KotlinConf 2019: Testing: Testing by Christina Lee

  • Published on Dec 17, 2019
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    In professional software development, we take for granted that code should be tested. If the topic comes up in conversation and your company doesn't have extensive test suites, it's usually a moment of shame. But from a behavioural economics perspective, if testing is a clear cut win, we'd assume rationally that everyone would have extensive tests. So what is it about testing makes it a socially accepted default but a practically implemented split? And what can this tell us about the way we test code in general? Indeed, what can it tell us about what it means to test code at all? In this talk, we'll test the theory of testing, and look at what testing can look like in a Kotlin world.

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    About the Presenter:
    Christina is an Android engineer and GDE at Pinterest, where she works on UI frameworks.

Comments • 21

  • Eric Kolotyluk
    Eric Kolotyluk 2 years ago +25

    Christina has a great ability to express things I suspected and understood, but was unable to express to others. Thanks.

  • zhou7yuan
    zhou7yuan Year ago +20

    Unit Test [

  • Rakhi Dhavale
    Rakhi Dhavale 2 years ago +3

    I think it's one of the most difficult talks to deliver when, it comes to Testing! Coz there are so many facets to it . Great talk !

  • Jim Pekarek
    Jim Pekarek 2 years ago +16

    Christina brought to light something that had always bothered me about writing tests that I hadn't quite put my finger on. Paraphrased, "If the person writing the code understood how it would fail, then they probably wouldn't write it in that way, so when they write tests for code they wrote, they're cementing their ideology"

  • Joao Paulo Moraes

    Unit Test is not only for avoiding bugs in production. The best thing about writing unit tests is that it will encourage the team to refactor and continuously evolve code base quality in SOLID aspects.

  • Tim Schraepen
    Tim Schraepen 2 years ago

    What a great talk! Good job Christina!

  • José Luis Crisostomo Sánchez

    Testing is another way of designing code, nice talk :)

  • Anton Chebotaev
    Anton Chebotaev Year ago

    I wonder what she might have to say about Rich Hickey's pyramid of complexity (his talk "Effective Programs"), where inconsistency and typos are at the very bottom layer. And the ideas that names > types and place oriented programming, meaning why would you have a function with parameters called first, second and third? Does having arguments types and a return type help you in any way to build an expectation of what this function does?

  • rieckpil
    rieckpil Year ago

    Excellent talk!

  • Krzysztof A.
    Krzysztof A. 2 years ago +2

    Really nice talk!

  • Petr Zurek
    Petr Zurek Year ago +2

    Not sure how I wound up here, but that sure was a great talk

  • Coding in Flow
    Coding in Flow Year ago +7

    I'm German and I've literally never heard the word "Treppenwitz" 😂

  • Manpreet Singh
    Manpreet Singh Year ago

    So many expects to learn.

  • Yannick
    Yannick 2 years ago +12

    I'm a native german speaker and i've never heard of "Treppenwitz".

  • Januszwo
    Januszwo Year ago

    „Manual QA. ... and paying theirs salaries, theirs vacation days, theirs childcare’s“ -> what for a haughty woman.

  • Vivek Kaushik
    Vivek Kaushik Year ago +5

    Sorry but I didn't learn anything here substantial that I can use or implement while writing test cases!

  • Jaya Krishnan Nair K

    She is rapping

  • papanino
    papanino Year ago +2

    Why are you speaking so theatrically? Makes it hard to listen to.