Star Wars: The Last Jedi | Becoming Rose


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  • kelvin lor
    kelvin lor 8 hours ago

    I love the actress but i hate how they made her in the movie

  • Druid Khan
    Druid Khan 5 days ago

    In fairness to the actress, she's only doing what the script writers want her to do. And in light of the fact all characters in the Last Jedi were woeful in their storytelling, even Luke Skywalker, I feel the actress gets more grief than is warranted, especially in light of the fact she didn't have creative control over the Last Jedi film.

  • Jason Baelish
    Jason Baelish 5 days ago

    I love Rose she’s so nice and cute !

  • Olga Radulovic
    Olga Radulovic 6 days ago

    Lovely actress, a great role, and a great movie.

  • Marvel Disneyfan
    Marvel Disneyfan 7 days ago

    Such a waste of a great actress. I really liked Rose's personality throughout most of the movie. She almost seemed like a fangirl placed in a Star Wars movie with how giddy she could be in some scenes, and serious in others.
    If only the writers didn't give her a virtually pointless journey, make her counterpart in the movie dumb as a dipstick, and (groans)... that gosh-awful "saving what we love" scene. This all made her look like a selfish moron.
    I do hope Tran comes back to play her. But the writers... keep them away with a ten-foot pole.

  • Thomas Krebble
    Thomas Krebble 7 days ago

    I hate Rose Tico and it's Kelly Trans fault. She ruined Star Wars.

  • PerrySport
    PerrySport 10 days ago +1

    I said it once and i will say it again:
    Best character

  • chemicalsam
    chemicalsam 13 days ago

    If you hate this amazing actor or character, please do us all a favour and shut up and leave.

  • spacebug30
    spacebug30 16 days ago +1

    It's really sad to see how much hate the actress gets. Blame the writers for making this pointless character, not the actress who plays it. She seems like a lovely person in interviews, I wish her character was better.

  • CynicallyObnoxious
    CynicallyObnoxious 22 days ago +1

    1 year later TLJ has aged so well mmmmm yummm

  • AnonymousPotato
    AnonymousPotato 25 days ago

    For someone so strong she sure does cry a lot

  • Chopperwocky
    Chopperwocky 27 days ago

    Worst Star Wars character ever.

  • Howling Burd19
    Howling Burd19 Month ago +1

    Everyone here’s saying she’s not a bad actress... you guys do know prior to this role she didn’t even see ONE Star Wars movie, right? Lol, such a good actress, indeed. When you’re preparing for such a massive role, you want to heavily observe, and “study” the source material, story, and character(s). She did none of the above, so I don’t believe she’s that good of an actor. Perhaps she did get “over-attacked”, but it’s still ridiculous she didn’t even know about Star Wars.

  • hitch
    hitch Month ago

    Jar Jar was better

  • Crimson Straight Sword

    Totally unnecessary and irrelevant character.

  • Jack Crews
    Jack Crews Month ago

    Although Rose Tico may have been the victim of some particularly dodgy writing (looking at YOU, Rian Johnson!), people saying she's worse than Jar Jar have CLEARLY forgotten that Jar Jar was not only an un-amusing Jamaican stereotype, but he essentially gave Palpatine EXACTLY what he needed to eventually create the Empire on a SILVER PLATTER in the train-wreck known as Episode II, which STILL reigns as the #1 worst Star Wars movie thanks to George Lucas' s****y writing and micro-managing form of directing!

  • Valin Maya
    Valin Maya Month ago

    Booo! 👎

  • Proud Kiwi
    Proud Kiwi Month ago +1

    I'm sorry but a huge part of the reason Rose is annoying is because of the actresses face. Her face is just that annoying. I don't know how Rian looked at her and thought she was a good pick.

  • coldogno7
    coldogno7 Month ago


  • everyonesman
    everyonesman 2 months ago

    Roses are red, violets are blue, "The last Jedi" sucks and Rian Johnson too.

  • drakey poo
    drakey poo 2 months ago

    Ironic sjw standing beside Natural Born Killers poster which was a WAY better movie!

  • Heidrosign
    Heidrosign 2 months ago +1

    Shes slim but fat....I'm not sure what's going on.

  • 사제수행
    사제수행 2 months ago

    Pls don't be Rose Tico pleeease I beg you

  • Rahul Patel
    Rahul Patel 3 months ago +1

    I loved her part in the movie. Thanks Kelly!

  • Jokers Disciple
    Jokers Disciple 3 months ago

    💩 💩 💩
    Her character in a nutshell.

  • Landon O'Brien
    Landon O'Brien 4 months ago

    Did Rose die at the end of 8? That's how they should handle that character.

  • Who Carez
    Who Carez 4 months ago +1

    I like her

  • Linuxdirk
    Linuxdirk 4 months ago

    I don't understand why everyone hates her ♥️

    • Linuxdirk
      Linuxdirk 3 months ago

      Jokers Disciple And because one dislikes the character or the plot that was written for the character it is okay to hate the actress? But you do realize that Star Wars is not a documentary and the people shown are just actors?

    • Jokers Disciple
      Jokers Disciple 3 months ago +1

      Not intelligent enough to understand bad character writing, meaningless subplots, and forced political messages in your movies, huh? As they say, ignorance is bliss. I envy that simple, simple mind of yours...

  • Duce Duce Magoo
    Duce Duce Magoo 4 months ago

    Star wars the last jedi: becoming the worst character in star wars history

  • Rose Tico's Lard Ass Face
    Rose Tico's Lard Ass Face 4 months ago +2

    Becoming rose tico only took me glue bags and lots of potato chips

  • Carson Shallenberger
    Carson Shallenberger 4 months ago

    I hated her.

  • gracie
    gracie 4 months ago

    what a toxic comment section

  • Nix Name
    Nix Name 4 months ago

    She is such a good Person but everyone hates her for her role

  • Jeff s
    Jeff s 4 months ago +1

    I miss jar jar now

    XxCAPT NINJAxX 5 months ago +4

    Rose tico is garbage

  • SockLock
    SockLock 5 months ago

    I never hated the character of Rose. She does a lot of things in this movie (if you pay attention). I really don't know why these so-called "fans" keep acting so brutal.

    • Jokers Disciple
      Jokers Disciple 3 months ago

      Like what?
      I keep seeing and hearing "toxic" fans say they can't stand her character. What fans said sexist, or racist things? Those are the examples we want. Not what she did in the movie.

    • SockLock
      SockLock 4 months ago

      +Tauriel Greenleaf So making racist and sexist comments about her is their opinion?

    • Tauriel Greenleaf
      Tauriel Greenleaf 4 months ago +1

      +SockLock my point: dont call other ppl fake SW fans for not liking Rose. Its their opinion.

    • SockLock
      SockLock 4 months ago

      +Tauriel Greenleaf Didn't u read my comment above?

  • kbforme
    kbforme 5 months ago +1

    That haircut tells you everything you need to know about the character.

  • Jackson Cohn
    Jackson Cohn 5 months ago

    Great Actress,Awesome Character!🙂

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith 5 months ago +1

    Bad writing and directing ruined this character. She seems like she could be a great actress.

  • Howling Burd19
    Howling Burd19 5 months ago +1

    “That’s how we’re gonna win. Not fighting what we hate, saving what we love.” Good luck winning wars by following that quote lol

  • 영화 좋아하는사람
    영화 좋아하는사람 5 months ago +2

    Worst character ever

  • Dying Meme
    Dying Meme 5 months ago

    The actress did the best with what she was given, but Rose is probably the second most pointless character in Star Wars history. The most pointless, without a doubt, is Vice Admiral Holdo.

  • Ryder Busta
    Ryder Busta 6 months ago +1

    She is the new Jar Jar Binks

  • ぐらふくるっぴ
    ぐらふくるっぴ 6 months ago


    XxCAPT NINJAxX 6 months ago +1

    Commander Cody is better than rose

    XxCAPT NINJAxX 6 months ago +1

    She is not good character

  • SaberBlaze25
    SaberBlaze25 6 months ago +2

    Am I the only one who thinks Rey is worse than Rose Tico?

  • Elizabeth Works
    Elizabeth Works 6 months ago +1

    Loved Rose! Her first scene had me crying and then laughing when she met Finn. I enjoyed the Finn and Rose side adventure, but didn't see any romantic chemistry between them. The kiss was awkward, but doesn't ruin anything. Luke and Leia's kiss in Empire is still the most disturbing in the franchise.

    • 4560 hgtp
      4560 hgtp 6 months ago +2

      Elizabeth Works you re joking right?

    XxCAPT NINJAxX 6 months ago +3

    Rose Is new jar jar bink

    • 4560 hgtp
      4560 hgtp 6 months ago +1

      XxCAPT NINJAxX but rose is worst than both

      XxCAPT NINJAxX 6 months ago

      No jango fett and all clone trooper character are better than jar jar bink

    • 4560 hgtp
      4560 hgtp 6 months ago +1

      XxCAPT NINJAxX i think jar jar binks was a better character

  • 4560 hgtp
    4560 hgtp 7 months ago +4

    Jar jar>rose

    • 4560 hgtp
      4560 hgtp 6 months ago +1

      The Wall of course none of that would've happened if admiral purple hair lady would just opened her mouth and told everyone that she had a plan

    • The Wall
      The Wall 6 months ago +2

      rodrick S L you could literally erase her and nothing would change. 30 minutes wasted on the evil capitalist planet reeeeee!!!!

  • Grand Master Mawile
    Grand Master Mawile 7 months ago +2

    "So many people wished for something like this" - Kelly Tran

  • Christopher Schott
    Christopher Schott 7 months ago

    I love Star Wars .and the actress playing rose is great .. But I can almost guarantee I won't be going opening weekend if JJ keeps all these new characters and attempts to perpetuate the events of. The Last Jedi...I did like a few aspects of. The Force Awakens , but my imagination of what that could of been. Went way beyond what JJ Abrahms film ended up being ..
    I liked Solo...some good characters. Interesting plot..
    But I'm so lost interested in the Star Wars trilogy ... I pray JJ makes a stellar film and drops the subtext of. Last Jedi...thank you
    Roses character I had no issue. She's a good actress..
    Just the film didn't work much at all..

  • Frank Miranda
    Frank Miranda 7 months ago

    I feel bad for Kelly since she suffered online bullying because of this

  • Elisabetta Mancari
    Elisabetta Mancari 7 months ago +1

    I love her so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • DeusPigeon
    DeusPigeon 7 months ago +3

    Other reason you don't give Rian the keys to the car. #shitthebed

  • Christian Stoleski
    Christian Stoleski 7 months ago +1

    Daisy hates last jedi

  • Christian Stoleski
    Christian Stoleski 7 months ago +2

    Lol rose sucks not kelly 😃😁😃😉

  • Havok1988
    Havok1988 7 months ago +1

    Kelly Tran is good actress and I think she could have a career in comedy movies. She was great in The Last Jedi and her character is funny. I thought that Rose was going to make the same sacrifice that her sister Paige did at the beginning of the movie, but she didn't.

  • thegooseman
    thegooseman 7 months ago +1

    Rose Tico > Rey.

  • The Nature Boy
    The Nature Boy 7 months ago +2

    Poor girl. Kelly Marie Tran was Jar Jar'd

  • KL Nguyen
    KL Nguyen 7 months ago

    Love from Vietnam! At least you did a great acting!

  • Henry VE
    Henry VE 7 months ago +1

    I'd imagine a role of this caliber took a lot of method acting.

    KOTYAR0 7 months ago

    Thank god she's not the Jedi

  • The Four Fats
    The Four Fats 7 months ago

    Looking back now it’s a bit sad that a classic game knights of the old republic storyline is light years ahead of episode 7 and 8.... hire THOSE writers for episode 10+

  • Lord Drillington
    Lord Drillington 7 months ago +1

    they ruined this girl. How could they mess up so bad? finn is trash too. disney quickly ruined star wars

  • Gui mon
    Gui mon 7 months ago +1

    This video will not age well.

  • Marvin8861
    Marvin8861 7 months ago +3

    I like Rose I don’t care what anybody says

    • Jareth Cruz
      Jareth Cruz 6 months ago

      I like jar jar I don't care what anyone says

  • Jesus Aranda
    Jesus Aranda 7 months ago +4

    Well, the good news for Rose Tico is she was the worst character in Star Wars for only a few months. Now she's #2 after L3-37.

  • Stephen Choi
    Stephen Choi 7 months ago +1

    I pray she will dying before ep.9

  • no name
    no name 7 months ago +4

    She is unattractive.

    WKA DESIGNS 7 months ago +1

    And here, ladies and gentlemen, was the beginning of the end for Star Wars...

  • The Protagonist
    The Protagonist 8 months ago

    Uncle Ethan loves you

  • Almendra Leichi
    Almendra Leichi 8 months ago

    I loved her character 😍 so cute and amazing. She's my heroe.

  • Rosyid Wahyudi
    Rosyid Wahyudi 8 months ago

    Poor girl.. poor girl

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee 8 months ago

    First girl to get friendzoned

  • Sean
    Sean 8 months ago +7

    100s of girls and you chose one that hurt my eyes

  • 1986beasty
    1986beasty 8 months ago +5

    Seeing Rian Johnson gives me the willies. Hearing his voice is even worse.

  • Infect Machine
    Infect Machine 8 months ago +6

    This film is a joke from the beginning to the end, and beyond.

  • Poopy Productions
    Poopy Productions 8 months ago +53

    She’s the worst character in Star Wars history.

    • Dave C
      Dave C 10 days ago

      ex-squeeze deesah isah jar Jar Binks

    • SockLock
      SockLock 5 months ago

      +Howling Burd19 The reason why Finn and Rose go 2 find a codebreaker was 2 stop the First Order from being able to track down the Resistance. Their relationship wasn't forced at all, they both lost someone close to them; Rose lost her sister and Finn lost his family before becoming a stormtrooper. Plain and simple. It LITERALLY has nothing to do with their different races.

    • Howling Burd19
      Howling Burd19 5 months ago +1

      SockLock other than going to a casino with no heavy influence to the central plot, destroying a potentially powerful moment where Finn would’ve died (if Finn did this, he could have been a more respectable character), and making one of the worst quotes I think I’ve ever seen in a Star Wars movie (“That’s how we’re going to win; not fighting what we hate, saving what we love”). But to be fair, there was barely a plot to begin with lol. Rose has the personality of a brick, and is just plain uninteresting. She’s there because... because... she’s there because she’s a “strong” Asian Woman, and you cannot tell me otherwise; that’s her ONLY purpose in this movie. It’s forced diversity in a movie developed by SJWs.

    • SockLock
      SockLock 5 months ago

      +Howling Burd19 Rose does a lot of things in this movie FYI. According to the Star Wars Facebook page, Prevented four Resistance deserters from stealing escape pods. Assisted in the formation of a plan that would’ve allowed the Resistance to escape the First Order pursuit. Persuaded a fathier stable boy to enable her and Finn’s escape from Canto Bight. Conducted an essential survey of available supplies available to the Resistance on Crait. Saved Finn from an inconsequential course of action that would’ve ended his life. For a character who did absolutely nothing, that’s impressive… most impressive.

    • Howling Burd19
      Howling Burd19 5 months ago +4

      Cinnamon Bun what plot? When did The Last Jedi have a plot? Rose slowed down the movie with a useless subplot; like what was the point of getting the Codebreaker, if he would end up doing nothing? Her ONLY purpose she was present in the movie was to add some diversity with her being an Asian, and you cannot tell me otherwise.

  • Joel The Pizza Wizard
    Joel The Pizza Wizard 8 months ago +4

    Awesome character

    • Kal-El fan 49
      Kal-El fan 49 8 months ago +3

      The movie clearly shows that Finn was this close to destroy that cannon, but that whore somhow managed to catch up from opposite direction and ruined a heroic act allowing the weapon to be fired.
      Yeah, use a smiley face, still insinuating that dumb statement.

    • Kal-El fan 49
      Kal-El fan 49 8 months ago +3

      the cartoonst Weak counter, using my profile against me, shows you can't defend that awful Star Wars new character who destroyed her friends last chance of survival.
      Also Metropolis destruction was caused by Zod and human military forces, Superman did his best against that, and he managed to save the whole planet, saved mankind, twice there.

    • Kal-El fan 49
      Kal-El fan 49 8 months ago +4

      *Awful character

  • Young God
    Young God 9 months ago +3

    She must have known her character sucked, the least she could have done is lost some weight.

    • Young God
      Young God 9 months ago +2

      That's not what I was trying to say. but I like your idea : )

  • Pete TRc
    Pete TRc 9 months ago +3

    Such a nice girl, unfortunately she had to play an unlikeable character in a movie series she's never watched.

  • daytripperarrabal
    daytripperarrabal 9 months ago +3

    clicked to watch comments and leave thumbs down

  • utUBEr00001
    utUBEr00001 9 months ago +2


  • Manuel Amaya
    Manuel Amaya 9 months ago

    You racist you hate on asain!

  • DoctorXander
    DoctorXander 9 months ago +5

    If Rian thought Rose and Finn were fun to watch together I must have seen a different movie to him.

  • Luu Sapphire
    Luu Sapphire 9 months ago +2

    I love Rose! Kelly is an amazing actress, and had great chemistry with John!

  • jmua04
    jmua04 9 months ago +4

    I’d like to throw everyone involved with TLJ into a sarlacc pit.

  • Donavon Paige
    Donavon Paige 9 months ago

    Finn wants Rey
    Rose wants Finn,
    But in the end it's either
    Finnrey, Damerey or Finnrose
    I doubt Reylo or stormpilots will have any chance of shining, Sorry Boycotts.

  • Eric J Blevins
    Eric J Blevins 9 months ago +1

    Good actress bad character.

  • Kalvin Adams
    Kalvin Adams 9 months ago +5

    Her character in the movie was completely pointless

    • EightThreeEight
      EightThreeEight 7 months ago

      No it wasn't. She was the one that motivated Finn to do what needs to be done for the good of all of the Resistance, not just himself and Rey.

  • boysponge705
    boysponge705 9 months ago +1

    Rose is adorable

  • manducklee
    manducklee 9 months ago +1

    I don't understand why she acting in star wars.

  • Jazoy
    Jazoy 9 months ago +4

    I hate her

  • Youpeople Arecrazy
    Youpeople Arecrazy 9 months ago +5

    Subtract this character from the movie, and it doesn't change much.

  • MrSmilesCam
    MrSmilesCam 10 months ago +8

    “She’s so strong in a different way,” yeah I haven’t heard that before. Jar Jar Binks was a more fulfilling character. And here comes the storm...

  • Jared Mann
    Jared Mann 10 months ago +1

    “Rose is the key to all of this if we can get her working”

  • camaro rider
    camaro rider 10 months ago +6

    How to create the shittiest star wars character.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 10 months ago

    I like rose screw the haters