9 Bright Crafting Hacks That Will Change Your Life / Brilliant Glitter and Sequins Hacks

  • Published on Mar 30, 2019
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    14 Life Hacks For A Hollywood Smile: thexvid.com/video/xnZf_xL1Nfo/video.html
    There’s no such thing as too much shine! Glittering eyebrows, tights, shining jeans, and even dazzling tongue! All you need is glitter, sequins and new tricks from Troom Troom!
    Supplies and tools:
    • Sequins
    • Printed-out eyebrow templates
    • Fine mesh fabric
    • Tape
    • Fabric glue
    • Eyelash glue
    • Cosmetic glitter
    • False eyelashes
    • Star-shaped sequins
    • Band-aids
    • String of sequins
    • Decorative tape
    • Heart-shaped rhinestones
    • Tights
    • Fabric paint
    • Spray bottle
    • Sponge
    • Glass
    • Sequin fabric
    • Scissors
    • Sneakers
    • Acrylic polish
    • Acrylic paint
    • Jeans
    • Double-sided sequin fabric
    • Old mascara
    • Vaseline
    • Syringe
    • Nail-art foil
    • Decorative wings
    • Polymer clay
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Fastener ring
    • Hot glue gun
    • Lobster clasp
    • Mica flakes nail polish
    • Tassel
    Tobu - Colors
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  • Vvolfbane
    Vvolfbane 12 hours ago

    How did she even attach those sequence tongue

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    If you found these items then pls like

  • Mayra Mejia
    Mayra Mejia Day ago +1

    I love your DIY

  • Vivian K
    Vivian K 2 days ago

    can i have a shout out i subcibed!

  • angely Reyes
    angely Reyes 3 days ago

    Exelent trom trom

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    GreekGaming/ TL Fam 4 days ago

    People will do anything for views now i swear..

  • unicorn sparkles Adventure

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  • Destiny Espinosa
    Destiny Espinosa 5 days ago +1

    I LovE Glide I LovE IT So MucH.

  • Israel Johnson
    Israel Johnson 8 days ago

    I DONT like it at ALL NOT ONE BIT

  • Petra Rini
    Petra Rini 9 days ago

    A sparkling tongue seriously?no offense

  • JWR Gamer/ Vlogs
    JWR Gamer/ Vlogs 9 days ago +1

    7:32 Somebody bet me a whole house that she’s going to choke. Behind the scenes: **Girl goes to hospital and dies** AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! And your telling people to make this! 🤦🏻‍♂️ smh

  • Momon Garcia
    Momon Garcia 10 days ago

    Wait I’m dreaming or is this new one girl

  • Pretty Shy
    Pretty Shy 10 days ago

    I bet they to mins away from chocking

  • Nahla Davis
    Nahla Davis 10 days ago


  • Azis Asbre
    Azis Asbre 11 days ago

    imoo yang kambing

  • R
    R 12 days ago

    Sequin one your tongue sounds fun to do

  • Rayette Hurt
    Rayette Hurt 13 days ago

    What made you do that

  • Becky Yates
    Becky Yates 17 days ago

    The sequence tongue

  • Shubha Santhosh
    Shubha Santhosh 18 days ago +1

    Sequence changing tounge

  • Ace86507 Gaming
    Ace86507 Gaming 20 days ago +1

    Omg the thumbnail is actually in one of their hacks

  • Crazy challenges with haily

    oh come on their so dumb😒😩😡😡😡 buuuu

  • Hasan Asyari
    Hasan Asyari 21 day ago +1

    Aku yang suka nya yang lidah berubah warna bagus banget

  • david gonzalez
    david gonzalez 22 days ago +2

    I think she five mins away from choking

    • Tuan Duong
      Tuan Duong 18 days ago

      Did you just copy this thing on Tik Tok

  • Sidwell Mhlaba
    Sidwell Mhlaba 22 days ago


  • Reem Mosa
    Reem Mosa 23 days ago +1

    The shoes look cool but the tongue hack needs to be used for long tongue people 😂😂😂😂

  • lela Grimes
    lela Grimes 24 days ago +1

    I bet she went out of her tongue so bad she 5 minutes away from choking

  • Amie-leigh Savage
    Amie-leigh Savage 24 days ago +1

    i love your makeups

  • Ranjit Pawar
    Ranjit Pawar 24 days ago

    Last 1

  • Kate A
    Kate A 25 days ago +3

    Is the Tongue thing a joke

  • Keilyn’s World
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  • sam lance
    sam lance 26 days ago

    I will try some hacks troom troom !!

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    Zuzanna Wieczorek 29 days ago +3

    I don't like crazy hair

  • Amber Brewer
    Amber Brewer Month ago

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    Anitha Mokoginta Month ago

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  • lizardonlyqueen
    lizardonlyqueen Month ago +1

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    One question..... why?

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  • Callista Usmanjaya
    Callista Usmanjaya Month ago

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