Tornado Suddenly Forms in Cooking Pan

  • Published on Nov 14, 2021
  • Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a tornado suddenly forms in a cooking pan.

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    Also in this video, a cat jumps towards another cat. A dog puts on a sweater. People play video games while there is a flood. I show you a volcano eruption from space. I show you how populated the world is.

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Comments • 11 859

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    They took "cooking up a storm" way too literally

  • MAMA J
    MAMA J  +1

    The tornado in the pan seems like it could be an extremely advanced cooking technique

  • PuzzLEGO

    I love how basically the whole of australia isn't visible on the population density map

  • Pink Pantsu

    How to trigger another cat

  • DfiantCrab

    I get terrified just having drinks around my pc, those gamers are on a whole other level 😂

  • Pro Medic #2

    "Tornado suddenly spawned in a pan"

  • OwO
    OwO  +19

    Now that's what you call a true gamer right there. Never leaving their place even when the place is flooded.

  • Jovany Rodriguez

    “Yo it’s flooded in here, you can’t play”

  • Trendy Insight

    That cat and the onion tears was just the cutest!

  • Adriana Gabriela

    Judging by the position of those power outlets, the gaming bar gets flooded pretty often

  • Samuel Jebamani Andrew

    Convos be like:

  • Milo S
    Milo S  +485

    I like his voice. He explains things that I don’t know, not like other TheXvidrs explaining what I’m actually watching.

  • Six
    Six  +3

    That tornado reminds me of my failed attempts to form a tornado by spinning around in a pool as a kid. My childhood dream is now completed in a way.

  • Exterrr gaming PUBG

    Imagine playing cs and dying to someone who is sitting in muddy cold water for hours from the Philippines with 300 ping.

  • MATT u
    MATT u  +1

    I like how on the population map Australia is 99% invisible. Puts it into perspective. 🇦🇺

  • blackpinkagent 00blink

    Baskethead: "Mom, what's for dinner today?"

  • DareDude12
    DareDude12  +377

    That goose woke up and decided to jump scare people at night. What a legend

  • heh bees
    heh bees  +218

    My day always gets better when I hear his voice, life has been stressful this past month and he has been making me happy :)

  • YelloWool

    That guy just BECAME his Basketball...

  • A Person
    A Person  +559

    I love how Australia is almost invisible on the population map thing.