Inside Anfield: Liverpool 5-2 Everton | UNSEEN footage from sensational Merseyside Derby

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • Watch the unseen footage from the Anfield tunnel and beyond as the Reds
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  • Liverpool FC
    Liverpool FC  Month ago +179

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    • David Seery
      David Seery 12 days ago

      I love Liverpool

    • David Seery
      David Seery 12 days ago

      I'm upsets with Liverpool

    • Sarah Garratt
      Sarah Garratt Month ago

      I want to know what Virgil and Gini are talking about in there language everytime before the players go out of the tunnel

    • Delboy0
      Delboy0 Month ago +1

      It is always nice to see a Merseyside derby where both Everton and Liverpool are fighting for the Championship. And if Everton keep playing like this they will be in the Championship by April

    • English for FOOTBALL FANS
      English for FOOTBALL FANS Month ago +1

      Delboy0 An ill-advised response to ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’... dark times for Everton fans.

  • Mrpolonog
    Mrpolonog 3 days ago

    He's only got little arms…

    FURY GAMES 4 days ago

    Sou brasileiro e amo muito o liverpool,sou muito fã de m.salah e do Virgíl.

  • Playdead
    Playdead 7 days ago +1


  • Thai Ang
    Thai Ang 7 days ago

    Can u see ?

  • David Seery
    David Seery 12 days ago

    I love Liverpool

  • Wabeba Junior
    Wabeba Junior 13 days ago

    Massive Win against Neverton. The Merseyside is 🔴. YNWA⚽️🔴👊

  • Teddy Apraku
    Teddy Apraku 14 days ago

    Origi talks like a Manager 😅

  • tapeghosts
    tapeghosts 15 days ago

    02:09 That's what complete focus looks like. That or thinking about a Jammy Dodger. Both valid.

  • Totoy B.
    Totoy B. 16 days ago

    "That`s Liverpool"

  • FinCPFC
    FinCPFC 18 days ago

    Everton’s training kit is quite nice but i prefer liverpool as it looks like pyjamas

  • I dont care
    I dont care 20 days ago

    1:39 that touch to the belly 🤣

  • Evan Nash
    Evan Nash 22 days ago

    Who's here after the "kids" won 1-0 in FA

  • stėvan Camara
    stėvan Camara 23 days ago

    From Sénégal
    Vive mane

  • Champjon
    Champjon 23 days ago +1

    "I get those goosebumps every time"

    You'll never walk alone

  • Genti Osmani
    Genti Osmani 25 days ago

    The best team ever im a little boy but i love anfield and my favourite player is van dijk and salah

  • pahriansyah atjo
    pahriansyah atjo 26 days ago

    Shaqiri is a lil beast

  • Enri Braholli
    Enri Braholli 27 days ago

    1 lverpool everton 2man c man u EL CLASICO

  • Enri Braholli
    Enri Braholli 27 days ago

    the best derby in whe world

  • Luke Mccormack
    Luke Mccormack 28 days ago

    0:39 song?

  • tromidt
    tromidt 29 days ago

    Liverpool for ever!!

  • Scratch The Magic.
    Scratch The Magic. Month ago

    Is Mane the happiest footballer on the plant? :D Always smiling

  • M Projects
    M Projects Month ago

    Mane giving his shirt 🥺

  • ben macklin
    ben macklin Month ago +1

    Now to win the best league in the world. YNWA come on

  • andy wang
    andy wang Month ago

    Liverpool only my heart😚

  • Joerg Welskop
    Joerg Welskop Month ago

    German magic, magic Kloppo!

  • Lindell
    Lindell Month ago

    Thank you for posting my translation, appreciate it! YNWA

  • Emmaj 81
    Emmaj 81 Month ago

    I like Alison the best

  • Cl L
    Cl L Month ago

    When the fans chant.. Your going down going down going down lol

  • Ste Grace
    Ste Grace Month ago

    You just gotta love Sadio Mane...The Mane Man.

  • Abdi Adan
    Abdi Adan Month ago

    Owibi that’s the dap

  • Hellangxlrn
    Hellangxlrn Month ago

    13:03 Does anyone know who this guy is?
    I've literally been losing my mind over not knowing who he is - for months now! He was even present at the podium in Madrid this June!

  • Per Spellman
    Per Spellman Month ago

    I really like Origi's style.

  • Joe Putz
    Joe Putz Month ago

    6:44 A sublime piece of skill.

  • Anan Inter
    Anan Inter Month ago

    ผมเขียนพาศาอังกฤ ไม่ใด้ คือผมเป็นสาวกหงร์แดงมาตั้งแตยุค จอร์บาลส์ ติมตามมาทุกยุคทุกสมัย เป็นไปใด้มั้ย ผมยากใด้เสื้อและผ้าพันคอสักชุด ยากใด้เสื้อเบอร์ 10 ของมาเน้

  • diegomiccolis
    diegomiccolis Month ago

    Flamengo 5 x 0 Liverpool

  • R F F
    R F F Month ago


  • SKYWalkers SG
    SKYWalkers SG Month ago

    Salzburg looks sound. Don't mind them being LFC's sister club and they keep selling talented players to us. Win-Win.

  • Even Tverberg
    Even Tverberg Month ago

    Mane scoring all around us happy christmas everton

  • filippo hegarty
    filippo hegarty Month ago

    Song 0:43

  • goレッズ
    goレッズ Month ago


  • Muhammad faris officiall

    Alhamdulilah liverpool 4 everton 2 marryyy chirsmas

  • Last Tutmos
    Last Tutmos Month ago

    pay to win sport
    1992 rip football !!!

  • MJ B
    MJ B Month ago

    I have loved Liverpool ..But the stadium is far too small for such a team. I have been waiting 11 years for a season ticket ..reds please

  • Marko San
    Marko San Month ago +1

    0:56 totally irrelevant but someone should fix that right fog light on that bus, its been like that for the past 2 inside anfield video

    KUSANAGI AMAN Month ago


  • หมา เทวดอย

    I'm so happy

  • poeticquilt
    poeticquilt Month ago

    Sadio needs new shorts. They always look like they are falling off. 😅

  • Graeme Murphy III
    Graeme Murphy III Month ago

    Sadio Mané at 4:11... "Do I know you? No, I don't know you..." 😂

  • Cadu Diniz
    Cadu Diniz Month ago

    Tenho uma identificação com o Liverpool sobretudo pelos Beatles, a maior banda de todos os tempos, aprendi a gostar dos Reds. No entanto, sou flamenguista de coração e, no Mundial, vocês vão perder novamente para nós! Tal qual em 1981!

  • cryptoskygreen7
    cryptoskygreen7 Month ago

    I think in football terms the country needs Liverpool to win the League its been a long time coming & the people of Liverpool deserve some joy.

  • lfc 6 times
    lfc 6 times Month ago

    love young klop showin salah tht badge

  • davie cedras
    davie cedras Month ago +1

    love the red in our shirt reminds me of the 80s when we were top dog would be fitting to win the leauge with it still a long way to go hope they dont listen to the noise about its ours it aint ours untill its in our hands, betting for who is top on xmas is done now work on finishing who is going to be top in may

  • Ms Farred
    Ms Farred Month ago

  • Hisham Abdul Wahab
    Hisham Abdul Wahab Month ago


  • Shaheed George
    Shaheed George Month ago +1


  • Jamie Gilmore
    Jamie Gilmore Month ago

    Watching them blue shites when we score is just brilliant

  • freddielaker2
    freddielaker2 Month ago +3

    The Shaqattack was brilliant

  • 한스타Hanstar
    한스타Hanstar Month ago

    Hello~~!! I enjoyed watching!!!

  • Fouad Almefalani
    Fouad Almefalani Month ago

    When Everton scores you barely can hear the their crowd, but when Liverpool scores you have to close your ears 💥⚡🔊🔊🔊🔊📢📣YNWA