'I was in tears' - Sidemen Zerkaa & Vikkstar123 react to KSI win over Logan Paul | BBC Sport

  • Published on Nov 10, 2019
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    Sidemen Zerkaa and Vikkstar123 react to KSI's win over Logan Paul in their boxing rematch in Los Angeles.
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    'I was in tears' - Sidemen react to KSI win over Logan Paul | BBC Sport
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  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan Day ago

    Who’s here from the sidemen reddit video?

  • Brooke Borley
    Brooke Borley 2 days ago +1

    Was this the interview vik was referring to? He was talking fast lmao

  • Blue Jumper Baby
    Blue Jumper Baby Month ago

    The emotion in Vik’s voice was unreal, JJ and Vik are like brothers now, you can see how much they all care for each other and it’s so heartwarming 😭🙏🏻 I’m so glad JJ won, he deserved it so much

  • Charlton T
    Charlton T Month ago

    Vik didn’t put his heart and soul into his tie

  • Nathan Kelly
    Nathan Kelly Month ago

    Vik a G what a speech man, shows he has a genuine heart

  • Polished Panda
    Polished Panda Month ago

    0.35 yes Vick.. that’s boxing

  • ReallyUnexplainable

    I'm not gonna lie, I saw the new Sidemen video, and got to see Vik's dress. It's fire, but the tie choice fucked it up. He looks like someone who forgot he had to go to court, and put things together as fast as he could.

  • Krii Chan
    Krii Chan Month ago

    They all sound so proud of him

  • felinebrake3630
    felinebrake3630 Month ago

    Ok fights over @BBC sports stop milking them

  • Joshua 1
    Joshua 1 Month ago +1

    Vik cried you know.

  • Joshua 1
    Joshua 1 Month ago +1

    Vik is crying because JJ is even more of a beast now

  • Asian Grape
    Asian Grape Month ago

    KSI! KSI! KSI!

  • mac world
    mac world Month ago +1

    He old

  • Rikki Panero
    Rikki Panero Month ago +1

    Vikk with that Hugo Boss suit... if you know you know from the most recent Sidemen video 😁

  • Jimmy Coon
    Jimmy Coon Month ago

    He looks like he votes brexit

    PRÉÐÅTÖR 94 Month ago +1

    Zerkaaa 's teeth

  • Joel Mathew
    Joel Mathew Month ago

    Pose at 0:03 memories of old ksi

  • T Miah
    T Miah Month ago

    vik looks at the camera and the guy with the mic so fast

  • Nature Boy
    Nature Boy Month ago

    JJ has some real friends in the Sidemen. Their genuine friendship is what makes the group so entertaining

  • Curious
    Curious Month ago


  • AliveLTS
    AliveLTS Month ago

    Bruh when ksi got knocked down the referee gave him like a minute of rest in the middle of the fight

  • 28 Stab Wounds
    28 Stab Wounds Month ago

    I love how Vik was so positive about JJ winning (despite the abuse).

  • Juliana Hilliard
    Juliana Hilliard Month ago

    I love these boys so much. They have such a strong and beautiful relationship. Seeing them so excited for JJ makes me wanna cry❤️

  • Ryan Gallagher
    Ryan Gallagher Month ago +1

    Vikkatar123 looked like he was about to start talking about brexit the way he was dressed....
    Looking like a member of labour with his Red tie

  • Shakila Yousafzai
    Shakila Yousafzai Month ago

    God had a pencil
    side men had a lighter
    God drew the world
    Side men made it brighter
    Litturally I'm not liein


    Jj and his friends and family they all are legend 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Pierre Worldly
    Pierre Worldly Month ago

    One of the greatest youtubers that has ever lived, Ksi a legend

  • ston219
    ston219 Month ago

    With jj owning 75% of the sidmen i would be gassed 2 😂

  • Lethal_NINJA
    Lethal_NINJA Month ago


  • Eden -
    Eden - Month ago

    Cal was so drunk bless him 😂😂😂😂

  • dfgdfg dsads
    dfgdfg dsads Month ago

    mashallah alhamudillah inshallah better
    Mashallah tbark allah

  • dania Sh
    dania Sh Month ago

    vik made me feel so happy just look at him he almost cried

  • nye smith
    nye smith Month ago

    Will he continue to be vik tim

  • sugmapeen
    sugmapeen Month ago +1


    Josh: "EuPhOrIa"

    ALPHA NANO Month ago

    interviewer: doing their thing

  • goldfish dragon
    goldfish dragon Month ago

    Vik on pingers

  • xRenegadeTexanx
    xRenegadeTexanx Month ago

    "I was in tears almost" Get it right BBC. Even if it was small detail, it could have been an important detail.

  • Tim Last
    Tim Last Month ago

    the comments have ton of likes

  • Mattij87
    Mattij87 Month ago

    Cant wait to see JJ becoming really really fat after this fight

  • Team KSI
    Team KSI Month ago

    Even tho vikk Isnt crying u can come to know how emotional he is through his tone

  • Nicholas Christian
    Nicholas Christian Month ago

    VIK: we are so proud
    Ethan:we are so proud
    Josh: we are so proud
    Sidemen Revenue: Rematch?

  • Lol lel
    Lol lel Month ago

    Why does it feel like an eSport fight? Username vs Username part 2!

  • Noah abrahamsen
    Noah abrahamsen Month ago

    Sidemen boys are so close it’s awesome

  • Cronto
    Cronto Month ago

    Vik needs to sort his tie out 😭

  • Tara Kesonsung
    Tara Kesonsung Month ago

    Freaking hell Vikk should be a news reporter

  • GlOfT Z
    GlOfT Z Month ago

    U don't want to mess with JJ

  • Vid Ulčar
    Vid Ulčar Month ago +1

    Calfreezy looks drunk tbh

  • Kai Yaeger
    Kai Yaeger Month ago

    ZERKKA finally fix his teeth

  • Teh Awesome Erik
    Teh Awesome Erik Month ago

    After the 2 years of KSI beef between Logan Paul
    What about the suicide forest?

  • peppa pig
    peppa pig Month ago

    i love how happy they all are for him, sweetest shit.

  • Zain Naveed
    Zain Naveed Month ago

    Adam saleh vs ksi would have been a great fight ksi only knows how to swing but does not have a boxing brain but true boxing fans will only know

  • Operation Blackout
    Operation Blackout Month ago

    Seeing the sidemen in suits feels weird

  • Anastazia Omary
    Anastazia Omary Month ago

    JJ: "Imma party!!!"
    Bulking season: "I guess you've been wondering were I been"

  • Air Flex
    Air Flex Month ago

    Logan fucking won stop being happy

  • Northern Crusaders
    Northern Crusaders Month ago

    Zerkaa, I was in Tears "Almost"
    BBC, Zerkaa in Tears
    This is why the BBC is dying

  • Sophie Georgina
    Sophie Georgina Month ago

    The grey hair really suits Josh

  • c c
    c c Month ago

    All Scripted...

  • honor mae
    honor mae Month ago

    awww vik is such a babe

  • Justin Rios
    Justin Rios Month ago

    So proud of Ksi ❤️💙💯

  • Harry Chisholm
    Harry Chisholm Month ago

    I was in trees good fight ksi