• Published on Oct 19, 2019
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    TFIL tries to stay overnight at the USA's largest abandoned
    city known as Kings Park. 600+ Acres & 40+ buildings that leads to a near two hour long pursuit from the police
    This is video 1 of 6 from our East Coast Overnight road trip so make sure to Subscribe!
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  • TFIL
    TFIL  Month ago +1357

    Friends! You can WIN AN ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP TO THE QUEEN MARY! It's in the video as well! But I wanted to mention it here! Head over to SendItSociety.com when the video is over! Hopefully we'll see you in LA! =)))))

    • Isabel Yates
      Isabel Yates 4 days ago

      TFIL fuck cops

    • Chantelle Evans
      Chantelle Evans 13 days ago

      do you have to be a certain age?

    • Adventures Of Dee
      Adventures Of Dee 15 days ago

      Elton “let’s go up stairs”
      Corey “fuck you mean let’s go up stairs”

    • Gabbar Gr8
      Gabbar Gr8 19 days ago

      i wannA join your team coz i always see something bro...

    • Nikki Stone
      Nikki Stone 21 day ago

      Who’s been here from the start

  • Fiona Baldwin
    Fiona Baldwin 6 hours ago

    Idk bout you but I LOVEEEE that Aaron is in this video

  • Kayla Kirby
    Kayla Kirby Day ago +1

    “ it’s so dark at night”
    Me:well yeah no shit I would have never guessed 😂

  • Maya Destiny
    Maya Destiny 2 days ago

    Right after u say Maby we should go to the other stair case if u turn the volume up it sounds like a girl saying no 10:02

  • Abigail Hernandez
    Abigail Hernandez 4 days ago

    At 9:59-10:00 you could hear someone say hello or something like that right before he says that be be a patrol car

  • brian tidmore
    brian tidmore 4 days ago

    Fuck ya im down

  • Only Hooligan
    Only Hooligan 4 days ago

    why do y’all use black lights?

  • II StickZ II
    II StickZ II 5 days ago

    Take a shot every time someone says Elton take a shot

  • RaMB BѺѺ
    RaMB BѺѺ 5 days ago +1

    From early video..and all video ..and the all the past video..i dont see any ghost..boring ...

  • Francine Littlehat
    Francine Littlehat 7 days ago

    At 9:59 there was like a moan...no?...just me?...aight den

  • Kc Ashworth
    Kc Ashworth 8 days ago +1

    Ahh flash back to suicide bridge (15 dollars for the first person to put there blood on the Ouija board) ahh such scary memories ahhh

  • Lexi Reynolds
    Lexi Reynolds 9 days ago +2

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    The iPhone text ding: bouta spook the shiz outa you boys

  • JG Vlogs
    JG Vlogs 9 days ago +4

    Aaron on Corey's channel: OMG I'm swearing I shouldn't be swearing
    Aaron on TFIL: *Cusses every other word*

  • dylan fuller
    dylan fuller 9 days ago

    Y’all are fucking pussies and the dumbest criminals like lay down so the fucking cop can’t see u or keep running away from the property but nah we rather stand and make ode noise so anyone can fucking find us

  • Liam Donnelly
    Liam Donnelly 10 days ago +1

    Kings park is actually a psychiatric center guys

  • Monica Woods
    Monica Woods 10 days ago +1

    That would be amazing to investigate the queen Mary. I've always wanted to go there

  • Dawn frankcombe
    Dawn frankcombe 10 days ago +1

    what dose tfil stand for?? (my mum wants to know)

    • Alexis Grant
      Alexis Grant 5 days ago +1

      The f*ck it list
      Aka doing stupid stuff cuz they can 🤗

  • doffahnotdottah playz
    doffahnotdottah playz 10 days ago +1

    the deer be like :FU** THIS IS WHERE I DIE

  • Mason Hinrichs
    Mason Hinrichs 10 days ago +3

    That Charger HEMI could easily have run you guys down.

  • Mireya Doroteo
    Mireya Doroteo 10 days ago +1

    dude at 10:27 a voice says "dont go this way". i replayed it like 10x to make sure.

  • kittylorts
    kittylorts 11 days ago +1

    Does anyone else have like a major crush Corbin???

  • miranda
    miranda 12 days ago +1

    gucci flip flop

  • Jessica Cartwright
    Jessica Cartwright 12 days ago +1

    I’ll be really sad if these scary investigations stop because it’s no longer October. TFIL has been kicking fucking ass in haunted and paranormal investigations lately and it’s kept me coming back each new upload like never before. I’ll be so sad not having amazingly scary content to come see every week from these guys

  • aghalroy
    aghalroy 13 days ago


  • Rory Chaney
    Rory Chaney 13 days ago

    You guys do realize that they use lead paint back then and that everything you're breathing in is screwing your lungs up

  • nidoks qd hayds
    nidoks qd hayds 13 days ago +2

    Do they use black lights if so can someone send me a link to what flashlights they hold and use that make the purple color

    BRIGHT GAMING 14 days ago

    Why do you guys use the black lights

  • call me stevo
    call me stevo 15 days ago

    "Mission failed we will get them next time" y'all had way too many flashlights= cover blown

  • Dominique Deavers
    Dominique Deavers 15 days ago

    nothing like watching this at school immediately after the mining town one and when they look down the long hallway i heard a group of girls laughing in the hallway walking past the room i am in..

  • ugh
    ugh 16 days ago

    this whole video is just 🎂

  • Alice Casket
    Alice Casket 16 days ago

    Y'know, I just kinda thought of something... Like if I ever came to own an abandoned place like that how I would make sure to try and keep people out/away... I'd be too tempted to put maniquinns at almost every other end of a hallway, in the middle of rooms, sitting in corners, ect. Just to mess with people. Hell, put 'em in windows, in the woods. Geez, the more I think about it, the more I'm tempted to do it.

  • Little Red Wolf
    Little Red Wolf 16 days ago

    When I find out they were in my hood only weeks later after they left 😭😭😭

  • Lucid_ Entertainer
    Lucid_ Entertainer 17 days ago

    I Iike how Elton doesn't care a single shit in the vids 😂😂

  • Kayla W
    Kayla W 17 days ago

    Lol what if they were getting g noted by ghosts 🖤🖤

  • Luna Hymnpala
    Luna Hymnpala 18 days ago +1

    The “get out” at 10:40 gave me chills, and with the next few moments of breeze sounding like breaths I can’t for sure say but one of them sounded like the same breathy voice breathing.
    Not to mention that Corey mentioned getting a weird feeling just afterwards, and we all know Corey’s history with spirits and the paranormal.
    And then them bringing up that the footsteps they heard above them earlier, and the voice put together, makes me think that there’s a predominant spirit on the top floor.

  • Alissa G
    Alissa G 18 days ago

    How old do you have to be for the contest tho?

  • SharinganUchiha28
    SharinganUchiha28 18 days ago

    Number of views 666,999

  • Clumsy Leopard1029
    Clumsy Leopard1029 18 days ago +1

    "Well lets go make some friends" ELTON

  • Clumsy Leopard1029
    Clumsy Leopard1029 18 days ago

    dude the music mad me jump. like when you'll hear the camera being turned or the snack rattling. It hella scary when they say shh shh shh because they hear something like a bang or someone's voice that's not theirs.

  • Jaidin Penamante
    Jaidin Penamante 18 days ago

    31:00 woah there elton got a boner

  • kamaraa starr
    kamaraa starr 18 days ago

    yo I’m here at 666k views

  • Jeremy Mueller
    Jeremy Mueller 19 days ago

    I meet I been watching you for 3 years

  • Jeremy Mueller
    Jeremy Mueller 19 days ago

    I been watching you for 4 years

  • Jade Gabriel
    Jade Gabriel 20 days ago

    How exactly does a night vision camera work?

  • Renee Mccammon
    Renee Mccammon 20 days ago

    Omg lol cray cray and you guys talk so loud when your in places your not allowed in

  • Clair Stewart
    Clair Stewart 21 day ago

    I wish I was your friend

  • Nelly Anahi
    Nelly Anahi 21 day ago +2

    can someone help me debunk what sounded like a voice saying "i'm sorry" at 9:59 ?
    was it one of the guys?

    • Russia
      Russia 15 days ago

      Honestly... Idk

  • Tina Peterson
    Tina Peterson 21 day ago

    Everytime u guys hear something ur mic does that weird clicking sound

  • Calvin Shaw
    Calvin Shaw 21 day ago

    Ronald McDonald peeks out his head
    "Hi welcome to chillies"

  • Bodhi Freeman
    Bodhi Freeman 22 days ago +1

    an tha one almost got caught

  • Dante Ferrise
    Dante Ferrise 22 days ago

    +Corbin Reinhardt thanks for unintentionally GIFTING US WITH YOUR not-hardt throughout this entire video! Close ups, action shots, profile view, view from below lol...AND ANYONE TALKING SHIT there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of it’s beautiful and natural lol. THOUGH FOR REAL DUDE IT WAS REALLY ABOVE AND BEYOND WITH ALL OF THAT VPL/VISIBLE PEEN LINE. I COULDNT HELP BUT WATCH YOUR JUNK THEE ENTIRE TIME! I mean it was just so asking to be looked at even if you didn’t mean to your junk sure had it’s own plan haha. I am not making fun of you at all! I’m trying to make ya feel good about it! It was an extra unexpected Halloween delicious treat.. ANYONE INTERESTED IN DUDES WOULD MOST LIKELY AGREE THAT THEY WOULDNT HATE SEEING A HOT GUY UNAWARE HIS DICK IS CLEARLY VISIBLE THROUGH HIS SWEATS DUE TO NIGHT VISION...what’s not to like? P.S. Don’t be ashamed of anything...PLUS EVEN ANYONE MADE FUN OF YOU FOR IT OR IF YOU WERE SELF CONSCIOUS ABOUT YOUR SIZE (which you shouldn’t be! it looked fairly normal) YOU HAVE THAT GORGEOUS PHAT JUICY ASS GOING FOR YOU WHICH IS AMAZING! ALONG WITH YOUR LOOKS, BODY, and personality because it’s not all looks...you can’t have it all plus if you did have a giant cock it just wouldn’t be fair. Besides as long as you know how to work them hips it’s all good. So be proud of what ya got man! SHOW IT OFF MORE hahaha.. well I had to try. 🤣😂🤣.

  • Ash Hoffer
    Ash Hoffer 22 days ago +1

    Is anyone else watching because they miss Aaron so much and they want to see his face?

  • Jamesrm05
    Jamesrm05 22 days ago

    the ding is a notification on a phone, exact same pitch

  • XXgamer06XX
    XXgamer06XX 23 days ago +2

    My question is that 'who called the cops?' Like literally...
    Just thinking about it u did see something saying something about 911

  • Connor Watson
    Connor Watson 23 days ago

    I lowkey wonder if cops have tools that let them see you in the dark in an instance like this

  • Kaitlyn Nicholson
    Kaitlyn Nicholson 23 days ago

    At 10:00 sounds like someone said hello

  • gadget
    gadget 23 days ago

    Anyone else hear that breath at 7:05 to 7:08?

  • yeetus that fetus
    yeetus that fetus 23 days ago

    corban has a phat ass

  • Paranormal Gambler
    Paranormal Gambler 24 days ago

    Man that trip would b dope cant wait see who wins it