EXTREME CLOSET DECLUTTER + ORGANIZING *post apocalyptic* | LeighAnnSays

  • Published on Apr 26, 2018
  • Extreme closet declutter and organizing. Clean with me so I don't hate it as much! Don't forget to subscribe: bit.ly/2Iw2RLD
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    EXTREME CLOSET DECLUTTER + ORGANIZING *post apocalyptic* | LeighAnnSays
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  • Damaris Severino

    Hi idont know how long you did this video.But are you saling those Animal prints Pulse? Oh God iam crazy about them.

  • Armidill Seventeen
    Armidill Seventeen 6 days ago

    The old suitcase to keep journals an memories is cute I will do the s@me

  • Danielle B
    Danielle B 10 days ago

    Hmm...what is your Poshmark account?!🤔😂

  • Danielle B
    Danielle B 10 days ago

    I love that! “Usually, clothes just come here to die.”
    That was too cute !😂

  • Fiery M
    Fiery M 13 days ago +1

    Konmari method doesnt work for me, taking out the whole closet is s disaster.. i prefer do it in stages..

  • Brieanna Marie
    Brieanna Marie Month ago

    luna just following her through all of this is so cute

  • Ashiya Nelson #RawVeganAthlete

    LMBO! Current situation!👀 You are playing in my background!!!😬😂#Inspiration!

  • Sandy Drifka
    Sandy Drifka Month ago

    I don't feel so bad anymore. Looks like you have a lot more clothes and accessories than I do. LOL

  • Antonella Espa
    Antonella Espa Month ago +1


  • Amanda Levesque
    Amanda Levesque Month ago

    Updated declutter??
    Ps I'm a small youtuber any support would be great

  • Jasper Andrew
    Jasper Andrew Month ago

    Oof ur Pups so cute🐾

  • Briony McBrearty
    Briony McBrearty Month ago

    Thank you for choosing faux fur over real fur

  • Jori Mendivil
    Jori Mendivil Month ago


  • Ruth
    Ruth 2 months ago

    Not to sound OCD But, it would look nice to change all your hangers to velvet hangers. :)

  • Diego Spaccini
    Diego Spaccini 2 months ago

    the pink t-shirt you are wearing in this video: it has to go! that shoulders looks just wired.....

  • Wewe Mcrhyne
    Wewe Mcrhyne 2 months ago

    I’m into color coordinating my closet.

    • Wewe Mcrhyne
      Wewe Mcrhyne 2 months ago

      But why do you have so many black and white shirts

  • pagielicious
    pagielicious 2 months ago

    You are hilarious. I laughed my @$$ off. I love your honesty, so refreshing. You persevered, you did well.

  • CMarie13
    CMarie13 2 months ago

    wheres your college grad dress from ? its pretty!

  • Alexandra Ariel
    Alexandra Ariel 2 months ago +1

    I kept shoes so long they were breaking down, I mean the black inside smeared onto my feet while wearing them. I didn’t know that could happen. They were dying, haha the dye was coming off.

  • sandra gregg
    sandra gregg 2 months ago

    Great video. I am currently cleaning out my closet. You gave me great ideas. Your delving unit would be great for your jeans. I am so much like you. I have a ton of handbags and shoes. That's going to be the toughest part but now that I am retired I don't wear heels much. Each night I do a section

  • Lalala Lex
    Lalala Lex 3 months ago

    My exacts sentiments right now

  • nancy vance
    nancy vance 3 months ago

    You *still* have an obscene amount of clothes.

  • Anthonette Cousar
    Anthonette Cousar 3 months ago

    I need some your stuff can u help me please

  • Burnt Sage
    Burnt Sage 3 months ago

    Cute doggy

  • K
    K 3 months ago

    loool at the getting married in vegas bit

  • Becky Masoner
    Becky Masoner 3 months ago

    I got that same suitcase for my high school graduation a million years ago. I doubt you were born then ....so if you bought that suitcase was it used?

  • Kylee and Jaycee
    Kylee and Jaycee 3 months ago

    Before we moved my room was a disaster area. Then I used many different methods. One of them was the 2:3 method. Basically for every 2 things that you kept you needed to get rid of 3 things

  • Aligator
    Aligator 3 months ago +3

    If my closet looked like this I would freak out.

    I'm such a clean freak!

  • evajorun
    evajorun 4 months ago

    You have as much as me, it is really stressful to clean up every time!!! I have to do this too!!!

  • Queen Enails
    Queen Enails 4 months ago


  • Luna Black
    Luna Black 4 months ago

    We live 6 people in my house. We would never be able to fill your clothes with alllll of our stuff even like shoe wise.... just wow, how do you have so much cloths??? XD

  • Rocklyn Hamilton
    Rocklyn Hamilton 4 months ago +1

    You are so much fun! I was looking for inspiration to clean my closet, and you have helped me! You are really funny and I appreciate that! Just subscribed!

    • leighannsays
      leighannsays  4 months ago

      thank you so much for watching!! 🥰

  • Susan Melero-Tripp
    Susan Melero-Tripp 4 months ago

    you can use bins for your shorts and pants for space if you I can that.

  • Ann
    Ann 4 months ago

    Your closet is as big as my bedroom.

  • Julie Uthe
    Julie Uthe 4 months ago

    thanks for the inspiration. Where did you get your bedroom pics above your bed?

  • Amy Marks
    Amy Marks 5 months ago

    god i DREAM of having a walk in wardrobe like that!!

  • Izzy Bella
    Izzy Bella 5 months ago

    Dang think about all that money if she could of ; if she had not bought all those clothes.

    COSTA 5 months ago

    Step 1: Buy a lot of stuff and show it on TheXvid
    Step 2: Throw everything away and say you did not even like it
    Step 3: Buying new stuff and saying how much better it is than the old suff

    And yes there are worse things in this world than tidying up without background noise.
    Sorry if this comes across as being mean but I really think you are sending out a wrong message. #consumerism

  • Delia Soto
    Delia Soto 5 months ago

    I'm on Day 2 of our bedroom and closet spring declutter. I organize by color and height, lol! My boyfriend says I'm better at organizing, so I'm cleaning his section too, ugh! Hope to finish today. For the Sunglasses, I use a clear acrylic multi hanger shelf thing I got at Target. Great job and video!

  • Leticia Garcia
    Leticia Garcia 5 months ago +1

    Girl I so feel you I'm doing the same thing rn we are moving to a new house and man I have so many clothes 😭 and I can't get rid of them but this video helped me push threw abd get rid of stuff thank you

  • Deb
    Deb 5 months ago

    God did give you incredible natural beauty.👠

  • Jenn Zurc
    Jenn Zurc 5 months ago +1

    Great job! Working on my closet as well and it’s really hard to get rid of things since I already have it for a long time not doing anything 😊.

  • J Mang
    J Mang 6 months ago

    Great job on organizing!👊 But why are your dogs paintings in the closet, displayed like a pair of shoes??😕

  • Gabriella KV
    Gabriella KV 6 months ago

    I want that closet.

  • natalie musolino
    natalie musolino 6 months ago +1

    Sorry but I got ocd so can’t realate

  • Diana DeBurr
    Diana DeBurr 6 months ago

    All .....those......CLOOOOOOOOOOTHES......all that.....MONEEEEEEEY !!!!!!!You could have bought a CAR...CASH !!!!!! LOL !!!!

  • Mary Powers
    Mary Powers 6 months ago

    You kept far too much.

  • 击Mirjam van Enkhuizen

    I thought having 45 t-shirts was a lot...
    Apparently not

  • Chica Arana
    Chica Arana 6 months ago

    For your shoes, I would suggest putting them in Sterilite 6 quart shoe boxes to keep them from getting dusty and stacking them up on your top shelves. I did that and I also included a photo of each pair of shoes. That way, I can see right away which is which.

  • Viktoria
    Viktoria 6 months ago

    I own like 30 pieces of clothes and I´m shook watching this. haha

  • Si Su
    Si Su 6 months ago

    No Joke Kids, I would LOVE to have that closet 😍 Not the clothes and the mass of them, but the room 😍 my closet is just one from Ikea and it is full of stuff of my Boyfriend and me. In a closet like her one, we could place everything sorted and nice, because of So much space 😍

  • Rania Clay
    Rania Clay 6 months ago

    I need to invade ur closet

  • Sofia Le
    Sofia Le 6 months ago

    I have 1/10 of this. Nice

  • Elizabeth Call me Lizzie

    your closet is bigger than my room..!!!!!!!!!

  • vr-blonde vr-blonde
    vr-blonde vr-blonde 6 months ago

    Your awesome!

  • Brown_and_Curly_ NE_Girly

    Yessss!!!! I love girl problems she said face time someone when your cleaning your closet so you can “share your feelings and emotions” 😂😂😂 white people 🤦🏽‍♀️😂😍

  • lollipopi1
    lollipopi1 7 months ago

    I thought that said shout out to Lung instead of Luna so I thought your dog's name was Lung for a minute

  • Tina Thornton
    Tina Thornton 7 months ago

    I started my closet two weeks ago and my guest room and office is holding all my overages lol omg you great video

  • styyle310
    styyle310 7 months ago

    At best this was funny

  • Mandy Knoors
    Mandy Knoors 7 months ago

    Still a lot of things. You did some hard work well done. Perhaps organise again in some time 🤣