like the guy who always spell checks others that’s why I said anything but in the end I took it to far my bad

    • KillingLonliness88
      KillingLonliness88 3 months ago +1

      @Bigben -1989 Why are you so pressed? Lol. I’m simply trying to educate, why do people nowadays act like an education is a bad thing? Personally I think it’s highly embarrassing to not be educated and look like a moron but I guess that’s just me. Seems you took it personally, so maybe check on yourself before coming at me.

  • hybridgoth
    hybridgoth 2 months ago

    I don't think I'll ever be able to look at plants the same way ever again, that thing was brutal 🤯

  • Farter
    Farter Month ago

    I've never seen this level of production from any channel. This is peak of art to show how science works. Damn.

  • Spiny Norman 88
    Spiny Norman 88 19 days ago

    Fascinating. However, I question calling the tyrant of "the deep" since it takes over the surface. Perhaps "Tyrant of The Water"?

  • Skyler
    Skyler 19 days ago

    I feel like these plants could be used to represent humanity in some way.

  • Tom Any
    Tom Any 3 months ago +2064

    I love how the narration is never overly scientific, it's simple yet powerful and easy to understand for anyone without having to google concepts every 5 minutes

    • Stillthinairs
      Stillthinairs Month ago +3

      @content sucker ‘big words’ You sound 10. Like they said, it is inevitable to use words you do not understand for someone who creates scientific educational content, and you’ll eventually have to search up what they mean, because that’s the only way you’ll ever learn.

    • Quex
      Quex Month ago +1

      @content sucker yes, its called high school and being a undergrad. Unfortunately a lot of Americans find education to be a waste and useless.

    • Reason
      Reason Month ago +5

      @content sucker You can, but you're less likely to. If you know the big words, you'll understand more than the surface. You'll know more than waterlilies.

    • sawsan fiysal
      sawsan fiysal 2 months ago


    • content sucker
      content sucker 2 months ago +4

      @Mirable Test u can learn more than a funfact without using big words

  • David García
    David García 2 months ago

    omg those plants are terrifying and incredible at the same time

  • Annina Zuber
    Annina Zuber 2 months ago

    Fun fact, the latin name for giant water lilies is "Victoria Amazonica" and it was given to them in honor of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom - makes a lot of sense now that I know they are not just pretty flowers but dominating forces of nature 😄

  • LaChauntis Washington
    LaChauntis Washington 17 days ago

    never thought a plant can be so terrifying and gruesome

  • GoldGears
    GoldGears 4 days ago

    BBC managed to make plants sinister. :D Super cool though, I didn't realize that they actually cleared space for themselves to grow into with those spiky buds.

  • BlunderbussLive
    BlunderbussLive 3 months ago +1153

    When you think about the planning and work that goes into getting huge time-lapse shots like this, it's incredibly impressive that they're able to do it with some consistency. Amazing talent and tech.

    • szythe
      szythe Month ago +1

      The sounds and a lot of the motion is faked to speed up production. It's much less impressive when you watch the process.

    • BlunderbussLive
      BlunderbussLive Month ago +5

      @Commercial Drones Dispatch As if that somehow makes it less impressive? Okay.
      Also studio or not, it's great footage.

    • JojaCorp.
      JojaCorp. Month ago

      Plus the amount of time

    • Commercial Drones Dispatch
      Commercial Drones Dispatch Month ago +1

      It’s their job.

    • Alvin Bitoy
      Alvin Bitoy Month ago +1

      The time lapse was studio-based.

  • whisper
    whisper 28 days ago

    Seeing things like this is what makes me interested in biology


    Thanks For Sharing This Documentary Filming Of A Naturally Beautiful Monster Of Nature..
    This Presentation Is Literally Horrible Than Any Average Horror Filming! That Gives Me A Chilling Goosebump By Witnessing Of This Type Of Real Devil's Surviving Among The Other Poor Plants..!

  • Philip Rößler
    Philip Rößler 16 days ago

    what a interesting plant :D and survival of the fittest perfectly demonstrated

  • kari ikan
    kari ikan 2 months ago

    Sir David's voice, such a legendary narrator

  • Fred in Alaska
    Fred in Alaska 4 months ago +1788

    The narration, the time-lapse sequence. This is the highest level of production period
    Excellent stuff 👏

    • woozie
      woozie 4 months ago +1

      BBC nature docs are simply some of the best media ever created

    • Gondra
      Gondra 4 months ago

      Mais c'est pas bon ci elle continue comme ça on aura plus d'eaux et on sera an danger elle grandiose lorquelle hou de leaux

    • Vale Mak
      Vale Mak 4 months ago

      Plus the dramatic music lol

    • Vikram Ree
      Vikram Ree 4 months ago +1

      imagine if it was realtime

  • Colin Childress
    Colin Childress 19 days ago

    This is awesome!
    Now, film it in slow motion.
    We need the extra runtime...

  • Hammas Haukka
    Hammas Haukka 16 days ago +1

    I'm not gonna lie, my first association with the unfolding lily pad is that of a certain anatomical feature and I had to giggle when it was described as a monster of the deep.

  • AllanC_Me
    AllanC_Me Month ago +2

    Nature sure is beautiful.

  • p
    p Month ago +1

    Wow, idk if plant life can be this scary

  • Colin Richardson
    Colin Richardson 4 months ago +1573

    I am hoping for at least another 95 years of Sir David Attenborough. May he out live everyone and be immortal.

  • Gbody Pat
    Gbody Pat Month ago

    I want to live there✨

  • MrDarkan 420
    MrDarkan 420 Month ago +4

    "Sir what are you doing!!!"
    "Oh noo!"
    Down bad man strikes again

  • A Deep Fried Rat 🐀

    I truly believe plants live in a different wavelength of time in some odd sense

    • Water
      Water Month ago +1

      wavelength of time? 🤨

  • Hannah Dixon
    Hannah Dixon Month ago

    Never thought I would hate a plant. 🥺

  • Tom Meakin
    Tom Meakin 4 months ago +2025

    When I've been lost in thought about what kind of alien species might exist out there in the universe, I've found myself wondering if there might be species out there that we might completely miss or misunderstand because they either live far faster, or far slower than we do - throwing off our intuitions. In a way, plants are kind of like this. Time lapses show them in a totally different light. In real time, they might as well be inanimate objects to us. But time lapses show almost animalistic qualities at times

    • KishaScape
      KishaScape 3 months ago

      Hell some plants are so weird and out of place that I wonder if they were somehow introduced by someone visiting this area millions of years ago. Like Fungus based things for example. Some mushrooms are just so weird and unnatural.

    • New Mateo
      New Mateo 3 months ago

      @Tom Meakin the alive definition itself can be seen as fluid...I mean....technically....the Universe has shown that given enough time totally inanimate matter becomes animate and starts questioning its existence eventually. At what point this happens though is a mystery.

    • Jagar Tharn
      Jagar Tharn 3 months ago

      @Meagan ty

    • Porxaderp
      Porxaderp 3 months ago

      @Tom Meakin There is also the possibility that our current definition of "alive" or "living" is too narrow. Linguistics is descriptive, not proscriptive, and it evolves alongside us.

    • Meagan
      Meagan 3 months ago

      Nailed it. And the visuals they give here are so cool.

  • Raccoon City HUNK
    Raccoon City HUNK Month ago +15

    Everyone in the comments: I love how much personality they've given these plants!
    The personality type: H I T L E R

  • Arhok21
    Arhok21 19 days ago

    Cinematography is on another level. Award winning stuff right here

  • Olivia Bean
    Olivia Bean Month ago

    Never felt a plant was so ominous in my life

  • Chris Parish
    Chris Parish Month ago

    Cool video
    Seen those plants in real life..
    Just amazing... looks so beautiful but it's is deceiving

  • Psyche Q
    Psyche Q 4 months ago +2202

    If plants could scream, this would be a horror movie.

    • Finger Picking Good
      Finger Picking Good 3 months ago

      John Carpenter's 'The Thing'

    • Captain Gormley
      Captain Gormley 4 months ago

      Watch the movie Annihilation.

      JONTRAZ 4 months ago

      @Gaming Champ i had a strole 😭

    • Mike o' Glen
      Mike o' Glen 4 months ago

      @Goodnightmyprince * Lotus: Hard Luck, Chaps!

    • Hyperion
      Hyperion 4 months ago +1

      They actually can, it's not loud enough and requires sensitive receptors but, they do kind of scream when cut or out of water

  • Mr. Arsinius
    Mr. Arsinius 17 days ago

    Thank goodness I've never had the chance to pick up a lily pad like I always wanted

  • SH4D0W
    SH4D0W 2 months ago

    I love how they added all these sound effects to it when they re-broadcast it.

  • Maxwell Yeboah
    Maxwell Yeboah 23 days ago

    Nature ❤️

  • KyleWayne Animations
    KyleWayne Animations 10 days ago

    The video is the definition of Looks can be deceiving
    Lily looks friendly on the outside but monstrous in the inside

  • Corrupt Pixel
    Corrupt Pixel 4 months ago +2636

    I love how the narration is never overly scientific, it's simple yet powerful and easy to understand for anyone without having to google concepts every 5 minutes

    • schmee
      schmee 4 months ago +3

      @Nevezen homie just said sjw in 2022

    • Mike o' Glen
      Mike o' Glen 4 months ago +1

      This is because Sir David is a brilliant Educator.

    • Mike o' Glen
      Mike o' Glen 4 months ago

      @Nevezen Charles Darwin has written on this topic...

    • Caleb Arneson
      Caleb Arneson 4 months ago


    • Nevezen
      Nevezen 4 months ago +2

      Trust humans to narrate an exaggerated portion in a water lily life cycle as a time lapse..
      It's a tough and highly competitive environment, even in the world of fauna. SJW's are like the lotus' getting crushed in a force of nature and a lily wouldn't give two shits, like the rest of us.

  • Alexya Beatriz
    Alexya Beatriz 2 months ago

    Agora faz todo sentido elas serem conhecidas pela minha região como vitórias régia! Não poderia haver nome melhor para uma tirana como esta! (ºA º )

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    John Morales 2 months ago

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    Aldo AS 18 days ago

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    Blue sky 2 months ago

    I think we should be very appreciative and thankful of the people who made this video because they well deserved it 👏 👍 ❤

    • Mr Darren
      Mr Darren Month ago

      And the british ppl whose tv licence fees pay for it to be made

  • Stefan Veljkovic
    Stefan Veljkovic 4 months ago +1086

    I saw this plant recently in one botanical garden and was so astonished to see how beautiful, scary, complex and huge it is. Highly recommend seeing it in person.

    • meep
      meep 2 months ago

      Nah I ain't going near that thing

    • A. Fields
      A. Fields 3 months ago

      @the hatred 94 so you definitely would’ve been the caveman that was afraid of fire

    • Isabella
      Isabella 3 months ago +2

      @Stefan Veljkovic HI again!! I would say my favorite type of plants are: flowers. Something about the colors, shapes, and even fragrance ! Alongside enjoying flowers blooming in Springtime :)

    • the hatred 94
      the hatred 94 3 months ago +2

      Nope. Never happening. This video is going to give me enough nighmare material in its own. If i ever see one irl i'm grabing the nearest flamethrower, explosive, napalm, fire extinguisher or whatever i can to eliminate this frightening beeing.

  • J
    J Month ago

    Amazing camera work 👏

  • Charlie 612
    Charlie 612 Month ago

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  • Alicja cziwonapa
    Alicja cziwonapa 2 months ago

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    It’s disturbing
    Yet I can’t stop watching

  • ToobMee
    ToobMee 4 months ago +631

    Nobody has ever left a legacy so valuable as David Attenborough. Nature in all its dimensions has been well captured ; documented and saved for eternity! Thanks to DA for the priceless legacy. The World is forever indebted to him!

    • Arttu Järvinen
      Arttu Järvinen 4 months ago

      @fantastic shorts 👌 nice troll

    • PBMS123
      PBMS123 4 months ago

      Bro he aint dead yet

    • fantastic shorts 👌
      fantastic shorts 👌 4 months ago +1

      No, we're indebted to Jesus christ our lord and savior.

    • Tangofoxtrot
      Tangofoxtrot 4 months ago +1

      He’s just given a script. Old man in an english accent. Gimme a break

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    Me: No it’s a plant.

  • Debbie Cakes
    Debbie Cakes Month ago

    Damm I never thought they look that scary….and I know how it feels to be blocked from the sunlight…literally my neighbor the lives behind me has a damm tree that he hasn’t trimmed in a long time and it’s now blocking the sunlight from my garden and now some of my cactuses haven’t bloomed out yet because lack of sunlight 😤😤😤