North Korea releases three American detainees

  • Published on May 9, 2018
  • Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is returning to the U.S. from North Korea with three American prisoners who have been released: Dong-Chul Kim, Hak-Song Kim and Tony Kim.
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Comments • 90

  • DuRag
    DuRag Year ago

    Thank you mr.president. This is great news and this a step away from nuclear war.

  • Shiva S
    Shiva S Year ago +1

    People who suffer from myopia often label long term plans as chaotic.... Can't help but smile !!

  • Elaine Foster
    Elaine Foster Year ago +2

    I don't see Trump's presidency as chaotic. I think some people do not see Trump's overall plan, therefore what he does seems chaotic to them.

  • mr. JH
    mr. JH Year ago

    But they are Asians?

  • Briunna Hicks
    Briunna Hicks Year ago

    They’re not even American!!!! They’re all Asian. Wtf. Get our real Americans out.

  • Joe Montano
    Joe Montano Year ago +2

    President Trump is doing a phenomenal job! I feel 100% vindicated for giving him my vote.

  • Gaylene Morley
    Gaylene Morley Year ago

    I am glad they got home to the usa. And i pray that when trump meets kim it will go great

    • Briunna Hicks
      Briunna Hicks Year ago +1

      Gaylene Morley which Kim? There all 3 of them

  • Grace Gonzales
    Grace Gonzales Year ago +2

    Those aren't Americans. Leave them there in prison.

    • Briunna Hicks
      Briunna Hicks Year ago +1

      Your right

    • Joey LaMack
      Joey LaMack Year ago +2

      They're more American than the Mexicans crossing our borders!

    • Briunna Hicks
      Briunna Hicks Year ago +2

      Grace Gonzales that’s what I’m saying

  • G J
    G J Year ago

    They will never be the same. They will need deep psychological help in dealing with the torture that they endured. I am sure they were beaten mercilessly on a Regular basis. That is the norm in the NK system. I am very glad they are free. However, that was only step one please don’t drop the ball this time as I do not want to read of another suicide of an ex NK detainee.

  • Soj. H
    Soj. H Year ago +3

    “Chaotic Trump presidency”? The liberal media can’t stop their brainwashing effort. This release would never have occurred under Hillary.

  • Zoya Spencer
    Zoya Spencer Year ago

    8 North Koreans are not happy.

  • Asiantinos Libertarian Liberty or Dead

    CBS have so much hatred for President Trump .


    Sum ting wong

  • dacosta0656
    dacosta0656 Year ago

    another Trump success

  • Peter E.
    Peter E. Year ago

    Trump is dabbing on them haters.

    ANGELE EYE Year ago

    Why they went there to teach realgion .. why



  • Musicmann1022
    Musicmann1022 Year ago

    Glad to see the men are coming home. Thank you Mr Pompeo and President Trump.

  • Joe Mota
    Joe Mota Year ago

    💪🎅🥊🏛🗽U. S. A.👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨🚀㊗😣North Korea 🏯🦄

  • L Coters
    L Coters Year ago +1

    How about that blue wave demoncrats

  • Fern
    Fern Year ago

    Otto Warmbier

  • Mukhtat Abdikera
    Mukhtat Abdikera Year ago

    Please trump supporters. Remeber when obama made iran relese us soldiers. Every president does that. Good for trump. But don,t make this party issue.

  • Slanus Greenstreet
    Slanus Greenstreet Year ago +3

    What's wrong with these so called journalists......they should be celebrating....! But instead say things like "I can't help thinking....." and " a chaotic Trump presidency..." I'm learning hate has no bounds, no matter how much Good is going on! My Gratitude is unbounded. President Trump is making America strong again!

  • Timothy Parenteau
    Timothy Parenteau Year ago +5

    Chaotic Trump presidency if so give me all sorts of crazy

  • Me Name
    Me Name Year ago +5

    The Democrat party are the most Racist & Fascist group of people on the planet today. They call people "Their brown slaves" like their "me too movement" hero NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for example. I've never in my life heard a Republican refer to a person as "Brown" but Democrats I hear referring to people & judging their personality by their skin color, race and/or ethnic grouping everyday. I live in L.A. Ca & I'm a minority so I know what I'm talking about.

  • Ray Davis
    Ray Davis Year ago +7

    trump got three released without having to trade 5 dangerous terrorists like obama did. and the guy obama traded for was a traitor. So glad we finally have a real President #MAGA

  • Me Name
    Me Name Year ago +4

    Thank you president Trump for getting our prisoners back, you're doing a great job.

  • Mah Kost
    Mah Kost Year ago +6

    Wow, they're looking so depressed that these prisoners are coming home. American media is so morally corrupt.

    • D Holtman
      D Holtman Year ago +1

      Yea and they just had to put that little bit of negativity at the end of the video.

  • Beachdudeca
    Beachdudeca Year ago +3

    Thank you Trump , best Prez Ever !

  • Bill Draheim
    Bill Draheim Year ago +2

    Releasing political prisoners and peace negotiations are two top PROGRESSIVE ideologies. So I welcome all my new EX-Trumptards to the movement. UNITED WE STAND.

  • don brassco
    don brassco Year ago +2

    Wow! The President going to see them! But domestic Terrorist survivors and hero's are worthy!# Waffle House Shooting!

  • Todd Jones
    Todd Jones Year ago +6

    TRUMP 2020!

  • Kenny M
    Kenny M Year ago

    Guess thats why he went to china to get permission for all his actions

    • Ian Alan
      Ian Alan Year ago

      Are you so partisan and hateful of Trump that you cannot even share the joy of three Americans coming home?!?

  • april cheeseburger ryan

    SUCK on that, left liberal retards

  • Jmdspencer ._.
    Jmdspencer ._. Year ago +1

    Why do all of their names have "kim" in it?

  • David Holcomb
    David Holcomb Year ago +2

    This must be the hardest thing you've had to report on since Trumps win😂🤣

  • Peter Dugan
    Peter Dugan Year ago +13

    Thank you and God bless you president Trump.

  • Fern
    Fern Year ago +6

    I also keep thinking of Otto Warburg very sad what happened

    • F8oK8
      F8oK8 Year ago +1

      Fern, umm I think you mean Otto Warmbier.

  • Fern
    Fern Year ago +2

    Hooray for North Korea keep going this way this is the right way love your neighbor as yourself everybody must keep the faith love makes the world go round and round and round and around love all of you take care of all of you

  • N N
    N N Year ago

    People aren't going to be thankful for Trump once the gas prices are up

    • Ian Alan
      Ian Alan Year ago +1

      Nice reply Red LOL

    • Red Chipmunk
      Red Chipmunk Year ago +6

      jose N I also heard stocks would crash, the nation would go into a recession, all Hispanics and Muslims would be deported, homosexuals and blacks would get their rights taken away, unemployment would go up, wages would go down, foreign nations would reject Trump, he would start WW3, Trump will be impeached before 100 days in office and the best one, Trump will never become president. Aren’t you tired of being wrong?

    • Efren Rodriguez
      Efren Rodriguez Year ago +3

      jose N you're some kind of hating pessimist aren't you? The hostages and families will be very happy, get a life.

  • Mr.Rogers Play House

    FAKE NEWS...

  • Chip
    Chip Year ago +10

    Thank you, Mr. President!!!

  • Linda Minton
    Linda Minton Year ago +16

    The Trump administration got 3 hostages back as a sign of good faith from NK BEFORE any deal is to be considered, AMAZING.

  • BIG A
    BIG A Year ago +16

    Trump continues to win bigly.

  • CST-TV Common Sense Tony

    All three prisoners are names Kim??? That's a little fishy huh?

    • Grace Gonzales
      Grace Gonzales Year ago +1

      Common Sense Tony they aren't Americans a's far as I'm concerned.

    • Nicole Lee - Health, Beauty and more
      Nicole Lee - Health, Beauty and more Year ago

      Not fishy at all. Kim is used on most of the Koreans like Nguyen in Vietnam. Judgment or looking for wrong when a good thing is more important here.

    • Storm Sudaria
      Storm Sudaria Year ago

      Common Sense Tony no common sense

  • Ruthless Reid
    Ruthless Reid Year ago +29

    Making America great x 3. Thank you Mr. President.

  • Jive Honkey
    Jive Honkey Year ago +16

    Anytime something good happens for our country liberal communist hate it. They hate this country and the constitution which is not outdated but ahead of its time and written by better men then are in existence today.

  • Greg True
    Greg True Year ago

    This reminds me of Ronald Reagan when he got them American hostages freed from Iran. Reagan didn't b******* neither does Trump well Trump does b******* but he get stuff!

  • Yeongjin Shin
    Yeongjin Shin Year ago

    You just HAD to say "chaotic Trump presidency", didn't you? Grow-up. When will you left-wingers give credit where it's due without being such a sore loser?

  • Yousir Cantknow
    Yousir Cantknow Year ago +1

    Glad to see you Kim.

  • Raymond
    Raymond Year ago +16

    And didn't have to give one single penny in exchange! .....
    Had it been that coward Barack Hussein Obama , North Korea would have received billions of dollars in exchange .
    Go Trump!

    • Margaret Wilson
      Margaret Wilson Year ago

      Raymond I doubt if he let them go for free. Trump gave up something to make himself look great

    • Michael Carr
      Michael Carr Year ago

      Quite the contrast from when Hillary received bodies back from Benghazi!

  • Daryl Brookins
    Daryl Brookins Year ago +58

    I'm glad to see North Korea is moving in the right direction...God bless the United States and God bless President TRUMP....TRUMP 2020...

    • felix u
      felix u Year ago +2

      Yousir Cantknow big difference this time around. The US now has competent negotiating skills on our side.

    • Brandon Arvelo
      Brandon Arvelo Year ago +1

      Rob Donaldson amen!

    • Brandon Arvelo
      Brandon Arvelo Year ago +1

      I agreed Daryl yes and amen! Praise be to God our savior for using our president to get these men out of north Korea and into safe hands! God is on the move!

    • Yousir Cantknow
      Yousir Cantknow Year ago

      vladimir lustblood
      What's a pea-do?

    • Yousir Cantknow
      Yousir Cantknow Year ago +1

      Rob Donaldson
      I'd expect a pedophile to support Trump.

  • dart arkana
    dart arkana Year ago +7

    We're lucky Kim jong un was smart enough to back down from what couldve been a nuclear catastrophy

    • Ida Rum
      Ida Rum Year ago

      Are you sure.

    • TheCodFather
      TheCodFather Year ago

      Rich D thats the kind of trohpy kim wanted. Duhhhhh

    • Rich D
      Rich D Year ago

      catastrophy? Cat as trophy?

    • johnny cake
      johnny cake Year ago +6

      dart arkana were lucky trump is in office instead of Obama or they would be returned dead.

  • dontworry834
    dontworry834 Year ago +21

    It seems like Trump says lots of bad things but gets stuff done like follows thru on his ideas

    • TheCodFather
      TheCodFather Year ago

      Thats why he pulled out of the iran deal, and is so adamant about the wall. He is keeping his campaign promises.

  • Ivan Ho
    Ivan Ho Year ago +1

    i bet some of you are thinking, asian, kim = american? How dare you. :P

  • the great dirtbag
    the great dirtbag Year ago +30

    This is good news of course the far left will say this is rasicts. Far leftist have the brains of baking a roast with the oven turned off