If I could only have one computer this would be it. - Alienware m15 Review

  • Published on Oct 7, 2019
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    The Alienware m15 R2 can do basically everything I'd ever want a computer to do... but at that price, should you just get two instead?
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Comments • 3 222

  • drkinferno72
    drkinferno72 Day ago

    Can it play doom?

  • HahaUrMadLoL
    HahaUrMadLoL 3 days ago +1

    Linus ur pp burned my eyes

  • Leandro Lopes
    Leandro Lopes 3 days ago

    Soldered ram for this price? F u Alienware.

  • Eli Percival
    Eli Percival 4 days ago

    I am starting to think you sold out to dell $crew you!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Born 2 Win
    Born 2 Win 6 days ago

    Do you guys prefer the m17 R2 or the 15 R2?

  • Jared Sandella
    Jared Sandella 8 days ago

    Any plans to do a review on the new Alienware Aurora R9?

  • IB Jewed
    IB Jewed 10 days ago

    Just got one and I am loving it

  • Shazam1203
    Shazam1203 11 days ago

    I got mine from the Dell outlet with the RTX 2070 for 1700

  • Antonyo's Spam
    Antonyo's Spam 13 days ago

    Guess im buying

  • Ron Terlitsky
    Ron Terlitsky 13 days ago

    I can see kids begging Mommy and Daddy for this,,,,, Realistic would be $2200 for a beater with a heater to get to a better job than have been on your bicycle and $300 for a job. GOT THE PICTURE you F'n lazy azz Millennials?! Now otherwise us old gamers over 45 that have a great job and cashola this is a sweet unit I'd still never buy it when there's the ASUS ROG Strix (GL531GU-WB53) for $900 that with a couple of upgrades is something more worthwhile and won't make you cry when you drop it on the pavement :)

  • Syed First
    Syed First 13 days ago +1

    If it was 32gb RAM then I would definitely buy it!!

  • Jeremy Barrett
    Jeremy Barrett 16 days ago

    MX518 Legendary! Same.

  • Icei
    Icei 16 days ago

    RAZER ain't gonna like this 🤣

  • Kendra Wilkins
    Kendra Wilkins 17 days ago

    "in 2020, this list helped me decide for the best laptop cooler *scafe.shop/tblc2020?uF* hope it helps you out too!"

  • B Adventures Vlogs
    B Adventures Vlogs 17 days ago

    I really didn't need to see Linux in his underwear lol. Explaining the value equation at the end was a nice summary. Good review 👍

  • Alex Cyber Crazy
    Alex Cyber Crazy 18 days ago +3

    Linus: *"Zoom in on my crotch"*
    Cameraman: Ummm... seriously...but...
    Linus: *DO it! I'm your boss.*

  • Preston Tucker
    Preston Tucker 19 days ago

    Razer Blade 15 Advanced ftw.

  • Leonardo Da Vinci
    Leonardo Da Vinci 20 days ago

    So it's basically over priced?

  • Seth Lippa
    Seth Lippa 22 days ago

    i think my GPU on my 2015 alienware 17is crapping out and since we cant really upgrade these older machines i might be looking at another machine, but the pricing is scaring me off a bit, i want to max out either the Alienware m17 or the Area-51m but the price is making me lean more towards the m17, if i whent that route, what would i really be missing? and is there anything i can get externally or internally down the road which would get me close if not on par with the 51m? its kind of a rookie question but im not savvy with computers i just know how to turn them on and off and operate them, specs is really not in my brainwaves. thanks :)

  • wilsonc91
    wilsonc91 24 days ago


  • Praveer Kumar
    Praveer Kumar 26 days ago

    can't upgrade it

  • DeathLikeWebz
    DeathLikeWebz 26 days ago

    LOL WTF 7:00 ... laughing my ass off

  • moves2008
    moves2008 Month ago

    In simple words a complete waste of money.

  • trance dj
    trance dj Month ago


  • trance dj
    trance dj Month ago +1

    who wants touchscreen on a laptop?
    edit: and why the hell would they solder in the memory??? DAppLLe

  • Anvith Shetty
    Anvith Shetty Month ago +1

    7:02 A half naked half naked hacker advertising a gaming laptop.

    Seems fair

  • Wiggler
    Wiggler Month ago

    i used to have an alienware 17 r5 and i’m switching it out, should I get this or the ASUS ROG Zephyrus S GX701? Please help >

  • Mr.Muffinman
    Mr.Muffinman Month ago +1

    9:10 Ooof the 2080 Mat 2!!!
    My favorite graphics card!!!

  • Sir Benzington
    Sir Benzington Month ago

    Almost went blind today

  • World Class
    World Class Month ago +3

    i watched almost to the end then I heard the price, said WHAT.

  • D.R.
    D.R. Month ago

    Here comes the demonetization.

  • Titanium Tronic
    Titanium Tronic Month ago +1

    $3300??? You Can Buy an Alienware 13 R3 For $500

  • Scott R.
    Scott R. Month ago

    FYI. Your review is somewhat missleading regarding Alienware's listing of the144Hz panel. It is not written as 72% sRGB as Linus stated. But it does have to be 72% of something, right? Alienware often leaves it out but they mean it is 72% NTSC, a frequently quoted measurement. Unfortunately its not a direct measure of how close it is to sRGB but it will be close. This has been verified verbally by Alienware.

  • Kapski
    Kapski Month ago +2

    You could just get a gaming PC and then a laptop for around the same price, this one computer is more unpractical than having multiple.

  • Abdul Rahman Sabbagh
    Abdul Rahman Sabbagh Month ago +1

    I'd really like to see a 13 inch version of this one.. a black 13 inch version

  • Aldrig
    Aldrig Month ago

    Mmm i buy this with the basic version, i5 and 1660ti - 16GB ram, for me this configurations is awesome

  • Gregor Mesec
    Gregor Mesec Month ago

    fuck you and your commercials

  • MAGIUS2013
    MAGIUS2013 Month ago

    i remember having a alien-ware.....first big thing I bought in the military. through the website....was until someone broke into my apartment, stole it and all the media I had. :( 3TB....10 years of videos, music.....so much and photos. i didnt care about anything else...that media and that laptop was my "im an adult" card. LOL...hell didn't even have a car (i loved it)

  • Makico
    Makico Month ago

    What 's better this Alienware version m17 or MSI GS75 stealth ? These specs are for both : i7-9750H 9th gen, 16Ram,NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Max Q graphics, 17.3 FHD 144 HZ, 512 GB SSD. I'm skeptical about heat and fan noise which laptop handle those efficiently ?

  • ya boi
    ya boi Month ago +16

    I didn't expect to have an erection while watching a laptop review.

    Good thing I don't.

  • Akarsh Adithya
    Akarsh Adithya Month ago

    what is the background track, its pretty intresting

  • Zachary Manning
    Zachary Manning Month ago

    I prefer my laptops to cook steak and weigh at least 10lbs. Aka the MSI titan, soz Alienware failure

  • nina zhang
    nina zhang Month ago

    But this can be great for someone who works on a go and don't have a station nor a fix place for a gaming station, well, pay more for the need

  • macloveemail
    macloveemail Month ago

    Alienware sucks went through 2 motherboards in 2 years. My 10 year old MacBook still runs(too old for games sure).

  • Vel A
    Vel A Month ago

    So what about the low end version of it? About 2000$

  • Jordan Howard
    Jordan Howard Month ago

    Got the M15 on Black Friday with i7-9750H, GTX 1660 Ti, 16GB Ram, 512Gb SSD, 90WHr battery, and 144HZ screen for under $1200. Super excited.

    WILLTACULAR Month ago

    Lol wait so is 99c ok then when gaming and such?

  • Zigod Gaming
    Zigod Gaming Month ago

    Hey I'm might buy this. Have you noticed any problems having it repaired or getting new parts? Is a lot money? If you could answer this that would be awesome thanks subbed and liked

  • Preston McCauley
    Preston McCauley Month ago

    What do you recommend as a docking station for this?

  • Thakor Shivam
    Thakor Shivam Month ago +1

    I'm thinking about that why just his boooy at8:00 is not reviews this all stuff?🤔🤔

  • Ayush Bahuguna
    Ayush Bahuguna Month ago +3

    "6 cores is enough for most people" - Linus, 2019

  • Rex Barks
    Rex Barks Month ago

    Nice package.

  • phoenix
    phoenix Month ago

    low key has a hot body

  • Jonathan Augustine
    Jonathan Augustine Month ago

    Please Compare this laptop with the Razer Blade 15

  • Sathyanarayana Venkatesh

    Would you recommend this or an area 51m

  • Savva Pouroullis
    Savva Pouroullis Month ago +1


    -Linus Sebastian, 2019

  • Zembaphobia
    Zembaphobia Month ago

    $3330 :(

  • WD Fourty
    WD Fourty Month ago

    1k people on here bought MacBooks lmao

  • Need Break
    Need Break Month ago

    My eyes stabbed each other after watching linus doing that cult practice in his traditional dress.

  • thekingofsky
    thekingofsky Month ago

    I would like to know which mobo is mounted on desktop PC in this video? It is possible case and PSU too?