New HERO: the ROYAL CHAMPION! (Clash of Clans Town Hall 13)

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • Commander of the royal armies, the Royal Champion is as fierce as a Winter storm and equally as fearless. The Royal Champion is the newest Hero that unlocks at Town Hall 13, bringing the total number of Heroes to 4. Upgraded with Dark Elixir, the Royal Champion brings an interesting and exciting new strategy to Clash of Clans.
    As a tactical warrior, she is able to hop over walls and drive her powerful spear into her chosen targets: defenses. However, it’s her Seeking Shield ability that is truly destructive. With a mighty heave, the Royal Champion hurls her shield across the battlefield and will target the 4 nearest defenses, regardless of range, and will deal damage.
    Get ready to unleash her fury!

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Comments • 3 301

  • A H
    A H 23 hours ago

    Only a matter of time till supercell nerf the royal champion. My lvl 10 champion is faster then my lvl 70 queen plus she can jumps walls and attacks straight.

  • Aminul Islam
    Aminul Islam Day ago


  • Vincenzo Riccio
    Vincenzo Riccio 2 days ago

    Looks like Xena...

  • Qscope ツ YT
    Qscope ツ YT 7 days ago

    Ummm I quit clash of clans for 2 years and I come back to this!?

  • Rafael Hutapea
    Rafael Hutapea 12 days ago

    Next update Please the up the graphics

  • Mokles Rahman
    Mokles Rahman 14 days ago

    The Best Hero of All.

  • Hammad Malik
    Hammad Malik 15 days ago +1

    Why coc team is not added pakistani flag


    Better say royale skirmisher

  • علاء حلاق
    علاء حلاق 18 days ago

    بدون عالمي كلاش هواي ناس تركتها رجعو لغالني

  • TBOL 43
    TBOL 43 18 days ago +1


  • xY1G1Tx
    xY1G1Tx 19 days ago +2

    Is that Avenged Sevenfold ?

  • the fun ltd
    the fun ltd 20 days ago


  • Rodolfo Tonelli
    Rodolfo Tonelli 22 days ago

    Nice! Royal Champion is very offensive Hero.

  • CARL WongTW
    CARL WongTW 23 days ago

    Perfect for clearing corner buildings just like Cap. Badass

  • MD najmul Huq
    MD najmul Huq 26 days ago

    When will the Bangladesh flag come in our game?

  • Ugly Nerd
    Ugly Nerd 27 days ago

    Why does the song sound like avenged sevenfold?

  • Ayman Jc
    Ayman Jc 28 days ago +1

    Why no giant king?

  • The Lost AppleTM冷ややかな

    AYYEEE just upgraded to th2 can’t wait for the new troop

    GAME IS MY LIFE 29 days ago

    Absolutely great supercell clash of clans jai ho🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤


    My code # YJYGVVQY8

  • Fevos Man
    Fevos Man Month ago

    They might as well name her Game Over

  • monsterclass
    monsterclass Month ago +1

    Will book of heroes work for champion?

  • fly
    fly Month ago

    with music from the nutcrackers 😂😂😋😂😂... fit the christmas season..

  • Лампочка
    Лампочка Month ago

    Ахуеть... вот это баба...

  • Inkognito X
    Inkognito X Month ago

    Крутенская песня. Как она называется? Если что английский я знаю. Можете на нём отвечать. Пж ответьте!

  • Ян Орг
    Ян Орг Month ago


  • ابو محمد
    ابو محمد Month ago +1

    العبه أصبحت ممله

  • Royal Me
    Royal Me Month ago

    Oreo Queen lvl 2 killed my Archer Queen lvl 65.

  • John Gaming YT
    John Gaming YT Month ago


  • اسف يازمن انا الغلطان

    هي اول مرة اشوف فديو يحمس😁

  • ELECTRO Dragon
    ELECTRO Dragon Month ago +1

    This hero is amazing the only thing thats bad is that you can get her at town hall 13 i am town hall 8 i know town hall 8 is low but i dont really play that much Clash of Clans P.S in 2028:Princess that throws her crown and hiting all the buildings with 1 shot

  • TheRedGuyYT Roblox And More

    The hero is literal trash

  • Zippy Sippy
    Zippy Sippy Month ago +1

    She throw her Spears and came out another , the concept makes no sense

    BROCK LESNAR Month ago


  • The Legend
    The Legend Month ago +2

    2019: yeti
    2049: thanos

  • arisha maynam
    arisha maynam Month ago

    Royal campion has no power

  • Abdullah Tasnim
    Abdullah Tasnim Month ago

    Royal Chamption: exist
    Me: trying to get my barbarian king to level 15

  • Didi
    Didi Month ago

    Which Song is the Background Music?

  • مصطفي رمضان
    مصطفي رمضان Month ago +1

    royal champion: exists
    stars:why do I hear boss music 99%2

  • Md Hamza Rafiq
    Md Hamza Rafiq Month ago

    i love clash of clans

  • Mhmd Hmdi
    Mhmd Hmdi Month ago

    مشاا الله قوه قوه قوه قوه قوه قوه قوه قوه قوه بصراحه اعجبني التحديث

  • Fabio
    Fabio Month ago

    Her color pattern looks like Clash Royale's "Royal Champion" title at 6600 trophies...

  • Edwin Seet
    Edwin Seet Month ago

    My TH is level 1 only

  • Edwin Seet
    Edwin Seet Month ago

    Hi guys, may I know how and where to get the Royal Champion? I have TH 13 already

  • Satu Malaysia
    Satu Malaysia Month ago

    bring her clash royale.. 😊

  • Carlos alberto tadeo Meza torres

    El escudo está muuuuuuy exagerado ya!!!

  • Za ii
    Za ii Month ago

    I thought this game dont exist anymore lol

  • aditya pratama
    aditya pratama Month ago

    Finally the first 'N' Hero

  • Aruna Raghu
    Aruna Raghu Month ago +1

    Royal champion : has the ability to jump walls ( and many more)
    Hog riders : am I a joke to you!?

  • Shadzkie Gadnu
    Shadzkie Gadnu Month ago +3

    Archer Queen: Am the strogest hero
    Royal Champion: Hold my shield

  • Daniel Lim
    Daniel Lim Month ago

    She can do that all day!

  • Hasim Sk
    Hasim Sk Month ago +1

    My coc no open

  • Ulf
    Ulf Month ago

    Looks like such a boring design could they of atleast made it look better

  • XperiencE
    XperiencE Month ago

    Rushed update.

  • FazeDeath Angel
    FazeDeath Angel Month ago +1

    Corners are no more

  • Alex Dong
    Alex Dong Month ago +1

    Still not as powerful as pekka

  • John Dillard
    John Dillard Month ago +1

    Didn’t really need this upgrade. It all about the 💰💰💰

  • JCP
    JCP Month ago

    Temyscira Warrior.

  • I love you a lot
    I love you a lot Month ago +1

    when are the trees coming?!

  • kishore mondal
    kishore mondal Month ago