• Published on Sep 10, 2018
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  • GamingGaming

Comments • 2 494

  • Mint Mag
    Mint Mag 13 hours ago

    Bob, sometimes I think you overthink these things.

  • Jacen Grey
    Jacen Grey 4 days ago

    Agreed, agreed and agreed. I found R&M a bit later than everyone and saw Pickle Rick ep later than everyone else as well. My overwhelming reaction at the end of the ep was, so he did all that just to get out of counseling?? And whilst I find the show funny and intelligently written, Rick is just a gigantic fucking dick. So I find it hard to be watching and want to be invested in. That's just me though.

  • Sean Brannan
    Sean Brannan 4 days ago

    So much anger over personal opinion... ahh Internet, you've done it again.

  • the real thing
    the real thing 7 days ago

    You still should have ended with "and that's the big pickle"... "Rick"...

  • Haha Yes
    Haha Yes 15 days ago


  • 3dg3Z
    3dg3Z 15 days ago

    You're so much like Rick , Bob.

  • Mike Bates
    Mike Bates 16 days ago

    Dude, the Greeks had Gods that became human for the exact same reason. Life is sweeter if it tastes sour sometimes, or whatever.

  • Bunker Boy
    Bunker Boy 17 days ago

    This is another situation of a few things. vocal minority and a outdated "journalist" trying to play catch up. Yeah, the internet collectively decided pickle rick was a mediocre joke that there hoards of fans didn't even get, but you are so fucking late to the party here. This is honestly like going to comicon and going "hey anyone ever see that movie lord of the rings? Remember how gandalf never actually said you shall not pass in the books?" In 2018.

  • Business Raptor
    Business Raptor 19 days ago

    Rick and Morty is like the few students in first year philosophy who actually understand the subject matter but then go on to major in engineering.

    It's like reading crime and punishment and concluding that Raskolnikov was just in his actions.

  • Nathan Christos
    Nathan Christos 19 days ago

    Love the like/dislike ratio. Apparently around 1/4 of people on the internet are an asshole. Funny i thought it would have been more.

  • Norman P. Chesterton
    Norman P. Chesterton 19 days ago +1

    You know what else is funny? Anyone who will complain about the fanbase of a cartoon show will seem just as silly as the people they are criticizing.

  • Heavy Critic
    Heavy Critic 24 days ago

    Vance Maximus delivers quite possibly the best deconstruction of Rick in the entire series, in Vindicators 3:
    Morty: "Rick says good and bad are artificial constructs."
    Vance: "Yeah, well, I get the feeling... he kind of needs that to be the case."

  • OzzieBloke
    OzzieBloke 24 days ago

    I gave up halfway through season 2. Rick isn't on any level likeable. Put me off the entire show, which wasn't all that funny to begin with either.

  • Riot Breaker
    Riot Breaker 26 days ago

    Aight, I'm gonna solve everyone's problems in the comment section.
    The show sucks. Unironically. There.

  • Dreamerdoes
    Dreamerdoes 27 days ago

    Okay I'm almost done and you're right a lot of the fans are full of toxic masculinity and suck, but like you and I are fans...correct? Or no?

  • Dreamerdoes
    Dreamerdoes 27 days ago

    I'm guessing the "you are wrong" is actually: "you are right"; cause I came here to hear something i agree with, I heard about you from a comment on a random ass article about Kanye West where someone claimed you break down how it's not meant to justify nerdfuckboys dickishness. Which I agree with, I mean yeah duh, so I wanted to hear what you have to say....but the title is throwing ne off. People just be dumb "smart" assholes. And I'm a fan too, or i was, idk, I still am, just I have mixed feelings on the creators ...#metoo and some other weird shit

    Well anyway, I'll hear you out, let's see what's up

  • markj6700
    markj6700 Month ago

    Oh said Thanos.

  • Lord of All Things Crispy

    That Pickle Ree guy was actually trying to make fun of the Rick and Morty Fandom
    There has got to be a prequel meme for this

  • Joe B
    Joe B Month ago

    Why do certain fans ruin a fandom so easily? That should be the question not all fans are like what you say but enough of them are to ruin. Solid example with Star Wars. Still I love PICKLE RICK!!!!

  • Hi-Ougi Demon fang
    Hi-Ougi Demon fang Month ago

    I’m sorry, can’t he be a bad ass during portions while also being a complete failure. I don’t think the two are necessarily at odds with each other.
    And ultimately the main way he messed up if you still have the goal of skipping counseling was being too confident in himself and not developing redundancy systems. I mean the man has a universe for a car battery, a trap door with a syringe that opens from a voice command is all he would have needed. XD hindsight is 20/20, but overconfidence is blinding. ^.^

  • SpyderDragonDude
    SpyderDragonDude Month ago

    The top comment with a thousand likes doesn't even care for the show discussed, is literally just here to shit on Bob. Are you telling me there are thousands of Bob haters because POLITICS just waiting to say some contrived argument just to undermine some obscure Internet personality

  • TheCoper COper
    TheCoper COper Month ago

    My god... it's so hilarious you think this show is smart. Hahahahahaha! OMG! It's so funny!

  • Christopher Teters
    Christopher Teters Month ago

    Fandom is a thing of reverence, we can see this in observance toward the depths people will go to defend the Star Wars franchise. Rick & Morty is no acceptation to this rule. There is no king of the hill here Bob, ain’t nobody gonna have it just right but Justin and Dan. Stop hating on a bunch of kids for loving on some Adult Swim. It’s freakin’ Adult Swim of all things ...

  • Nubshock
    Nubshock Month ago

    Lol this dumbshit literally did the "you dont get it but I do" while bitching about the people who say that

  • Nubshock
    Nubshock Month ago

    You're a pretentious prick

  • Sriracha Farts
    Sriracha Farts Month ago

    Check out /r/imverysmart over here.

  • Dark Phoenix
    Dark Phoenix Month ago

    Oh dear, Bob - I can see what you were aiming at and I get it, but ... alas... you failed to see the trap.
    This subject (fans and varied fan expression in Rick and Morty fandom) is like... that one game from a classic movie - Remember the movie Wargames? This is "would you like to play a game?" you might be the smartest man in the world but you immediately you've made an idiot mistake as soon as you type "yes".
    R&M is an instersting show and it's fandom is equally interesting in that there's lots of ways to appreciate R&M and there isn't really a "wrong way to appreciate"... or a "wrong fan of" any good show. Obviously property damage is not a good way to be a fan of anything except demolition but it's impossible to start saying that people are being too pretentious or too shallow in their apperciation of a thing without immeditely falling into one or both camps yourself, i.e. being a hippocrite. I can tell that's not what you were aiming at, you tried really hard and I'd love to give you a pass on this one... but again, alas... we are judged on what we do and sentiment is only falvouring - you done messed up buddy. - Other than that, nice video A+ for effort.

  • Toby D
    Toby D Month ago

    **looks at the comments**
    Spot on, Bob.

  • YoBarett
    YoBarett Month ago

    You don't understand the big picture its all just Justin Roiland trying to get enough money to feed himself, that's it

  • Hangar Fry
    Hangar Fry Month ago

    Nothing more ironic then a pseudo intellectual lambasting Rick and Morty and it's fans saying how wrong they are and how he's the only one who gets it.

  • Able Reason
    Able Reason Month ago

    This is a piece of art.
    Self awareness Level 0.
    Or extremely meta Comedy.

  • 003 7712
    003 7712 Month ago

    I like it because I like it, and I relate to Rick because I naturally share some of his traits, not because I think it's cool to try to be like him. You definitely shouldn't be like him if you can help it. Remember on the inside he's actually deeply lonely.

  • Lachlan Phillips
    Lachlan Phillips Month ago

    Yeah Rick and Morhty is wicked smaht!

  • hawaiidkw
    hawaiidkw Month ago

    Never got into Rick and Morty. Based on this video, I haven't missed much.

  • S0nofKrypton
    S0nofKrypton Month ago

    Beautifully said, Bob. Two thumbs way up! 😁

  • raizumichin
    raizumichin Month ago

    Also, the Pickle Rick episode is a great stealth pun on the phrase "I'm in a bit of a pickle".

  • Northern Perspective
    Northern Perspective Month ago +1

    Actually Bob you are just a straight up asshole.
    It's why every since you came back to the Escapist almost every video you've uploaded has thousands of downvotes and struggle to break 100,000 views
    [barring this one because you straight up click-baited Rick & Morty]

  • Distance
    Distance Month ago

    You're better now that you're back to keeping the social justice as a vague undercurrent in your videos

  • Dakota Church
    Dakota Church Month ago

    I will do what the Pickle Man says. All Hail The PICKLE MAN.

  • Mr B
    Mr B Month ago

    One thing that does bother me about any fan base nowadays is you can't just be a passing fan and enjoy something personally without somebody trying to question you about every asset of the show because they spent their entire week watching TheXvid videos on it In order to question your fandom because you don't know what art school the animators went to.
    I remember when buying a shirt was enough to be a fan. Theb seeing somebody with a cool shirt and just say "Hey nice shirt" and that was it. Not screaming "I'm Pickle Rick" throwing yourself on the floor, squealing like a pig and then running out of the store.

  • andres prado garzaro
    andres prado garzaro Month ago +7

    No, he’s not trying to say that the show is too clever that only he gets it, he’s trying to say is that the show is clever but SO SIMPLE too understand, that the show over explains itself and everyone can understand it becuse it’s easy, but most part of the fandom don’t get it because they want to feel superior claiming that they understand something beyond the human brain when is actually the opposite.

  • Hanro50
    Hanro50 Month ago

    Last time I heard someone talk that fast was when JZ absolute ripped a game to shreds in a blind rage of frustration and hatred.

  • Hanro50
    Hanro50 Month ago

    I'm picking up a Boston accent.

  • Shinigami00Azael
    Shinigami00Azael Month ago +2

    How you can be so right and, oh, so wrong in a single video xD I see in the comments that people already tell you how hipocritical you are, but I want you to know, that "toxic masculinity" line was the most stupid thing I heard from R&M video. And I watched Wisecrack take on it xd That was quite a achievment.

  • DarknessCalling
    DarknessCalling Month ago

    More Rick and Morty fart huffing. "too smart" okay. It's a comedy dude. Literally everyone has the capacity to understand it. You are not special. You are a twat.

  • Bruno Giambroni
    Bruno Giambroni Month ago

    Rick and Morty is smarter than Big Bang Theory?!?!?! PFFFFFFFFT

  • Soxfan 1998
    Soxfan 1998 Month ago

    You sound smart!!! Wubalubadubdub!!!!!

  • episodenull
    episodenull Month ago

    Vindicators was the episode that convinced me Rick needs to become the straight-up villain of the show, no ifs ands buts or nuance about it. Alas that it was another in a long line of episodes that found a way to walk back whatever development had been made towards all the other characters realizing just how bad Rick is for them, and that let Rick off the hook entirely for what he did. You may be right that Rick is a scathing criticism of toxic masculinity, but I am not convinced that the writers know it. They're constantly finding ways to keep Rick at the center of the show's moral universe, like they're too in love with their own creation to push the writing as far as it needs to go. Frankly, I think the fans who idolize Rick are picking up on a real subtext to the show, one that comes from confused writing that doesn't know what point it's trying to make.

  • Malachi Jones
    Malachi Jones Month ago

    I am a stupid guy who loves a smart show but it is nice that people like you can help my tiny brain think more deeply about the world

  • Robogabriel
    Robogabriel Month ago

    Anyone remember when people were able to tell when a TV show was just entertainment first and foremost and didn't treat anything and everything as a form of dogma to accept or declare war on?
    Good times, man.

  • Eli Tripps
    Eli Tripps Month ago

    Clap, clap clap.

  • Viktor Reyuss
    Viktor Reyuss Month ago

    im not gonna be that guy that comments "roaches are insects, not bugs." cuz that would be lame of me. and im cool, not lame.

  • R Johnson
    R Johnson Month ago

    Oh Bob don't confuse the commercial repeaters with the real fans. I think most people are smart enough to understand the show... It's whether or not they pay attention enough to actually understand it.

  • Slacker Engi 2
    Slacker Engi 2 Month ago +1

    What the hell
    That's not Yahtzee

  • Alklazaris
    Alklazaris Month ago

    Rick specifically says in an episode don't be sheep. And then that sauce comes out and thousands of people go nuts over crap they have never even tasted in the first place.

    SOMETHING6223 Month ago

    holy shit i wish i could get back those precious 503 seconds

  • Alphalug
    Alphalug Month ago

    When did Movie Bob get back

  • Jason Bennett
    Jason Bennett Month ago

    I don't think you give people enough credit. To enjoy shouting, "Pickle Rick!" as though it were a triumph isn't a sign that you don't get the fact that it was a pathetic attempt to avoid family and personal responsibilities. I think it can be enjoy on the level of someone with clear problems of his own doing, doing something spectacular, despite his true sad motivation.
    How many great accomplishments were done simply because someone wanted to avoid something unpleasant so they threw themselves into something impractical with reckless abandon? "I'm pickle rick!" is this human trait in its ultimate expression. The sheer joy he expresses when he's shouting this is honestly catchy and inspiring. It is escapism at it's finest and I enjoy it because of that not despite it.

  • brad meek
    brad meek Month ago

    Failure yes
    But awesome none the less

  • liquidminds
    liquidminds Month ago

    Slow down... You could have made that a 20min video without adding any text if you just slowed down a bit. It's not a race, you're trying to make a point. Breathe every once in a while.
    edit: 0.5x and 0.75x speed work though... a lot easier to follow.

  • Max Nyström
    Max Nyström Month ago

    2020 the dudebros Jock version the big bang theroy Will come

  • Max Nyström
    Max Nyström Month ago

    Same With josh hadley

  • Max Nyström
    Max Nyström Month ago

    I want see moviebob die of aids

  • Dohimself
    Dohimself Month ago

    I slowed down the speed to x.75...

  • Ran Mckalser
    Ran Mckalser Month ago

    watching rick and morty high is a meme, and if you don't, I double dog dare you to.

  • Spin-chan Art
    Spin-chan Art Month ago

    That's where you're wrong:
    He's being the usual rick, blowing things up and making amazing sci-fi but in the end he decides to grow some balls and go where he really doesn't want to go.
    *_We all feel sometimes like we'd rather go kill dragons instead of facing our social/emotional obstacles, and that's what this episode is about: showing us how irrational this we're being._*
    It's not trying to tell us that rick is pathetic, but that he's finally facing things he ran away from for decades.

  • John Karavitis
    John Karavitis Month ago

    Great video! Look out for my chapter in the upcoming "Rick and Morty and Philosophy"!

  • Nathaniel Whitman
    Nathaniel Whitman Month ago

    Here I was thinking that the "Pickle Rick" episode was metaphor after not-so-metaphor for alcoholism.

  • Max Orbit
    Max Orbit Month ago


  • William Cozart
    William Cozart Month ago

    Mr. Poopy Butthole

  • simenhw
    simenhw Month ago

    SLOW DOWN! Otherwise good content.

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson Month ago

    So you are saying it means exactly what I thought it meant.

  • Kreeded
    Kreeded Month ago

    Rick and Morty fans who say Rick and Morty are only for smart people are probably, if not truly, the dumbest low IQ people on this planet.
    It's a freaking cartoon, people. A damn good one. But these so called "people" that go around parading themselves as: "I'm smart cause I understand Rick and Morty" are the same retards that went all batshit crazy over effing szechuan sauce at McDonalds by acting and proving their retardness in public WHILE FILMING THEMSELVES AND POSTING THEIR RAGE OVER THE INTERNET.
    I hate Rick and Morty hardcore fans... almost just as much as I hate hardcore Star Wars fans.
    They're just shows and movies, people. Get over it.

  • Shane Sanders
    Shane Sanders Month ago

    Well said.

  • Jesus420
    Jesus420 Month ago

    1:20 Boy, you compare a Rick and Morty quote with jordan belfort? Thats like saying Martin Luther is as fake as Santa Claus...

  • Daryl Potter
    Daryl Potter Month ago

    talking fast doesn't make you smart, it makes you an asshole

  • NANCY Noise
    NANCY Noise Month ago

    The show is incredibly well written and uses ideas and concepts which are a bit more abstract or academic than 90% of most tv. (Minus Star Trek or older, derivative SciFi.) But it mostly spells those concepts out for the viewer. This superficial-level “smartness” is what makes the show appealing to the most annoying people. If you ask me, it’s the great writing, humor, and characters which makes the show smart. But at the end of the day it’s still TV, not a college course.
    And honestly, is it REALLY that smart or are we just used to incredibly dumb television?

  • Eduardo Dominguez
    Eduardo Dominguez Month ago

    This is some inception shit, a critic on R&M fans by saying you're not smart enough to get it, brilliant xD

  • Richard Macias
    Richard Macias Month ago

    Wrong he can travel back and forth in time but he chooses not to. Thats why he has the box of Time Travel Stuff in his garage.

  • Matthew Jonas
    Matthew Jonas Month ago

    Good analysis. The people who respond negatively to your general criticism of the fans likely would not feel offended enough to be commenting about how smug they believe Bob to be if they didn't feel personally attacked by your words. They will try to shift this on Bob, as if pointing out condescension somehow invalidates the message, but the simple fact of the matter is that the smugness of the message does nothing to dilute its accuracy, so they can bitch all they wish in retaliation for being openly denounced from a digital podium. They only prove themselves to be every bit as pathetic as Bob says.

  • Ramin Honary
    Ramin Honary Month ago

    Agree 100%. In my experience, talking with the people on the Rick and Morty sub-Reddit, most fans of the show under the age of 25 totally miss the layers of complexity in the show. They can't see past the clever sci-fi or the classic geek culture references. It pissed me off to no end that these idiots were complaining about how season 3 was the worst season so far when I think it was just as good as season 1 and 2. Then they blamed this perceived drop in quality on the increase number of female writers working on the show, and then turned it into a rant about PC culture and feminism for ruining Rick and Morty.
    That's all it takes with these idiot fans: talk about how mixing cesium with water causes an explosion, or make a cultural reference of something from the 80s or early 90s, you get all the "smart" people laughing like, "ooh, I got that reference, ha ha!" But show them dark humor about more adult concepts, like divorce, toxic masculinity, alcoholism, depression, political disenfranchisement, or modern alienation, and these same "intelligent" fans are like, "pfffft, this is boring. Damn those SJWs!!!"
    In reality, the show simply cut back on the sci-fi and classic geek cultural references and did some of the most hard-hitting satire and social commentary I've seen in my entire life, which again, most fans of the show under the age of 25 totally missed.

  • Toastrodamus
    Toastrodamus Month ago

    The funniest part about this "i am very smart" analysis is that it completely missed the obvious allegory about alcoholism. Rick literally *pickled* himself. This is a story about the difficult predicaments alcoholics put themselves in, and pat themselves on the back for overcoming, only to (at best) end up at par with everyone else. Yep, you managed to poison your body, fuck up your brain, temporarily wreck your coordination, behave like a loud asshole, and then outlast the intoxication and hangover, so now you can stand in line at the DMV like the rest of us, if it's a good day. You're getting bailed out of jail or going to family therapy on a bad day.

  • jakeo102
    jakeo102 Month ago

    Couldn't get passed 43 seconds because of the visuals. The constant flipping through of vaguely relevant or not images is trying way too hard to be smart and funny. It's just annoying and distracting. Trying way too hard to be ZP style. I really suggest not doing that any more.

  • Orlando Rotundo
    Orlando Rotundo Month ago

    Rick is not a villain but he shouldn`t be your hero.

  • Contrition2013
    Contrition2013 Month ago

    "talks about smart nerd stuff like Schrodinger's cat, quantum theory, and atheism.
    You lost any shred of respect with that statement. I'm out.

  • Christopher B. King

    Good Vid. Thanks for the breakdown.
    As I watched the 3rd season as it was airing, I was disappointed in most of the episodes, especially after the long wait. But the fanboys you talk about had moved in and every aspect of every episode was being lauded as some triumph that I just wasn't seeing.
    I waited until this last summer to rewatch s1-3. While rewatching s1&2, I thought about the disappointment I'd felt while initially watching s3 and even worried rewatching s3 may end my love for the show if I felt it again. However, as s3 unfolded, I didn't feel disappointed at all. I saw exactly what you were talking about. In fact, I could see how Harmon has Rick on a larger story wheel than 3 seasons can hold. I'm not going to say where on the Grand Storywheel I think he is, but if you study the eight steps, you may see where he is too.

  • Patrick White
    Patrick White Month ago

    I love the show because its funny. this whole only smart people get it thing is utter crap. the shows only I.Q. test is if you dumb enough to read more into it than just humour. The creators have said as much in many interviews I have watched. My four year old and my nine year old daughters watch it with me, does that mean they are child geniuses or does it mean that it actually appeals to peoples sense of humour and I.Q. has F all to do with it?P.S. If I could offer some advice to the presenter . Slow down and take a breath. You are speaking way to fast. Talk like you are speaking to a friend in conversation, not like you have to achieve the highest words per minute ratio.

  • Gerald Vaccaro
    Gerald Vaccaro Month ago

    Rick’s commitment to family causes him to fail to be non-participant because he opposes his own will; find meaning in his life by connecting with his family. He’s gone for years, returns with intent to attachment and tries to duck out of the harder, more gritty parts. Makes him relatable. His failure is his success. That the bigger picture.

  • moundofsound
    moundofsound Month ago

    There may be some valid points in that tightly pack contrived rant but your too busy enjoying the sound of your own script to make them count. Maybe take a breath and stop portraying yourself as the smartest man in the room. or don't, i really dont care about your ego, just well delivered content. Ricky & Morty fans can be cringe inducing, correct, but its popularity is not only a sign of the intelligence behind the writing but lack thereof in so many other contemporary shows.

  • Lynell Newson
    Lynell Newson Month ago

    I always thought Pickle Rick was a complex metaphor for himself being a dick. It works.

  • phoenix21studios
    phoenix21studios Month ago

    After watching this video, I conclude that I was not wrong about Pickle Rick.

  • John Cook
    John Cook Month ago

    I really dont give a shit, its funny and thats good enough for me

  • Full-Metal_Jacob
    Full-Metal_Jacob Month ago

    Yatzhee = Rick
    Bob = Morty
    Bob... you're Freudian slip is showing.

  • Abid Khan
    Abid Khan Month ago

    It's like a piece of music....different people enjoy the music for different reasons, the creators make things to please different audiences with differing preferences.

  • c19crazyhorse82
    c19crazyhorse82 Month ago

    No he's probably right, Bob is the only person on earth that truly understands the show. No other Rick and Morty fan could possibly grasp the complex nature of the show, thanks for explaining how stupid we all are.

  • Brie Russell
    Brie Russell Month ago

    Sorry Bob, but you are wrong about Rick and Morty being good.

  • Nic Watson
    Nic Watson Month ago

    I'm the only one who gets this cartoon. filthy plebs - Bob.

  • xgetxsickx
    xgetxsickx Month ago

    6:58 lol he said toxic masculinity.

  • Chris Downs
    Chris Downs Month ago

    Could you be more condescending to the very group you profess to belong to?

  • Eric Salazar
    Eric Salazar Month ago

    To everyone upset about this video I must ask, why did you take it personally?