Trixie Mattel Performs Live at RuPaul's DragCon 2018! Get Tix Now!


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  • Kenny S
    Kenny S 3 days ago

    So freaking phenomenal. I love Trixie so much and I'm so glad that she opened dragcon with this assortment of songs!
    I wish they would tell people at the beginning that they will be in the video so like put your phones down and enjoy Trixie, man! It's so weird seeing all of the phones out.. I go to a lot of concerts and it's just phones out all of the time.. wish people would be more present in the moment instead of trying to record it for later. With that said, this official video is FREAKING AMAZING! So thank you, WOWPresents!!! Much

  • Marcela Franklin
    Marcela Franklin 4 days ago

    uma artista de VERDADE

  • Kerri Lunn
    Kerri Lunn 12 days ago

    Trixie is such a queen omg love her

  • hannah kate
    hannah kate Month ago

    i would cry if i was there omg 😭😩💕 what a legend

  • Jamie Evans
    Jamie Evans Month ago

    Does the mic sound weird to anyone else? haha

  • suzannevdb
    suzannevdb 2 months ago


    MEEMS 3 months ago

    She’s awesome. I’m not a huge country song, but I could listen to her all day.

  • RestuSandika Kamaruddin

    There's a vocal harmony effect pedal?? How come I never knew??

  • Alex Garcés
    Alex Garcés 3 months ago

    2:55 Kitty Girl!

  • Zain Arif
    Zain Arif 3 months ago

    the auto harmonisor kinda creeps me tf out HAHAHA

  • Beatriz Flores
    Beatriz Flores 3 months ago


  • Not Called Greg
    Not Called Greg 4 months ago

    7:03 "little girls suppose to do what shes told"

  • Isko’dan
    Isko’dan 4 months ago

    Omg crowd is so dead I would cry all the time😂

  • Phuong NguyEn Duong HoAng

    Can someone please tell me what the strumming pattern for Kitty Girl is? Thanks a lot

  • Jasper Trip
    Jasper Trip 5 months ago +2

    Is it just me or does she look even more stunning than usual here?

  • Jasper Trip
    Jasper Trip 5 months ago +1

    “Think about SquareSpace”
    -An Icon

  • Carlos Prado
    Carlos Prado 5 months ago

    lovvvveeee kitty girl

  • Charlotte Orme
    Charlotte Orme 5 months ago

    Wow why can't I be here

  • Nat Elliott-Ross
    Nat Elliott-Ross 5 months ago +1

    Just getting into Trixie so was completely unaware of her musical talent, I mean, this gurl can f’ sing some pipes!

  • Kody Wuz Here
    Kody Wuz Here 6 months ago

    *thank you for the claps 5 people*

  • Matt Croft
    Matt Croft 6 months ago

    👏🏻 I 👏🏻 love 👏🏻 Trixie 👏🏻 Mattel 👏🏻

  • Mario Fuertes Muñiz
    Mario Fuertes Muñiz 6 months ago

    I want the Kitty Girl country version on iTunes.

  • luce xoxo
    luce xoxo 6 months ago

    We love a country skinny

  • Michael Tartak
    Michael Tartak 7 months ago +1

    Beat the shit outta bebe pahha

  • Beatrice (Bee) Brynda
    Beatrice (Bee) Brynda 7 months ago +1

    Acoustic kitty girl makes me so happy 🌻

  • Neopolitan Vampire
    Neopolitan Vampire 7 months ago

    Damn this felt rushed. Still lovely tho

  • Evry1KnowsAmandaRose
    Evry1KnowsAmandaRose 7 months ago +1

    "....she'll manage "

  • Evry1KnowsAmandaRose
    Evry1KnowsAmandaRose 7 months ago +1

    I'm like smiling uncontrollably

  • Marsh
    Marsh 7 months ago

    Shoutout to the beautiful man in blue who knew every line

  • Nicolas Gonzalez
    Nicolas Gonzalez 7 months ago +1

    Shangela was Robbed!!!

  • chloe ashton
    chloe ashton 7 months ago

    The echo when she spoke was scary XD

  • ckima
    ckima 7 months ago


  • Thadayus
    Thadayus 7 months ago

    Drag. Has. Elevated. Thanks Trixie. Beautiful!!!

  • Ana Salazar
    Ana Salazar 7 months ago +1

    Hoy you daré to make me love country music ? Damn it, I just think this is awesome

  • Donald Paff
    Donald Paff 8 months ago

    Oh gosh a stand up comedian nailed their signature jokes in front of a crowd that, for sure, wasn't there to hear her jokes... If you've heard it before keep giving her views. Clearly that's how you've seen/heard it before so you could troll like an amateur.

  • Kerra Hudson
    Kerra Hudson 8 months ago

    Trixie Mattel forever!!!

  • Emma Graham
    Emma Graham 8 months ago


  • Timothy Southerland
    Timothy Southerland 8 months ago +1

    Don't touch my gotta love Trixie. Well, I do.

  • Summer_time •••
    Summer_time ••• 8 months ago +1

    Didn’t know he could sing that good wow love it 😍

  • Kdot prem
    Kdot prem 8 months ago

    She looks freaky

  • Andy Davies
    Andy Davies 8 months ago

    I love that the ad before this was of Katya haha

  • Bella's DIY
    Bella's DIY 8 months ago +1

    "Oh thats me" what a legend 😂😂😍😍

  • Marina Dias
    Marina Dias 8 months ago

    I love that I appear at some points of this video (in the bottom left corner, with a blue silk shirt) and 90% of the times have a drink in my hands

  • Jackie Garcia
    Jackie Garcia 8 months ago

    Shit how have I not bought trixie’s album yet? Her music is beautiful!

  • Ellsnot
    Ellsnot 8 months ago

    This crowd is so dead ohmygosh i woulda been screaming and dying

  • Ellsnot
    Ellsnot 8 months ago

    *you're doing fucking amazing sweetie*

  • jake the human
    jake the human 8 months ago

    oh wow that's my skinny legend ✨✨ i love trixie so much akxhakdhw

  • Franny YNWA
    Franny YNWA 8 months ago

    WTF is that?? Scary

  • Legacy Fame
    Legacy Fame 8 months ago

    I’m in literal tears when she performed because she means so much to me❤️Literally my ultimate pick for All Stars way before she was even rumored or announced officially for AS3.I cried when I thought she was gonna be eliminated and I’m proud she won the crown and is doing her own thing and owning every minute of it 💗💓💖

  • gogames31
    gogames31 8 months ago

    I love Trixie so much.she's awesome. ❤

  • lonely boy
    lonely boy 8 months ago


  • Kitty on Pointe
    Kitty on Pointe 8 months ago

    So honored I got to witness this irl. Drag Con this year was so great!!!!!!

  • SvanEsch123
    SvanEsch123 8 months ago

    I was smiling all throughout this video, I love it! She is so funny and so charismatic♥️

  • Daniel Hernández
    Daniel Hernández 8 months ago


  • Blake
    Blake 8 months ago

    What on god’s green earth is this instant-harmonisation microphone voodoo?

  • Liebminger
    Liebminger 8 months ago

    Such a talented skinny legend. I love her

  • Ari Serventy
    Ari Serventy 8 months ago

    this crowd is so low energy, you can see her getting a bit frustrated with them as they are not giving her any excitement or energy to use. She is a PROFESSIONAL WOMAN though and she did well with a lacklustre crowd x

  • A Man
    A Man 8 months ago

    What is wrong with people

    • A Man
      A Man 7 months ago

      Ella Spence in your case you should drink bleach

    • Ella Spence
      Ella Spence 7 months ago

      A Man calm the fuck down it’s a dragshow

    • A Man
      A Man 8 months ago

      Alien Camel didn't you have to wash your eyes out with bleach too?

    • Aiden Riley
      Aiden Riley 8 months ago

      What is a actually wrong with this, tracy martel isn't hurting anyone

  • Olivia Christie
    Olivia Christie 8 months ago +3

    my guess is they muted the audio from the audience bc there was a whole fucking convention happening behind us... i dont remember us being that quiet.

  • Sam Giffin
    Sam Giffin 8 months ago +1

    Trixies laugh will always be able to make me smile tbh

  • graffic13
    graffic13 8 months ago

    Why is this all vocoder Cher like?? Not that I care but .... is there an effect Or bad mics?

  • Sophie Rose
    Sophie Rose 8 months ago

    If I was there I would have bolted onto that stage at mach 10 to sing that mf Bebe verse like nobody's business

  • Too Much ?
    Too Much ? 8 months ago

    I had a great time!! Please check out my review on DragCon LA 2018 on my channel!! :)

  • diesel92kj1
    diesel92kj1 8 months ago

    Why is TheXvid pushing Trans shit with Trending it with such low views & likes ?

    • Aiden Riley
      Aiden Riley 8 months ago

      no. just no. Do you not fucking know what a drag queen is?

  • Harvey Truman
    Harvey Truman 8 months ago

    whats this guy meant to be? is it a joke or something?

    • Ella Spence
      Ella Spence 8 months ago

      Harv articos quick back story lmao: this is Trixie Mattel, she’s obviously a drag queen but (hard to believe 😂😂😂) he’s a man, his real name is Brian Firkus.

  • Ciao Carlo
    Ciao Carlo 8 months ago +1

    Trixie you rock.

  • Dani Stuart
    Dani Stuart 8 months ago


  • Larry Chavez
    Larry Chavez 8 months ago

    Can't wait to see you in Phoenix.

  • KrunkTina
    KrunkTina 8 months ago

    i love this !!!

  • amberohso
    amberohso 8 months ago +2

    trixie mattel invented country music...and thats a fact.....and facts are facts america

  • Mawipot Pot
    Mawipot Pot 8 months ago

    Trixie is so talented. I love that she's reshaping the whole drag with her wit and beauty.

  • Angela Gunn
    Angela Gunn 8 months ago

    Brian can sing and he sure can write -- honestly, I adore Trixie but if at some point Brian's not having fun with the character, I will still be a fan of wherever the work takes him.

  • Sarah Kesseler
    Sarah Kesseler 8 months ago

    This crowd sucks

  • BlameWendy Bird
    BlameWendy Bird 8 months ago +1

    Trixie's music is so refreshing.

  • leo j
    leo j 8 months ago

    What's the song at 7:00?

  • JoJo
    JoJo 8 months ago +1

    Bitch wtf bitch shes SO FUCKING FIERCE!!!! AND CHARISMATIC!!!!

  • Marina Slater
    Marina Slater 8 months ago

    What a shit crowd

  • P Nunes
    P Nunes 8 months ago +1

    Uh I love this woman

  • Stephen McClellan
    Stephen McClellan 8 months ago +1

    Oh wow I can’t believe Trixie invented singer-song writing and playing the guitar

  • cne1975
    cne1975 8 months ago

    That creature is the stuff that makes nightmares, like a full size Chucky

  • Manny Pineda
    Manny Pineda 8 months ago

    I'm really sad there was no UNHhhh Panel like the past two years.

  • Sona
    Sona 8 months ago

    Wtf is this vapid, lame, dead crowd. Ffs.

  • their ship name would be tian

    i was hoping for a country version of roxxxy's verse of read u wrote u but this is amazing too ily trixie

    • Robyn Armit
      Robyn Armit 3 days ago

      their ship name would be tian please yasss

  • Rosie Williamson
    Rosie Williamson 8 months ago

    I was so absolutely shook when she started playing kitty girl

  • Milo
    Milo 8 months ago


  • Andy Gutierrez
    Andy Gutierrez 8 months ago +1

    country boy i luv you

  • Lily The Pirate fox
    Lily The Pirate fox 8 months ago

    I wish I was there ! T^T

  • Emily Jackson
    Emily Jackson 8 months ago +48


    • KaraCarrot
      KaraCarrot 8 months ago +1


    • theDivineDahlia
      theDivineDahlia 8 months ago +7

      Emily Jackson THANKS SIS THAT WAS ME

  • Emily Jackson
    Emily Jackson 8 months ago +1

    YAAAAASSSSSS I could watch this FOREVER

  • coffycup75
    coffycup75 8 months ago

    I used to love Trixie so much. She rolled right past me in her car but I just couldn't get excited. I met so many other queens this past weekend who were kinder, funnier and genuinely seemed happy to be there and meet their fans. I mean no disrespect to those with a different opinion. 💕

  • Lola Mae
    Lola Mae 8 months ago +1

    an actual angel

  • Kor O'Connell
    Kor O'Connell 8 months ago +1

    I love this homosexual

  • Elliott Nicholls
    Elliott Nicholls 8 months ago

    A boring ass crowd 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

  • Elliott Nicholls
    Elliott Nicholls 8 months ago +2

    Yass skinny👑

  • Nxtxlie Youtube
    Nxtxlie Youtube 8 months ago


  • Я несу хуйню
    Я несу хуйню 8 months ago


  • Sierra Beasley
    Sierra Beasley 8 months ago

    Is that Pearl in the upper right corner?

  • zara ahmed !!
    zara ahmed !! 8 months ago +1

    trixie is a legend

  • Shrek Dank
    Shrek Dank 8 months ago

    Holy shit! What is happening to the world? I swear to god if these people go anywhere my kids im gonna knock that the fuck out

    • Shrek Dank
      Shrek Dank 7 months ago

      erm america is a new nation. so to say that is completely ignorant. im unaware of what ICE is so i cant comment on that. how dare you talk about losing children when you think killing unborn babies is completely acceptable. you have been brainwashed to believe shit. as soon as Rome allowed same sex relationships and a focus on sex. society fell. we are so focused on sexual activity that we are unable to see what is actually happening. this is what happens when a society begins to collapse.

    • Ella Spence
      Ella Spence 7 months ago

      Shrek Dank so, please. Tell me how people having freedom to be themselves and control to their own lives is bringing destruction to society rather than the many more tragedies what are happening currently.

    • Ella Spence
      Ella Spence 7 months ago

      Shrek Dank LOL, you think abortions and same sex relationships are destroying society?? Hun, no. What destroys society is the ICE losing 1,500 children, 101 mass shootings in America in the last 5 months and people being too sensitive and close-minded to accept anything other than a mirror of themselves.

    • Aiden Riley
      Aiden Riley 8 months ago

      Shrek Dank I’m not saying he’s a woman I’m saying he is a drag queen, because he is a man dressed as a woman. Also “I’m pretty sure there was something about it” is not a source

    • Shrek Dank
      Shrek Dank 8 months ago

      Alien Camel can you tell me what makes him a women?

  • Sassy The Sasquatch
    Sassy The Sasquatch 8 months ago

    What the fucl is that thing wtffffftf