Will 'The Carter V' Surpass The Hype, or Fall Flat?' | #TheDaily106 033


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  • Jeremy Diesel
    Jeremy Diesel 9 months ago

    Honestly I only watch these videos for Michelle but the topics are interesting. Hope Wayne drops Tha Carter 5 before all the hype for it completely dies.

    • ANDREW B
      ANDREW B 8 months ago

      Jeremy Diesel she chewing invisible gum wtf

  • SplendaDaddy 00
    SplendaDaddy 00 11 months ago

    Carter V will sell because his fan base is diverse(white people love lil Wayne and buy albums legally) and his diehard fans will buy just to see him on top. There's never been a bad Carter so I'm expecting heat.

    DJ EMSIX 11 months ago

    I have high hopes for 'The Carter V'. Yes, it can be argued that he's been out the game for a while and a new generation/wave has taken over. However, I feel he's one of the few take can adjust to the change yet still stay true to his style. Plus, seeing him at Powerhouse was lit. The energy he brought was high and everyone was still going hard to his songs. It'll definitely be interesting to see what he brings to the table.
    Unforgettable > Wild Thoughts. WT was a great song bringing back the sound of Santana with Riri slaying per usual. However, something about the sound of Unforgettable makes it the anthem. Especially once J Balvin jumped on it for the remix.. game over!!
    Bad & Boujee > Mask Off. Mainly, as Gabe stated, because of the movement it created. The Llama Llama Red Pajama freestyle on the Cruz Show was too good.
    Location > Love Galore. I love the simplicity of the chords. Its a modern love story (sending "current location" iPhone). All love for Sza and love her voice but Khalid takes this one.

  • OfficialMotionR
    OfficialMotionR 11 months ago

    Ima say it'll fall falt...

    • WE LIT
      WE LIT 11 months ago

      OfficialMotionR why ? Just asking

  • Jay Alizay Beats
    Jay Alizay Beats 11 months ago

    michele is cute but when the hell did this start. how am i starting at number 33

  • FoxxxyCleopatra
    FoxxxyCleopatra 11 months ago

    Ooh & Bodak Yellow over Rake it up! Unforgettable over wild thoughts & Bad & Boujee over mask off! I'm a daily 106 fan & will keep watching these videos~ Keep them coming guys

  • FoxxxyCleopatra
    FoxxxyCleopatra 11 months ago

    Wayne is definitely a legend in the game but idk if people are checking for a new album! The recent songs he released were OK. Hope carter V is dope & puts him back on top!

  • Ashley Perez
    Ashley Perez 11 months ago

    Wild thoughts>unforgettable Bad & Boujee> Mask OffBodak Yellow>Rake it UpLocation>Love Galore
    LOVE YOU GUYS! Keep it up ♥️

  • tam tam
    tam tam 11 months ago

    Put some respect on it

  • EastBayMoonWalker510 _
    EastBayMoonWalker510 _ 11 months ago

    He just needs to have the right singles lined up for the label to promote. I think weezy will be alright,even though times have changed.

  • Noor Wahba
    Noor Wahba 11 months ago

    Lovvvve this! Sheeez.
    Wild thoughts > unforgettable
    and damn that's tough but i gotta give it to Cardi B! Rake it up is a smash but Bodak Yellow is in its own lane.

    • Salvador Navarrete
      Salvador Navarrete 11 months ago

      Noor Wahba Selena Gomez for bad liar and fetish needs a VMA

  • Qauvo Mottola
    Qauvo Mottola 11 months ago +3

    The hype won't be as close or as big as tha carter III times have passed we are in a new era. Even though Wayne is a great, unless his album is a bonafide classic his time has come and gone.

    • Afro Shinobi
      Afro Shinobi 11 months ago

      WE LIT Yea but it was at it's peak during the lead up to Carter 3 with all the mixtapes and freestyles. Carter 4 couldn't live up to that hype.

    • WE LIT
      WE LIT 11 months ago

      Qauvo Mottola but he's hype was bigger after Carter 3

  • Finesse Magic
    Finesse Magic 11 months ago +1

    Lil Wayne just dropped 4 new songs on his TheXvid channel like a month ago. Soooooooo why tf y'all saying he hasn't dropped music in a long time. No disrespect though, I love the show 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Bugman Jr
    Bugman Jr 11 months ago

    Hell yea

  • Sample Edits
    Sample Edits 11 months ago