We Talk with the Cast of The Last Jedi, Go to Anthony Daniels' Droid School, and More!

  • Published on Dec 6, 2017
  • In this installment of The Star Wars Show (which includes paid content by Walmart), we sit down with the cast of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and director Rian Johnson, debut a behind-the-scenes look at The Last Jedi with Anthony Daniels' Droid School, reveal first details on a new AR experience in the Star Wars app, and more!
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Comments • 639

  • Sealion Studios
    Sealion Studios 2 months ago +1

    Rian Johnson seems like a real fun guy and you can tell that he cares so much about the franchise. The Last Jedi was a great, emotional and character driven film.

  • CrazyFlyingPanda YAS
    CrazyFlyingPanda YAS 7 months ago

    6:16 Daisy's answer to the last question though. 😂

  • CrazyFlyingPanda YAS
    CrazyFlyingPanda YAS 7 months ago

    4:13 This whole bit about Christmas and Secret Santa made me laugh so hard. 😂

  • Capitals fan
    Capitals fan 9 months ago +1

    REYLOOOOOOOO im sorry

  • Arthur Paz
    Arthur Paz 9 months ago


  • bunnykissme
    bunnykissme 11 months ago

    Adam do actually look similar to keanu reeves

  • Gay Sagabaen
    Gay Sagabaen 11 months ago +3

    Rian's reaction on getting the toy AT-AT is so precious.

  • Kolorowa Natka
    Kolorowa Natka Year ago

    5:13 "The sword of Skywalker is too powerful"... Oh now I understand... Because we all know how Snoke died.

  • i cri
    i cri Year ago +1


  • i cri
    i cri Year ago

    "what do u think he likes about Christmas?"
    "oh y'know the giving" that made me chuckle for some reason LMAO LOVE ADAM

  • Warrior Cats Lover

    I think that adam drover is the most important

  • athena
    athena Year ago

    8:30 the greatest teacher, failure is

  • Stuart Lugsden
    Stuart Lugsden Year ago +1

    I love Rian's Finding Nemo seagul impression, mine mine mine.

  • Winda Siregar
    Winda Siregar Year ago

    "Mine, mine, mineeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  • Emily Sires
    Emily Sires Year ago

    The Little Bits segment warmed my heart.

  • Emily Sires
    Emily Sires Year ago +2

    Wait, so that lady who thought he was Keanu Reeves followed it up with, "How fun for you!" Lol what an odd statement

  • That Random Dude
    That Random Dude Year ago

    7:00 Seeing him act like a 5 year old was hilarious

  • Bendik Trøan Wiig

    The dreadnought warship and all of the other ships in AR, will it work for Android?

  • David Ragan
    David Ragan Year ago

    Here is a Question or Two...I stay away from Facebook and twitter +shudders+
    *Are Mynocks still edible in Canon?*
    I keep getting this image of Commander Gregor fishing for Mynocks through a Mag-con field.
    *Do Some Tei'lek females like Lyn Me (Who appear to not have cones) have humanoid ears rather than cones?*

  • Baby Stinkbreath
    Baby Stinkbreath Year ago

    "Does the name Ezra Bridger mean anything to you?"
    Me being a star wars rebels fan at heart especially my little blueberry: YES

  • Just Jia
    Just Jia Year ago

    Rian is adorable!

  • Young Y
    Young Y Year ago

    Rian Johnson: "MINE MINE MINE"

  • David
    David Year ago

    Seeing Rian’s genuine glee at getting that AT-AT put a smile on my face

  • Cody S
    Cody S Year ago

    --grab one of these and do an impression
    --grabs hardest one
    --does it perfectly

  • Annabeth Lovegd
    Annabeth Lovegd Year ago

    9:48 boy I wish they'd have answered this one XD

  • The Toy Trooper
    The Toy Trooper Year ago

    Rian Johnson's reaction when he receives the AT-AT is wonderful! Kenner Star Wars toys truly bring out the kid in all of us that grew up playing with them. Thanks everyone at The Star Wars Show for sharing that moment with us.

  • Ampwich
    Ampwich Year ago

    Snoke is just Emperor 2.0

  • Noah Raikes
    Noah Raikes Year ago

    1:26 I was laughing so hard. I don’t know why.

  • Brick Vision
    Brick Vision Year ago

    The sword of Skywalker must be the blue one since skywalker could mean luke and anakin

  • Andrew Werle
    Andrew Werle Year ago +1

    thanks Star Wars show for making my days Happy.

  • CatLoverPlayz 101
    CatLoverPlayz 101 Year ago +1

    TEᗩᗰ ᑭOᖇG TEᗩᗰ ᒪIGᕼT

  • Paulo Lyra
    Paulo Lyra Year ago


  • vRooy
    vRooy Year ago

    5:14 Mark said "sword" instead of lightsaber, just like George Lucas said "lazer sword". My happiness just died...

  • schlotch
    schlotch Year ago

    "You might need to go up in space and find Princess Leia; she can teach you" - cutest moment of the day

  • Fox White
    Fox White Year ago

    Rian Johnson is a porg

  • Julián Ramírez
    Julián Ramírez Year ago

    Best episode in a while. I loved it.

  • Crazydog55
    Crazydog55 Year ago +1

    9 mins past where is the live stream

  • Balsology
    Balsology Year ago

    God these shows are terrible...

  • De'Ken Banks
    De'Ken Banks Year ago

    The more interviews I see with Rian, the more I think, "Wow, he seems like such an awesome guy! I'm glad we have him making these."

  • Nick Guptil
    Nick Guptil Year ago

    Did u see Anthony’s iPhone X?

  • Henry Page
    Henry Page Year ago


  • Melbert Andan
    Melbert Andan Year ago

    WoW! Love it STAR WARS show 😀

  • Atsard- Dali
    Atsard- Dali Year ago

    have to have that Phasma jacket, where did you get it?

  • DaBossk
    DaBossk Year ago


  • Ivan Vojt
    Ivan Vojt Year ago

    Skip to 2:00

  • Hoolock 52
    Hoolock 52 Year ago

    I still and holding onto my crappy theory that snoke is boba fett. All his lego figures have scars on his face, and stomach acid of a sarlaac could definitely mess up a face like that

  • Hoolock 52
    Hoolock 52 Year ago

    I accidentally skipped a couple minutes into it and saw "Anthony has a dentist appointment" and i was like " what the hell"

  • punkninjakiwi
    punkninjakiwi Year ago

    6:03 wut

  • Taylor McClain
    Taylor McClain Year ago

    Oh god Rian Johnson was so cute haha

  • Xxtictoc1216xX
    Xxtictoc1216xX Year ago

    Walmart build android is teaching kids how to prolly build bombs lol

  • joppadoni
    joppadoni Year ago

    bah, americans. snooorrrr

  • Mati B
    Mati B Year ago

    #teamvulptex and i can't wiat to see for example planet crait! #SWSREDCARPET

  • Jack Greyson
    Jack Greyson Year ago

    Team Vulptex

  • themastr el matador del mar

    MINE, MINE MINE MINE!!! (i can relate to that)

  • Van Wilder
    Van Wilder Year ago +1


  • Luc Desormeaux
    Luc Desormeaux Year ago

    It"s really cool to see how Rian Johnson looks like a down to earth and normal guy. Seeing him receive that AT-AT toy was just wonderful. :)

  • MartyMonster
    MartyMonster Year ago

    I remember that guy from his interview of GL, and the director of Jurassic World came up to him and said TFA is not gonna beat it, and that he was No.1, then GL replayed "I'll crush you like a bug" and this guy interviewing had a funny surprised look on his face.

  • Ewok Pilot101
    Ewok Pilot101 Year ago

    #team ewok

  • faxhandle
    faxhandle Year ago

    "You might need to go up in space and try to find Princess Leia. She can teach you." I did not cry, I swear. Also, I did cry. :(

  • Asha Trieu
    Asha Trieu Year ago

    crystal fox and dark side

  • Randall Josué Hernández

    Hmmm why'd he mention Ezra Bridger to the Praetorian Guards... Interesting

  • Jon Shafe
    Jon Shafe Year ago

    What are the horse creatures that rampage through the casino in the international trailer???

  • carconarco
    carconarco Year ago

    Star wars show is real as for always having the paid ad warning lol

  • Daniel C
    Daniel C Year ago

    Why is John Boyega dressed like he just joined the Power Rangers?

  • Christian Vaughn
    Christian Vaughn Year ago

    The way you guys say a segment is paid for by whoever is so funny each time. Thats what i look forward to every week

  • xXElderStormXx 09

    Does anyone else think that Adam driver looks like Parker Schnabel from gold rush

  • thewizarding porg

    I have this theory..... that when Snoke has Rey captive he says "The sword of Skywalker is too powerful." Then Rey builds her own lightsaber of a new color and that's where that came from. Like if you agree! Please comment on what you think!

  • Patrick Dotson
    Patrick Dotson Year ago

    Why didn’t they interview Carrie Fisher smh Star Wars

  • Alexander Germanis

    How many Wookiees did they need to slaughter for that monstrosity of a chair in the Walmart segment?

  • David Henderson
    David Henderson Year ago

    broad suppose roll learning tissue ghost pet enemy credibility hair medicine

  • Gerardogonzalez473 Gonzalez

    Deverian de poner traducción en español

  • Hudson Stewart
    Hudson Stewart Year ago

    Revoke electronic arts license dew it.

  • TrevorBOB
    TrevorBOB Year ago +53

    The Star Wars fandom loves Kelly Marie Tran already, and we don't even know what the the heck she does

  • TrevorBOB
    TrevorBOB Year ago +13

    5:54, that Scottish coming out was awesome

    • echo 5
      echo 5 Year ago +3

      TrevorBOB *Irish

  • TrevorBOB
    TrevorBOB Year ago +9

    1:18, the card, "Anthony has a dentist appointment" XD

  • Master Cameron
    Master Cameron Year ago


  • Blake B
    Blake B Year ago

    "boodaladoop thats fine"

  • Martin Kronström
    Martin Kronström Year ago +3

    John Boyega exude positive energy.

  • Heath Hinton
    Heath Hinton Year ago

    Rian Johnson being excited about an ATAT toy, awesome!!!!

  • Laura Vedder
    Laura Vedder Year ago


  • Gary Liao
    Gary Liao Year ago

    Luke igniting a light sabre...shivers.

  • Mike Dye
    Mike Dye Year ago

    Am I the only one who scrubs through the paid segments?

  • Mlgpg
    Mlgpg Year ago


  • Oqentin
    Oqentin Year ago

    *whispers* little bits

  • Samuel Kerby
    Samuel Kerby Year ago +1

    My new life moto WWJBD "what would John Boyaga do"

  • Mila Steel
    Mila Steel Year ago

    i love ryan

  • Charlotte Adam
    Charlotte Adam Year ago

    Team Vulptex

    INSPIRE Year ago

    John is wearing some Blue Poweranger Type shhhh lol

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo Year ago

    Daisy Ridley's voice is extremely deep it doesn't sound as deep in the movies

  • Daniel Gibby
    Daniel Gibby Year ago +2

    I think you might need to go up in space and find Princess Leia. She can teach you!

  • Hazell Vasquez
    Hazell Vasquez Year ago

    7:01 Ryan acts so Kawai

  • JovhanVe
    JovhanVe Year ago

    Adam driver is a Legend!

  • Pipacs Levendula
    Pipacs Levendula Year ago +2

    Everyone of them is such a wonderful down to earth person, I just cant stop smiling whenever I see this cast together, they are like a big family ❤❤❤

  • Dusty Colbert
    Dusty Colbert Year ago +1

    That was the best episode yet! And that’s really saying something because they’re all great!

  • Ali Gt04
    Ali Gt04 Year ago

    Pauze at 3:48 i think Rey might become an Sith i hope so BECAUSE that would be awsome