Google Pixel 3A review: a $399 phone with a great camera

  • Published on May 7, 2019
  • Google’s Pixel 3A or Pixel 3A XL is the best phone under $500, and it’s actually competitive with more expensive phones in one very important way. The Pixel 3A has a great camera. While it has many of the same compromises you usually make when you buy a cheap phone, the photos it takes are nearly indistinguishable from what comes out of a Pixel 3.
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Comments • 2 249

  • The Verge
    The Verge  Month ago +764

    Do you think the Pixel 3A is right for you?

    • Wolfie Walfimations
      Wolfie Walfimations 5 days ago

      Personally yeah, I’m really keen on the idea of switching from iphone to one

    • Riley Woods
      Riley Woods 17 days ago

      Nemesio Ciau what phone do you have mate

    • Nicolas Gomez
      Nicolas Gomez 26 days ago

      The Verge well, if you come from a sub 300 android smartphone.... It’s speed is pretty good or decent. Its all a matter of perspective.

    • Channel Daniels
      Channel Daniels 29 days ago

      Definitely yes... updates, smaller size, and price... sign me up

    • Probaha Singha Roy
      Probaha Singha Roy 29 days ago

      I use only 86 dollar smartphone 😅

  • Kapil Mehta
    Kapil Mehta 7 hours ago

    In India, It's more expensive than the higher model of One Plus 7.
    Daaa ?

  • Kapil Mehta
    Kapil Mehta 7 hours ago

    watching this on my Nexus 5.

  • MicahNY
    MicahNY 20 hours ago

    Just got a 3A in purple and absolutely love it 😍

  • Nhi ONLY
    Nhi ONLY 3 days ago

    Love the prices

    WANDERLUST * 3 days ago

    can OIS be disabled?

  • Naman shah
    Naman shah 3 days ago

    I can't find this wallpaper

  • Greg Terzian
    Greg Terzian 3 days ago

    No mention whatsoever of the video capabilities of the phone, which is such an important consideration for a smartphone now. You made the point several times about how great the camera is, but no report on its video. Even more importantly, the fact that this phone cannot be set to shoot at 60 FPS in ANY resolution, which is a very serious issue for many users. He “auto FPS” feature is atrociously indicative of dumbing-down gone excessive. Otherwise, great reporting.

  • Tek Minion
    Tek Minion 3 days ago

    I have been using mine for 2
    Days and am pretty impressed. The phone for me is fast enough for what I need to do like take pictures, listen to music, android auto, and reply to text messages and email. It's a phone that does a great job at being a phone. Games, and more intense work I leave to my iPad pro 11inch.
    The thing about this phone is, you cant treat it as something it's not, a specd out flagship, but like Dieter says, the experience is actually really good 😎

  • Jacky Heng
    Jacky Heng 7 days ago

    It's been a month, possible for the verge to upload this wallpaper to your site? Thanks!

  • MüsliManTV
    MüsliManTV 9 days ago +4

    I like how a lot of people see the none existing wireless charging as problem, because I really don't get it. I never had wireless charging, but is it really that hard to just plug in a phone? I don't think so

  • Calvin Ku
    Calvin Ku 9 days ago +1

    I got myself a Pixel 3A XL after watching this video and I really regret it. It's got a really good screen and a really good rear camera just as said in the video. But there's one big problem about this phone is that it's way too slow when you run lots of apps on a daily basis. I don't play video games on the phone and I'm not like a super heavy user. But I use roughly 10 to 20 apps everyday, for chatting, for accessing my bank account, for web, for Instagram, for messaging so on and so forth and it get's incredibly slow the longer you use this phone. I'll probably give this phone to my dad as he doesn't use as many apps as I do but seriously for any heavy user this phone is not right for you.

  • One B
    One B 9 days ago

    You may have lots of sensors and triple camera but the real camera beast is Google pixel camera algorithm 🔥

  • Fransini A.
    Fransini A. 9 days ago

    Could you elaborate more on how the RAM and snapdragon capacity impacted your daily use of the 3A with all the regular apps you tend to use? ALSO, could you elaborate on the networking WiFi/LTE part? does that mean the phone will spend a long time trying to connect to any network, and the LTE part it will have issues picking up reception?

    Thanks in advance

  • J Biggs
    J Biggs 12 days ago +1

    Perfect review! Clear, concise, funny and thorough - with the perfect level of detail. Told me everything I needed to know in a reasonable amount of time. Carrier support point was key. Oh, and great production. Music was thankfully not too distracting. Nice job! I actually think the 3a will do very well.

  • Mark Cocio
    Mark Cocio 14 days ago

    I'm sold! Thanks for the review

  • Johnny Huang
    Johnny Huang 15 days ago

    Got mine. And I love it.

  • Donby Piso
    Donby Piso 16 days ago

    How does it perform taking pictures of sport scenes? Which one is even better for that?

  • Ellie Van Norman
    Ellie Van Norman 16 days ago +2

    I just got my pixel 3A yesterday for my first phone and I'm in love with audio and camera quality I honestly think that the pixel is better than any iPhone!!!

    • Ellie Van Norman
      Ellie Van Norman Day ago

      @Fikri Aziz I don't have insta but I can tell you that after a few weeks of having it it's a really great camera the battery last for about 6 hours a day if you have it charged at 100 but yeah it's a really great phone!

    • Fikri Aziz
      Fikri Aziz Day ago

      hey can u tell me the quality og the instagram story? especially a video, let me know your thought, thanks!

    SWEGWAY SAM 20 days ago

    i want to breed my phone

  • Salman Ijaz Bhatti
    Salman Ijaz Bhatti 21 day ago

    I am leaving Samsung and moving to pixel line up. They don't care about their customers after they sell the phone. Horrendous software update track record by Samsung. I will vote with my wallet on this.

  • Rick Park
    Rick Park 22 days ago

    Google is evil.

  • Sunnny Singh
    Sunnny Singh 23 days ago

    Guys in India pixle 3a cost $642 and one plus 7pro costs $700.. I am confused what I shall go for ..pls suggest

  • maximilian robson
    maximilian robson 24 days ago

    What are the wallpaper these phone's?

    LORI FISHER 24 days ago +1

    I been wanting a great camera for my wedding and honeymoon and I have it right here I am in love with my Google pixel 3a

  • James L Manley Jr
    James L Manley Jr 25 days ago

    I would of never thought I would really enjoy using the Google Pixel 3a XL. I'm really tired of spending 1,000 plus dollars on a smartphones, and the camera on the $400 Google Pixel 3a Blows and the door off your $1449 iPhone XS Max. In the social media world today, the camera is the most important feature on a smartphone! I have a iPhone XS Max, Huawei P20 Pro, OnePlus 6T, OnePlus 7 Pro, and I just got the Google Pixel 3a XL; and I Love it!

  • Μłκε ŠøLø
    Μłκε ŠøLø 25 days ago

    I prefer a motorola

  • Bima Putra
    Bima Putra 25 days ago

    When u look at the front, its look like asus zenfone maxpro M1 with android pie

  • Tankado
    Tankado 26 days ago

    Idk, seems like the Samsung a50 offers more for less money

  • Eijianthony
    Eijianthony 27 days ago

    Just picked a 3a about an hour ago. Ty for the information!

  • Cage Fury
    Cage Fury 27 days ago

    It's disappointing that any reviews I've come across don't seem to mention that horrible artifacts that show up in blacks/dark scenes, especially noticeable in dark environments. I was super happy with the phone until I started to notice this, and it was enough to for me to end up returning it.

  • clementckw
    clementckw 27 days ago

    Yes the Nexus was great but sadly I had to change it recently, but before this came out so I settled for an android one phone the Motorola one which so far has been great and checks all my boxes for a low cost basic no hassle phone. The camera could be better but it's also 200 dollars cheaper than this pixel 3a. Still, I probably would have gotten the pixel 3a if I had waited a couple of weeks longer for the Google brand

  • Helping Mind
    Helping Mind 27 days ago

    Excellent Google Pixel 3A review.

  • Jam Mateo
    Jam Mateo 28 days ago

    seems good phone

  • Allen Chang
    Allen Chang 29 days ago

    Sold my iPhone x for this phone...tell me that's not a mistake lol

    • Dylan Power
      Dylan Power 28 days ago

      Why the iPhone has better display, more powerful, wont lag, 5yr updates and better speakers.

  • lol
    lol Month ago

    Pixel 3b coming soon

  • EP4LFC
    EP4LFC Month ago

    +1 for saying this is essentially a Nexus 7 phone in all but name. Also, does anyone else feel it's useless to purchase ANY phone over $500 if it's not going to last more than 3 years in terms of performance, security updates and battery degradation (unless battery is easy to replace)? Would you purchase an $800 laptop if you knew it was designed to be replaced in only 2-3 years?

  • Phughster 911
    Phughster 911 Month ago

    In the UK right now if you buy this for 399 you get a chromebook with it at no extra cost.

  • Black Jesus
    Black Jesus Month ago

    All Cell phones do is give the criminals a link to You so they can track you, and hack into your phone. I hate cell phones.

  • yahataru
    yahataru Month ago

    is it better than WaHWay..

  • Jarkid Shen
    Jarkid Shen Month ago

    think bezel ..

  • Suzan Kadri
    Suzan Kadri Month ago +2

    I really want one but u still have to convince my parents send help please

    GAM CAMECM Month ago

    I am UPGRADING from a OnePlus ONE and purchased a 3aXL. Appreciate your video!

  • Ahmad Haziq
    Ahmad Haziq Month ago

    watching on my pixel 3, zero regret buying this phone !

  • PFT Burchell
    PFT Burchell Month ago

    If not the pixel 3a what’s the next step up that you would suggest?

  • TrendFlinger
    TrendFlinger Month ago

    Agreed with you completely. Amazing phone and especially amazing camera.. Checkout some Google Pixel XL camera pictures review @ @4oVU

  • Vijit Chandna
    Vijit Chandna Month ago

    No one :
    dieter : whatever

  • Kev Ngoun
    Kev Ngoun Month ago +4

    I just placed an order for it. I can't wait.

  • Top Frog
    Top Frog Month ago

    I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S8 that I got for cheap because it's pre owned. Should I get the Google Pixel 3A or wait for a new Samsung phone that is also cheap?

  • Multi Vids
    Multi Vids Month ago

    I love the fact that they brought the headphone jack on this one tbh... When my Bluetooth ear buds battery dies I can just plug my wired ones... 🔋🔌 Call it old fashioned but not everyone can afford multiple Bluetooth earbuds or battery packs!

  • David Celaya
    David Celaya Month ago

    The only deal breaker for me would be that Rear fingerprint sensor. Had one of those on my Nexus 5x. Never got use to it. Can't unlock phone when it's on a table (gotta pick it up). Can't easily use it when it's in a car holder (gotta reach around). And tough to put a stick on wallet on the back (always hitting the top of credit cards/ID). But if that great camera is worth it for you, then enjoy :)

  • Aaron Love
    Aaron Love Month ago


  • Mr.Shredder
    Mr.Shredder Month ago

    I am deciding on getting a new budjet phone. Should I get the Pixel 3a? Can someone pls tell me.

  • Genx Ster
    Genx Ster Month ago

    Why i think all those reviews are paid ones cuz you always brag simple things ,lol

  • Tek Minion
    Tek Minion Month ago

    So question, why would someone buy this phone over the slightly older pixel 2xl?

  • tom365
    tom365 Month ago

    Tempted until I saw how slow it is in opening apps. If it's like that now just imagine 6 months for now. No thanks

  • Babar Bashir
    Babar Bashir Month ago

    Link to wallpaper please?

  • Didik Purnomo
    Didik Purnomo Month ago

    I bought the note for 1000 in November. I have broken the screen twice now... not buying an expensive ( glass) phone ever again !

  • Arif Limbalo
    Arif Limbalo Month ago

    i really like this phone

  • starsShineInTheNight

    This phone looks great. However, my issue is PRIVACY in the Google ecosystem vs PRIVACY in the Apple system. Apple as far as I know isn't mining your data. Privacy is important. How do others feel about this? I think if there was some assurance of not using your personal data for ads or whatever, I would feel better... I know this is a general problem, but this is not a free item...

  • Christopher Walsh
    Christopher Walsh Month ago +33

    Tech reviews are always so disconnected from what matters to people! " It doesn't have two camers on the front, and the app opens a second later" K, I'll survive.

  • Keita Parada
    Keita Parada Month ago

    My sister has a pixel 3a, it's alright, my Nokia 6.1 is better. My Nokia 6.1 feels better, the camera is alright, it's fast, looks better and all metal unibody. But it's good for my sister, she owned the original pixel. Great review

  • yifu ding
    yifu ding Month ago

    I've visited a few channels for a review on pixel 3a, and this is by far the most valuable review. You talk about the important stuff only and leave pointless features behind, really appreciate your view towards what a personal smartphone should be! I hate it when reviewers talk about the number of cameras, the MP, the body to screen ratio and such.

  • MrBigfried
    MrBigfried Month ago mention

  • Isaac Ferraro
    Isaac Ferraro Month ago

    This makes total sense. I would only get this phone for the camera anyway.

  • fatalradius
    fatalradius Month ago

    Pixel 2XL user here....My phone has not slowed down one bit, and the battery is still very strong...The Pixel 3 is defective if it slows down. Return it.

  • Hongbang dynasty
    Hongbang dynasty Month ago +1

    he goes on at the end to complained about the little things that bothered him which basically wipes away any credence he gave to the phone in his opening statement in the first place.

  • Aditya Nikale
    Aditya Nikale Month ago

    Wallpaper link?

  • Danny Joy
    Danny Joy Month ago +1

    Does anyone have that amazing wallpaper?

  • Maanasa Reddy
    Maanasa Reddy Month ago

    I got it

  • Guillermo Zaandam
    Guillermo Zaandam Month ago

    Can somebody get me the music that they are playing in the background?

  • James E. Walker Jr.

    Dieter is the best phone reviewer I've seen. Thank you!

  • abhimanyu ghei
    abhimanyu ghei Month ago

    Get extra 50$ off on pixel phones, use promo code B-SSIM61PT8D9KCXA031O66L6

  • Daniel Dąbrowski
    Daniel Dąbrowski Month ago

    How long does it charge from 0 to 100%?

  • Hargeet Brar
    Hargeet Brar Month ago

    Why should one prefer this 3a over pixel 2xl?

  • Cristóbal Alberto
    Cristóbal Alberto Month ago

    Does anyone know watch he has on?

  • David M
    David M Month ago

    Bro your tech reviews are so much better than the rest of what Verge puts out that I think if you Kickstartered your own company you'd get at least 100k. You could count me down for $500. Please upgrade.

  • Calvin Lee
    Calvin Lee Month ago

    Great phone for the price. My concerns is the durability of the phone. My friend both it recently and it already have a crack on it. Note, the issue is on the individual, but this is not a very durable phone.

  • Dan Hill
    Dan Hill Month ago

    Sold just because of the headphone jack

  • Ana K.
    Ana K. Month ago

    does it have an always on display?

  • Sam M.
    Sam M. Month ago

    Apps being slow to open is less an issue of the Snapdragon 670 and more the slower eMMC storage.

  • Arda Karaduman
    Arda Karaduman Month ago

    I could have bought this phone if it was not limited to 64gb. Either a 128gb option or SD card slot.

  • Mo Mo
    Mo Mo Month ago

    Nice work! Like for that!
    About the phone .... I think Poco with Gcam is a much better option! Real performance, photos at the same level, permanent software development and lower price (more RAM, more storage space and still cheaper) ! Whatever anyone says, Snapdragon 845 does not yet know what the word "lag" means!

  • massivereader
    massivereader Month ago

    A review that omits the two big things most people want to know that make every phone a winner over time. Does it have a microSD card slot and is the battery user replaceable?

  • D C
    D C Month ago

    Why would you buy a Google phone in a world with iPhones in it? If you want a cheap phone, buy an iPhone 7.

  • Junior Sarpong
    Junior Sarpong Month ago

    Just buy last years Pixel iPhone or Galaxy boom problem solved.

  • R j Life
    R j Life Month ago

    be at chill

  • Robert Rosenow
    Robert Rosenow Month ago

    I just left the snapdragon 835 on my note to a pixel 3a. So far no issues or complaints. It is a very solid phone. Screen is smaller, no stylus and screen can't get as bright. That being said it has a better camera, smoother software and the screen isn't bad at all. With trading in I paid nothing for it because of a promo. It makes things seem cleaner and simpler like in 2013 when I fell in love with the Moto x. Unlike motorola though this camera is amazing.

  • Vrajesh Shah Mmmm
    Vrajesh Shah Mmmm Month ago

    Its 39999 thousand ₹

  • Avinash Singh
    Avinash Singh Month ago

    Memory is support or not

  • Eric John
    Eric John Month ago

    The 3a and 3a XL are not in the same league as the X or s10
    Hence the price point

  • علي اكبر
    علي اكبر Month ago

    Very nice phone

  • Aniket Gowardhan
    Aniket Gowardhan Month ago

    It's a great phone but Google should have offer SD 730G may be next time but I think Pixel3 is a much better deal bcoz its much cheaper at list in India

  • Frank Feng
    Frank Feng Month ago

    I still wish there was a 6gb ram option.

  • Lewis Johnson
    Lewis Johnson Month ago +2

    It’s slower?
    For the price, I’m patient

    • Hector Ruiz
      Hector Ruiz Month ago

      Lewis Johnson you can say that again!

  • Lewis Johnson
    Lewis Johnson Month ago

    2019’s hottest phone

  • prakash parthiban
    prakash parthiban Month ago

    I don't who should be worried now, the competitors or the people who bought pixel 3!

  • Naresh Thirumala
    Naresh Thirumala Month ago

    I'll spend 14000 for pixel 3a

  • Miguel Agawin
    Miguel Agawin Month ago

    Shout out Nexus 5!🙌🙏

  • tasurfer
    tasurfer Month ago

    Nexus 6p user has just found a reason to hang on to it!