• Published on Dec 1, 2017
  • We are back with another catching stuff video... wait til you see what happens to Scott!
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Comments • 3 603

  • Alex Pepin
    Alex Pepin Year ago +2286

    He got in an arm-wrestling contest with Nick

    • Vivian W
      Vivian W 25 days ago

      Alex Pepin good guess 👍

    • IIIIIawesIIIII
      IIIIIawesIIIII Month ago

      Julianna The Lioness you should be a detective :P

    • AlmightyRickard TheS'ghettiGod_01
      AlmightyRickard TheS'ghettiGod_01 3 months ago

      *After all Nick IS an absolute mad-lad.*

    • martina McCabe
      martina McCabe 3 months ago

      Lol but is it true

    • DisneyCM 1718
      DisneyCM 1718 6 months ago

      That. That's why I'll never arm wrestle anyone, I've seen the videos, hell anytime someone challenges me I just let them win lol

  • Trevor Brookes
    Trevor Brookes 6 hours ago

    Scott got one in the Gaunson 🤣🤣 epic hit.

  • Worth Stroud
    Worth Stroud 18 hours ago

    8:24..... Centrifugal force. 😂😂😂😂

  • Noah Riva
    Noah Riva 3 days ago

    on the second round Scott got 3 and bret got 0, it says that on Scott's T-shirt

  • John Mclean
    John Mclean 9 days ago

    Rude comment, but wan.ers cramp??

  • VeryStableGenius
    VeryStableGenius 10 days ago

    This shit is bloody ridiculous

  • Brandon Wheeler
    Brandon Wheeler 11 days ago

    Seriously, how did he hurt himself?

  • The Toothless
    The Toothless 12 days ago

    wheres the strategy drop the bucket and catch the gold

  • KG Techs
    KG Techs 21 day ago

    I think he got his injury while workout😀😀

  • Christine Bush
    Christine Bush 28 days ago

    He got in a fight with a T. rex and won with minor injuries

  • Nate Murphy
    Nate Murphy 29 days ago

    He got in a arm wrestling contest with nick

  • Hunter Rulavage
    Hunter Rulavage Month ago

    Stanford, I think you might need an eye exam. You’re always just an inch off

  • Freddy Morales
    Freddy Morales Month ago

    You triped

  • Nick Flewelling
    Nick Flewelling Month ago

    Dislocated shoulder

  • Rusty Hendon
    Rusty Hendon Month ago

    Did they drop an anvil on you?

  • Ally Hastie
    Ally Hastie 2 months ago

    Commtest: You start your day by watching a Superman movie then think I can fly. So you go up to the top of the 45m tower and jump of and superman your arm into the ground

  • Just Julia
    Just Julia 2 months ago

    6:39 look at the ball in the small bucket

  • Nicholas Murrmann
    Nicholas Murrmann 2 months ago

    Too much wanking

  • Local Bro’s
    Local Bro’s 2 months ago

    He broke his thumb because he landed wrong

  • mitzy183
    mitzy183 3 months ago

    LOLOLOLOL annihilated !!!!

  • Marjean Stalewski
    Marjean Stalewski 3 months ago +1

    did it by catching fruit

  • DodgerDom Lad4life
    DodgerDom Lad4life 3 months ago

    He had a bad arm wrestling incident

    SEPRAMS1 3 months ago

    he jumped off the tower and landed on his arm

  • the show stopper
    the show stopper 3 months ago

    injured himself by wanking too hard

  • Corine Johnson
    Corine Johnson 3 months ago

    Fell off of a bike

  • Icey
    Icey 3 months ago

    You hit the like button on it vids to much LOL

  • alex box
    alex box 3 months ago

    He got in an armwrestle with nick

  • lycanrus haxoroc
    lycanrus haxoroc 3 months ago

    Scott's t-shirt fits the tennis ball match

  • Tom Döringer
    Tom Döringer 3 months ago

    Why do you have a german name for the video

  • DrawingKnight
    DrawingKnight 3 months ago


    that damn watermelon

  • Ian Witt
    Ian Witt 3 months ago

    That had something to do with a kangaroo

  • salty king
    salty king 3 months ago

    you go for 100k like but dp get 400k

    • Ben Pain
      Ben Pain 3 months ago

      peteromega Oladeru yeah because DP has 8 times as many subs.

  • Carson Patterson
    Carson Patterson 3 months ago

    watermelon fell on your arm

  • Nano_ Power
    Nano_ Power 3 months ago

    This was basically my idea from the egg catching vid

  • Hypnomew
    Hypnomew 3 months ago

    Fell of the tower from two feet😹

  • joseph's Gaming
    joseph's Gaming 3 months ago

    You tripped on the door step

  • Brendon Doupovec
    Brendon Doupovec 3 months ago

    The happy madison clip 😂😂😂👌🏽

  • Domcoles Coles
    Domcoles Coles 3 months ago


  • Jared Marks
    Jared Marks 3 months ago

    You landed on arm

  • Gabriella Gauld
    Gabriella Gauld 3 months ago

    As if this video came out a year and a half ago exactly, doesn’t feel that long ago at all!

  • nico l
    nico l 3 months ago +15

    oh heck, heck, heck
    -intelligent quotes 2017 (even though it is 2019 today)

  • Austin Davis
    Austin Davis 3 months ago

    They tried to catch you off the 45 Meter Tower

  • Killerboy 21
    Killerboy 21 3 months ago

    He dislocated or Brock his arm

  • Austen McDavid
    Austen McDavid 4 months ago +2

    when you were on the toilet, your feet got glued to the floor and you fell and broke your arm

  • Ethan Webber
    Ethan Webber 4 months ago

    It snaped

  • McKenzie Myers
    McKenzie Myers 4 months ago

    I love how they just have a role of wrap laying around

  • mab m
    mab m 4 months ago

    id have put some sand in my bucket

  • Nathanael Rairdon
    Nathanael Rairdon 4 months ago

    He was wrestling a crocodile

  • K&S Smith
    K&S Smith 4 months ago

    fucking love Gorson, or whatever he's called, proper Aussie chilled as they come fucking dude
    you all are,to be fair, love your vids lads

  • yup yup
    yup yup 4 months ago

    I'm 3 weeks into my shoulder surgery. When he almost punched your shoulder in almost cried for you

  • David Patek
    David Patek 4 months ago

    A melon fell on your arm

  • Kyle Frink
    Kyle Frink 4 months ago

    I think u move and borke ur should

  • Mia McHugh
    Mia McHugh 4 months ago

    I think he tried to catch a pumpkin, from 45M and then his arm was exploded and compressed to the floor

  • ryan allred
    ryan allred 4 months ago

    You were trying to catch a cat from a tree but the cat suddenly grew bigger than you thought and it broke your collar bone

  • Moises Ramos
    Moises Ramos 4 months ago

    But can you throw a tennis ball to the top...

  • Lucas Stone
    Lucas Stone 5 months ago

    One thing hit you

  • Charles Cain
    Charles Cain 5 months ago

    That was very funny

  • Bobbie Mcateer
    Bobbie Mcateer 5 months ago +1

    Jump off the tower onto a tramp

  • Lauren Holland
    Lauren Holland 5 months ago +1

    8:52 Stanford is like the T-rex at the end of Jurassic Park.

  • derrick 500
    derrick 500 5 months ago

    You tried to catch the giant dart to show off and did catch it but broke your bone in the process